Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Happy holidays from a Dine' poet


by Chuck Hedin

Peacefully, a homeless man sleeps
His crumbling cardboard shelter leaks
Scent of oil from old train tracks
Red brick factories blemished in black
Smokestacks tower to the sky
Stretching his arms, he breathes out a sigh…
Factory whistles create various sounds
Company inspectors make their rounds
With engineer hats and aching backs
Heavy iron engines roll down the tracks.
Pigeons flutter in window shutters
Steam escapes from many gutters
Holding a cigarette with trembling fingers
He strikes a match, the sulfur lingers.
Gazing about, with nothing to hide,
Casting several bottles aside.
Wild cats frightened of every sound
Wind blown papers whirl around.
Shaking tattered clothes about
Toes inflamed with painful gout.
Tugging on thread bare socks,
He saunters on to warehouse docks.
Someone beckons him to step forward.
Now, he doesn’t feel so morbid.A chance to work an honest day,
Finally luck, is on his plate today.


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