Sunday, August 10, 2008

Rachel Tso: Boycott Flagstaff Chamber Businesses

Rachel Tso: Boycott Flagstaff Chamber Businesses

Rachel Tso urges boycott of Flagstaff Chamber businesses after federal court reverses ruling and gives green light to sewer water snow on sacred San Francisco Peaks
Dear Community,
I am deeply saddened and disgusted by the recent ruling allowing the Snowbowl Ski Resort to contaminate the holy San Francisco Peaks with strained sewage water.However, this whole issue has an Achilles heel that can stop Snowbowl's proposed development: the sale of the wastewater by the Flagstaff City Council to Snowbowl. If we can get the Flagstaff City Council to recognize how detrimental their sale of the water to Snowbowl is and to cancel their contract, then it's all over. We can do this by boycotting all businesses that are members of the Flagstaff Chamber of Commerce. The Flagstaff Chamber of Commerce is spearheading the disgusting "Reclaim the Peaks" campaign and has been instrumental in convincing the City Council to approve the sale of wastewater. Both the City Council and the Chamber completely discount all of the money that comes to Flagstaff from the reservation residents, they seem to only want the money coming from rich, skiing Phoenicians. The Flagstaff Chamber of Commerce doesn't even try to hide their racism towards their Native neighbors with their "Reclaim the Peaks" campaign and rhetoric. Every business that is a member of the Chamber is supporting the "Reclaim the Peaks" campaign and the pollution of the sacred San Francisco Peaks through their required dues. The money you spend as a customer of any of those businesses is then supporting this repulsive campaign. Flagstaff Chamber of Commerce businesses usually have a sticker placed near the entrance announcing their membership and I usually ask as well. If they are members, I let them know that I am not giving them any business until they renounce their membership and stop paying dues to the Chamber and walk out. There are plenty of other businesses in Flagstaff that do not support the Chamber so it's not too hard to do my shopping and restaurant patronizing in Flagstaff's friendly places. If the Chamber loses enough income they will not be able to continue their despicable actions. Hopefully, through a boycott of these businesses the Flagstaff City Council will be forced to recognize the contributions of Native Americans in Flagstaff and act responsibly and respectfully by rescinding the sale of the wastewater. Please join me in boycotting all businesses that are members of the Flagstaff Chamber of Commerce.Save the Peaks!
In Respect,
Rachel Tso
Contact Flagstaff officials to voice your opinion
Flagstaff Chamber of Commerce Directory from
Julie Pastrick President / CEO
Flagstaff Chamber of Commerce 101 W. Route 66 Flagstaff, AZ 86001 (928) 774-4505 Fax: (928) 779-1209Flagstaff Mayor and City Council Members:
Mayor Sara Presler (928) 779-7600
Vice- Mayor Al White (928) 607-4932
Karla Brewster (928) 779-7600
Scott Overton (928) 779-7600
Rick Swanson (928) 779-7600
Coral Evans (928) 779-7600
Joe Haughey (928) 779-7600

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