Monday, September 12, 2016

Red Warrior Camp Spokesman Cody Hall is Free!

Red Warrior Camp spokesperson Cody Hall released after four days in jail

Article by Brenda Norrell
Censored News

BISMARCK, North Dakota -- Cody Hall sent a message of love to all the water defenders, after being released from jail. Hall, media spokesperson for Red Warrior Camp, spent four days in jail.
Hall said they tried to break him down, with shoulder flexes, psychological tactics, and intimidation, but he understands that someone has to take the fall first in this struggle.
"They tried to break me down," Hall said when released Monday.
"But I won't be broken down."
Hall gave a tribute to all those fighting this battle, the water protectors of the Missouri River, sacred site defenders, and those at Standing Rock who have been arrested.
"I love you."
Hall and Democracy Now! producer Amy Goodman were charged with criminal trespass.
Although North Dakota has charged the media, the state has not charged the security guards who attacked women and children with vicious dogs and mace on Sept. 3. The attack came as Dakota Access pipeline bulldozers tore into a burial place.
Hall said, "I hope no one else has to go through what I went through."
The struggle to protect the Missouri River, and ancestral graves, from Dakota Access pipeline continues.
Watch video of Cody Hall below. Read about charges here.


Anonymous said...

!Native Lives Matter!
Racial Profiling happens ALL the time. And racist attitudes, insults,& violence in schools,in town, stores, hospitals,sports teams, everywhere. Maybe by seeing what happened to you people will change for the better. And by seeing that you are doing good. Love to you & your family.

Reno WhirlwindHorse said...

Your a huge inspiration to me and my family you speak from the heart anything you need I'm there brother Hoka hey

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