Friday, April 18, 2008

South Texas: US to enter Tamez property on Tuesday

Homeland Security to enter private land of Lipan Apache
on Tuesday, first step to seizure for US/Mexico border wall

Message from Margo Tamez, Lipan Apache

Dear friends:

The Department of Homeland Security was given approval by Judge Hanen in Federal Court--Brownsville, Texas, to conduct surveys of our lands in El Calaboz. We argued that the government did not provide consultation, nor did they negotiate in good faith. Under protest, we negotiated with the government in good faith, outlining our needs to protect cultural, ecological, ceremonial, burial, and livelihood rights.

The U.S. government is following through, and is seeking to do a one hour survey, with 2 environmental engineers, and one Border Patrol Officer on Friday, 4/18/08.

At this time we are urgently requesting a mobilization to El Calaboz and to bring expertise on these four critical issues which the Omnibus Act authorized and requires of DHS in consultation with local communities prior to condemnation:

1. the Environment
2. the Culture
3. the Economic Livelihood
4. the Way of Life

WE ARE URGENTLY SEEKING EXPERTS related to the above to travel to El Calaboz, South Texas either Friday or Tuesday.

Our attorneys are attempting to seek relief for FRIDAY, due to the fact that my mother, Eloisa G. Tamez, is visiting my critically ill niece in Minneapolis and cannot be on the family lands until Tuesday, at the earliest.

We are urgently needing folks with any expertise in the ecological, environmental, airshed, watershed, Apache culture, and economic, cultural, way of life impacts and threats to these to COME FORWARD AT THIS TIME, and make your critiques of the building of the wall visible in El Calaboz.

Our attorney, Peter Schey discussed with us the potential for experts to re-focus the energy for battling the government on issues of the environment, ecologies, climate, and corporate polluting, privatization of the Rio Grande to corporations and the rise of militarization as the threats to indigenous people, land-based farmers and ranchers, agrarian societies, aquaculture societies of the Rio Grande along the Texas border, etc.

The cases in Texas are currently the only fora where consultation is required prior to condemnation, and therefore we urge all experts who recently launched legal cases against the U.S. government to strongly consider the traction to be gained here if all were to suddenly amass at the El Calaboz site survey of the U.S.

Those who are interested in sending your organizations representatives to our community, please contact me at 509-595-4445.

Thank you
Margo Tamez
(Co-founder, Lipan Apache Women Defense)
Photo: Eloisa Tamez by Jay Johnson Castro

Eloisa Tamez' attorney assembling experts after federal judge rules in favor of Homeland Security

Attorney Peter Schey:
The Government plans to have a Border Patrol agent and two environmental engineers visit Dr. Eloisa Tamez’s property in El Calaboz, Texas, for a preliminary environmental assessment on Tuesday at 1 PM.
If possible, it would be very helpful if a small team of experts could be assembled including one or more experts on (1) border environmental issues, (2) cultural / indigenous issues, and (3) land value issues (including easements).
This team will be crucial not only to assist property owners during these initial stages of surveying border properties, but even more importantly when in a few months the Government starts to condemn land permanently mainly in AZ and Texas to build a border wall.
Formulating an expert border team is critically important.
Please circulate this email to anyone with expertise who may be interested. Academics, please circulate to your listservs. Experts interested in helping, please email me your resume and a couple of sentences about your interest.
If any experts may be available to be at Dr. Tamez’s land in El Calaboz on Tuesday at 1 PM, please email Eloisa Tamez, Margo Tamez and Thanks.

Best wishes,
Peter A. Schey
President and Executive Director
Center for Human Rights and Constitutional Law256 S. Occidental Blvd.
Los Angeles, Ca. 90057Telephone: (213) 388-8693 ext. 104Facsimile: (213) 386-9484
Electronic mail:

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