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October 28, 2009

Listen: Uranium Forum Defending Mother Earth

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During the 7th Southwest Indigenous Uranium Forum, Faith Gemmill describes how mining is destroying the lands of the Gwich'in in Alaska. Charmaine White Face, Oglala coordinator of Defenders of the Black Hills, reveals the secrecy behind uranium mining in the Plains. Chris Peters of the 7th Generation Fund provides an overview of the assualt of uranium mining in Indian country. Earl Tulley, Navajo, speaks on defending Dinetah, Navajoland.
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Photo: Charmaine White Face, Oglala, Defenders of the Black Hills
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Ensol said...

I attended the Uranium Forum which was presented very well and we (Ensol) wish to thank everyone for warm reception and your interest in the part we can play in removing the radioactive spoils from the land. Gerald Harrington