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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Govinda Finishing New Grassroots FM Radio at Center Pole on Crow Nation

Photo by Alyra Rose
Govinda finishing up FM Radio at Center Pole, on Crow Nation, Montana
Photo by Alyra Rose


Govinda is busy finishing up the FM radio station at Wellknown Buffalo, Center Pole, on the Crow Nation in Montana. The new FM radio station, located behind the coffee shop, has obtained federal licensing. Take a look around Center Pole in the video below. There's a recreation center, Thrift Store, and new Earthlodge, along with the espresso coffee shop. Govinda will be back at Standing Rock soon. He has ordered the equipment for the new mobile radio station, Standing Rock Spirit Resistance Radio. Thank you Govinda for keeping grassroots radio alive!

Center Pole is a Native grassroots organization that promotes knowledge, justice and sovereignty in Native communities. Strengthening sovereignty can take many forms.

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Unknown said...

Good news! Radio helps light the fires. Thanks Govinda & crew for airing the truth.

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