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March 6, 2017

First Voices Radio: Cheryl Angel, Lakota Water Protector in Mexico


Water Protectors Inspire Global Movement of Truth and Justice

First Voices Radio Host Tiokasin Ghosthorse, Lakota, interviews Cheryl Angel, Lakota from Standing Rock, Cheryl shares her visit to Mexico City, and how the water protectors movement has empowered people around the world to protect the people, land and water.
In Mexico, families continue the struggle for truth and justice for the 43 disappeared students from Guerrero.
Cheryl shares news from Japan on the divestments in Dakota Access Pipeline.
Cheryl says the freedom to live the way we choose is necessary. It is a struggle for freedom of choice for future generations.
Tiokasin points out that this movement of protecting the water is not over.
Cheryl says, "This is the beginning."
Buffy Sainte Marie's 'Power in the Blood,' follows the interview.

Listen to program on WPKN :

Cheryl Angel travelled to the part of the Earth we call Mexico to be part of a caravan called by the Camp members of the 43 Disappeared-Detained and Political Prisoners –formed by the parents of the 43 rural students who were disappeared in Ayotzinapa (#Ayotzinapa43). The caravan also includes students from different rural teacher training centers and representatives of various communities defending land and water. They will be leaving Mexico City next Friday February 17th for Cuetzalan, Puebla, to attend the 18th Land Defense Assembly of the Macehual People, on the next day, Saturday February 18th.  The purpose of this caravan is to gather social movements that defend life and the land to reflect on their struggle to collectively create Peace and Nonviolence. Thus, fully aligned with Cheryl Angel’s experience of integrating prayer with direct action, as she guided two women-led actions at Standing Rock –she moves from a deep space of nonviolence as guided by her ancestors and Lakota traditions and ways of being.

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