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Monday, October 16, 2017

Listen Native American Music Award's Winning Songs 2017

Nahko and Medicine for the People
Medicine Tribe! We did it Our album 'HOKA' won record of the year at Native American Music Awards - NAMA LIVE  This is a huge recognition by our indigenous relatives and it also serves as an opportunity to build bridges. The truth is we need each other right now and the music can be that glue. From Mauna Kea to Standing Rock and all across Indian country I want to say Thank you. We are blessed. We are grateful. We are strong as a mountain. 

Listen to Nahko and Medicine for the People on Soundcloud

Well folks I just got word that we have won the Native American Music Award for "Group of the Year." A long list of people to thank but special thanks to all the friends and fans that support us on the daily and that voted for us. Shoutout to Old Town School in Chicago for capturing such a great live recording. Special thanks to the Native American Music Awards and Association for this amazing honor. Love and gratitude to our Manager Joann Moore and our agent Greg Bura  To all the musicians, artists, producers, promoters, venue owners, and sponsors who have been a part of the Cody Blackbird Band we extend our sincere gratitude, Special thanks to Xavier Torres who is a former band member and recorded on this album.
Listen to Cody Blackbird on Soundcloud 

Levi Platero wins Best Rock / Best Blues at the 2017 Native American Music Awards. "Thank you for everyone who supported and voted for us, we really do have the best fans in the world," Levi said.
Listen to Levi Platero on Soundcloud
Lil Mike and Funny Bone, "Shout Out to everyone that caught us at the 2017! Native American Music Awards."

17th Annual
Native American Music Awards

Artist of the Year
Josh Halverson
“Year of the Thunderbird”

New Artist or Debut Artist of the Year
Lucas Ciliberti

Debut Duo/Group of the Year
Black Bear Brothers
“Songs from Cheyenne Creek”

Best Female Artist
Kelly Derrickson
“I Am”

Flutist of the Year  
Randy McGinnis
“The Journey  - hi a vi si i”

Duo/Group of the Year
The Cody Blackbird Band
“Live From Chicago”

Best Male Artist
Conrad Benally
“Always And Forever”

Record of the Year
Nahko and Medicine For The People

Song of the Year
“Shooting Blanks”
Mickie James

Best Music Video -Best Concept
DJ Shub  and Northern Cree Singers

Best Music Video -Best Performance
Jan Michael Looking Wolf Band  

Best Music Video- Best Narrative
“Never Give Up”
Artson, Supaman & Quese Imc

Native Heart (Non Native)
Bearheart Kokopelli
Bernhard Mikuskovics
“Native Heart”

Best Country Recording
“You’ve Got to Go Back the Way That You Came”
Danielle Egnew

Best Folk Recording
“Year of the Thunderbird”
Josh Halverson
Best Gospel/Inspirational
“Awake, Arise and Shine”
Callie Bennett

Best Instrumental Recording
“Songs of the Earth”
Vince Redhouse

Best Native American Church Recording
Cheevers Toppah

Best Pop Recording
Cherokee National Youth Choir

Best Pow Wow Recording
“It’s A Cree Thing”
Northern Cree

Best Rap/Hip Hop/R&B Recording
“The 7th Generation Prophecy”
Sten Joddi

Best Rock / Best Blues Recording
“Take Me Back”
Levi Platero

Best Traditional Recording
“Before America”
James Edmund Greeley  

Best Waila Recording
“Creed and Culture”
Native Creed

Honorary Award of Excellence
Arthur Redcloud

Lifetime Achievement Award
Gary Farmer

Hall of Fame
Mickie James

VIDEO Best Music Video -Best Concept
DJ Shub  &  Northern Cree Singers

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