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Sunday, July 25, 2021

Genocide, missing women and hauling water: What the spin doctors don't want you to know

Photo courtesy Tracking Ellamae: The search for missing Ella Mae Begay, 62, Navajo.

Genocide, missing women and hauling water: What the spin doctors don't want you to know

By Brenda Norrell
Censored News

The public relations spin doctors and their counterparts in the media don't want you to know about genocide. They want to protect Canada and the churches from the facts: They are responsible for the torture and murder of Native children.

The public relations spin doctors don't want you to know about the man camps and pipeline workers that drug and rape young girls. They don't want you to know the desperation in Indian country when a loved one goes missing. They don't want you to know that there is money sitting in bank accounts that could be spent to meet the desperate needs for food and water in Indian country.

The spin doctors want you to believe that all is going well, that the government leaders are doing well, and he priests and churches would never do that.

Lummi Totem Pole. Red Road to DC.

Lummi Totem Pole at Shell River Stop Line 3 Today

On the Red Road, the Lummi Totem Pole will be at Shell River, Stop Line 3, today, Sunday, July 25, from 4 to 8 pm, with a feast. Watch the video of yesterday, powerful and inspiring words of Dakota, Lakota and Nakota, welcoming the Red Road to DC as family at Standing Rock. -- Censored News.

Seraphine Warren made a tearful appeal on local television for help in the search for her Aunt Ella Mae Begay, 62, as she began her walk alone.

Walking for Aunt Ella Mae

Seraphine Warren, walking for her missing Aunt Ella Mae Begay, 62, shares a live update this morning on Facebook. The family held a prayer at her aunt's home last night. Walkers were in Wheatfields, walking to Window Rock. Seraphine says that her aunt was at home on June 15 in Sweetwater when she disappeared.

"She didn't need to be anywhere at 2:30 in the morning." Frustrated with the lack of information on the investigation and struggling to keep going, Seraphine says, "All we hear is, 'There's no funding.'"

Tracking Ellamae on Facebook 
Censored News:

The Mohawk Institute. Canada manufactured a law that allowed Indian agents and the churches to kidnap Native children and incarcerate them in residential schools. Parents who hid their children, by law, were to imprisoned. Operated by the churches, the schools attempted to strip Native people of their language, culture, identity and families. The hidden graves of children now confirm the memories of survivors of the starvation, disease, constant abuse, torture and murder of children by church staff, which the government of Canada is equally responsible for.

Canada and the churches want to bury history: Mohawk Nation News won't let them

Mohawk Nation News: Canada and the churches want to bury history -- Mohawk Nation News won't let them. Time for Nuremberg style trials for genocide: The torture and murder of Native children.

Dine' volunteer Bitahnii Wilson delivering water.

Hauling water -- little emergency relief distributed by Navajo government after it received $2.5 billion in federal relief funds

On the Navajo Nation, Dine' elderly and isolated families without transportation need water.

Bitahnii Wilson is one of the Dine' volunteers who has raised his own funds, purchased new water barrels and delivered water to Dine' and Hopi.

Meanwhile, the Navajo Nation government has received $2.5 billion in federal virus relief funds since June 2020, but most of it is not reaching the Dine' most in need.

The funds are from the CARES Act and American Rescue Plan. In order for the funds to reach the people, the Navajo Council and President have to allocate and distribute the funds.

It is history repeating itself. When the Navajo Nation government signed leases for coal mines, power plants, and oil and gas wells, on Black Mesa and in the Four Corners Region, there were royalties and lease payments received by the Navajo Nation government, and yet the Dine' most impacted, living on the land, were left without running water and electricity.

After the Navajo Nation government received federal coronavirus relief funds, the elderly, and those isolated and in desperate need were ignored. There was no uniform delivery of food and water, no uniform delivery of health care to the dying, in the 110 Navajo chapters in Arizona, New Mexico and Utah.

During the year of the pandemic, when Dine' needed water and food, the Navajo government bought a building in DC, gave $24 million in CARES Act virus relief funds to its casinos, and attempted to purchase the bankrupt Remington Arms for $300 million in June in a secret deal, according to documents obtained by Censored News.

In the end, Remington, the weapons manufacturer, was purchase by others for far less, after the Navajo government paid $150,000 a month to consults to purchase Remington in a secret deal that was pursued by Navajo Nation tribal employees and in Navajo Nation Council committees. It was the second time the Navajo government attempted to purchase Remington Arms.

Eight months later: After the Navajo Nation government received CARES Act federal funds in June of 2020, relief checks were distributed to Dine' in January of 2021.

Mount Graham Run 2020. Photo Vanessa Nosie.

Mount Graham Run and Sunrise Dance is underway

It was the University of Arizona in Tucson and the Pope, supported by a network of universities, that pushed for the desecration of Mount Graham, sacred to Apache and other Native Nations.

Today, those telescopes are a monument to the desecration of the sacred, disrespect of Native people, and a violation of endangered species laws.

Apache keep running, and continue their prayers and ceremonies.

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