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July 22, 2021

Winona LaDuke Remains Jailed as Native Youths Run for the Water: Stop Enbridge Line 3 Minnesota

Winona LaDuke was released from jail on Thursday, July 22, after spending three nights incarcerated for protecting the water. 

"The people of Cheyenne River, Lower Brule, Meskwaki, and Standing Rock are uniting the frontlines against all enemies who seek to overstep, disrespect, and fail to acknowledge tribal sovereignty in additional to the severe lack of proper tribal consultation in matters that produce malicious consequences to indigenous peoples’ survival." -- ReZpect Our Water

Mother and daughter run for the water. Photo Jasilyn Charger.

Winona LaDuke Remains Jailed as Native Youths Run for the Water

By Brenda Norrell
Photos by Jaisilyn Charger, ReZpect Our Water, Tracy Strong
Censored News

Winona LaDuke remains jailed at Wadena County Jail late Wednesday. Aitken County issued a warrant for her arrest and was preparing to transport her. 

After posting bail, Winona's supporters at Wadena County Jail, were told Winona would not be released.

Water Protectors said it is a clear effort by  law enforcement to suppress the leadership protecting the water at Stop Enbridge Line 3.

Photo Twitter

One of the seven Water Protectors arrested with Winona LaDuke on Monday, was released from Wadena County Jail late Wednesday.

Winona LaDuke was among seven women arrested on Monday defending the river water from Enbridge's drill and destruction. The women are charged with trespass. Photo by Tracy Strong.
At the same time, Native Youths are running for the water, from Standing Rock to Minnesota.

Many of these Native youth runners ran for the water -- from Standing Rock to DC --  before the Water Protector Camps were created to protect the water from Dakota Access Pipeline in 2016.

Running for the Water: Photo by ReZpect Our Water

Now on the run to Minnesota, Lakota runner Jasilyn Charger said, "The Hulk Mark Ruffalo donated shoes to the Standing Rock, Cheyenne River, Lower Brule, Crow Creek, Yankton, Meskwaki runners to carry us to Minnesota. Thank you for supporting our prayer for the water on the front lines."

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