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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Larry Kibby, Wiyot: 'The Big Kettle Theory'

The Big Kettle Theory
by Larry Kibby
Wiyot Indian of California
People who employ the art of taking the American Indian and dumping them all into a big kettle and stirring it up and then calling them all one nation is just really senseless. People and even our own Indian people do this, stating how we are all united under one creator, one culture and one belief, that ladies and gentlemen is just extremely wrong.

Today, there are now 565 Federally Recognized Sovereign Nations, several hundred other Sovereign Nations that aren’t Federally Recognized, so we are talking about some 800 to 900 Sovereign Nations throughout these United States.

Once so very long ago, North American, Mexico and South America were lands that had a unique population of Indigenous People and I’’m talking about millions and millions of Indian People.

What does that mean? Primarily it means that there were millions of different Nations of Indigenous People. Millions of different forms of Customs and Beliefs. Yes, some were related in some fashion, however, these great Sovereign Nations were genuine and unique in their own Way of Life.

When people and governments decide to change history to suite their own needs, that present complications, complications that can create a severe portrayal of a people who may not be able to generate the truth and that truth is vital and essential for future generations.

The United States Government commanded a policy to propagate disharmony within the tribes of the American Indian, a reckless policy that would severely distort the customs and beliefs in any manner that would aid and assist the Governments effort to control and maintain discipline over the American Indian.

Another arrogant factor the Government developed was the endeavor to convert the Indian to Christianity and often the methods utilized were found to be severely Heartless, Barbarous, Heinous and Inhuman.

The Chronicles of American History in fact wrongfully portrayed the American Indian in every expression, simply eradicating the Culture the best it could, with the strongest attempt to Remove the Indian from the Man and turn the Indian into a Civilized Being.

The Indian was taught that the "Great Spirit" or "The Creator" would be generous to the Indian if he would concede to Christian Values and Principles, failing to do so would generate severe punishment in an Inhuman form.

For the most part, the Government won in assimilating the Indian, that is obviously seen in this day and age as we come to realize that folks, Indian and Non-Indian, continue to do the Governments "Dirty Work."

Traitors, Defectors, Turncoats, Saboteurs, however you may label such people that continue to cause discord, mayhem and chaos for the Sovereign Nations throughout Indian Country, they don’’t care and a lot of these types of people get acknowledged, recognized, blessed and even praised for helping the Government "Desecrate the Customs and Beliefs of their very own people.

The generations today do and say as they will and as for the times of yesterday, I’m afraid those days are lost, shoved aside, ignored or in some cases made a mockery of. The cultural philosophy that was preserved by our ancestors within their hearts and established in our hearts has now been exploited and annihilated, the authenticity of our ancestors forever disgraced and dishonored.

The hearts of tomorrow’s generations has been perverted through these modern times and by sophisticated technology, seduced by greed, their intelligence polluted through false testimony and their weakness has become a disease that will spread to generations to come.

Our Sovereign Nations never observed just one Sovereign Nation, Culture, Spirituality or Religious Belief. Nor did our people follow one Prophet, one Spiritual Leader or one Medicine person.

For centuries, not just decades or years, but centuries, the ancestors of our generations endured the worlds worst acts of inhumanity, their survival under such deadly and hateful conditions was courageous, but their hearts were severely dampened by racism and oppression, yet they would somehow prevail.

And like our ancestors, all our relations, such as the eagle, buffalo, wolf, deer, elk, raven, coyote, fox, cougar, magpie, beaver, antelope and so many others, would also face near extinction, senseless slaughters, an extermination policy to wipe out the harmony and unity, to destroy the way of life of the Indian and all his relations.

So how does our generation and the younger generation repay our ancestors significant survival?
And as I watch the severe rangeland fires, intense rainfalls, deadly tornadoes, critical hurricanes, fatal snowfalls, I somehow feel that our ancestors are expressing their discontent, that they are answering the question and I wonder if they will forgive us and our children.

I have a deep sadness in my heart for the future generations, yet a small form of joy exist, knowing that I won’t be here to observe the accomplished deterioration of the Sovereign Nations, the Ancient Custom and Belief’s of our Sacred Ancestors.

I fear, the final phase has begun, the closing of the door on the past, culture and beliefs of our people is near completion, the last chapter in a great and noble people, who were once full of pride, dignity and honor, will only be known in history books, novels and movies.

Yes, we have lost the war, we have lost the land and now we are losing the last of the authentic customs and beliefs.

In that, I sincerely, with the greatest amount of respect, apologize to my ancestors for not doing more, for not stepping up to make a stronger effort to preserve and protect their most Sacred Ancient Customs and Beliefs.

The End

The Big Kettle Theory
Prose Article - Wednesday, October 27, 2010
Composed by:
Larry Kibby - Wiyot Indian of California

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