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June 29, 2018

One Water Protector Found Not Guilty in First Felony Jury Trial for NoDAPL Cases

Photo (from left): Marcello Kills The Enemy, Lakota/Dine Water Protector and Defense Witness, Aaron Dorn and Burke Moore, Pro Hac Vice attorney.

Court Update: One Water Protector Found Not Guilty – First Felony Jury Trial for NoDAPL Cases

By Water Protector Legal Collective
Censored News

On Friday, June 29, Aaron Dorn was found not guilty of Reckless Endangerment (Felony C) and Preventing Arrest or Discharge of other Duties (Felony C) by a 12-person jury in Morton County before Judge David Nelson. Judge Nelson dismissed Dorn’s Physical Obstruction of a Government Function Charge with a Rule 29 Motion for a Judgement of Acquittal following the completion of the state’s presentation. Aaron’s trial lasted two and half days with the jury deliberation occurring for fewer than three hours before reaching a decision.
On November 24th, 2016, following an anti-colonial Thanksgiving Day demonstration in Mandan, ND, Dorn was brutally arrested by an unidentified law enforcement officer, who emerged from an unmarked vehicle. Dorn was hospitalized due to the injuries sustained by police during his arrest.
ND Highway Patrol Trooper Michael Arndt accused Dorn of driving recklessly towards him while in a caravan of Water Protectors. Law enforcement allowed him to remain for the entire demonstration before approaching and placing him under arrest as people were dispersing from the event.
Aaron was represented by WPLC Pro Hac Vice attorney Burke Moore. In addition to Dorn himself, the defense presented the testimony of one witness, Marcello Kills The Enemy from the Rosebud Sioux tribe who traveled to testify on Aaron’s behalf. Four officers testified for the state.
Asked for comment, Aaron and Burke said the following: “It’s a step in the right direction that two very privileged people can strike a blow like this, but it’s a small victory compared the struggle that lies ahead, particularly for those Water Protectors who are in federal custody. We declare our solidarity with Red Fawn, Little Feather and Dion Ortiz, and ask that everyone do all that they can to stand with them.”

Oglala Commemoration: Justice and Clemency for Leonard Peltier

(Above) Oglala Commemoration 2018
Photos by Jean Roach

Photo above by Jean Roach 2015 Remembering Oglala Commemoration in 2015
Jean Roach said, "Hehanni waste'! Its was a BEAUTIFUL day for the 15th annual Oglala Commemoration! We were BLESSED with so many relatives and friends in attendance to continue the Fight for Justice for Leonard Peltier!! The young people are representing the older generation, many who have made their journey, through their STRENGTH and ENERGY. A few youth I talked to have "family" who were Peltier supporters back in the day. Leonard called and asked people to HELP with his CLEMENCY CAMPAIGN ! He THANKED all of his supporters and was 'so excited' as he listened to the people as they hollered greetings and Elk Nation Drummers sang an Honor song for him on speaker phone! He still sounds the same full of jokes and then very serious almost all in one breath!! For 39 years Leonard endured Pain and Suffering and can still joke like 'old Times!' The Lakota Women I'm with in this pic are the STRENGTH and BACKBONE of Coming Generations. So THANKFUL to be part of their LEGACY!"
Jean said today, "Since this gathering in 2015, Wanda and Rosalyn Jumping Bull have gone to the Star Nation."
Oglala Commemoration: Justice and Clemency for Leonard Peltier

Oglala Commemoration Statement 2018

Greetings Relatives, Friends, and Supporters:

If Leonard were standing here today his words would be those of gratitude and love for the decades of prayers, ceremonies, walks for freedom, demonstrations, protests, hunger strikes, fundraisers, congressional lobbying, and the work of the last three clemency campaigns and most importantly for ALWAYS remembering him on this day that was embedded in history 43 years ago.
Forty-three years ago, today Leonard and many others made a stand for freedom, a stand for the Oglala Lakota homelands, water, and resources, and a stand for the next generation of Oglala Lakota to live as sovereign free people. That day, that moment in time - forever changed the course of Leonard’s life.
Over the past 43 years Leonard has been held in the most severely restricted maximum-security prisons in the United States. Over the past 43 years Leonard’s legal battle has been in federal district courts, appeals courts, and before the United Nations Human Rights Commission in Geneva and New York every year from 1984- 2018. Over the past 43 years international political, justice, and religious leaders have actively written letters and contacted the past four sitting presidents demanding that Leonard be released from prison. Over the past 43 years Leonard has had to mourn the passing of his immediate family members and witness his children and grandchildren grow into adulthood without him from a prison cell.
Leonard has been on “lock-down” for approximately 30 days at Coleman U.S.P. - which means that every morning during the lockdown Leonard wakes up in isolation, spends his day in isolation, and goes to sleep in isolation from his legal team, family, friends, and the support of his defense committee staff and board. Which makes this day even more significant for Leonard, for the sacrifice of Joseph Stuntz for the sacrifice of thousands and thousands of Oglala Lakota people who gave their lives for the land so that the people may live…
If Leonard were here today he would ask each of you to never stop fighting the United States government and their genocidal policies, he would ask you to contact your elected tribal leaders and have them write a letter to the White House demanding Executive Clemency, he would ask each of you to contact every elected congressional and state representative demanding Executive Clemency, he would ask each of you to join with the International Leonard Peltier Defense Committee’s newly launch media campaign for his freedom… And he would ask you to keep him in your heart and prayers so that one day he can return home to feel his feet on the land he gave his life for, see the relatives of the people he gave his life for, and most importantly so he can walk among the beauty of our Native life ways and ceremonies which he gave his life for… If Leonard were here today he would tell you he would do it all over again if need be because he loves his people more than life itself…

In the Spirit of Leonard Peltier and in the Spirit of Crazy Horse,

The International Leonard Peltier Defense Committee
Board of Directors.

Selfie in jail: Defenders of migrant children jailed over Trump's genocide and torture of children at border

Eleanor Chavez said, "In the jail cell at State Police on Cerrillos in Santa Fe. Arrested at the governor's office."
"We are in jail -- but where are the children?"
The New Mexico Governor's office was occupied on Thursday in protest of New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez' support of Trump separating migrant children from their parents at the border.

June 28, 2018

New Mexico Governor's Office Occupied over Trump's Separation of Children from their Parents

SANTA FE -- New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez' office is now occupied due to her support of Trump separating children from their parents at the border. Police on scene as migrant defenders refuse to leave.

Three Water Protectors Found Not Guilty, 11 More Have Charges Dismissed

Court Update: Three Water Protectors Found Not Guilty – Eleven More Have Charges Dismissed

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By Water Protectors Legal Collective
Censored News
Eleven Water Protectors have had all charges dismissed because their cases were substantially the same as three who went to trial and were acquitted last week. All 14 were accused of obstructing law enforcement’s efforts to clear the Oceti Sakowin camp on February 23, 2017, pursuant to Governor Burgum’s executive order declaring the camp hazardous to people and the environment.

On Friday, June 22, Anthony Provenzano, Cindy Lou Eyerly-Santo, and Bradley Duquette were found not guilty of Physical Obstruction of a Government Function after bench trials before Judge Daniel Narum in Morton County Court.

The government argued at trial that the presence of each of these Water Protectors at Oceti was an intentional act; that it was a violation of the governor’s order, whether or not they knew about that order; and that their presence slowed law enforcement’s efforts to clear the camp. Testimony from officers as well as the three Water Protectors, however, suggested that they had not been given notice of the executive order, nor been given any warning or opportunity to leave the camp. In finding the Water Protectors not guilty, Judge Narum pointed out that the state had failed to present facts that would show how any of the three had intentionally obstructed a government function.

Bradley and Cindy Lou were represented by volunteer attorney Melinda Power, and Anthony was represented by Water Protector Legal Collective Staff Attorney Moira Meltzer-Cohen.

Today, the prosecutor filed two separate Motions to Dismiss the charges against 11 additional Water Protectors from the same arrest date who were scheduled for trials this week, because their cases are “substantially the same.” There are nearly a dozen similar cases from the camp clearing that remain scheduled to proceed to trial in the coming weeks.

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June 27, 2018

Live at the Bayou Bridge Pipeline in Louisiana

Live from the Bayou Bridge Pipeline, the tail end of the Dakota Access Pipeline
in Louisiana, where the fragile coastline is being destroyed by this Black Snake Monster.

June 25, 2018

American Indian Movement Denounces Fake 'Chief' Steve McCullough

American Indian Movement Denounces Fake 'Chief' Steve McCullough

By Clyde Bellecourt
National Director
American Indian Movement Grand Governing Council
June 2018
The Grand Governing Council of the National office of the American Indian Movement publicly demands that Steve McCullough, also known as; “Chief” Steve McCullough, aka “Chief Red Spider Iktomi Sha”, stop identifying himself as a member of the American Indian Movement. Steve McCullough has never been a member of the American Indian Movement and will not ever be recognized as a member or supporter of the American Indian Movement by the National office.

The Grand Governing Council of the American Indian Movement also publicly denounces the so-called “Salt Creek Sundance.” McCullough has in the past proclaimed support from Dennis Banks, however Dennis Banks and other leaders, such as; myself, Vernon Bellecourt, Michael Haney, Kenny Kane, Kenny Irwin, Louie Erwin, Mary Crowdog, Charlene Teeters, and many others, demanded McCullough stop his fraudulent Sundance over 24 years ago. McCullough agreed to do this but has failed to do so. In the past 24 years, American Indian Movement Chapter Directors, Elders, members and supporters throughout Indian Country have called for him to cease and desist “performing” Sundances, and to stop appropriating Native American Culture and Spirituality, and he has blatantly refused and ignored their requests to do so.

Native Americans, since first contact, have died to protect and to preserve our languages, culture, religious and spiritual rights. This is one of the principal reasons that the American Indian Movement was founded in 1968. For the past 50 years, we have fought against the United States Government and various Christian sects that have sought the genocide and ethnocentric policy and strategy to annihilate Native people. “The Longest Walk” of 1978 was an AIM-led spiritual walk across the country to support tribal sovereignty and bring attention to 11 pieces of anti-Indian legislation. One of the outcomes to this walk was the Native American Freedom of Religion act, created to protect and preserve the traditional religious rights and cultural practices of American Indians, Eskimos, Aleuts and Native Hawaiians.

However, people like Steve McCullough, the New Age Movement, and “Indian Hobbyists”, are an equal, if not more insidious threat. They misrepresent themselves as Native people, they take ownership and appropriate our culture and spirituality. They skewer history with racial stereotypes, and “water down” our traditional and cultural ways. They profit by preying on the spiritually lost and deprived to support their efforts; financially and socially. People like Steve McCullough, and those that associate with the “Salt Creek Sundance” appear to use social media to create a false image of credibility and to promote and package Native Spirituality as if to be consumed by an audience, all the while still disregarding the call from Native people to stop “performing” this Sundance and appropriating Native culture.

The Grand Governing Council of the National office of the American Indian Movement stands with the American Indian Movement of Ohio and the American Indian Movement Indiana/Kentucky in their efforts to educate and inform the public that Steve McCullough is misrepresenting himself as an American Indian Movement member, and that the American Indian Movement does not endorse this “Salt Creek Sundance” and in fact, views this not as a ceremony but as a fraudulent performance that should not occur.

Also see:
Censored News Dutch translator Alice Holemans exposed this fake 'chief' Steve McCullough in 2015, who is making money off of ceremonies in Europe.

'Planting Seeds of Change' Apache Stronghold with Poor People's Campaign in DC



The people are trying to deliver Petitions to every Senate and House Rep.

'Planting Seeds of Change' Apache Stronghold with Poor People's Campaign in DC

Article and photos by Steve Pavey
Apache Stronghold Sacred Journey
Censored News
“I want to thank the creator for having us see the country as well as meeting so many people from all walks of life. Thank you for letting us into your homes, sharing stories of good and bad with the faith of a better tomorrow. We as always will follow the spiritual trail that now has been reconnected. We leave this place knowing we have planted the seeds of change, for now the work of a better tomorrow has been born. Blessings to all.” - Wendsler Nosie, Sr.
The Stronghold’s Sacred Caravan representing many tribal nations and people across the US opened the Poor People’s Campaign Mass Rally with prayer and words from Wendsler Nosie, Sr of what this nation must hear to change its moral narrative. All the oppressive policies that we are upset with are part of a value system that goes back to the birth of this nation. And it was native people who experienced the evil oppression of racism, materialism and militarism first and know an alternative moral narrative rooted in prayer and another way of being in this world in relation to Mother Earth and one another. We must listen to their voices or destroy ourselves if we don’t.

Copyright Steve Pavey, Apache Stronghold

June 23, 2018

Western Shoshone Ian Zabarte's' Photos -- Poor People's Campaign in DC

 Western Shoshone Ian Zabarte's Photos
Poor People's Campaign in DC


Western Shoshone Ian Zabarte (on right)

Thank you for sharing with Censored News.

Photos copyright Ian Zabarte.

June 22, 2018

Apache Stronghold Sacred Caravan with Poor People's Campaign in DC

Apache Stronghold Sacred Caravan with Poor People's Campaign in DC

Article and photos by Steve Pavey
Apache Stronghold Sacred Caravan
Censored News

Prayers already begun for and with the Poor People’s Campaign by the Spiritual Stronghold Caravan who arrived in DC for the Mass Rally after an 18-day journey of prayers for spiritual healing. In order for this country to change the moral narrative to address the evils of systemic racism, poverty & greed, military economy, ecological devastation and Christian nationalism -- it will need to acknowledge the first chapter as Wendsler Nosie Sr says of this nations history.

Apache Stronghold Sacred Caravan -- Rally in D.C. Saturday

Ed Becenti, Diné, member of the Spiritual Stronghold Caravan

By Steve Pavey
Apache Stronghold Spiritual Caravan
Censored News
You do not have to be wearing a three-piece suit to offer a solution. We come just as we are. We are the Apache Stronghold Spiritual Caravan – A Spiritual Journey of Healing to Confront the Deception of the Birth of America ! The most important word here is “Spiritual” because this journey is not just for the Apache or even for native peoples. Our journey and spiritual message is for all of humanity. It is for all of our children’s survival. Mother Earth has been cut open and is bleeding. We are all suffering. Our water and sacred lands are under threat.
Capitalism and colonization have shaped our society’s cultural values so that greed and domination and profit at any cost are ultimately shaping who we are. We live largely by these myths, illusions and distortions about who we are. People have lost compassion. There is a bleak picture in front of us. But that is not all there is. Hope is left. We can prayer.
This Saturday at the Poor People’s Campaign Mass Rally and Moral Revival Meeting in D.C. We come as witnesses to open the eyes of the world. So this Saturday is not the end of a journey or a campaign. This is a beginning. Will you join us!

Apache Stronghold Sacred Caravan in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

“The only thing sacred to people in this country is money. Money is their religion.” -- Rev. Dr. John Mendez, Pastor of Emmanuel Baptist Church (Winston-Salem, North Carolina)

By Steve Pavey
Apache Stronghold Sacred Caravan
Censored News
“We are here because of the prayers of this place and because our people are no longer here ... tribes lost a lot here because of forced migration. And so we are here to pray for those things ... and the Creator has brought us here to you with your prayers and concerns to help us lay a black stone.” -- Wendsler Nosie, Sr., Apache Stronghold

The Stronghold Sacred Caravan spent time in Winston-Salem, North Carolina at Emmanuel Baptist Church with long-time friend and supporter Rev. John Mendez and his congregation who are part of what is becoming a larger Spiritual Stronghold. We shared in table fellowship, healing conversations, and worship with dance, drums and song.
Together, the Stronghold Sacred Caravan in friendship with Emmanuel Baptist Church and allies are coming to D.C. on June 23 to join the Poor People’s Campaign. This journey is at its roots deeply spiritual activism or spiritual resistance that this nation is not accustomed to seeing. It is rooted in prayer and with the purpose to educate the U.S. on the deception and lies it tells itself of the birth of America so we can build anew as a family for sacred unity. The Sacred Journey hopes to bring us all together to address the spiritual problem of greed and the power corporations wield in this country since its’ beginning! We are joining our prayers across the U.S.

June 21, 2018

Apache Stronghold -- Native American Issues Heard by Congressional Panel

Native American issues heard by Congressional Panel
The Poor People’s Campaign

Apache Messenger/ 6-20-2018
Republished with permission
Censored News
    A Congressional hearing led by Senator Elizabeth Warren and Representative Elijah Cummings on June 12, 2018 to welcome the Poor Peoples Campaign: a National Call for Moral Revival, to the Capital for a powerfully important conversation on poverty in America. Senator Warren began the hearing, “There’s something happening in America, the Poor and the marginalized, those suffering are taking to the streets in our Capitals across this Country to reclaim our Government and demand a Government for all the People, we are honored to have you here, to have the chance to hear your voices, and I’m glad to be joined by so many of my colleagues in Congress.”  
       Co- Chair Representative Cummings stated, “I want to thank you(Senator Warren)so much for organizing today’s event to sign a bright light on the poverty in America. Also I thank my colleagues for joining us from the Senate and the House, most of all I want to thank our families and all of you who are taking a moment out of your lives to be here today.”

Reverend Dr. Barber and individuals representing many different issues in America were on the Panel. Vanessa Nosie, Apache Stronghold member, who is on the Stronghold Caravan crossing the Country, was present to voice Native America concerns, “I am Vanessa Nosie, I am Chiricahua Apache (Speaking in Apache), I am enrolled as a San Carlos Apache.” She then spoke in English, “I’m from the Apache Stronghold which is protecting Oak Flat from Resolution Copper. Today I stand here, united with the Poor People’s Campaign and standing here with my brothers and sisters as we are trying to fight, but what we are all fighting for is Justice.”
“The Apache Stronghold has started a caravan that has started in Northern California and is going to be here on June 23 for the action here with the Poor Peoples Campaign. Before I tell you little bit about my own people, I want to tell you about the journey that we started, we started in Elem colony. Before you enter the reservation, Signs say, HAZARDOUS AREA- ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK by the lake at Clearlake, California.”  Vanessa spoke about the mercury mine that has been left open leaking heavy metal into the water and land, the contamination of the fish, and about the high rate of cancer in the Community. “We talk about healthcare, We talk about the environment, yet they’re allowing open mines to legally contaminate the water and land, the high rate of cancer and the healthcare bill that is going to continue to rise because of corporations and greed, the politicians that don’t want to listen.”
She continued, “The Apache Stronghold went to the Oakland, California, to Berkeley, and they met with the Ohlone people there. There are 425 shell mounds, sacred to the Ohlone, one of them was under a parking lot. They are trying to stop more construction of homes and shopping centers on the sacred sites that are their ancestral homelands that they have a direct connection to.  There is nothing in place to protect indigenous people there, the Ohlone and other tribes in California, they are hurting, because when they look at the holy sites they’re covered with asphalt and buildings.”
“The Apache Stronghold is at a place named Indian Alley tonight, in L.A.(Los Angeles), where American Indians were moved by the US government for relocation, a place where Natives came together. This space is a perfect example of systematic racism and poverty, they were ripped from their homelands, over 100 tribes living in LA, many homeless.” Vanessa spoke about the Caravan making its way across the country so that the message on June 23rd encompasses Americas true history.
“I stand here representing not only Apache people, all people, we need to talk about environmental impacts, talk about systemic racism and talk about militarism, right now the Stronghold is in Sells, Arizona where a border wall is built that is dividing the Tohono O’odham and Pascua Yaqui people on their indigenous lands.”
“I’m asking you to hear our cries, because what indigenous people are doing, what we are fighting for, the land, the water is for everybody. How are you going to be able to turn on your water Faucets? how are you going to be able to raise your children? how are you going to be able to walk outside and breathe clean air? People, we have been fighting colonization for over 500 years. Our fight still exists, we are still considered as prisoners of war.  I protect Oak Flat which has been given to a foreign mining company called Resolution Copper. How am I going to continue to take my children to pray? exist? Picked medicines and the food there? to bathe in the water? That is who I am as an Apache woman. How am I going to continue on my tradition in my culture? No matter if you’re rich or poor, if you have a home or not, there is no issue without water.”  Reverend Barber, added,”That is a form of racism because the policy that allows a multinational company to do it , it was done right here in this city.”

The issues brought forth with the Poor Peoples campaign covered communities across this Country, many focusing on governmental reforms, lack of clean water, healthcare, and suppression of workers.

“The Poor People’s campaign, A National Call for Moral Revival is an opportunity to educate America about its true history, and demand changes to outdated federal policies and create stronger laws that will protect the environment.” Apache Stronghold.


Apache Stronghold -- Native American Issues Heard by Congressional Panel

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June 20, 2018

Apache Stronghold -- Finding Love in Lexington, Kentucky

By Steve Pavey

Apache Stronghold Sacred Journey

Censored News

"Love is who you are. When you don't operate according to love, you are outside of being. You're not being real. When you love, you are acting according to your deepest being, your deepest truth." --Richard Rohr
The Stronghold Sacred Caravan stopped for rest and prayers in Lexington Kentucky, building extended family and spiritual strongholds on the way to DC to connect with the Poor People’s Campaign. This is the essential work if we want to see a Moral Revival -- to remember who we are ! Love is who we are ! The colonizers’ moral narrative is full of lies and deception influencing who we think we are -- trying to get us to think we are our jobs, we are what we produce and consume, we are what we accumulate or we are the power we gain. This is not who we are.

Wendsler Nosie Sr. shared a story with us this morning he learned from Rev. John Mendez -- about an Eagle that thinks it is a chicken and so acts like a chicken. It cannot fly. But when thrown over a cliff it remembers who it is and soars high.

The Stronghold Sacred Caravan is soaring as eagles and as Love. They are reminding those of us in the Poor People’s Campaign that the essential work is this spiritual work -- remembering who we are - before we jump to the policy and issues organizing work.