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Gathering Strength at Fort Duchesne, Long Walk 5

Photos and Videos by Western Shoshone Carl 'Bad Bear' Sampson

The Ute community of Fort Duchesne walked with the Longest Walk 5 this morning.

Drum at Fort Duchesne.

The Long Walk 5 gained strength during the walkers stay on Ute land at Fort Duchesne, Utah.
The community shared hospitality and joined walkers as they departed this morning, March 30, 2017. Western Shoshone photojournalist Carl 'Bad Bear' Sampson said he was joined on the walk by his father Buck Sampson, Paiute, and mother Rozina Bobb Sampson, Western Shoshone (shown in photos above.)
Bad Bear said runners are running hard to cover the miles. The camp stay place for Long Walk 5 is now Hayden, Colorado. -- Brenda, Censored News

Zapatistas 'The First of Several' Coffee and the Wall


The First of Several

Zapatista Army for National Liberation


March, 2017

To the Sixth all over the world:

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We had told you we wanted to find a way to support you so that you in turn could support the resistance and rebellion of those who are persecuted and separated by walls. Well, we have some small progress to report in that regard.

The first ton of Zapatista coffee is ready for the campaign “In the Face of Capital’s Walls: Resistance, Rebellion, Solidarity, and the Support of those Below and to the Left.”

The coffee is 100% Zapatista. It was cultivated in Zapatista lands by Zapatista hands; harvested by Zapatistas, dried under the Zapatista sun; ground in Zapatista machines; paused when the Zapatista machine was broken by Zapatistas and later repaired by Zapatistas (with a non-Zapatista ball bearing); then packaged by Zapatistas, labeled by Zapatistas, and …

First Voices Radio: Sacred Ground, Standing Rock, O'odham Border

This Week on “First Voices Radio” Hosted by Tiokasin Ghosthorse, Lakota—Listen Thursday, March 30, 9 to 10 a.m. EDT on WBAI 99.5 FM in New York City

By Liz Hill, Red Lake Ojibwe, Producer, “First Voices Radio” Censored News

Listen now at WBAI archive Ofelia Rivas, elder and activist from Tohono O’odham Nation, was a featured guest on this week’s edition of “First Voices Radio,” which aired on Tuesday, March 28, on WPKN 89.5 in Bridgeport, Connecticut. “First Voices Radio” (formerly “First Voices Indigenous Radio”) is a weekly live hourlong broadcast hosted by Tiokasin Ghosthorse, Lakota. The show airs every Tuesday from noon to 1 p.m. Eastern Time ( This week’s show will be repeated on Thursday, March 30, 9 to 10 a.m. on WBAI 99.5 FM in New York City (streaming at and WBAI-FM on Tune In). Tiokasin, who in addition to being the host is also the show’s founder and executive producer, announced an auspicious anniversary. It was on Ma…

American Indian Airwaves -- Western Shoshone Defending Yucca Mountain

Listen at:
Thursday, 3/30/2017, on American Indian Airwaves, 7pm to 8pm (PCT)
"Resisting Genocides: Pushing Back Against the Yucca Mountain High-Level Nuclear Waste Repository and Preventing the Nuclearization of the Newe Sogobia (Western Shoshone) Nation”

Ian Zambarte(Newe Sogobia [Western Shoshone] Nation) (, long-time activist, board member of the Native Community Action Council (NCAC) (, a "party with standing" in the licensing proceedings contending the United States Department of Energy (USDOE) cannot prove ownership of Yucca Mountain, the location for a high-level nuclear waste repository, and  a board member of Poohabah, a Western Shoshone religious institution situated along the Amargosa River at Tecopa as it turns toward Timbisha at Furnace Creek. Ian Zambarte joins us for an exclusive one-hour interview with an update on the United States government’s current reactivation of the Yuc…

Indigenous Women Protecting the Earth: Events in New York and DC


By WECAN Censored News
WDear Friends and Allies,

We are thrilled to invite you to join the Women's Earth and Climate Action Network for two upcoming events - 'Indigenous Women Protecting Earth, Rights and Communities - New York City' on April 26th and 'Women Leading Solutions on the Frontlines of Climate Change - D.C.' on April 29th, after the People's Climate March!

Explore event details, register and share with friends and colleagues using the information below! Global women leaders speak out at a 
Women's Earth and Climate Action Network event in Marrakech, Morocco 2016
Indigenous Women Protecting Earth, Rights  and Communities - New York City
April 26th, 2017 from 1:00-4:00 pm United Nations Church Center - 777 United Nations Plaza #8g, New York City, NY
Click here for more information - Click here to register Join and share the Facebook Events page here  Indigenous women around the world are impacted first and worst by the effects of environmental destruction a…

Mohawk Nation News 'Serve and Protect Who?'

SERVE and PROTECT WHO?Posted on March 30, 2017
Please post & distribute. MNN. MAR. 30, 2017. Threats that World War 3 is coming abound in MSM, to keep everybody in fear. The US economy is breaking down. Police forces have all been militarized with “to serve and protect” on their cars. They dash to protect the elite and corporations, not the public, as seen at Standing Rock. Trump comes from a business background, which corrupts differently from the politicians. He steals millions. They steal billions. They all have in common that whoever makes the most money makes the rules. “Money talks and bullshit walks”. Trump is supposed to be commander-in-chief of the US armed forces. When Obama gave the order to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline construction at Standing Rock for further investigation, the corporation that controls the military and police forces ignored the presidential order.  Trump promised to drain the swamp of corruption in Washington DC. He is now the swamp master covered…