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Protest US Torture Training at Fort Huachuca Ariz. 2010

2010 Schedule for Southwest Witness Against Torture:Photo: Josh being carried away at Fort Huachuca main gate 2009/Photo Brenda NorrellSat., Nov 13, Southside Presbyterian Church
10th Ave. @ 22nd St, Tucson, AZ
6 PM, Lasagna Dinner (salad, lasagna, bread, drinks)
7- 9 PM Ritual for Preparing and Holding Peace Within
Southside Kiva
Sun, Nov 14, Noon - 2 PM, Ft Huachuca, Main Gate, Sierra Vista, AZ
Vigil of Peace and Demonstration Against Torture
Extending Peace Outward
using presence, silence, speaking, song
Note: The program is shorter than in previous years. Please join us at the start time at the Main Gate to Ft. Huachuca. Allow time for travel, parking,etc. There will be no procession to the
Fort. Please bring signs of peace with you. Volunteers needed: Br. David, 314-803-6735 needs volunteers for preparing, hosting, and cleaning up after the meal We may need more volunteers for reading at the Sat. ritual and Sun. vigil. If interested, (or with other questions) call Catherine 260-5…

Tucson Hearing Puts Spotlight on Private Prisons in Arizona

Contact:Penny Pestle, (616) 340-2938, Caroline Isaacs, (520) 256-4146,

Tucson Hearing Puts Spotlight on Private Prisons in Arizona
Breaking News Highlights for-profit prison companies’ role in state legislation

Photo: Mike Wilson, Tohono O'odham who puts out water for migrants
TUCSON -- Wednesday night in Tucson, an overflow crowd heard testimony from experts and the public about the risks and suspect practices of the private prison industry across Arizona, the nation and internationally. The Hearing was presided over by a panel of Conveners representing a bipartisan spectrum of county, city and state elected officials.
Testimony was presented by a range of experts, including prison staff and administrators, attorneys, researchers, and even a real estate appraiser. Stephen Nathan, researcher and journalist, traveled all the way from London, England to lend his expertise on the practice of prison privatization worldwide. Members of the audience were als…

Larry Kibby, Wiyot: 'The Big Kettle Theory'

The Big Kettle Theory
by Larry Kibby
Wiyot Indian of California
People who employ the art of taking the American Indian and dumping them all into a big kettle and stirring it up and then calling them all one nation is just really senseless. People and even our own Indian people do this, stating how we are all united under one creator, one culture and one belief, that ladies and gentlemen is just extremely wrong.

Today, there are now 565 Federally Recognized Sovereign Nations, several hundred other Sovereign Nations that aren’t Federally Recognized, so we are talking about some 800 to 900 Sovereign Nations throughout these United States.

Once so very long ago, North American, Mexico and South America were lands that had a unique population of Indigenous People and I’’m talking about millions and millions of Indian People.

What does that mean? Primarily it means that there were millions of different Nations of Indigenous People. Millions of different forms of Customs and Beliefs. Yes, some we…

AIM Film Fest Best Doc 'Hawaii, A Voice for Sovereignty'

Best Documentary Award by AIM International Film Festival 'Hawaii, A Voice For Sovereignty'By AIM West
The long awaited efforts to bring the American Indian Movement (AIM) International Film Festival to San Francisco was finally held on Monday and Tuesday, October 11 -12, 2010. The film festival, the first hosted by AIM-WEST, an affiliate organization in the bay area, ended on a high five, or hang ten, whichever! It was also deemed an important educational alternative to the stories typically associated with Columbus Day and what it means to Indigenous Peoples throughout the Americas during this period. The Best Documentary Award that was selected by the judges committee went to “Hawaii, A Voice For Sovereignty”. It was accepted by Ms. Catherine Bauknight, film maker and Director.

The intensity projected in the documentary, made in 2009, ‘What Happen to the Land Happens to the People’ is the first of its kind to feature the native Hawaiians journey to sust…

MNN: Long Ago Before Colonial Borders

Mohawk Nation News

MNN. October 10, 2010. During the French and Indian Wars in the 1750s, the invaders came up against the Mohawk “Keepers of the Eastern Door” who told them to go home. In order to occupy land the legal occupants had to be killed off. The colonists started a genocide campaign beginning with the Mohawks.

As a story goes, once upon a time in present day New York State, a French troop came across a lone Mohawk Warrior standing on top of a cliff waving at them. The troop commander told three of his men, “Go up and kill him’.

They climbed up. Behind the bushes a big fight broke out. The commander waited. They never returned. Eventually the Mohawk Warrior appeared on top of the mountain and waved to the troops below. Aghast, the commander ordered another 10 soldiers to, “Kill him once and for all”.

They went up. Another noisy fight ensued. None returned. Once again, the Mohawk Warrior stood on top and waved …

VIDEO: Protect Sacred Land

Thank you to Ola Cassadore-Davis, Apache, and the Seventh Generation Fund!

Navajo Water Rights Talking Points

Talking Points on the proposed Northeastern Arizona Indian
Water Rights Agreement, Legislation 0422-10
Dated October 19, 2010
Photo: Navajo elder drinking contaminated water/Photo Forgotten People1. The Navajo Nation Council should vote No on the proposed Northeastern Arizona Indian Water Rights Agreement, Legislation 0422-10 until the Navajo Nation government installed in early 2011 can take up the settlement negotiations from an honest and fully informed perspective and a quantitative analysis is done of present and future needs for domestic use, large-scale agricultural projects and livestock.
2. There is not only no use of our Treaties in the 400 pages of the proposed Arizona Water Settlement, there is actually no mention whatsoever of either of our Treaties in the proposed settlement agreement.
3. The Navajo Nation is a federally recognized Indian Tribe, having two Treaties with the United States, dated 1849 and 1868 and is the only one of the 22 Arizona Indian Tribes that has a Tre…

Southern Border Indigenous Peoples Roundtable Symposium

Southern Border Indigenous Peoples Roundtable Symposium
Earthcycles and Censored News will broadcast live!
Thursday, November 18, 10 am to 2 pm
YWCA Frances McClelland Leadership Center
525 N. Bonita Ave Tucson, Arizona Photo: San Xavier, remembering the migrants/Photo by Brenda Norrell
By Alianza Indigena sin Fronteras/Indigenous Alliance without Borders For over a decade the Indigenous Alliance Without Borders has worked to be an international voice for traditional southern borderland indigenous peoples. The Indigenous Alliance promotes respect for indigenous rights, border rites of passage and recognition of our indigenous relative’s cultural affiliation with Southern Border Indigenous Nations from California, Arizona and Texas. To ease border crossings for all indigenous peoples residing in Mexico to attend ceremonies, social events and visit family.

Why a Roundtable Border Symposium?

For more than two centuries indigenous peoples have inhabited the southern border long before the establis…

Navajo Water Rights: Free, Prior and Informed Consent

Immediate Release: Contact: Elouise Brown, 505-947-6159 or 928-401-1777

Update: Read, download or print the resolution:
The Navajo Nation Human Rights Commission adopted Resolution No. NNHRCOCT-8-10 on October 1, 2010. It recommends that the Navajo Nation Council should refer the approval of the Northeastern Arizona Water Rights Settlement Agreement to the Navajo People in a referendum.

The resolution is based on consideration of several important factors, and among them is the “world standard” for decisions by indigenous peoples on their resources made by “free, prior, [and] informed consent” (Resolution at Preamble No. 6).

The right of free, prior and informed consent is a right that belongs to all indig…

Hopi Chairman's Proposals Removes Religious Protections in Hopi Constitution

Press statement
Freedom to Practice Religion Infringed by Constitutional Changes Proposed by Hopi Chairman
Proposals Strip Religious Leaders Governmental and Religious Authorities Protected in Hopi Constitution
SHUNGOPAVI VILLAGE, Hopi – The right to practice religion is a fundamental right of freedom guaranteed by the Bill of Rights which is part of the U.S. Constitution. These rights according to Ronald Wadsworth, Director of the Hopi Traditional Office located on Shungopavi Village at the Hopi Reservation, are today threatened by Hopi Chairman Leroy Shingotewa.
Hopi Nation Director Wadsworth said “a recent call for the establishment of a ‘revised Hopi Constitutional amounts to the destruction and removal of existing religious and traditional practices effectively creating an environment hostile to religion and thereby ultimately forcing traditional religious practices underground.”
“The …

Los Angeles American Indian Film Festival

LOS ANGELES American Indian Film Festival

7th Annual Red Nation Film Festival – The Authentic Voice of American Indian Indigenous Cinema™
Founded American Indian Heritage Month in the city/county of Los Angeles
October 28 – November 9, 2010
Image: Artist: Monte Yellow Bird Sr.- Black Pinto Horse

LOS ANGELES - Red Nation Celebration and its founder Joanelle Romero began a 5 year long initiative to have the city/county of Los Angeles recognize “American Indian Heritage Month” in which Los Angeles has the largest American Indian Urban population in the country, is the Entertainment capital of the world, and is the second largest city in the United States. In 2006, Red Nation’s dream came true and American Indian Heritage Month was launch in the city/county of Los Angeles.
Read more ...

SAN FRANCISCO American Indian Film Festival

Updated Oct. 19, 2010Media Inquiries Contact: Cindy Benitez,

By American Indian Film Institute
SAN FRANCISCO -- The American Indian Film Institute (AIFI), proudly announces the 35th annual American Indian Film Festival, November 5-13, 2010. The American Indian Film Festival will premiere over 90 innovative feature films, shorts, public service, music videos and documentaries of USA American Indian and Canada First Nation communities. Founded in 1975, AIFF has established itself as the premiere Native film festival in North America. This year’s selection continues to celebrate the Festival’s tradition for excellence and diversity with powerful performances and new cinematic expression by cutting-edge media makers.
Prominent Sponsors of the 2010 American Indian Film Festiv…

O'odham Ofelia Rivas speaks on Human Rights in Wisconsin

Tribal Elder Speaks about Human Rights
By McKenzie Badger The Badger Herald
Tuesday, October 12, 2010 6:15 p.m.
Updated Wednesday, October 13, 2010 2:09:12 a.m.
A human rights activist detailed atrocities occurring right here in the United States to a University of Wisconsin audience Tuesday, from trucks running over teenagers to the exhumation of bodies. Ofelia Rivas is the Tribal Elder in the second largest reservation in the United States. About 20,000 citizens reside on the reservation she represents in the U.S. and 6,000 in Mexico, as their reservation crosses the border.
Read article ... Also see: Indigenous grassroots women's delegation seeks sponsors for Cancun Climate Summit Ofelia Rivas, cochair of the Working Group on Indigenous Peoples at the Cochabamba Climate Summit in Bolivia, is among seeks sponsors for the summit Nov. 29 --Dec. 10, 2010:…

Cochabamba Proposals will be brought to Cancun

Cochabamba Proposals Will be Brought to Cancun
Communique by the Plurinational State of Bolivia Photo of Cochabamba Climate Summit by Michelle Cook, Navajo

(October 10, 2010 – Tianjin, China) The proposals of the World People’s Conference on Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth have been maintained and expanded upon in the new negotiating text on climate change that emerged from the last round of negotiations in Tianjin, China.

Throughout the process in Tianjin, attempts were made to substitute the negotiating text, which contains the positions of all countries, with a text that would be limited to recognizing the principal elements of consensus for Cancun.
In some working groups, such as the one dealing with “various approaches for mitigation actions,” a proposal was presented which only contained the pro-market option. Following a long debate in which the right of all countries to have their proposals reflected in the negotiating text until a consensus is reached ultimately prev…

VIDEO: Navajo Water Rights March

Read more at Censored NewsProposed Navajo Water Rights SettlementVoting record from Sept. 29, 2010, including council delegates voting against tabling the settlement

VIDEO: Roscoe Pond's 'Natives in Hollywood: How Far Have We Come?'

The discussion is about Hollywood and the Native American. Filmmakers Sonny Skyhawk, Delanna Studi, Elena Finney, Tim Ramos, Victoria Regina, Mark Reed, Kathy Peltier, Marjorie Tanin, Cassie Melcher. It is still relevant in 2010. The Internet has changed everything though. Natives have found a voice on the Web and with Independent films.

Document: Proposed Navajo Water Rights Settlement (405 pages)

Proposed Navajo Water Rights Settlement
Censored News Photo: Calvin Johnson, Navajo
Print or download the document:
Message: Please check out the link for the NE Arizona Water Rights Settlement 405 pages. Exhibit 14.1.1: Waiver and Release of Claims for Water rights, Injury to Water Rights and Injury to Water Quality, by the Navajo Nation on behalf of itself and its members and by the United States acting in its capacity as Trustee for the Navajo Nation and its members (but not its members in their capacity as allottees).
2.0 WAIVER AND RELEASE OF CLAIMS. 2.1 Except as provided in Paragraph 3.0 hereof, the Navajo Nation, on behalf of itself and its Members, and the United States acting in its capacity as trustee for the Navajo Nation and its Members pursuant to the authorization set forth in Section of the Act, hereby waive and release any claims against the State, the H…

Bolivia: Press briefing UN Climate Conference China

Bolivia: Press briefing UN Climate Change Conference China
October 6, 2010
Watch video:

American Indian Movement International Film Festival 2010

American Indian Movement International Film Festival, October 11-12, 2010
Written by Arthur Jacobs
Art design donated by artist Sal Garcia
American Indian Movement International Film Festival
October 11-12 San Francisco Bahai Center, 170 Valencia Street
Doors open at 12 noon first movie begins at 12:30 pm
Ticket donations at the door are $10 for one day and $15 for two days, nobody turned away for lack of cash, slide scale.
Wheelchair accessible. All children under 10 years are free! Refreshments and popcorn available. The Film Festival is to help prepare for the Annual AIM-WEST Conference November 22-27, in San Francisco. AIM-WEST proudly presents the American Indian Movement (AIM) International Film Festival, October 11-12, 2010 in San Francisco, CA.
Films selected for this year’s festival exemplify the legacy and spiritual movement of resistance, and the fight for self determination found among Indigenous peoples throughout the globe. Held each year on Indigenous People's Day, the Festi…

Peabody Coal's records for Black Mesa sought in court

Lawsuit Seeks Release of Public Records for Peabody Coal Operations on Tribal Lands in Arizona
By Center for Biological Diversity
Censored News
FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. - October 5 - Native American and conservation groups sued the U.S. Department of the Interior’s Office of Surface Mining (OSM) in federal court in Colorado on Thursday for withholding records relating to Peabody Energy’s coal-mining operations on tribal lands in northeast Arizona. To date, the agency has refused to publicly release records relating to Peabody’s coal-mining operations — including a copy of a current, valid operating permit for Peabody’s mining. The lawsuit was brought under the Freedom of Information Act.

“For decades, OSM has quietly issued permits to Peabody in a way that has thwarted meaningful public involvement and community understanding of Peabody’s mine operations,” said Nikke Alex, executive director of the Black Mesa Water Coalition. “OSM’s permitting actions have a direc…

Native American Prisoner Advocate Lenny Foster Suffered a Stroke

Message from Marley Shebala Greetings Everyone,
Photo: Lenny Foster advocating for the spiritual rights of Native American inmates at AIM West in San Francisco. Photo Brenda Norrell. .
I just received a telephone call from Lenny Foster's brother Oree Foster. Lenny suffered a stroke Saturday morning at his home in Window Rock, Ariz/Navajo Nation. and was flown to St. Joseph's Hospital, Phoenix, late Saturday night. When he arrived at the hospital, he was taken into surgery to remove a blood clot from his brain. He is recovering and listed in good condition. Doctors say he'll need two weeks of recovery and then he'll be sent to rehab for physical therapy.

The surgery involved drilling a hole in his skull to alleviate pressure and allow blood flow and so they had to shave Lenny's head. He's under heavy sedation at the time but people can call the hospital to find out how he is doing. Doctors said Lenny is strong and that he might not need two weeks of recovery but he …

Protect Dine' Water Rights: No Future Without Water


Protect Dine' Hopi Water Rights

Click on image to enlarge
Diné-Hopi Water Rights!Forgotten People, Percy Deal (longtime Council delegate, Navajo County Supervisor andHardrock Chapter President), and concerned Diné citizens are requesting Resources Committeeand the Water Rights Commission hold public meetings in Pinon and Tuba City on the Northeastern Arizona Indian Water Rights Agreement, Legislation 0422-10. Call
your Council delegates, Resources Committee, Water Rights Commission. Demand they table the Agreement until the new administration so they can study the issue and brings it as a referendum for the people to decide. The directly affected and concerned people must be givenan opportunity to address the Council at their Special Sessions. The Navajo Nation Council needsto inform the people of a date for the next Special Session.

Navajo Water Rights Settlement: Demand 90 Day Extension

Navajo Water Rights Settlement: Demand 90 Day Extension
Message from Forgotten People, Navajo Nation
Photo: March for Navajo Water Rights Sept. 29, 2010/Dine' Water Rights Protect Dine' water rights. Please sign and submit the attached Petition ASAP, contact your Council delegates and demand a 90-day extension by the Resources Committee of the NE AZ Indian Water Rights Agreement, Legislation 0422-10 beyond 10/13/10, the date set for execution of the settlement agreement to allow for greater public education and input.
Navajo Nation Special session 2010 voting results & MEMO frm Rex Lee Jim

Mohawk Nation News Needs Help!

Horn V. Canada Border Service Agency
Kahentinetha Horn Hospitalized
Dear MNN Readers,
On June 14, 2008 two grandmothers supposedly beat up a squad of well-built muscular border guards and police officers. The impression being created is that these two women scared them and beat them to a pulp.
In fact, Kahentinetha suffered a trauma-induced heart attack and has been in and out of hospital since. Two years later the Canada Border Services Agency CBSA has brought charges against her for assault and obstruction. A date for this important trial will soon be set.
We want the truth to come out. It appears we are being used as examples of how those who oppose the fascist buildup of power at the Canada-US border will be treated.
The government of Canada and their agents are using the money and power of the state to stop people from expressing their legal rights.
We must stand together to protect ourselves against tyranny. Kahentinetha should not be alone. You are needed to get behind those who are …