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Grassroots Navajo Hopi Relief arrives in Pinon: After training, truck load of relief delieverd


By Cassandra Begay Navajo and Hopi Families COVID-19 Relief Censored News

Navajo and Hopi Families COVID-19 Relief has been hard at work strategizing on how to reach our most rural communities across Navajo and Hopi Nations while keeping everyone safe. This week we had our first distribution to the Pinon community! A total of 110 boxes of food and water were unloaded, sanitized, packages and delivered by volunteers from the Pinon Community and Chapter.
Volunteers received the required safety training that we conduct before any distribution can begin that falls in line with the Navajo Nation safety protocols. After their training was complete they sanitized, packaged and delivered 110 boxes of food for the elders and struggling families in Pinon area. . Relief includes water from Native Hawaiian actor Jason Momoa known as Aquaman in movies. 

Pinon volunteers and chapter staff were incredible and easy to work with! Thank you so much to them for making this happen. Thank you to Jonathan Allen …

Coronavirus continues rapid spread across Navajo Nation: Now 1,977 cases and 62 deaths, relief efforts underway

Valentina Blackhorse
Valerie Tsosie
Coronavirus rapid spread continues on Navajo Nation

Kayenta families mourn two mothers who died from the virus
By Brenda Norrell Censored News
Coronavirus cases on the Navajo Nation continue to increase rapidly, with 104 new cases on Wednesday, bringing the total number of cases to 1,977 with 62 deaths.
McKinley County in New Mexico has the highest number of cases now, surpassing the initial area of the outbreak in northern Arizona near the Utah border.
In the hard-hit area of Kayenta in northeastern Arizona on the Navajo Nation, families shared the stories of two Navajo mothers who died last Thursday.
Following the rally of the Nazarene Church in Chilchinbeto, the virus spread from there to employees of the Kayenta police and detention center and to their families.
Miss Western Navajo Nation Valentina Blackhorse, 28, the mother of infant daughter Poet, died after caring for her boyfriend, a Kayenta detention officer who appears to have contracted it a…

Buffy Sainte Marie 'Stronger Together' Spoken Word


"I feel like we're all in detention for not having paid attention for not having done our homework, hold your head up, lift the top of your mind ... lift your heart to your own home planet ... take heart, take care of your link with life ... take care of your sense of protection ..." Buffy Sainte Marie

Chili Yazzie: 'Remembering and honoring the lifeways intended by Creator in this time of coronavirus'

By Duane 'Chili' Yazzie Dineh, Shiprock, New Mexico Special to Censored News
French translation by Christine Prat
The COVID19 virus invades unsuspecting human bodies destroying lives, families, futures. It gives no exemption for economic status, physical strength, or color of skin. It seeks life to give death. It is alive with death. It brings down the famous and powerful. The disadvantaged are easy prey. There is little refuge from the killer virus.

This enemy of life exposes the vulnerabilities of the ‘greatest’ country on the planet. It cripples the best of western science and medicine. Our frontlines to repel this enemy are becoming defenseless, they are tired, they look for relief that may not come. We thank them and pray them peace and strength.

The faithful and the faithless asks why God allows this to happen, we seek for answers, we ponder, we try to find reason. This must be a message that we have drifted too far from the teachings of life we were set on this earth with.…

Navajo and Hopi Nations: Coronavirus claims lives of young and old, as virus spreads to Navajo police and area nursing homes

Former Miss Western Navajo Nation Valentina Blackhorse died from coronavirus on April 23, 2020.

With 97 new cases in the past 24 hours, there are 1,637 cases with 59 deaths from coronavirus on the Navajo Nation. On the Hopi Nation, there are 35 cases with 2 deaths. As the Navajo Nation mourns the loss of Miss Western Navajo, the coronavirus spreads through the Navajo police department and New Mexico bordertown nursing homes.

By Brenda Norrell
Censored News

The Navajo Nation mourns the loss of former Miss Western Navajo Nation Valentina Blackhorse, as the coronavirus spreads through bordertown nursing homes in New Mexico claiming the lives of elderly and eleven Navajo police tested positive for the virus. On the Hopi Nation, there are 35 cases and two deaths.

The Navajo Nation mourns the loss of Miss Western Navajo Nation 2015-2016 Valentina Blackhorse from Kayenta, Arizona.

"On behalf of the Navajo people, they offer their sincerest condolences and prayers to the family, colleagues,…

Mohawk Nation News 'The Final Warning'

THE FINAL WARNINGPosted on April 26, 2020 Mohawk Nation NewsMNN. Apr. 26, 2020. COVID19 has become part of the 95% depopulation of the world according to UN Agenda 21 and 30.THE SHUTDOWN STARTED THE WORLDWIDE ELIMINATION OF POLLUTION! In 1974 the UN informed the world that the state has no use for ‘useless eaters’. The masters of the settler colonists set up a system on who would live or die. The invaders spread viruses among us. 150 million natives of turtle island were exterminated. The invaders made laws to give themselves the unlawful right to murder us without being charged with homicide. We were declared to be non-persons. The immigrants were given permits to extinguished us and steal our land. They started with the viruses they brought here, then bounties for heads, scalping and so on. Now COVID19 virus has come, will fade and come again.The settler colonists are conditioned to obey their masters who keep them in a hypnotic state. Their white uneducated medicine man even suggests…

Navajo coronavirus cases increase to 1,360 with 52 deaths

Photo: Supplies distributed to Jeddito, one of 110 chapters on the Navajo Nation, located in the states of Arizona, New Mexico and Utah.

78 new cases and three more deaths related to COVID-19 reported
By Navajo President's OfficeCensored News
WINDOW ROCK, Ariz. — The Navajo Department of Health in coordination with the Navajo Epidemiology Center and the Navajo Area Indian Health Service, reported 78 new cases of COVID-19 and a total of 52 deaths for the Navajo Nation as of Thursday. The total number of positive COVID-19 cases for the Navajo Nation has reached 1,360, which includes 642 men and 718 women with an average age of 48-years-old. There is a total of 6,473 negative test results.

The 1,360 confirmed positive cases on the Navajo Nation include the following counties: Navajo County, AZ: 350; Apache County, AZ: 287; Coconino County, AZ: 229; McKinley County, NM: 296; San Juan County, NM: 135; Cibola County, NM: 14; San Juan County, UT: 19; Socorro County, NM: 17; Sandoval County, N…