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Federal government involved in raids on protesters

Glenn Greenwald
Sunday Aug. 31, 2008 11:46 EDT
Federal government involved in raids on protesters
As the police attacks on protesters in Minnesota continue -- see this video of the police swarming a bus transporting members of Earth Justice, seizing the bus and leaving the group members stranded on the side of the highway -- it appears increasingly clear that it is the Federal Government that is directing this intimidation campaign. Minnesota Public Radio reported yesterday that "the searches were led by the Ramsey County Sheriff's office. Deputies coordinated searches with the Minneapolis and St. Paul police departments and the Federal Bureau of Investigation." Read article:

Haudenosaunee Grandmothers File Suit Against Canada


Mohawk Nation News Aug. 30, 2008.
Canada keeps trying to pretend it’s “open season” on the Kanionkehaka/Mohawk. It’s even okay to assault our elders and grandmothers. No steps have been taken to charge the Canada Border Services Agents CBSA who assaulted Katenies and Kahentinetha on June 14th 2008. Kahentinetha suffered a trauma induced heart attack. They tried to beat Katenies to a pulp. They act like this is “business as usual”. The prosecutors have not done their duty. Because of this there has been no public investigation and the crime has been swept under the carpet.
The two women have no money, but they have found a way that might make rogue crown agents accountable. They have filed an action in Canada ’s Federal Court.
This does not mean they are accepting Canadian jurisdiction over themselves or the Haudenosaunee. Canadian agents have no right to abus…

Denver Democratic National Convention, this isn't OZ

By Brenda Norrell
DENVER -- If you relied on the mainstream media for coverage of this week's Democratic National Convention, you probably visualized everyone clicking their heels together and entering the land of OZ.
While the mainstream media and politicians were cloistered together, the people were in the streets, voicing disgust over the Bush regime, which decimated civil liberties and turned the Earth into the corporate profiteers' commodity. At the same time, the Iraq war continued with the mainstream media complicit in the genocide of women and children in Iraq and Afghanistan.
The signs reminded all that the Bush regime and Congress violated the Geneva Conventions and carried out kidnapping, torture and murder of people in Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo and secret prisons.
The lawlessness that prevailed in the White House and Congress was maintained by the police at the Democratic National Convention who provoked peaceful demonstrators on Monday night, culminating in an at attack …

McCain's VP pick: Oil drilling more important than polar bears

Censored News, reader comment:

McCain's Vice Presidential's selection Palin Would deny Indigenous Rights
Praying to Four Winds

Gov. Sarah Palin is not prepared to be Vice President. She reversed Dirk Kempthorne, US Secretary of the Interior, decision listing polar bears as an endangered species. This youthful appearing governor ignored pleas of both Native People and environmentalists amid her fears of annoying oil barrens. The Governor's actions deny a way of life for American Indians, falsely believing an opposite action would hurt oil and gas development in the bears' habitat off Alaska's northern and northwestern coasts.
We don't need to punch more holes in pristine lands, nor to make our few Indians homeless. Citizens agree it's time to fight against global warming, not add to it.
Palin's pushy fundamentalist Christian views coupled with Texas bible classes would bring havoc to classrooms across Texas, which we do not need. Palin is not good for the Nat…

Videos: Recreate 68, Democratic National Convention

Watch videos:
London Guardian, scenes from the streets
You Tube: Actions and police repression
ABC News Producer Arrested 
Photo: We Are America migrant rights march/Photo by Mano Cockrum

Denver Arts Organization Targeted by Police

By The Other Side Arts

DENVER -- Denver Police targeted The Other Side Arts, a non profit art center as part of an effort to, "clean up the neighborhood" just before the Democratic National Convention. On Sunday afternoon, a number of police officers from Denver and Aurora Police Departments appeared outside of TOSA, some dressed in riot gear, and begin to investigate the property. Read more

Denver DNC: Mass arrested pressured to waive rights

Contacts: Brian Vicente, Director, National Lawyers Guild DNC People's Law
Project, (720) 280-4067
Miriam Stohs, Esq., Colorado Chapter liaison, NLG (303) 929-5501

Denver-- The National Lawyers Guild DNC People's Law Project (PLP) criticizes the procedures that created a high risk of accused persons waiving their rights without access to lawyers or an adequate understanding of their cases. The PLP is particularly concerned with today's phone call from the Denver County Courts alerting defendants that they could appear in court on Friday, August 29 "for an opportunity to dispose of their case."Read more

'We Are America' Migrant March Denver

By Brenda Norrell DENVER -- The march for migrants in Denver, "We Are America," sent a message Thursday morning to both presidential candidates to pass immigration reform laws and halt the ICE raids that are violating human rights and dividing families. The most recent ICE raids have been in Mississippi.
Jose Matus (second photo) is founder and director of the Indigenous Alliance Without Borders. Matus is also a Yaqui ceremonial leader who brings Yaqui ceremonial leaders across the US/Mexico border for temporary visits to carry out ceremonies. Indigenous living along the border, from the Kumeyaay in California to the Tigua and Lipan Apache in Texas have battled the oppression, seizures of land and violations of sacred areas due to Homeland Security waving all federal laws to build the border wall. In addition, Tohono O'odham ancestors have been dug up for border wall construction and an ancient ceremonial route dissected. Tohono O'odham Chairman Ned Norris said in a co…

Denver police pepper spray and beat people

Action Alert: Protest Police Treatment of DNC Activists

From Colorado Legal Eagles

For photos and more informaton, see:
[Denver, CO] - Glenn Spagnuolo, one of the main organizers of Recreate 68, was interviewed on Peter Boyles on KHOW radio Tuesday morning about the pepper bullet incident on Monday. You can listen to the full interviews here:
Glenn said that the incident last night started around 5:30pm, when heavily-armed police in SWAT gear began making random sweeps through Civic Center Park, harassing people sitting in the grass by poking them with nightsticks and telling them to get up and leave. Glenn complained several times to the protester's police liaison, and the police would stop the harassment, just to start it again a few minutes later. He said that happened about 4 or 5 times. Glenn said some of the kids in the park became annoyed and formed a circle and started chanting …

Guantanamo on the Platte

By Brenda Norrell
DENVER -- If you like chaos, you should be in the streets of Denver. If you like being surrounded by squads of riot police with nothing to do but irritate people, you should definitely be in Denver. If you like downtown shop owners saying, "Our restrooms are out of order," and "We turned the Wi-Fi off for the week," you should really be in Denver.
I don't know how anyone else's day went, but for me, I spent eight hours accomplishing nothing. First, there's the downtown Kinkos, the worst in the nation. You can pay $30 for what should cost $5 to accomplish because the computers are pitiful. It has been that way for years.
While many shop owners just handled the chaos  this way: "Our restrooms are broken," (Kinkos) or "We turned off the Wi-Fi for the week," (Paradise Bakery)" on down the street, Barnes and Nobles tried another approach. It was so hot in there that babies were sweating.
Finally I gave up and sat in a c…

Denver police: Intimidation and provocation

Denver police stage bizarre behavior
By Brenda Norrell
DENVER -- On Monday, Denver police spent the day intimidating and provoking peaceful protesters. By day's end there were entirely too many police with too much time on their hands. They were eager to arrest people in Denver. It didn't matter if the people were simply walking down the street. Medics were even detained.
Flashing a wide variety of weapons, Denver police positioned police gangs around the peaceful Food Not Bombs. Police even made a single file procession through the heart of Food Not Bombs' peaceful dinner. As people were eating, Denver police made one of the silliest processions ever through a dinner of rice and lentils.
After spending the late afternoon in bizarre staging and intimidation tactics in the Civic Center area, Denver police began spraying people with pepper spray and shoving people randomly by day's end. Finally, apparently bored and itchy to arrest, they arrested people for their Democratic …

In the Streets of Denver: Free Political Prisoners

'Taser bait' in Denver
Article and photo by Brenda Norrell
DENVER -- It was an incredible morning in the streets of Denver, with the voices of the people spilling out through this city during the Political Prisoners March and Rally. It was clear that there is another divide underway, those who are in the Democratic National Convention with their expense accounts and those in the streets, lending powerful voices to define the future. With most US citizens in a state of post traumatic stress syndrome, the brave faced off with Denver police and marched through the streets this morning. What began as a small crowd near the Civic Center grew as hundreds joined the march through the heart of the city.
Among those speaking out was Ben Carnes, Choctaw, who read a message from Leonard Peltier. King Downing, with ACLU's Campaign against Racial Profiling, described how he was arrested in a racial profiling incident and won his case. Mumia Abu Jamal's message was heard from death row…

US commits genocide of infants and children at the border

US violates rights of infants and children
In this news article, La Jornada in Mexico reports that the United States is violating the rights of infants and children by abandoning them at the border

Translation of:
In 7 months, the United States deported 90,000 Mexican children
Others remain abandoned, left to their luck on the border
As of this writing, during the first seven months of the year, at least 90,000 Mexican children were deported by the government of the United States, in the context of its anti-immigrant politics, according to a PRI task force study group of work on immigration matters to Mexico's House of Representatives. Also about 300,000 adults have been deported. The report states that 15 per cent of the children, approximately 13,500, live on the Mexican border, without any type of governmental protection. However, ideally they are attended by religious institutions or non-government…

Congratulations to Native American Music Award Nominees 2008

10th Annual Native American Music Awards Nominees Announced
Blackfire, Blackfoot, Brule & AIRO, The Blessed Blend, The Crow Girls, and The Red Corn Band lead with three nominations each
August 23, 2008 - New York. Nominations for the 10th Annual Native American Music Awards (NAMA) were announced today by The Native American Music Association & Awards, reflecting the combined votes of the NAMA Advisory Board Nominating Committee Membership. This year is a monumental year for the organization which will now have nominated an estimated 1500 artists and honored 300 winners over the past decade.
A new limited edition “NAMMY” will be introduced this year commemorating the organization’s 10th Anniversary year. The 10th Annual Native American Music Awards will be held on Saturday, October 4, 2008 at the Seneca Entertainment Center in the Seneca Casino & Hotel in Niagara Falls, NY. Tickets for the 10th Annual Native American Music Awards are on-sale now through all ticketmaster outlet…

Denver Political Prisoner March, Monday, August 25, 2008

Political Prisoner March, Monday, August 25th
Freedom March — Civic Center Park, August 25, 9 am

Join supporters of Leonard Peltier, Mumia Abu Jamal, The Cuban Five, and other political prisoners for the Freedom March and Rally! After serving 33 years in prison for a crime that he did not commit, Leonard Peltier's parole hearing will take place in December, 2008. Do not forget that in 2001, the Clintons left Leonard in prison, after promising to grant him clemency. Free Mumia, the Cuban Five, the Guantanamo detainees, and others. The march will begin at Civic Center Park and end with a rally at the Federal Court House.
Hear a personal recording specific for this protest and the DNC from Mumia and written statement from Leonard PeltierCall for the Freedom of Mumia and the Cuban Five
Call for an end to Human Rights abuses
Speakers (Alphabetical):
Pamela Africa - MOVE Organization
American Indian Movement Spokesperson Leonard Peltier Defense Committee - Ben Carnes, with a message from Leona…

Stop Ottawa's warmongers show

Please sign the online PETITION now:
" Stop Ottawa's Arms Shows!"For the first time in almost 20 years -- since ARMX '89 -- the City of Ottawa is hosting arms bazaars at municipally-funded facilities.We stopped them before, we can stop them again! Please join us!
Online Petition: Sign it Now! Whether you live in Ottawa or elsewhere in Canada, please sign this online petition telling Ottawa politicians to respect City Council's 1989 commitment to stop using municipally-funded facilities for international arms trade exhibitions! (Here's a hard copy of the petition that can be printed out for signing offline at meetings and other events, etc.)
Spread the word! After signing this Coalition to Oppose the Arms Trade (COAT) petition online, please encourage others to do likewise. Circulate this notice to friends, colleagues, list serves and post the petition link to as many web pages as possible.
EMAIL! Tell the Mayor, City Council and S…

Ben Carnes: Peltier, justice and fearlessness

By Ben Carnes
Choctaw columnist . His name is Leonard Peltier
As most everyone knows I have been a spokesperson for Peltier in the past. Recently, I was asked by David Hill to help with organizing some events.
Yesterday, David was returning to Oklahoma after visiting with Leonard at the prison he assigned to in Lewisburg, PA. He said that Leonard really needs help right now and that he wanted see if I could come up with some ideas to focus attention on the injustices of his case. So I may find myself involved again, and I am hoping that many others will renew their involvement with his case.
One way to do something right now is to join Peltier’s’ branches of support. You can sign up at
And then network with your friends, campus organization, peace/social justice groups and so on.
Leonard’s 64th birthday will be on Sept. 12th, and September 6 will mark 32 and half years he will have been held captive for something the government can no longer pro…

Indian Uprising Radio: Price of tar sands oil

KFAI's Indian Uprising, August 24, 2008 from 7:00 - 8:00 p.m. CDT #279

Daryl Sager (Turtle Mountain Ojibwe), Energy Justice Program Associate, Fresh Energy, Inc. Fresh Energy of St. Paul, Minnesota is an organization leading the transition to a clean, efficient and fair energy system. Its goals are: Healthy Economies, Healthy People, Healthy Environment and Energy Independence. Fresh Energy focus areas are: Clean Electricity, Energy Efficiency, Transportation Policy, Global Warming Solutions and Energy Justice. "Fresh Energy is the only nonprofit in Minnesota whose sole focus is a clean, just energy future for the Upper Midwest. Often, the economically disadvantaged are the most adversely affected by energy decisions. The Energy Justice program at Fresh Energy works to pass policies that help build the capacity of low-income individuals to have a strong voice in those decisions."
Tom Goldtooth (Dine’/Dakota), Director, Indigenous Environmental Networ…

Mato Nunpa challenging censorship of genocide

Chris Mato Nunpa, Dakota and retired professor of Indigenous Nations and Dakota Studies, challenges the censorship of a previous letter to the editor by the Granite Falls Tribune Mato Nunpa's daughter and granddaughter were arrested last Saturday protesting Minnesota's genocide:
Hi Dave,
I noticed that my letter was edited and my statement re: "I come from a people who were the victims of genocide. Terri comes from a people who perpetrated the genocide of Indigenous Peoples" was omitted. Also, my statement re: Terri's "white supremacist attitude" will work well with most white people" which was after I had said that "Terri should resign and be transferred elsewhere in the DNR system, preferably, where she can work with white people only."
Most U.S. Euro-Americans shy away from the term "Genocide" especially when it's connected to genocide of the Indigenous Peoples of the U.S, even U.S. Euro-American genocide scholars shy away f…

O'odham Voice Against the Wall: Celebrating halting a toxic dump in Quitovac

O'odham VOICE Agains the Wall
O'odham Rights and Cultural and Environmental Justice Coalition

By Ofelia Rivas
The Centro de Gestion Integral de Residuos S.A. (CEGIR) proposal to build a hazardous dump site in Quitovac has been defeated by Traditional O’odham communities and local State of Sonora, Mexico communities
We would like to send our sincere appreciation to all of you, Greenaction our main advisor and the 569 international organizations and individuals that supported our efforts to have this hazardous dump have canceled especially everyone who signed our online petition. We would also like to thank the 21 original organizations that signed our letter to the Environmental and Natural Resources Department of Mexico (SEMARNAT). The great thanks to support efforts of Jeff Hendricks of Tiamat Publications and all of Resistant Culture.
The O’odham VOICE Against the WALL and the O’odham Rights Cultural and Environmental Justice Coalition have worked for a number of years to maintai…

Uncensored: Dakota genocide

Chris Mato Nunpa, Dakota and retired professor of Indigenous Nations and Dakota Studies, points out how "genocide" is censored by newspapers
From Chris Mato Nunpa,
Below is my letter to the editor which was printed in this week's edition of the Granite Falls Advocate Tribune, Thursday, August 21, 2008. It was edited, for example my statement, "I come from a people who were the victims of genocide. Terri comes from a people who were the perpetrators", was omitted. This is so typical. Most U.S. Euro-Americans shy away from the term "GENOCIDE". The thought of this is so horrible and paints the U.S. Euro-Americans in a very bad light. If they talk about genocide of the Indigenous Peoples of the U.S., people of the world might say that U.S. Euro-Americans are like Hitler and his Nazis. Anyway, if you get a hold of my edited letter to the editor in the paper and compare with my letter, you will find the differences. Thanks.
In Struggle,

Biological and chemical warfare toxins on Indian lands

Toxic cleanup inventories reveal biological and chemical warfare agents on and near Indian lands in Canada and US

Special thanks to John Hummel for sending the information on biological and chemical warfare on Canada's First Nations lands to Censored News. These agents are revealed on toxic inventories. In the US, similar research using toxic cleanup inventories shows the biological and chemical warfare agents adjacent to the Skull Valley Goshute, at the US military Dugway Proving Grounds in northwest Utah, and more secret sites, such as an unidentified project on the western portion of the Navajo Nation in Arizona. The information on the Navajo Nation site came from DOD's Native American Environmental Tracking System site. The Navajo area site was listed as “Nauaya Gra Res AX” on Department of Defense cleanup data. The site is listed with "no information," located on or near the Navajo Nation, with impacts unknown. (After first publishing the original information in …

Berkeley City Council continues opposition to US/Mexico Apartheid Wall

( Please double click to enlarge) Berkeley City Council reception of Apache from Texas and Arizona on Thursday, August 28, 2008.

Ottawa refuses to halt warmongers trade show

Incoming message:

Aug 19, 2008
Sent on behalf of, Larry O'Brien, Mayor, City of Ottawa

Thank you for your email dated July 30, 2008. Mayor O'Brien has asked that I contact you on his behalf, to let you know that a number of inquiries have been received regarding a City of Ottawa motion dating back to 1989 whereby "Lansdowne Park and other city facilities not be leased to ARMX or other such arms exhibitions", and asking how that motion relates to the US Embassy Defense and Security Exhibition contracted to take place in the Exhibit Hall at Lansdowne Park, September 30 - October 1, 2008.
Staff consulted with Legal Services regarding the prohibition on hosting arms exhibitions that was approved by Ottawa City Council in 1989.…

Protest US EPA environmental racism San Francisco August 22, 2008

Please double click on image to enlarge for protest of US EPA's environmental racism. Tell the US EPA to put the toxic dumps and power plants in their own backyards, rather than on Indian lands.
Geenaction to US EPA: No 'cat and mouse' games, listen to the people

Bradley Angel of Greenaction tells the US EPA that Administrator Stephen Johnson should meet with the people and halt the excuses. E-mail correspondences:
From: Bradley Angel, Greenaction
Dear Ms. Yoshii,
Thanks for the prompt response. However, Administrator Johnson must rearrange his schedule due to the urgent matters involving US EPA and environmental justice that have arisen in the last few months, as well as the ongoing violations of environmental justice by the EPA. It is unacceptable for Mr. Johnson to come to San Francisco and fail to make time to meet with community members who will be or are being poisoned by the decisions Mr. Johnson and the EPA have made. From communities on the Navajo Nation to the Colora…