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April 2, 2009

MNN: 'Operative Journalists trying to set up Indigenous People for Attack?'

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MNN. April 1, 2009. The colonies of U.S. and Canada know we, the Rotinoshonnionwe, have a birthright to conduct trade and commerce on our homeland, Onowaregeh, Great Turtle Island. State and Federal authorities cannot legally stop us except by coercion, breaking laws, criminalizing and threatening us. We are peaceful, law abiding and take care of our families and communities. The misnomer Center for Public Integrity out of Washington DC has been putting out propaganda to produce racial hatred against us.

“Serial warfare” uses the media to set up the target for the attack. “Investigative journalists” seek the truth. “Operative journalists” use deceit, misinformation, destruction, psychological attacks and exaggeration on their “mark”. They create suspicion and biases against us by falsely connecting us to “guns”, “contraband”, “drugs”, “organized crime”, “smuggling” and “global terrorism”, to set the stage for an attack by U.S. and Canadian occupational forces, both military and corporate.

We are being criminalized by the foreigners for something that is not a crime. We have a right to trade and commerce. Tobacco is our product which we create on our homeland.

No violence is associated with any of our legitimate businesses. The only violence is that perpetrated on us by foreign cops and outside interests. No one supports those few business people who may be involved in drugs, similar to the U.S. government that was trading drugs for guns in the Iran-Contra affair, or the CIA releasing drugs in East LA [GaryWebb: Dark Alliance]. The colonists constantly criminalize almost anything we do that would make us independent. We have tried to play by the rules. The government raised the taxes and demands so high to try to control us that we could not sustain our businesses.

If most U.S. and Canadian businesses were criminalized or taxed too high to be viable, they may be forced to break their own laws to survive. The state has been trying to determine that the Mohawk People are “insurgents” to remove any human rights protections we have according to international law.

We would never carry out criminal economic enterprises like Bernie Madoff, AIG, Wall Street bankers and all the other corrupt scrum bags who have created the worldwide melt down. These are the kinds of interests that are coming after us.

The “operative media” plays a major role. Mainstream papers are losing circulation, influence and advertising. Many like the Montreal Gazette have become cheap sensation seeking rags. They divert the public from their own dire situations by ganging up on the “Indians”, a target they think can’t defend themselves.

The Center for Public Integrity is a propagandist of racial hatred which is a precursor to genocide. They criminalize and slander us for whoever hired them to set us up for the kill. This group of media whores may be lobbying for Big Tobacco and the foundations that fund them. They are "generously" funded by the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. NYC Mayor and billionaire, Michael Bloomberg, constantly condemns "Indians" and tobacco and hires journalistic “hit men” to assassinate both. Other donators are the Carnegie Corporation of New York, Ford Foundation, JEHT Foundation, John D. and Catharine T. MacArthur Foundation, Park Foundation, Rockefeller Foundation and PIERS Port Import Export Reporting Services.

Their propaganda does not mention that the police forces are involved in stealing our products and money such as the Ontario Provincial Police, Surete du Quebec, RCMP, NYS Troopers, U.S. and Canada Customs Border Patrol, Cornwall, Montreal and other city cops. They hijack our products and then sell them to their own customers. This is known as the silent “blue market”. Many of our people don’t get a summons to go to court to reclaim our possessions. We sometimes find our vehicles in the parking lots of various donut shops.

Big Tobacco companies such as Rothman’s, Imperial and RJ Reynolds are headquartered in Britain. They don’t want any competition or for Indigenous to profit from trade in our own products. They want to be the only game in town, make the rules for everybody and call in the military on some made up pretext.

Tobacco is legal. The fear is that the profits are being invested in our youth, families and communities which will make us stronger. Onowaregeh, Great Turtle Island, is the richest territory in the world. The invaders want to keep us as the poorest. If we had a real share of our own resources, we would not have to resort to what they call the “underground economy”. We are not afraid to work in the light of day because we aren’t criminals.

This is not about lost revenue or health care expenses in the U.S. and Canada. It’s about loss of control over this aspect of our lives. The “extortion” they are crying over is chump change compared to the trillions of dollars they are stealing from us.

Yes, we have organized crime in our communities called “Indian Affairs” and other colonial agencies. Non-native business people and the colonial state, with the help of their “Indian” mules, use the protection of the colonial Indian Act and Federal Indian law “band” and “tribal” recognition to make money. They help build casinos and other developments on our lands from which we do not benefit or control. The “kingpins” are all on the outside. We’re left with trying to clean up their mess! [MNN “Canada & Big Tobacco..” 2/6/09].

Big Tobacco and their global cohorts want everybody in the world to be under their thumb or otherwise eliminated. They are trying to corner us and cut us off from any means to survive. The streets of Kahnawake, Akwesasne, Kanehsatake, Cattaraugus and Tuscarora are safer than any street in Montreal, New York, Buffalo or Washington, D.C. This fear mongering hyperbole by the journalistic “guns for hire” of the multinationals and their colonial agents means we better get ready to defend ourselves. A big attack by the combined forces of the U.S. and Canada may be coming our way soon!

MNN Staff, Mohawk Nation News & Native Pride
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