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June 30, 2013

Zapatistas Marcos 'Classmates v. The Students'


Classmates V. The Students

Classmates V.
The Students.
June 2013.
To the adherents of the Sexta in Mexico and in the world:
To the Little Zapatista School invitees:
Compañeros, compañeroas, compañeras:
Here we are posting some data to give you an idea of the type of plebes…err, that is, people, who will be your classmates, or compañeros in study, at the Little Zapatista School. Here you go:
.-Invitations sent: about 3,000.
.-Invitations accepted: about 2500.
.-Not yet responded: about 500.
.-Invitations rejected: 1.
.-Of those who have already completed the registration form, a bit more than half are men and a bit fewer than half are women (that is to say, we men are winning – note from SupMarcos contributing “a gender perspective” as they say), in addition to an indefinite number who identify themselves as others [otr@s].
.-There are 1500 students who will attend the little school in the communities during the scheduled dates in August 2013. More than half are men (ahem, ahem), less than half are women, and nine identify as “others” [otr@s].
Of these 1,500 students, more than 60 are children younger than 12 years of age. Of these 60 plus children, 19 are younger than four years old. Note the following statistic: for every one girl that is coming, there are two boys coming.That is to say, among the minors we are also winning – another commentary from “a gender perspective” by Supmarcos.
Of the more than 1400 adults that are coming to the communities, more than 200 are over 50 years old.
.-Around 200 people will attend the course at CIDECI in San Cristóbal de Las Casas, Chiapas in August 2013.
.-More than 200 people will take the [little school] course via videoconference.
.-More than 130 people have asked for the materials because they cannot attend the course in the communities.
.-More than 500 people have asked to register for the course for next December-January. Note: if you did not receive an invitation it was because of the lack of available space, but you will be invited. Simply send an email to the webpage, and if we missed you this time around, we will put you on the list for the next course.
.-There will be students from 5 continents. Some of the countries of origin of the students in the course, Freedom according to the Zapatistas, include: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Ecuador, the United States of America, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Uruguay, Venezuela, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Slovenia, the Spanish State, France, Greece, Holland, Italy, the Basque Country, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Sweden, South Korea, India, Iran, Sri Lanka, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and the Canary Islands.
The furthest point of origin of students is Sri Lanka, which is more than 17 thousand kilometers from Zapatista territory. Then follows India (more than 15 thousand kilometers away), Australia (more than 13 thousand kilometers away), and new Zealand (more than 11 thousand kilometers away).
.-The oldest students are more than 90 years old.
.- The youngest students will be 11 months old in August 2013. And they are, of course [original in English], male. Their names are Brian and Eduardo.
.-Among the little school students, at least 34 have PhDs in diverse areas including: Philosophy, Sociology, History, Anthropology, Literature, Political Science, Physics, Mathematics, Psychology, Economy, Urban Studies, and Theology.
.-More than 50 students are professors and researchers in universities.
.-Several students have won Mortal Kombat video game tournaments. We aren’t including their names or nicknames in order to protect the innocent (that is to say, the men, as here we are also the majority. Amen).
.-The following are some of the institutions of higher learning where some of the compas who are now students in the Zapatista little school study or previously studied, work or previously worked as researchers and professors:
Escuela Normal Superior.
Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, México.
Facultad Latinoamericana de Ciencias Sociales, México.
Escuela Nacional de Antropología e Historia, México.
Universidad Nicolaíta de Michoacán, México.
Universidad Autónoma de Puebla, México.
Universidad de Ciencias y Artes de Chiapas, México.
Centro de Estudios de México y Centroamérica, México.
Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana, México.
Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia, México.
Universidad Iberoamericana, México.
Universidad Autónoma de Chiapas, México.
Instituto Tecnológico de Monterrey (TEC-Monterrey), México.
Universidad Autónoma de Sonora, México.
Universidad de Chapingo, México.
Universidad de la Tierra Chiapas, México.
Universidad de la Tierra Oaxaca, México.
Universidad Autónoma de la Ciudad de México (UACM), México.
Universidad Autónoma de Zacatecas (UAZ), México.
Universidad Autónoma de Aguascalientes (UAA), México.
Instituto Politécnico Nacional (IPN), México.
Escuela Superior de Guerra, México.
Instituto Maurer, México.
University of Cambridge, England.
University of Oxford, England.
École Nationale de Sciencie Politique, París, France.
Universidad de las Naciones Unidas, de la UNESCO.
University of California, Berkeley, USA.
Stanford University, California, USA.
University of Chicago, USA.
University of Maryland, USA.
Columbia University, New York, USA.
Yale University, USA.
National Humanity Center, North Carolina, USA.
Université de Toulouse, France.
Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos de Lima, Peru.
State University of New York at Binghamton: Fernand Braudel Centre, USA.
Centro ‘Juan Marinello’ de La Habana, Cuba.
Columbia’s Institute for Scholars at Reid Hal, París. France.
Universidad de Antioquia, Colombia.
Claremont Graduate University, California, USA.
City University of New York, USA.
Smith University, USA.
Mount Holyoke College, USA.
University of Massachusetts Amherst, USA.
New Hampshire University, USA.
Humanities Research Institute of the University of California, USA.
Drew University, USA.
Harvard University, USA.
Univerza V Ljubljana, Eslovenia.
University of California Riverside, USA.
University of Utah, USA.
Universidad de La Habana, Cuba.
CIMI, Brasilia, Brazil.
University of Edimburgo, Great Britain.
McGill University, Canada.
Duke University, USA.
École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales, París, France.
University of New Mexico, USA.
Universidade Federal do Río de Janeiro, Brazil.
Université Paris- Sorbonne, France.
Universidad del País Vasco, Basque Country.
Universidad de la Laguna, Canarias.
.- Some of those who are now students in the Zapatista little school have their writings translated into: German, Catalan, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, French, Galician, Greek, English, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, and Turkish.
.-The following are some of the video game consuls where some of our invincible compas have confirmed their supremacy with the combo “mega-super-duper-hyper fatality-machoman” (Yeah! None of this angry birds and other girl stuff): the video games from the neighborhood store, Atari, Sega, Xbox, GameCube, Gameboy, Xbox360, PSP, PS1, PS3, PS4, PS5…huh?…there is no PS5?…ok, ok, ok, typo. I’ll continue: PSVita, Nintendo 64, Wii, WiiU, Nintendo 3DS.
.-More than 100 students are actors, actresses, directors, musicians, painters, cartoonists, photographers, cultural promoters, writers, editors, politicians, lawyers, union and community organizers.
In general, after analyzing the data with the most pre-modern intelligence equipment, we can say that an undetermined number of people that will attend the little school – we’ll need to see them to count them – are dirty, ugly, and bad.
Without regard for their age, creed, color, weight, brains, or sex, they have conducted themselves, throughout the entirety of their lives, with absolute irresponsibility in the face of Power in all of its forms. They have been repudiated in their respective social circles for their stubborn non-conformity; they have scandalized decent folk and behavioral norms; they have reiterated their rebellion and their passion for freedom despite rumors to the contrary; and they have fought according to their conscience rather than according to the latest fashion. In sum, they have not sold out, they have not given up, they have not surrendered.
I am telling you this so that later you don’t complain that you are criticized for keeping “bad company.”
Oh, and of course, the vast majority of the people who are coming to participate as students are men, women, boys, girls, elderly, and youth who have something extraordinary that we, the Zapatistas appreciate: they are our compas.
And I haven’t included everyone, because there is always some infiltrator who comes to see if we
are really giving military training instead of teaching what is in our hearts.
Vale. Cheers and welcome to the generous heart that opens its windows to us.
From the mountains of the Mexican Southeast.
Mexico, June 2013
P.S. OF CELEBRATION. – To celebrate that, for the first time in the almost 20 years of Zapatista public life, we men have outdone the women…huh?…ok, we have outdone them only in quantity…for now…what? Of course I didn’t cheat! I’m incapable… and the numbers were calculated by a woman from the support team…huh? No, the support team is not majority women…or is it?…Okay well, that’s not the subject, the point, or the issue here.
Moving on: To celebrate this fact that confirms the superio…uhm?…ok, ok, ok, to celebrate the fact that the gender equality scoreboard is in our favor, we have instituted the prize “THE DUCKS SHOOTING AT THE RIFLES,” which can only be won by boys….uhm?…okay, okay, okay…by boys AND girls who are under a certain chronological age (because I saw the list and there are a number of people who are of infantile mental age). The prize will consist of a voucher that the boys…okay, the girls too…can redeem with one of the male teachers…okay, okay, or female teachers of the little school. With this voucher they can punish their mothers…what? And their fathers too? But it’s always the moms that dole out the punishment! And this is a “get one free” pass for revenge of sorts, a kind of “what comes around goes around”, or “you asked for it…” Okay, the dads too…but only in extenuating circumstances…okay, okay, okay, without extenuating circumstances…And so the male teacher…or the female teacher, will punish the moms of the children who win the prize. Why? For misbehaving. Yes, even though they haven’t misbehaved, because sometimes we get punished even though we haven’t misbehaved…sometimes they even give us injections, even though we are innocent. The boys that is, because the girls are always guilty. Huh? Stop interrupting me, I need to finish this and send it.
To win the prize, the children have to select one of the following responses with regard to the video below called “Little Carlos Lettuce and the Drama of the Little Balloon [globe].” The question is:
Whose fault was it that Little Carlos Lettuce lost his little Balloon?
a).- The little balloon [globe], that is, neoliberal globalization.
b).- Women in general.
c).- Television and the bad governments.
The boy who responds correctly (without copying and without asking for help from anyone) will receive a voucher for “THE DUCKS SHOOTING AT THE RIFLES,” valid only in Zapatista territory and only one time during the period between August 12-17, 2013 (Good Government Council Permit #696969). For the girls, regardless of what answer they give, they will receive a knock on the head…Nah just kidding, nobody’s going to get a knock on the head. But in place of a voucher, they will receive a poster-sized statistical graph, where they can see that that we boys are the majority…yes, to help them in their “gender training,” as they say.
Note: moms, dads, and tutors: no fair whispering the answers (none of this “it’s C honey, choose C”), nor can you exchange that voucher for one that will get you out of eating that pumpkin soup.
And so it’s been said.
For gender equality, scoreboard 2-1 in favor of us guys, that is, the real machos.
El SupMarcos.
Aviation Pilot Studies and Correspondence Synchronized Swimming (aha, that’s why there is a Zapatista Air Force) and graduate, with top academic honors, of the Machist Institute of Apology Research (English acronym MIAR), located in the mountains of southeastern Mexico, the last bastion of resistance against women in the worldwide world. The above name (me) currently teaches at that prestigious institute, the seminar, “the problem began when our mother Eve manipulated our father Adam…” Registration open, space unlimited. The MIAR motto is “We will regain control, be it only of the remote control,” or “Really woman you carry a knife.” huh? Our anthem? You would be right to think that it is “What has this woman done for you,” by Gilberto Parra Paz, interpreted by Pedro Infante in the movie of the same name. Ok then! Sing or I’ll blow the house down! Ajúa!
I testify…huh?..but it’s raining!…okay, okay, okay….after I wash my clothes, I testify…hahaha, I didn’t say that I was going to wash them with them still on, if not what good is the rain? hmm…I’ll just bathe in it and that way I’ll save soap…
Huh? As you can imagine, I hide…but they find me. Arrroz con leche. Haiga cosa. Arriba el norti, ji jiñor!
Now for real. I testify.
Yomero [me for real].
Listen to and watch the videos that accompany this text:
From the best news show that has existed in world TV, “31 Minutes,” the segment “Little Carlos Lettuce and the Drama of the Little Balloon.” Children younger than 12 years old: you must watch this video to compete for the prize: “THE DUCKS SHOOTING AT THE RIFLES.”
Pedro Infante and Luis Aguilar perform Gilberto Parra Paz’s “What has this woman done for you,” MIAR’s anthem, in the movie by the same name, from 1951.
Mi Cariñito” by Manuel Esperón, with Pedro Infante in the movie “They call me a womanizer” (it’s a lie, those are just rumors, don’t believe it). This song is dedicated to the grandmother of the Zapatistas, Maria Luisa Tomassini (who has already said she is coming), to our much admired Grandmothers of the Plaza de Mayo and to all of the mothers of the disappeared and of the political prisoners. Check out Tucita supporting “the suffering of the damned.” (Didn’t I tell you? The girls are spoiled from the beginning).
Ok, I didn’t get to combo fatality, but here is what I did get as, of course, “Sub-Zero.
Traducción del Kilombo Intergaláctico.

June 29, 2013

The next best thing in journalism

Instead of celebrating mediocre reporting, we should all be striving for the next best thing in journalism

By Brenda Norrell

The old media is sloshing through the mud with their heavy boots on. Well, at least they have each other. 
The old media is bogged down. It has died a natural death of age and decay. It is time for a new journalism to emerge. 
Whistleblowers, raw data, being present on news stories, truth, and the need for the preservation of all species and forms of life are part of it. 
It is time for cyber junkies who copy and paste to give it a rest, and instead to engage in the collective process of this emerging new journalism. 
There's a need for reporters to summon up their courage, and not just in the arena of distracting politics. 
It is time to flee from the archaic forms of journalism that no longer have a place in real news. It is time for journalists who were once independent thinkers, to free themselves from the shackles of the rigid conservatism that has been induced by fear.
Now, instead of celebrating mediocre reporting, we should all be striving for the next best thing in journalism.

VIDEO Anonymous Message on PRISM and Edward Snowden

Anonymous Message on PRISM and Edward Snowden

Mohawk Nation News 'Losers, Weepers'


highway 30
MNN. June 29, 2013. The mayors of four Montreal South Shore communities are blocking Quebec’s decision to give back a 300-acre plot of stolen land to the Mohawks of Kahnwake. It was taken to build Highway 30 on unceded territory. The mayors said “two wrongs don’t make a right”. Returning stolen property is just wrong! They have big plans for this prime real estate, which is presently zoned for agriculture. 
The Mohawks have seen Kahnawake shrink to make way for railroads, highways and bridges. During construction of the St. Lawrence Seaway, thousands of tons of clay were dug up and dumped onto Kahnawake, making it useless for agriculture. No consultation ever took place. 

On August 17, 2008, the Women Title Holders of the Mohawk Nation issued a Notice of Objection to the illegal construction of Highway 30 on Kahnawake. It was sent by registered mail to Canada, Quebec and their puppet Mohawk Council of Kahnawake. 
Mega city dreams.
Mega city dreams.
The northern “Keepers of the Eastern Door” of the Iroquois Confederacy have the duty to protect the territory, old villages, burial sites and waterways. The colonial Quebec construction permits are illegal. The Mohawk Council of Kahnawake is an entity of the Canadian Corporation. They cannot make decisions for the Mohawk Nation.  
According to WAMPUM 44 of the Great Law of Peace, the Women are the caretakers of the land, water and air for the future generations of Great Turtle Island. Foreign laws, the usurpation of Kanionkehaka territory and resources have always been resisted.  
These rights are affirmed in the British North America Act, 1867, Sections 109 and 132; the international Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Convention on the Prevention of Genocide, United Nations Convention on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights and other international legal instruments that Canada has signed. 
General Assembly Resolution 1541 [XV] requires the informed consent of the people before they are included in another state; the international Court of Justice affirmed this in the Western Sahara case; and the Indigenous people never consented to be part of Canada; 
Canada, Quebec, the Mohawk Council of Kahnawake and all their agents violated inherent Mohawk authority. The Mohawk Nation is the legal authority as confirmed by the law of the land, Kaia’nere:kowa. All individual or foreign entities wishing to discuss issues must go through proper diplomatic channels.   

Mohawks want Kanion'ke:haka back.The visitors can come to one mind with us by following the white roots to its source and to sit under the shade of the tree of peace. This cycle of abuse, enforcing illegal jurisdiction over Mohawks, illegal construction must end. Dignity, equality and a voice to all peoples is extended. The Mohawks are taking back some of our land. As the Beatles sang, “Get back, get back, get back to where you once belonged. Get Back, get back, go home”. Get Back

Iran defending Native Canadians rights
MNN Mohawk Nation News For more news, books, workshops, to donate and sign up for MNN newsletters, go to  More stories at MNN Archives.  Address:  Box 991, Kahnawake [Quebec, Canada] J0L 1B0 Download Mohawk music for free at

June 28, 2013

Mohawk Nation News 'High Steel'


MNN. June 26, 2013. The Haudenosaunee ironworkers “Ratiristakehron” worked on nearly all the big structures of greater New York: Empire State Building, George Washington Bridge, Chrysler Building, World Trade Center, Triborough Bridge, Verrazano Bridge, Pulaski Skyway and West Side Highway. They worked all over the world, even helping to rivet the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco and the Panama Canal. Mohawks were sent to California to teach ironworkers how to erect with a guy derek. 
Ratiskerakete, our men.
Ratiskerakete, our men.

In 1886 Dominion Bridge of Montreal was building a cantilevered bridge over the St. Lawrence for the Canadian Pacific Railroad. It was partly set on the Kahnawake Mohawk community on the south shore. The Mohawks demanded jobs. Dominion Bridge agreed – assuming they would unload box cars and do other menial tasks. The Indians climbed all over the bridge, “as agile as goats”. They wanted to try riveting. As the work progressed, the Mohawks were found to be at ease at great heights. 
Keepers of the Eastern Door of Great Turtle Island.
Keepers of the Eastern Door of Great Turtle Island.
Riveting is difficult and dangerous. Rivets were heated until they were red-hot, tossed thirty to forty feet through the air, then caught and forced through steel beams with a pneumatic riveting gun, all standing on a narrow beam 500 feet or more above the ground. 
Soon 70 iron and steel riveters were working projects throughout Canada. Men from all Six Nations joined. Mohawks worked 10 years before the international Iron Workers Union was formed. They had always adapted to highly skilled building trades. They were guides for fur trappers, rode rafts for lumber companies, shot the rapids, circus performers and even ‘snake oil’ salesmen. 
In 1907 the Quebec Bridge collapsed, killing 96 workers, 35 of them Mohawks. Instead of quitting, Mohawk boys became even more determined to become steelworkers. Construction companies preferred Iroquois iron workers.
Haudenosaunee hands in NYC skyline.
Haudenosaunee hands in NYC skyline.

By the 1910s they arrived in New York. In the 1930s over 700 Mohawks lived in the old North Gowanus neighborhood of Brooklyn. Local Italian grocers carried their favorite cornmeal. They hung out at the Spar Bar and the Wigwam Bars. It is said there was a sign, “The Greatest Iron Workers in the World Pass Thru These Doors”. 
Their ties to their families and communities were very strong. On Friday nights the steel workers made the twelve-hour trip home to a joyous reception and drove all night back to the city on Sunday nights to be on the job on Monday morning. 
Eagles at the top of Tree of Peace.
Eagles at the top of Tree of Peace.
Their skill remains a mystery. Some thought it was genetic. Others said they knew how to deal with fear. By the late 1960s riveting had all but disappeared. The Brooklyn community dissolved. The lure of high steel did not disappear. The graves of men who died on the job are marked with steel girders. By the 1990s 20 to 25 percent of Mohawk men were in steel work again. Men who want to do it are rare and men who can do it are even rarer. 
As Joni Mitchell sang, “Little Indian kids on a bridge up in Canada, They can balance and they can climb, Like their fathers before them, They’ll walk the girders of the Manhattan skyline … Song for Sharon.
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June 27, 2013

Mohawk Nation News 'Organic Sovereignty'



MNN. June 27, 2013. Our spirituality is based on giving greetings and thanks to the system that makes life on Mother Earth possible. Our people always had natural economics, all coming from the land, water and air. We first need nourishment to sustain ourselves. Our people were hunters, fishermen, trappers, gatherers and farmers. We always had a predictable steady supply of food. Then we could conduct other matters. Our ceremonies are based on this natural economy. 
Inca and Aztec grew crops on island sized floating rafts.
Inca and Aztec grew crops on island sized floating rafts.
Today it is impractical. The animals have been slaughtered. Our lands have been divided up and polluted. Plants, medicines and trees have been sickened since the coming of the Europeans to our shores. Many of the fish cannot be eaten because they are poisonous. 
Genetically modified organisms GMO is an organism whose genetic material has been altered. Through modern biotechnology plants and animals can be changed through insertion and deletion of genes. Genes are being inserted from another species, supposedly to repel infections, grow larger more quickly, change color, or whatever. This looks like the beginning of genetically modified human organism to replace the natural people. No one can confirm the long term damage altering nature. Our Mother Earth will clean it all up!
To weaken us, we have been made dependent on the European people for modified food, artificial support and life-ways. To strengthen our bodies and minds we have to relearn how to provide for our people in the normal natural way. Creation gave us a mind to think so we can survive.  
hydroponicsToday very little of our land is under our control. In Haudenosaunee territory economic enterprises have been formed to look at old, new and emerging technology. Hydroponics is the growing of food with water without use of soil, developed by the Aztecs 2,500 years ago. One acre of land can grow 400 acres of food, using green houses and the power of the sun, without pests, insects or genetic modification.  
Technology can produce foods which do not conflict with our principles, culture or traditions. If we can survive to the 21st Century, we can become one with our land and all our relations again.  
Economics is important. Let us be thankful for what has been given to us and ask for nothing. With the good memories that our ancestors passed down to us, we can help ourselves, our children and unborn generations. United we are powerful. 
monsanto salmonMonsanto Corporation represents the unnatural. We will put them out of business when everyone remembers how to use their memories. We will all become natural again. 
“Onkwehonwe” means ‘human beings forever’. When we are long gone our memories will continue. Our minds can create a world in which they will survive. They will look back at us with respect for doing the right things. Or they can see Indifference, failure or shame because we did not have the courage or conviction.  Let us not be guilty of neglect. They will look back at us with pride. Joni Mitchell reminds us of the true goal of the natural way; “Now they stood beside the treasure, on the mountain dark and red. Turned the stone and looked beneath it; PEACE ON EARTH was all it said.” One Tin Soldier

Video: GMO A Go Go!
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Schedule: Longest Walk 4 Return to Alcatraz

The Longest Walk 4: Return to Alcatraz Route Schedule 
Painting by Long Walker Paul Owns the Sabre, Lakota
Scroll down for press release and contact info!
July 15 Sunrise Ceremony at Washington Monument/ Northeast quadrant
Walk to Gaithersburg, MD 20.8 miles

July 16 Gaitshersburg to Frederick, MD 23.2 miles

July 17 Frederick to Hagerstown, MD 25.4 miles

July 18 Hagerstown to McConnellsburg, PA 27.4 miles

July 19 Rest Day

July 20 McConnellsburg toward Schellsburg, PA 21.4 miles

July 21 to Schellsburg, PA 21.4 miles

July 22 Schellsburg to Somerset, PA 27.7 miles

July 23 Somerset to Mount Pleasant, PA 28.1 miles

July 24 Rest Day

July 25 Mount Pleasant to Monongahela, PA 23.3 miles

July 26 Monongahela to Washington, PA 19.3 miles

July 27 Washington toward Wheeling, WV 15.0 miles

July 28 to Wheeling, WV 16.1 miles

July 29 Rest Day

July 30 Wheeling to Barnesville, OH 29.1 miles

July 31 Barnesville to Cambridge, OH 25.9 miles

August 1 Cambridge to Zanesville, OH 24.5 miles

August 2 Zanesville to Buckeye Lake, OH 26.5 miles

August 3 Rest Day

August 4 Buckeye Lake to Reynoldsburg, OH 19.9 miles

August 5 Reynoldsburg to West Jefferson, OH 24.5 miles
August 6 West Jefferson to Springfield, OH 28.7 miles

August 7 Springfield to Huber Heights, OH 18.9 miles

August 8 Rest Day

August 9 Huber Heights to Brookville, OH 17.2 miles

August 10 Brookville to Richmond, IN 25.9 miles

August 11 Richmond to Cambridge City, IN 15.1 miles

August 12 Cambridge City to Knightstown, IN 20.1 miles

August 13 Rest Day

August 14 Knightstown to Warren, Indianapolis, IN 25.3 miles

August 15 Warren to Plainfield, IN 23.4 miles

August 16 Plainfield toward Brazil, IN 20.9 miles

August 17 to Brazil, IN 20.0 miles

August 18 Rest Day

August 19 Brazil to West Terre Haute, IN 18.0 miles

August 20 West Terre Haute to Marshall, IL 14.0 miles

August 21 Marshall to Greenup, IL 27.2 miles

August 22 Greenup to Effingham, IL 22.5 miles

August 23 Rest Day

August 24 Effingham to St. Elmo, IL 18.5 miles

August 25 St. Elmo to Vandalia, IL 14.1 miles

August 26 Vandalia to Greenville, IL 19.4 miles

August 27 Greenville to Highland, IL 18.7 miles

August 28 Highland to Cahokia Mounds 24.2 miles

August 29 Rest Day/Gathering

August 30 Rest Day/Gathering

August 31 Rest Day/Gathering

September 1 Rest Day/Gathering

Sept 2-8 Cahokia Mounds to Jefferson City 136 miles

Sept 9-15 Jefferson City to Kansas City 146 miles

Sept 16- 18 Kansas City to Topeka 66 miles

Sept 19-26 Topeka to Wichita 161 miles

Sept 27 -30 Gathering/ support tar sands and pipeline resistance

Oct 1- 17 Wichita to Pueblo 418 miles

Oct 18-19 Gathering

Oct 20 - 31 Pueblo to Grand Junction 284 miles

Nov1- 12 Grand Junction to Delta 311 miles

Nov 13 - 18 Delta to Ely 144 miles

Nov 19 - 30 Ely to Fallon 253 miles

Dec 1 – 4 Gathering Fallon/Carson City

Dec 5 - 12 Fallon to Sacramento 192 miles

Dec 13 – 16 Gathering

Dec 17 -20 Sacramento to Sausalito 111.8 miles

Dec 21 Sausalito to Pier 33 8.5 miles
Press Release
Posted at Censored News

In 1978 11 bills were introduced in the United States Congress that if passed would have harmed American Indian sovereign rights, with the worst of the bills calling for the abrogation of all Indian Treaties.  This inspired some people such as Dennis Banks and Bill Wahpepah to come up with a way of raising awareness about these bills and building support for Indian Treaty rights.  They came up with an idea for a Walk across the land from Alcatraz to Washington D.C.  So on February 11th, 1978 The Longest Walk began with a Ceremony on Alcatraz where a Sacred Pipe was filled, and that Pipe was carried across the land, with staffs and other sacred items. What started as a response to anti-Indian legislation soon became an affirmation of Indigenous Sovereignty.  The Longest Walk was a spiritual walk, and the prayers were felt and heard by many Indigenous Peoples, as well as other Peoples from the four directions.  The same cannot be said by those in Washington DC.  Although all but one of the bills did not pass, the attitude in Washington toward finding new and creative ways to diminish Indian sovereignty did not end.

Long Walk 2008 Photos Brenda Norrell

Many years have passed, and the struggle for Indigenous Sovereignty has carried on and grown in many places and among many Indigenous nations.  There have been many sacred Walks and Runs such as The Longest Walk 2 (Northern and Southern Routes) and 3, the Sacred Run, the Peace and Dignity Runs, Water Walks, Freedom for Leonard Peltier Walk, and many others.  We have also seen the rise of Idle No More bring these issues to light for a new generation.  We acknowledge all of these, especially the recent inspirational Journey of Nishiyuu Walk by young people from the James Bay, and give thanks for what they have inspired and the prayers and spiritual strength they have generated.

A number of people who were on The Longest Walk in 1978, and a number of these other Walks and Runs, have seen the messages being carried to political leaders and to the non-Indigenous public many times only to have token support and then be forgotten about.  We have seen the nation-states take the words of sovereignty, self determination and self government and twist them to achieve an agenda of assimilation and corporataziation, thus achieving the abrogation of treaties through stealth.  We have seen agreements and settlements with hidden clauses and small print that amount to self termination.  We have seen the mantra of “good governance” being used to undermine the “good government” necessary for us as Indigenous Peoples to carry on with our responsibilities to our People, Lands and Waters.  

Long Walk 2008 Photos Brenda Norrell
On July 15th,, 2013 we will begin a Walk for our own Indigenous Peoples, to support all those Indigenous Peoples and Nations that are carrying on the struggle of affirming Indigenous Sovereignty; whether it be by stopping the exploitation of the land such as through tar sands development and pipelines; protecting and maintaining traditional spiritual beliefs; protecting sacred sites; stopping the exploitation or Indigenous women and children; and any other ways that People are affirming Indigenous Sovereignty rooted in the principles of respect and responsibility; with the guiding force is land based spiritual beliefs.

Alcatraz means a lot to those of us involved in this struggle. The time has come to make our voices heard again for our own Indigenous Peoples, as the original message affirming Indigenous Sovereignty has become clouded through the efforts of the nation-states.  The threats to our continued existence and way of life are more severe than ever, yet it has become better disguised.  We hope to help bring the original vision back to the forefront.

The Longest Walk 4: Return to Alcatraz will begin with a sunrise Ceremony at the Washington Monument on July 15, 2013.  From there we will walk along the route generally taken by the original The Longest Walk in 1978, following the I-70 corridor and going down to Wichita, Kansas, following Hwy 50 to Sacramento.  We will arrive on Alcatraz on December 21, 2013. This will be followed by an Indigenous Sovereignty Gathering on December 22, 2013.

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Communiqué de presse

Publié sur Censored News

Samedi 15 juin 2013

Traduction Christine Prat

En 1978, 11 projets de loi ont été présentés au Congrès des Etats-Unis, qui, s’ils avaient été adoptés, auraient miné les droits souverains des Amérindiens, le pire des projets étant celui qui demandait l’abrogation de tous les Traités avec les Indiens. Ceci a inspiré à des gens comme Dennis Banks et Bill Wahpepah l’idée de trouver des moyens de provoquer une prise de conscience de ces projets et de trouver du soutien pour les droits garantis aux Indiens par les Traités. Ils ont eu l’idée d’une Marche à travers tout le pays, d’Alcatraz à Washington D.C. Ainsi, le 11 février 1978, La Longue Marche a commencé par une Cérémonie à Alcatraz où une Pipe Sacrée a été bourrée, puis portée à travers le pays, avec des bâtons et autres objets sacrés. Ce qui avait commencé comme une réaction contre une législation anti-Indienne est vite devenu une affirmation de la Souveraineté Autochtone. La Longue Marche était une marche spirituelle, et les prières ont été ressenties et entendues par de nombreux Autochtones, de même que par d’autres Peuples des quatre directions. On ne peut pas dire la même chose des gens de Washington D.C. Bien que ces projets de loi, à l’exception d’un seul, n’aient pas été adoptés, l’attitude de Washington a toujours été de trouver des moyens nouveaux et créatifs pour entamer la souveraineté Indienne.

Beaucoup d’années ont passé et la lutte pour la Souveraineté Autochtone s’est poursuivie et intensifiée en beaucoup d’endroits et au sein de nombreuses nations Autochtones. Il y a eu beaucoup de Marches et de Courses sacrées, entre autres la Longue Marche 2 (itinéraires nord et sud) et la 3, la Course Sacrée, les Courses pour la Paix et la Dignité, des Marches pour l’Eau, la Marche pour la Libération de Leonard Peltier et beaucoup d’autres. Nous les saluons toutes, en particulier le récent Voyage de Nishiyuu, accompli par des jeunes de la Baie James et nous sommes reconnaissants pour ce qu’ils ont inspiré et pour les prières et la force spirituelle qu’ils ont suscitées.

Certains de ceux qui ont participé à la Longue Marche de 1978 et à d’autres Marches et Courses, ont vu à de nombreuses reprises comment les messages délivrés aux dirigeants politiques et au public non-Autochtone, ont juste reçu un soutien symbolique puis ont été oubliés. Nous avons vu les états-nations reprendre les mots souveraineté, auto-détermination, autogouvernement et les déformer pour arriver à un programme d’assimilation et de privatisation, parvenant ainsi à l’abrogation des traités par des moyens détournés. Nous avons vu des accords et des règlements avec des clauses cachées et des notes en petits caractères qui équivalaient à une autodestruction. Nous avons vu la litanie de la « bonne gouvernance » être utilisée pour saper le « bon gouvernement » qui nous est nécessaire, à nous les Peuples Autochtones, pour exercer nos responsabilités vis-à-vis de notre Peuple, de nos Terres et de nos Eaux.

Le 15 juillet 2013 nous entamerons une Marche de nos propres Peuples Autochtones, pour soutenir tous les Peuples et Nations Autochtones qui sont en train de lutter pour affirmer la Souveraineté Autochtone ; que ce soit pour bloquer l’exploitation de la terre, comme par le développement de l’utilisation des sables bitumineux et la construction d’oléoducs ; pour protéger et entretenir les croyances spirituelles traditionnelles ; pour protéger les sites sacrés ; pour mettre un terme à l’exploitation des femmes et des enfants Autochtones ; et toutes les autres manières par lesquelles les Gens affirment la Souveraineté Autochtone enracinée dans les principes de respect et de responsabilité ; avec comme force pour nous guider les croyances spirituelles fondées sur la terre.

Alcatraz représente beaucoup pour ceux d’entre nous engagés dans cette lutte. Le temps est venu de nous faire entendre à nouveau, pour nos propres Peuples Autochtones, vu que le message initial affirmant la Souveraineté Autochtone a été brouillé par les efforts des états-nations. Les menaces planant sur la poursuite de notre existence et de notre mode de vie sont plus graves que jamais, cependant elles sont mieux déguisées. Nous espérons ramener la vision d’origine au premier plan.

La Longue Marche 4 : Le Retour à Alcatraz commencera par une Cérémonie du lever du soleil au Monument de Washington le 15 juillet 2013. De là nous marcherons le long du trajet généralement emprunté par la Première Longue Marche de 1978, suivant le corridor I-70 jusqu’à Wichita, Kansas, puis le long de l’autoroute 50 jusqu’à Sacramento. Nous arriverons à Alcatraz le 21 décembre 2013. Ceci sera suivi par un Rassemblement pour la Souveraineté Autochtone le 22 décembre 2013.

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The NAIS Gazette
Dutch translation
Bron : Censored News :

In 1978 werden wetsvoorstellen voorgedragen die, wanneer ze zouden aangenomen worden de soevereine rechten van de Native Amerikanen veel schade konden berokkenen.

Het ergste wetsvoorstel stelde het annuleren van alle Indiaanse verdragen voor.

Dit inspireerde Dennis Banks en Bill Wahpepah om een manier te zoeken om mensen bewust te maken en op te roepen tot steun voor de rechten van de Indiaanse verdragen.

Zij kwamen met het idee voor een mars doorheen het land, van Alcatraz tot Washington DC.

Dus, op 11 februari 1978 begon de Longest Walk met een ceremonie op Alcatraz waar een sacrale pijp gevuld werd. Deze pijp werd samen met andere sacrale voorwerpen meegedragen .

Wat begon as een antwoord op de anti-indiaanse wetgeving werd al vlug een bevestiging van de indiaanse soevereiniteit.

De Longest Walk was een spirituele mars, en de gebeden werden gevoeld en gehoord door zowel inheemse volkeren, als de volkeren van de vier windstreken.

Datzelfde kan niet gezegd worden van de wettenmakers in Washington DC.

Alhoewel alle wetsvoorstellen behalve een ,van de tafel werden gevaagd , is de houding van Washington om nieuwe en creatieve manieren te vinden om de indiaanse soevereiniteit te beknotten nog niet veranderd.

Vele jaren zijn voorbijgegaan, en de strijd voor de inheemse soevereiniteit werd verder gevoerd en breidde uit onder vele inheemse naties.

Er zijn vele sacrale marsen en lopen geweest zoals de Longest Walk 2 ,Norhern and Soutern Routes en 3, The Sacred Run, de Peace and Dignity Ryn, Water Walks, Freedom For Leonard Peltier Walk, en vele anderen.

We hebben ook de opgang van Idle No More gezien die bewustmaking bracht bij de jongere generaties. Wij honoreren allen , vooral de laatste inspirerende Reis van Nishiyuu Walk door jonge mensen van de James Bay, en danken hen voor hun inspiratie, hun gebeden en de spirituele kracht die zij opgeroepen hebben.

Vele van diegenen die aan de Longest Walk 1978  , en een aantal van de andere Walks hebben meegemaakt hebben ondervonden dat de boodschappen die uitgedragen werden naar de politieke leiders en naar het niet- inheemse publiek een glimp van steun opbrachten om daarna vergeten te worden.

Wij hebben gezien hoe de natie -staten woorden als soevereiniteit, zelfbeschikking en zelfregering genomen en verdraaid hebben zodat ze pasten in hun assimilatie en corporatisatie agenda, om aldus door diefstal het annuleren van de verdragen alsnog  te bekomen.

Wij hebben overeenkomsten en afspraken gezien met verborgen clausules en kleine lettertjes die zelf vernietiging in de hand werken.

We hebben de mantra van “good governance” gebruikt zien worden om het “good governement” te ondermijnen dat noodzakelijk is om als inheemse volken onze verantwoordelijkheden tegenover ons volk, land en waters te dragen.

Op 15 juli 2013 zullen we starten met de ‘Walk for our own Indigenous Peoples” tot steun van alle inheemse naties die strijden voor inheemse soevereiniteit; zij het door : de exploitatie van het land door teerzanden en pijplijnen te stoppen; door het beschermen van het traditionele spirituele geloof; beschermen van sacrale sites; uitbuiting van inheemse vrouwen en kinderen; en zich op eender welke manier inzetten voor de inheemse soevereiniteit ,die diep geworteld zit in de hoofdlijnen van respect en verantwoordelijkheid; met de gidsende kracht van het spirituele geloof.

Alcatraz betekent veel voor diegenen van ons die betrokken zijn bij die strijd.

De tijd is aangebroken om onze stemmen opnieuw te laten horen voor onze eigen inheemse volkeren vooral nu de oorspronkelijke boodschap betreffende inheemse soevereiniteit vertroebelt wordt door de inspanningen van de natie - staten. De bedreiging voor ons bestaan en manier van leven zijn ernstiger dan ooit tevoren, alhoewel meer verdekt.

Wij hopen de oorspronkelijke visie terug op de voorgrond te kunnen brengen.

De Longest Walk 4 Return to Alcatraz zal starten met een zonsopgang -ceremonie bij het Washington Monument op 15 juli. Vandaar volgen we de route van de oorspronkelijke Longest Walk in 1978, we volgen de I-70 corridor en zo naar Wichita, Kansas, langs Hwy 50 tot Sacramento.

Wij zullen rond 21 december aankomen op Alcatraz gevolgd op 22 december met  een Indigeneous Souvereignty Gathering .

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15 DE JULIO- DECIEMBRE 21, 2013. 

El proposito de esta caminata es para reafirmar el corazón de las tradiciones de las tribus, plantado y governado por la base de la relacion espiritual con la tierra(naturaleza). Nosotros caminamos con los espiritus de nuestros antepasados, por el presente y por las futuras generaciones que nosotros como personas no olvidamos, que es lo que nos hace indígenas. Nosotros caminamos para re-afirmar al mundo que nosotros continuamos todavia como libres y soveranas personas, le hacemos un llamado a todas las personas indigenas, y a todos aquellos que cuidan la tierra y la comunidad. vengan a apollar esta caminata. 

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