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February 27, 2009

Fifteen-year-old Chumash receives death threats in California town

Fifteen-year-old Chumash receives death threats in California town

Backlash to opposing mascots exposes racism in coastal California town

By Brenda Norrell
Censored News
CARPINTERIA, Calif. – A 15-year-old Chumash youth received death threats because he urged his high school to eliminate sports mascots which are degrading and mock Native Americans and their culture.

After those deaths were reported to police in this small coastal town, 90 minutes north of Los Angeles, police took no action and said the death threats were not credible.

Mark Anquoe, Kiowa from Oklahoma and member of the American Indian Movement, said it is inexcusable for police not to take death threats of a student seriously.

Speaking on Red Town Radio, Anquoe said it is surprising with the number of shootings in schools in the United States, such as Colombine, that this death threat was not taken seriously.

“You would think a death threat made to a student would be investigated and disciplinary action would be taken,” Anquoe said of the youth, whose name is not published here because he is a minor.

“The Indian people in this tiny community are vastly outnumbered. You saw this one young person stand up when he felt his people were being dishonored and this was the price that is being paid for speaking up,” Anquoe said.

“It didn’t fall into their legal definition of what a threat is,” said Corine Fairbanks, Lakota and member of the American Indian Movement, living in Santa Barbara near Carpinteria.

Fairbanks said the high school here was one of the last schools in the area to be desegregated. “It has a history of being really resistant to change.”

The area is home to the Chumash people and the federally recognized Santa Ynez and state recognized Chumash near Malibu.

Fairbanks said the issues came to the forefront after the Chumash youth was disturbed by the mascot. When he received an assignment to explore “Be the change you want to see in the world,” he chose to take on the challenge of exposing the degrading images of sports mascots.

After taking the issue to the school board, the "Warriors" mascot was removed. However, what followed revealed that the racism in the United States which is often believed to be confined to pockets, like in the south or in bordertowns around Indian Nations in the west, was manifested in this central coastal California.

A fierce reaction followed from some residents in the city of Carpinteria, joined by some alumni and some of the students. They formed an organization, “Warrior spirit will never die,” and opposed the young man’s efforts and those who supported him.

The virulent opposition even went on to recall a school board member who supported the Chumash youth. The organization followed with intimidation and harassment of the youth, his family and those who allied themselves.

Anquoe said what happened in Carpinteria makes it clear that some people believe that Indians should be involved only as a matter of token diversity, and only so long as they keep quiet. Indians are seen as a “good luck charm,” for a sport’s team.

“As soon as a real flesh and blood Indian stands up and says, ‘I deserve to be treated like a human being.’ You see this huge crazy maniacal backlash from the citizens in this little town.”

Anquoe said the backlash to this one young man standing up in Carpinteria has rallied widespread support from the American Indian Movement and AIM California Indians.

Red Town Radio host Brenda Golden, Muscogee from Oklahoma, sent a message to those who want to honor American Indian culture: Don’t make fun of our culture.

Anquoe said young American Indians in public schools are affected deeply when they see signs that say” Scalp the Indians,” “Kill the Indians,” and watch Indians burned in effigy.

Fairbanks said some in the area attempt to say they are honoring Native Americans with mascot images. She points out, however, that the war bonnet and other symbols are primarily Plains style, while the Chumash in this area have a different culture.

Fairbanks said public schools receive tax dollars to teach the truth. It is time to put away the Hollywood images and mascots, she said.

“It doesn’t honor the Chumash people.”

Further, Anquoe said the backlash has been so serious that Indian people have been forced to move out of town and move out of school districts. Similar situations are happening all over the country, as people put forth the images of “clown Indians.”

Anquoe said one of the reasons that people in the United States put out these ridiculous images is because they do not want to deal with the “uncomfortable truths” of the real history of American Indians in this country.

With the image of mascots revealing this dark side of racism in America, Anquoe said Americans have to face and teach the real history of American Indians.
UPDATE: You can email the Carpinteria School Board at:
Terry Hickey Banks Lou Panizzon Alex Pulido
Leslie Deardorff Beverly Grant
The 1st three board members still seem to be in favor of retaining the imagery; the latter two already voted for removal. It will be revoted on 3-17-09.

Listen to this radio show at Red Town Radio:
Press statements by Mark Anquoe and Corine Fairbanks

Obama: Stop the Peabody Mine Expansion on Black Mesa

By Bahe Katenay
Ladies and Gentlemen, the Old, the Young, the Coming Generation, and Relatives:

As we speak, there exist a state of fear and anxiety in a traditional community at Big Mountain in the heart of Black Mesa. And as we speak, the federally deputized officers of the BIA Hopi Agency Police and Rangers are patrolling this region where a few traditional elders continue to live and also resist federal mandates to relocate. I want to bring your attention to one particular situation that is an example of the wide-spread acts of injustice, human rights violation, religious intolerance, and threats of property destruction.

Dineh resister and elder, Pauline Whitesinger, has stood her ground since 1977 when the BIA tried to build a range unit fence within the lands partitioned to the neighboring tribe, the (modern and progressive) Hopis. Pauline still believes in the old ways by upholding aboriginal rights and treaty rights and because of BIA-Hopi restriction on new contruction and her deteriorating ceremonial hogan, she replaced and rebuilt a new hogan. The BIA Indian police are constantly taken photographs of her residence, her neighbors that come to see her, her non-Indian volunteer helpers, and her grandchildren that come to visit. The police do not attempt to talk to her or answer to her concerns and requests.

This area known as the Hopi Partitioned Lands still has Dineh residents and has been made an isolated area, and this is allowing the federal government to do as they please with these last, traditional peoples. Navajo Nation President Joe Shirley, Jr. has even made numerous comments that the Dineh resistance at Big Mountain "a lost cause and a closed case" meaning that these Dineh are to never be thought of, again. Meaning that these Dineh, who are my Big Mountain relatives, need to be erased from the state of the Navajo Nation and perhaps, Pauline is right when she says, "we are in way of Peabody, profit, revenues, and industrial jobs."

The last few elder resisters and their few supporters (native or non-natives) will continue to provide the much needed humanitarian aide to our surviving history: traditional Dineh living and maintaining on their ancestral and sacred homelands. However, we all need to act in the best means possible and stop the daily Gestapo tactics and the potential demolishment of a sacred hogan or earth lodge. We all need to prevent any harm that may be committed on our elders or their helpers and most of all, prevent this growing hostility from getting out-of-hand.

All legal recourses are no longer an option since this is a challenge against a U.S. Executive Order, and The Peoples are the only option to bring about attention, focus and restoration.

I have attached a petition with addresses of officials and I am making a plead to you all, my relatives, to sign it and either send it directly to the listed officials or send them to the Black Mesa Indigenous Support. This situation is very urgent. These elders are very old now and they truly deserve much honor. They have lived in a way that, we or our future generations may never see humans live in this country. These traditional elders must live their naturally-given, old life in peace and harmony, Hozhon goh. Yaa'at'eeh goh.

I apologize for the long list of officials, but it has become long because of so many years of ignorance and because certain, minor sectors of society believed that these Elders would have been defeated already.

Thank you for your time.
Sincerely and In the Spirit of Chief Barboncito,
Bahe Y. Katenay (Naabaahii Keediniihii)
Dineh of Big Mountain

"A very great vision is needed and the man who has it must follow it as the eagle seeks the deepest blue of the sky."
The words of Crazy Horse (As remembered by Ohiyesa, Charles A. Eastman).

VIA Black Mesa, Navajo Indian Reservation, Arizona, U.S.A.
March 2009

Dear Mr. President Barrack Obama, and
Madame Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton,
Copies to:
Mrs. Katherine Smith & Mrs. Pauline Whitesinger, Big Mountain Sovereign Dineh,
Selected Kimongwis of the Independent Pueblo of Hotevilla,
Mr. William Means , International Indian Treaty Council,
President Joe Shirley, Jr., The Navajo Nation,
Mr. Roman Bitsuie, The Navajo-Hopi Land Commission,
Office of the Hopi Tribe’s Office of Hopi Lands,
Department of the Interior, Bureau of Indian Affairs, Phoenix Area Agency
Department of the Interior, Office of Surface Mining

REPEAL “THE NAVAJO-HOPI LAND SETTLEMENT ACT OF 1974” (P.L. 93-531): IT ENFORCES THE METHODS OF GENOCIDE BY POPULATION REMOVAL AND COAL MINING EXPANSIONSThe Sovereign Nation of the Big Mountain Dineh is located in northeastern Arizona on Black Mesa and is part of ancient indigenous shared-territories. Members of this nation were affected by the 1974 legislation to relocate from certain partitioned areas, but have rather chose to resist this policy and try to: maintain their ancestral and treaty lands, keep cultural practices, value universal-granted freedom, conduct their ancient rights to ritual ceremonies, and preserve their sacred sites. The proclamation of these Dineh in 1979 states that through divine creation they were, “provided with the Ni’tliz’ (sacred stones) as offerings and the Dzil leezh (sacred mountain soil Bundle) representing the universe. With prayers and songs we offer the Ni’tliz to the trees, to the hills, to the wind, and the thunder beings in the sacred rain. The Dzil Leezh is our power to live close to our mother the Earth and father Sky. These are our sacred ways to survive in this universe and to communicate with the unseen forces in the Natural life.”
As you may be aware that, the relocation of thousands of Dineh (Navajos) and Hopis has been in process since 1977 after 1.8 million acres was partitioned and that, the Dineh elder leaders at Big Mountain began their resistance to U.S. government court orders to vacant areas partitioned to the official and federally-recognized, Hopi tribe. These traditional Dineh communities still
continue to resist the harsh relocation policies and coal mining encroachment to this day. Despite a few elders are now left, they continue to reaffirm their ancestral land rights which are contrary to all court decisions related to the fore mentioned communities from 1974 to 1998.
U.S. Judicial System has had a vital role in this land rights issue ever since energy companies of the southwestern United States became interested in exploring the coal reserves of Black Mesa in northeastern Arizona. In 1962, there was a well-orchestrated rush to establish an Indian Land Claims on the behalf of the Hopi tribe and which was guided by a Peabody Coal Company attorney, and this allowed Peabody to acquire mining leases. The U.S. courts and corporate attorneys eventually, thereafter, help created the relocation and land-partitioning policies which only made way for coal exploration. None of these court rulings were based on proving that an actual “land dispute” did exist between the Dineh and Hopis.
Big Mountain on Black Mesa is the only place in the United States where two Indian nations can still define cultural coexistence and shared territories, and now have become endangered aboriginal peoples. The U.S. courts have ordered continued pressure on the remaining traditional Dineh and keep the areas sealed and isolated. The United States is allowing this tragedy and genocide to be sustained under the guise that relocation are on voluntary basis and that Indian police are being used rather than state authorities to carry out enforcements. These traditional resisters hold great knowledge and wisdom of ancient information and natural existence that are irreplaceable, and it is the world society’s responsibility to stop the United States and its largest coal-producer, Peabody Energy, from executing this human and mega-environmental destruction.
Additional documentations ( of human rights violation and religious intolerance are as follows:
 Limitation or complete denial of: crop cultivation and livestock husbandry, community and religious activities, access to or maintenance of water wells, and elder residents’ safety needs to attain wood fuels for heating and cooking,
 Forced relocation to foreign settings that does not support or replace loss culture and religions,
 Deliberate breaking up of family and clan structures,
 Controlled national media that portray the Big Mountain story as a result of legitimate and humane court decisions,
 Peabody mines create: daily detonation that causes micro-quakes, depletion of pristine aquifers that causes subsidence and fissure zones, and massive emissions of coal dust and engine exhaust.
We the undersigned hereof state our demand that the United States cease all forcible relocation enforcements on the Dineh, and reverse the decisions made for Peabody Coal Company’s Life of the Mine Permit on Black Mesa.
It will be furthered recommended that:
 Indigenous peoples’ inherent rights to their homelands be recognized and respected,
 Traditional tribal communities be allowed to reinstate and restore the inexorable ties to fundamental existence and spiritual practices,
 There must be serious reviews about the conclusion that Black Mesa coal is the primary source for energy, and that being reviewed in the context of global concerns for greenhouse gas emissions,
 Acknowledge that indigenous being has sustained all human cultures’ moral obligations throughout the ages, and it is much more crucial in this technological era that the demands and rights of indigenous peoples be received with greater human understanding.
Thank you for your time and consideration.

U.S. President Obama The White House 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW Washington, DC 20500 Phone Numbers:
Comments: 202-456-1111 Switchboard: 202-456-1414 FAX: 202-456-2461 U.S. Secretary of State Clinton Public Communication Division: PA/PL, Rm. 2206 U.S. Department of State 2201 C Street NW Washington, D.C. 20520 202-647-6575 Bureau of Indian Affairs Department of the Interior 1849 C Street, N.W. Washington DC 20240 Office of Surface Mining Department of the Interior 1849 C Street, N.W. Washington DC 20240 PHOENIX AREA OFFICE: Bureau of Indian Affairs P.O. Box 10 Phoenix, AZ 85001 P: 602/379-6600 F: 602/379-4413 Hopi Agency Bureau of Indian Affairs P.O. Box 158 Keams Canyon, AZ 86034 P: 520/738-2228 F: 520/738-5522
Navajo Nation Office of the President Joe Shirley, Jr. Communications Director George Hardeen Phone: (928) 871-7917 Cell: (928) 309-8532 Staff Assistant Gloria Bowman Phone: (928) 871-7915 Fax: (928) 871-7005 Administrative Assistant Desiree Etsitty Phone: (928) 871-7916 Fax: (928) 871-7807
Hard Rock Chapter P.O. Box 20 Kykotsmovi, AZ 86039 Phone: (928) 725-3730/3732 Fax: (928) 725-3731 E-mail:
Forest Lake Chapter P.O. Box 441 Pinon, AZ 86510 Phone: (928) 677-3252/3347 Fax: (928) 677-3320 E-mail:
Black Mesa Chapter P.O. Box 189 Pinon, AZ 86510 Phone: (928) 309-7056 E-mail: (To traditional Dineh or Hopi Kimongwis, or other Communiqué to Sovereign Dineh.) ATTN: TRADITIONAL ELDERS
Black Mesa Indigenous Support P.O. Box 23501
Flagstaff, Arizona 86002 Email:

Indigenous Alliance without Borders Statement on Southern Border Indigenous Peoples Issues

Alianza Indigena Sin Fronteras
P.O. Box 826 Tucson, Arizona

Contact: Jose R. Matus, Project Director, Tel: 520 979-2125,
Photo: Alianza 2008/by Brenda Norrell

Alianza Indigena Sin Fronteras Statement on Southern Border Indigenous Peoples Issues

TUCSON -- The Alianza Indigena Sin Fronteras (Indigenous Alliance Without Borders) located in Tucson, brought together individual members of the Tohono O'odham Nation, Pascua Yaqui Tribe, Gila River Indian Community, White Mountain and Lipan Apache, along with indigenous organizations from Tucson and Phoenix at a regional consultation and strategy meeting on Southern Border Indigenous Peoples issues. At this gathering, on Feb. 14, an indigenous led transnational initiative focusing on issues of the US-Mexico border region was launched, and strategic plans made to proactively promote recognition and respect for the rights of Indigenous Peoples.

The Alianza Indigena Sin Fronteras will spearhead the development of this first ever southern border transnational collaboration of Indigenous Peoples to collectively address the militarization of the US-Mexico border, to promote indigenous rights of mobility and passage, and pursue southern border rights legislation and recognition for traditional ceremonial leaders, language keepers and cultural ambassadors.

Working through the Alianza Indigena, the organizing initiative will collectively address anti-immigrant legislation and border enforcement policies of the region which have violated Indigenous Peoples rights across the borderlands of the southern US border with Mexico. The Alianza Indigena also commits to collectively support the current Lipan Apaches Woman Defense fight against eminent domain in the Texas-Coahuila corridor and opposes the building of the border wall.

Our goal is to create a strategic collaboration among southern border nations of Indigenous Peoples and unite with northern border indigenous Nations including the Dakota-Nakota-Lakota 7 Council Fires of South Dakota engaged in similar issues along the US-Canada border. The Alianza Indigena shall facilitate and intervene collectively to support efforts to preserve traditional intra-tribal and inter-tribal relations and practices across the region, looking to affect long term systemic changes in favor of Indigenous Peoples Rights along the US-Mexico border.

Acting as organizational hub, the Alianza Indigena Sin Fronteras will serve to implement proactive strategies of the Indigenous Peoples regionally, collectively address issues in accord with the principles of Article36 of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, adopted by the UN General Assembly on September 13th, 2007, which states:

Article 36
1. Indigenous peoples, in particular those divided by international borders, have the right to maintain and develop contacts, relations and cooperation, including activities for spiritual, cultural, political, economic and social purposes, with their own members as well as other peoples across borders.
2. States, in consultation and cooperation with indigenous peoples, shall take effective measures to facilitate the exercise and ensure the implementation of this right.
The Alianza Indigena further commits to bringing forward these issues to the appropriate agencies and venues of the United Nations system, in particular the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Peoples.

The militarization of the US-Mexico border which began in 1990, has threaten the survival of our indigenous culture, family ties and social networks, and our rights of mobility and passage have suffered restrictions and policies creating dangerous conditions. We are subjected to being turned away, stopped, detained and harassed by immigration officials on both sides of the border.

The cultural and religious ties between our Indigenous Nations and communities on both sides of the US-Mexico border precede the imposition of the international boundary between the countries by millennia. These ties present a cultural mandate that must continue and will continue in spite of the great difficulties of today's political climate and economic realities.

Currently, there are eight tribal nations that experience border crossing problems even if the US-Mexico border does not physically divide their traditional territories. As nations of Indigenous Peoples, the ability to conduct traditional ceremonies is essential for the continuity, healing and security of our mind and body, family and community. For some of these ceremonies to be held, it is necessary for participants and ceremonial leaders to travel and return across the nation-state boundaries in order to fulfill these spiritual obligations.

In the context of the continental movement redefining the relationship between the Indigenous People and government states in the hemisphere, Professor Jack D. Forbes, Powhatan-Delaware and Professor of Native American Studies at the University of California. Davis comments: "First, we can seek legislation which will amend the immigration laws of the U.S. and Canada so that First Nations People are able to have free movement everywhere in North America, as the
original nations of this continent."

The Alianza Indigena Sin Fronteras, founded in 1997, was created by and for Indigenous Peoples to address border issues of the southern US border with Mexico. The Alianza Indigena Sin Fronteras consists of individual tribal members from eight southern border indigenous nations with relatives in Mexico. We seek to increase public awareness regionally and nationally on how anti-immigrant legislation and border enforcement policies daily affect the lives of Indigenous Peoples.

The Alianza Indigena Sin Fronteras also urges President Barack Obama and his administration to hold Indigenous Consultation Hearings in the Southern US-Mexico border region, in order to gain a direct understanding from indigenous Peoples regarding land and cultura.

Alianza Indigena Sin Fronteras Supports the National Human Rights March to Challenge Sheriff Joe Arpaio

The United States government is failing to protect the human rights of Indigenous peoples to practice their own spiritual beliefs.

The Alianza Indigena is here in solidarity because people of color continuously face abuse of authority and violation of human and civil rights by current and proposed U.S. anti-immigrant legislation and border enforcement policies and practice.

The Alianza Indigena Sin Fronteras, call on Maricopa County Government to stop Joe Arpaio racist tactic, abuse of authority and violation of human rights against people of color. No Human Being is illegal! Institutional racism is evident in the policing and enforcement of immigration laws, widely reported racial profiling and rampant law enforcement abuses of due process. Stop Arpaio.

The way and the only way, to stop the evil are for all people of color to unite in claiming a common and equal right to food and basic survival.
l issues, and dialogue in the traditional community setting about alternatives to present US border policies such as the wall.

Turn the tide in Phoenix: March against hate

Zach de la Rocha of Rage Against the Machine Calls on Fans to Turn the Tide Against Hate, Join March in Phoenix, Arizona.

Famous Lead Singer to Join Thousands to Denounce Sheriff Joe Arpaio's Out of Control Intimidation and Humiliation
Who: National Day Laborer Organizing Network, Puente Arizona, and Zach de la Rocha
What: March to Stop the Systematic Persecution of Migrants and Latinos in AZ.
Where: March Start Location for Feb 28th: 300 E Indian School Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85012
When: March to Stop the Hate in Phoenix to be held 9:00 am on February 28.
"Recently the nation witnessed the ritual humiliation of migrants in a spectacle evocative of some of the most horrific episodes of human history," explains Pablo Alvarado, Director of the National Day Laborer Organizing Network. "People across the country are outraged at the shameful violations of human rights perpetrated by the Maricopa County Sheriffs and they are being moved to action."
In the last month Sheriff Joe Arpaio intensified his on-going escalation of attacks against Latinos by segregating the county jail and parading undocumented migrants shackled in a chain-gang into "tent city."
He erected and surrounded the tent with an electric fence in a grotesque display of human degradation.Zach de la Rocha of Rage Against the Machine responded to the news by saying, "To witness what is happening in Arizona and remain neutral is to be implicated in human rights violations that are occurring right here on US soil against migrants. History will not be kind to Joe Arpaio. He will be remembered with other infamous sheriffs like Bull Connor who subjugated and terrorized communities for shortsighted political gain. I hope everyone will join me in protesting Sheriff Joe."
More details can be found at

Indigenous Peoples Day Phoenix, Saturday, March 14, 2009

Nahn-coh-Mahss O'otham Indigenous Peoples Day
In AFFIRMATION of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples
Adopted by the UN General Assembly September 13, 2007
Saturday March 14th, 2009
Steele Indian School Park
10:00 AM – 8:00 PM

Native American Heritage Coalition
Gathering of the Visions
Jean Chaudhuri Memorial
Memorial Hall
3rd Street and Indian School Road
12:00 PM – 3:30 PM

Continental Confederation of the Eagle and the Condor
Tupac Enrique Acosta: (602) 466-8367
Benjamin Chee (602) 930-6791
Shannon Rivers (480) 220-6766

Indigenous Peoples Day
Saturday March 14th
Draft Agenda of Activities

Sunrise Ceremony at Smoadoag Doag
8:00 - 9:30 Xinachtli (Seed) Educational - Cultural Sharing at South Mountain Ecology Center
10:00 Spiritual Run from Smoadoag Doag to Indian School Park
12:00 Arrrival at Indian School Park, Reception by Native American Heritage Coalition
12:00 - 1:00 Lunch
1:00 - 3:30 Gathering of the Visions, Memorial Hall hosted by Native American Heritage Coalition
1:15 - 4:00 Cultural Activities, Games and Arts for children and Youth in the park next to Memorial Hall
3:30 - 5:00 Webcast from Window Rock, North America Regional Indigenous Peoples Caucus, United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues Preparatory Meeting
4:30 Community Message of Affirmation of the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, via webcast to Window Rock, North America Regional Indigenous Peoples Caucus
5:00 Four Season of an Indian Woman's Life, a theatrical presentation authored by Jean Chaudhuri in Memorial Hall
6:00 Dinner
6:30 - 8:00 Video Presentations in Memorial Hall "The Day the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples was Adopted" and "Protecting O'Odham Sacred Sites"
8:00 - 9:00 Closing Circle:
Farewells, Announcements, Commitments for the Future:
Indian School Park Plans and Oversight

UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples - Public Education Campaign
Indigenous Peoples Studies: Indigenous Peoples Geography Project
Local Community Campaigns
Continental Confederation of the Eagle and the Condor.
Good Morning Relatives,

We invite to participate in a community wide effort of Indigenous Peoples that will take place at the Phoenix Indian School Park Memorial Hall on Saturday the 14th of March, 2009.
This event, which is part of the sixth annual Nican Tlacah Ilhuitl - Indigenous Peoples Day activities organized by TONATIERRA will culminate with a community forum and feast in AFFIRMATION of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples adopted by the General Assembly on September the 13th, 2007. Commemoration copies of the Declaration will be distributed to the community, traditional cultural activities such as games, singing and dancing, and arts for youth and children will be organized during the afternoon in the Indian School Park.
A traditional spiritual run from Smoadag Doag (South Mountain) will take place in the morning, and a special gathering of the Native American Heritage Preservation Coalition, which led the fight to preserve the Indian School property as a cultural and historic site of the Native American Nations will also be convened during the day. Native American Veterans are being invited, as well as Alumni of the Indian School, surrounding Native American reservation communities, and the Inter Tribal Council of Arizona. The agenda for the event will include special cultural activities to commemorate and honor the special significance of the Indian School site for the Native American alumni, tribes and families.
The event at Memorial Hall will also coincide with the North America Regional Indigenous Peoples Caucus in preparation for the 8th Session of the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues which will be taking place at the same time in Window Rock, hosted by the Navajo Nation. A two way webcast video link via Internet is being set up to connect the two events to create a historic and unique local to global experience at the community grassroots level.
Please contact us to become involved in support of this very unique initiative of the Indigenous Peoples or if you have any questions, and all the best to you.
Tupac Enrique Acosta, Yaotachcauh
Tlahtokan Nahuacalli

February 26, 2009

Bea De O'Campo passes to the Spirit World

Bea De O'Campo passes to Spirit World
Bea was the sister of our friend, Wounded Knee on the Longest Walk

Memorial Services for Bea De O'Campo will be held on Friday, Feb. 27, 2009 @ 2:00 @ 1525 Sonoma Blvd., Vallejo, CA. Directions: Take 80 East and take the first turn off after the Carquinez Bridge which is Sonoma Blvd. Go down until it crosses York Street, across from the Harley Davidson Store and the Armory where the memorial will be held is located there.
Elizabeth "Bia" DeOcampo
Sept. 8, 1944 - Feb. 19, 2009
Elizabeth "Bia" DeOcampo, Native American activist and community leader, made her journey to the Spirit World on February 19, 2009, after a long illness at her home surrounded by loved ones. She was born in Fairfield, California, and was one of eight children. Bia graduated from UC Berkeley with two bachelor's degrees in Native American studies and social welfare. She went on to receive a master's degree in social work from San Francisco State University and a master of public health from UC Berkeley. Bia leaves behind four children, Robert "Bobby-Boo" DeOcampo and wife Kristina Ercole, Cari and husband Monte Robinson, Polee Tiburcio and husband Dauntay Johnson, and Osati Tarbell- DeOcampo and companion Brandon Bledsoe, and seven grandchildren as well as one sister and five brothers and numerous nieces and nephews. Her kindness, sweetness and gentleness will be deeply missed by family and friends. A Native American spiritual ceremony for family and friends will be held in her honor on Friday, February 27, at 2 p.m. at the USA World Classics Event Center at 1525 Sonoma Blvd. In lieu of flowers, memorial donations may be made to Osati Tarbell-DeOcampo at P.O. Box 4103, Vallejo, California 94590. Arrangements by Skyview Memorial Lawn, Vallejo, CA. MITAKUYE OYASIN - All My Relations

International Friendship House in Oakland Events
Friday, Feb. 27th "Liberation Day" AIM West & IFH fundraiser 4:00 pm to 12 midnight LIBERATION DAY Benefit Concert commemorating Wounded Knee 1973 featuring: Dr. Loco and His Rockin Jalapenos, The Bob Young Project, and local Hip Hop artists, suggested donation $10--benefits AIM-West and Intertribal Friendship House.
Saturday, Feb. 28th "All Nations Parent Circle" 12 noon to 2:00 pm
Saturday, Feb. 28th Permaculture Group 10 am to 1:00 pm
Saturday, Feb. 28th 6:30 PM Palestinian Film Gaza: The Killing Zone Length: 52mins SYNOPSIS: British report on Israeli violence in Gaza against not only Palestinian civilians, but international aid volunteers and foreign reporters as well.
Sunday, March 1st IFH Clean up Day 11 AM-2 PM. Volunteers needed! Lunch will be provided.

February 25, 2009

Censorship and the heroes of our generation

Along with the loss of their jobs, many people who provide information for Censored News have been hungry, homeless, sick, arrested, jailed and beaten over the past two years.

Article and photo by Brenda Norrell
Censored News

In today's column, Roberto Rodriquez describes the blatant racism by Lou Dobbs on CNN. In a slightly more subtle form of manipulation and control, Indian Country Today has a large ad for CIA Clandestine Services -- CIA spies -- on its website today. The ad has been revolving there for months. This means that ICT is funded by the CIA.
When I was a staff reporter for Indian Country Today, the managing editor in 2005 demanded that I not write about "grassroots people or the genocide of American Indians." I continued to do so and was terminated in 2006. But, before I was terminated, my articles were censored and the wording changed, over my objections. The non-Indian staff members responsible continued at the newspaper over the past years in various positions.
Today, unless one reads a great deal on the Internet, because of the censorship, it is possible to remain unaware of current events.
The most underreported news includes the Zapatistas Digna Rabia gatherings in Chiapas; American Indians support for Palestinians; the discovery of US-made white phosphorus munitions used by Israel on Palestinians; the digging up of the graves of O'odham ancestors, 69 at one site alone, in Arizona for the US/Mexico border wall and the secret removal of the remains of O'odham ancestors by Boeing while constructing the border wall on O'odham land.
The rapes, murders and drug smuggling carried out by US Border Agents on the US border are among the most concealed facts, even in the alternative media, because the crimes are concealed. (Although dozens of US military soldiers, with a police officer and prison guard were convicted and sentenced in Arizona for smuggling cocaine last year, border agents carried out the sting and were not exposed.)
The smuggling of weapons into Mexico, which fuels the current drug violence, is also censored. Ultimately, it is the people in the US who buy the drugs and provide the weapons for this wave of violence. The US even trained some of the most brutal murderers in this drug war, the Zetas, formerly as US Special Forces. The privatization of US prisons, and media fueled racism toward migrants, has resulted in profiteering for politicians and corporations like GEO Group (formerly Wackenhut) and resulted in abuse and murders in prisons.
The issues in Mohawk Nation News are widely censored, including land theft and oppression by a wide range of security forces. The exposure of mass graves of Indian children at Canadian residential schools was among the most censored articles. The hoax of carbon credits, to enrich the World Bank and corporations, is also censored.
Another censored fact was that Leonard Peltier was recently beaten by a gang in a Pennsylvania prison, and transferred. The question of why so many American Indians in some Indian Nations are living in poverty, while millions of dollars are pouring into their casinos, is largely censored. Peabody Coal, along with a long list of corporations in collusion with the Navajo Nation government, continues to produce disease and pollution, even in the area of the Navajos' place of origin, Dinetah, in what is now New Mexico. On Western Shoshone land, and around the world, Barrick Gold, and other coal, gold, silver and copper mining corporations, continue to oppress the people and destroy Indigenous lands and water. In Guatemala, there have been assassinations, and in New Guinea, rapes and murders of villagers.
To expose all of these issues, many people have lost their jobs and positions, including Kevin Annett, a minister in Vancouver who continues to expose the murders and mass graves in church residential schools. In the US, Native Americans have been removed from their positions on tribal councils for demanding justice at the US border, while others have been detained and threatened by border agents and tribal police.
Kahentinetha Horn, publisher of Mohawk Nation News, and Katenies, MNN editor, two Mohawk grandmothers, were beaten at the Canadian border by border agents and Kahentinetha suffered a heart attack. Others continue to struggle for justice, like Angelita Ramon, Tohono O'odham, whose 18-year-old son Bennett Patricio, Jr., was ran over and killed by the US Border Patrol in Arizona.
Along with the loss of their jobs, many people who provide information for Censored News have been hungry, homeless, sick, arrested, jailed and beaten over the past two years.
They don't receive a salary from CNN, but they remain the heroes of our generation.

Censored articles by Brenda Norrell, 2004 -- 2006:

Photo: At San Xavier on Tohono O'odham land, crosses in memory of migrants who died in the desert. Walkers from Tucson to San Xavier included supporters of Derechos Humanos, No More Deaths, Humane Borders and Samaritans. Photo Brenda Norrell

Rodriguez: 'Face of the New American Bigot, Part II'

Face of the New American Bigot, Part II

By Roberto Dr. Cintli Rodriguez

In writing about CNN’s Lou Dobbs and Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio recently – readers rightly asked about why CNN continues to carry an obsessed bigot in its daily lineup?
The question is the same for other media outlets that have for years carried Dobbs and others whose careers seemed to be based on an obsession with immigration (illegal or otherwise), the border and the Spanish language.
Unquestionably, it is an unhealthy obsession, one in which during difficult times leads to un upsurge in hate crimes, discrimination, harassment and scapegoating. In this case, the scapegoats are Mexicans primarily, but also Central and South Americans. Many of those
targeted are in fact either legally here or U.S. born citizens.
This is not news to CNN. Virtually every media outlet, every media watch dog group and every human rights organization has noted Dobbs’s obsession.
The Southern Poverty Law Center – the premier human rights organization that monitors hate nationally, regularly features Dobbs ( It regularly questions his incendiary work, his accuracy, and his penchant for relying on white supremacist sources. They have also written to CNN’s top management about this. (Incidentally, the SPLC has been reporting a major increase in hate crimes against Latinos every year since 2000).
The media watchdog, Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting (FAIR) – which is dedicated to challenging media bias and censorship – regularly Dobb’s daily obsession, always noting his brazen xenophobia, his habitual misreporting and his reliance on an all-star cast of
extremist sources (
Recently, another media watchdog, Media Matters for America(, featured and documented more of Dobbs’s fabrications. On Jan. 29, Dobbs falsely claimed that “illegal aliens” would be able to take advantage of the massive economic stimulus bill; the bill specifically precludes this
from happening. On Feb 4, Dobbs’s nightly report asserted the same about the State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP), signed that day by President Obama. The banner during his newscast read: “Healthcare for Illegal Aliens.” CNN correspondent Lisa Sylvester
reported that the SCHIP would make it likely that “illegal aliens” would be able to access the program. But as FAIR noted: “The SCHIP bill also explicitly states in Section 605 that ‘[n]othing in this Act allows Federal payment for individuals who are not lawfully residing
in the United States’:”
CNN’s president Jonathan Klein has long been aware of Dobbs’s obsession and his habitual misstatements and misreporting, telling the New York Times (3/29/06), "Lou's show is not a harbinger of things to come at CNN,” adding that he is “one of a kind." Yet, CNN – “the most
trusted name in news” – has continued to carry Dobbs and has made available its vast financial resources, including the use of its “trusted” regular reporters to help push his xenophobic agenda.
One has to wonder whether CNN would tolerate a show on crime and welfare by Dobbs that daily featured black welfare queens and black street hoodlums? Dobbs’s defense would be that he is not concerned with race, but rather, cheats and criminals. Would CNN carry a show by
Dobbs that daily railed against Jews for cheating and embezzling Americans out of their hard-earned dollars? The claim would be that the concern is with illegality, regardless of who was doing the cheating and embezzling. What about a daily show dedicated to the extermination of American Indians… or that daily denigrated women or the LBGT community? (Witness what just one racial episode – the chimpanzee/Obama cartoon – at the New York Daily Post (2/19/09) – has rightfully generated.
If Dobb’s obsession is transparent, why then indeed do CNN and other media outlets carry his show? Why does the media in general do the same with other documented hate-mongers?
The answer is two-fold. “Illegal aliens” are not considered full human beings. Officially, there are no [racially identified] faces associated with them, though in reality, we know that thanks to the
bigots in our midst, illegal alien is code for brown, which generally equals Mexicans. Similar to the debate over the official language in this country, it is a coded debate about the racial and cultural future of this nation.
Secondly, with its competition with the “fair & balanced” FOX Network, one can only ascertain that CNN’s decision to continue to carry Dobbs, tells us volumes about its ethics and responsibilities. They apparently mean little in the face of profits. Yet with the 2008
elections now over, perhaps it can soon regain the trust it has otherwise earned.
Rodriguez can be reached at
* CNN can be reached at (404) 827-1500 or on the web at:

February 24, 2009

Indigenous Alliance without Borders: March to challenge Sheriff Arpaio

Alianza Indigena Sin Fronteras Statement of Support For the National Human Rights March To Challenge Sheriff Joe Arpaio

Saturday, February 28th
Phoenix, Arizona

By Alianza Indigena Sin Fronteras
Photo by Brenda Norrell/Arpaio protest in Tucson 2008

The Alianza Indigena Sin Fronteras joins and stands strongly in support of all the people and organizers of the National Human Rights March to challenge the Human Rights abuses of Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio. We believe that the militarization and border enforcement policies that have been inflicted upon the territories of our eight Nations of Indigenous Peoples divided by the US-Mexico border have helped nurture virulent racist nativism in America, and politicians have used immigration as a wedge issue that has degraded respect for the civil and human rights of us all.
The actions of Sheriff Arpaio extend the militarization of the border to the entirety of the metropolis of Maricopa County, where the Sheriff's Posse acts as an "uber police" force, overriding jurisdictions of civil government and community control. We understand that the 287(g) Agreement now in place with the Sheriff of Maricopa County and the federal government has been implemented in violation of the constitutional right of Equal Protection and with blatant discriminatory enforcement tactics by Sheriff Arpaio, and therefore demand that the 287(g) Agreement be cancelled immediately.
We join voices as well with members of the Judiciary Committee of the US House of Representatives to call for federal investigation on the systematic practices and procedures of discriminatory enforcement that Sheriff Arpaio has implemented throughout Maricopa County, and that such violations be addressed in the appropriate judicial venues and courts of both civil and human rights. To this end, we call to the United Nations Special Rapporteur on Human Rights of Indigenous Peoples, Professor James Anaya of the University of Arizona, to take into account these procedures of federal investigation now under way, and articulate effective measures to address the international regional and historical context of the issue as part of a pattern of systemic human rights violations driven by transnational government economic policies in North America, in reference to the regime of NAFTA.

Stop Arpaio!
The actions of Sheriff Arpaio and his posse have declared open season and war on all People of Color, including documented and undocumented immigrants, and U.S. Citizens. Public safety and public health have suffered as a result. This situation must brought to an end immediately.
We call upon the Maricopa County Government, citizens and politicians to stop the perpetrators of hate and fear that use anti-immigration legislation and border enforcement policies as a tool to discriminate against People of Color and terrorize our communities! Sheriff Joe Arpaio must be stopped! His racist acts deserve Public Condemnation because they polarize Race Relations in Arizona and undermine the stability and integrity of our regional economy in the state.
Indigenous Peoples and the Border
Across the borderlands, anti-immigrant issues have also profoundly affected Indigenous Peoples. The cultural and religious ties between our Indigenous Nations and communities on both sides of the US-Mexico border precede the imposition of the international boundary between the two countries by millennia. These ties present a cultural mandate that must continue and will continue in spite of the great difficulties of today's political climate and economic realities.
The vast majority of immigrants without documents coming to the US are Indigenous Peoples of the Abya Yala [the Americas] from Mexico, Guatemala and other South American countries. Indigenous people living on or near the border from Texas to California and from Coahuila to Baja California, are harassed, subjected to high-speed chases, abuse of state authority, and suffer daily violations of human and civil rights with impunity.
Southern Indigenous border issues are neglected or ignored by politicians and by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. Indigenous sovereignty and rights of self-determination are continuously violated by restrictive and discriminatory border crossing enforcement policies.
Southern Indigenous Border Rights and Justice should be dealt with as a viable border enforcement issue in order to ensure policy change that will respect indigenous rights of mobility and passage, preservation of language and cultural rights and indigenous family's unification.
The Alianza Indigena Sin Fronteras, founded in 1997, was created by and for Indigenous Peoples to address border issues of the southern US border with Mexico. The Alianza Indigena Sin Fronteras consists of individual tribal members from the eight southern border indigenous nations with relatives in Mexico. We seek to increase public awareness regionally and nationally on how anti-immigrant legislation and border enforcement policies daily affect the lives of Indigenous Peoples.
Indigenous Rights and Immigrant Rights are HUMAN RIGHTS!

A Nation that is governed based on the Rule of Law Must Respect Human Rights!
! Human Rights do not need Documents !
United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples
Adopted by the UN General Assembly on September 13th, 2007
Article 36
1. Indigenous peoples, in particular those divided by international borders, have the right to maintain and develop contacts, relations and cooperation, including activities for spiritual, cultural, political, economic and social purposes, with their own members as well as other peoples across borders.
2. States, in consultation and cooperation with indigenous peoples, shall take effective measures to facilitate the exercise and ensure the implementation of this right.

Alianza Indigena Sin Fronteras
Contact: Jose R. Matus, Project Director Tel: (520) 979-2125
P.O. Box 826 Tucson, AZ 85702

Alianza Indigena Sin Fronteras: Statement of Support - National Human Rights March
Sat February 28

February 23, 2009

Amnesty: US-made white phosphorus weapons found in Gaza

Our research team recently found evidence of U.S.-made weapons in Gaza, including the misuse of white phosphorus munitions.

Urge Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to immediately call for an investigation into Israel’s use of U.S. arms in Gaza.

Investigate potential war crimes in Gaza

By Amnesty International
A new report released just hours ago reveals that U.S.-made white phosphorus artillery shells among other U.S. weapons were found throughout Gaza. When white phosphorus munitions are used in densely-populated civilian areas as Israel has, it violates international humanitarian law’s prohibition on indiscriminate attacks and amounts to a war crime.

In light of this new finding, we are urging Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to immediately call for: an investigation into Israel’s use of U.S. arms in Gaza
a suspension of U.S. military aid to Israel and to urge the United Nations to impose an arms embargo on all parties in the conflict

Samia Salman Al-Manay'a, 16 years old, was asleep in her home in the Jabalia refugee camp in Gaza, when a phosphorus shell landed on the first floor of the house on January10th. Ten days later, from her hospital bed, she spoke to our delegation.

"The pain is piercing. It's as though a fire is burning in my body. It's too much for me to bear. In spite of all the medicine they are giving me the pain is still so strong."

Since 2001, the U.S. has been the largest supplier of arms to Israel. The U.S. has also provided considerable funding each year for Israel to buy arms despite U.S. legislation that restricts such aid to consistently gross human rights violators. Since 2002 Israel received over $21 billion in U.S. military and security assistance. Put simply, Israel's military intervention in the Gaza Strip has been equipped to a large extent by US-supplied weapons, munitions and military equipment paid for with U.S. taxpayers’ money.

Even after the start of the current conflict and reports of serious violations of international humanitarian law by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) in Gaza, U.S. authorities continued to authorize large shipments of U.S. munitions, including white phosphorus munitions, to Israel.

In January, Amnesty called for a suspension of all arms transfers to Israel, Hamas and other Palestinian armed groups until there is no longer a serious risk that such equipment will be used for violations of international humanitarian law and human rights abuses. The Department of State should lead the call for accountability. If we suspect our weapons are being used in attacks that are indiscriminately killing civilians, we must act.
Urge Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to immediately call for an investigation into Israel’s use of U.S. arms in Gaza and a suspension of military aid.

Last month you called for an independent investigation into all parties involved in the conflict in Gaza. We are happy to report that your voice was heard. Over 45,000 messages were sent to Secretary Clinton and UN Representative Susan Rice, who highlighted the importance of an investigation. Additionally, three Members of Congress, including the highest ranking member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, visited Gaza and witnessed firsthand the humanitarian devastation.

Larry Cox
Executive Director
Amnesty International USA

Listen, Jose Matus, Yaqui: On the Border

Censored News Blog Talk Radio
By Brenda Norrell

Yaqui ceremonial leader Jose Matus, director of the Indigenous Alliance without Borders, talks about the Indigenous rights of mobility and Yaqui villages in Sonora, Mexico. Matus said Indigenous on the border are concerned that conditions under President Obama remain "status quo" with the Bush regime.
As requested by Yaqui elders to maintain ceremonies, for 30 years Matus has brought Yaqui ceremonial leaders across the border for temporary visits to conduct annual ceremonies. Homeland Security continues to harass Indigenous Peoples at the border.
The Indigenous Alliance without Borders supports Indigenous Peoples struggling to maintain their traditional ceremonies and mobility in ancestral territories, including the Lipan Apache, facing the seizure of their land by Homeland Security for the US/Mexico border wall.
Matus also talks about humanitarian efforts in Yaqui villages in Sonora, Mexico, including the children's need for school supplies, tablets and shoes:
Listen at:
Contact Jose Matus at:
More info:
Indigenous Alliance supports Lipan Apache at Texas border
KXCI community radio (Tucson AZ) aired the Alianza’s August 9 2007 press conference for International Indigenous Day. Information and mp3 excerpts are available on KXCI’s site - click here
Guest Opinion: Border group opposes I-19 checkpoint by Alianza’s Director, Jose Matus - Tucson Citizen June 20 2007
Alianza Indígena Sin Fronteras Gathering on Saturday April 28th 2007 - Alianza statement and photos of the gathering posted on Brenda Norrell’s site.
More articles on the work of the AISF and indigenous border crossing issues by Brenda Norrell:
“Indigenous Border Alliance Fighting for Right of Passage”
“Alianza, Indigenous Campaign for Border Rights”
“Racism at the Northern and Southern Borders”
“National Congress of American Indians Responds to Border Concerns”
“Kumeyaay Border Project Brings Benefits”

February 22, 2009

Leonard Peltier remembers Bob Robideau

Greetings my relatives!
By Leonard Peltier

It is with a real deep sense of loss that I write this. The loss of my brother in the struggle for Indigenous rights who was also my blood cousin and also a defendant in the Oglala shoot-out trials. I am speaking of Robert Robideau, who we called Bob most of the time. Bob was a tireless campaigner for my freedom and Indigenous rights all over the world. I can’t express enough how greatly his leaving this level of existence will be missed.

Bob and I grew up together. We were involved in the 70’s American Indian Movement together. We were shot at together. We were on the run together and over the 33 years of my imprisonment, Bob was a person I could count on for a lot of reasons. We laughed together, quarreled with one another, praised one another and had strong disagreements at times. Bob was the one person I could truly count on to tell me the straight of it, whether I liked it or not. I didn’t talk to Bob in person that often, as of late, but just the thought of knowing it will be a while before I talk with him again, causes a sense of missing him like never before. He was sometimes my worst critic and sometimes my best support, but he was always my brother and I loved him dearly. I wouldn’t doubt that wherever he is at, he’s organizing a support group of some sort. If I thought there was anything that I could say that would bring him back to us, this statement would go on for as long as it took. However, reality being what it is, I know Bob will appreciate our concerns for the loved ones he left behind and want us to go on and do the very best we can to make this a better and more free, more just world we live in and he would surely remind us that we are the guardians of the future and the keepers of today.

It is always difficult to address the loss of people you knew and cared about, but every once in awhile, there is a loss that is deeper than all the rest. In this loss, there is often a loss of words. It is a time when the shock of the situation is so close that you just don’t know what to say. One thing I can say for sure is that the loss of Bob Robideau is a loss to all. And to Bob, I don’t know how long I’ll be here myself, but that doesn’t matter. I look forward to seeing you again my brother, some other time, some other place. May the Creator be with you wherever you are and wherever you go.

In the Spirit of Crazy Horse, Bob Robideau, Steve Robideau, Joe Stuntz, Bobby Garcia, Roque Duenas, Nilak Butler, Anna Mae Aquash, , and all the others who gave of themselves for our People.

Mitakuye oyasin

Leonard Peltier

February 20, 2009

Wounded Knee Commemoration to honor Robideau

From International Peltier Forum
Longest Walk photo, Morning Star Gali, Colo/08
Photos by Jofreal Elliot, Longest Walk click here
Photos by Cornelia Vandenberg 1993 click here
Robert Robideau passed away at his home in Barcelona, Spain on Tuesday, February 17, 2009. He was a member of the Turtle Mountain and White Earth Ojibwa tribes. Robideau was a member of the American Indian Movement (AIM) since 1973. Darrell (Dino) Butler, and Robert Robideau were acquitted in the deaths of two FBI agents in 1976 on grounds of self defense. The charges arose after a shootout with the FBI on Pine Ridge reservation in June of 1975 that left two FBI agents and an Indian man dead. This period known as the reign of terror, in which 60 AIM members were killed and hundreds more assaulted in a government sponsored action to destroy AIM. These killings and assaults came in the aftermath of the Wounded Knee takeover by AIM in 1973. The third defendant, Leonard Peltier was sentenced to two consecutive life sentences in a separate trial. Leonard, an internationally known political prisoner, has been incarcerated for 33 years now for the same alleged offense as Bob Robideau and Dino Butler were charged and acquitted.

The following is an email message we received yesterday from Robert's cousin, James Robideau: Thursday, Feb 19:
"Bobby passed away on Tuesday in Spain. I will be going to Spain to help with the arrangements. The relatives said he wanted to be buried in Oglala. I'll try to have more details tomorrow. Jim
PS: I'm also working with Edgar Bear Runner on the 36th Annual commemoration of Wounded Knee. Scheduled for Feb 27. We will honoring Bob at that time. Anyone wanting to help with the WK commemoration can contact Edgar at 605-454-5349. Address is P.O. Box 242, Porcupine, SD 57772."
IPF e-mail:
Also, please visit the website of the Leonard Peltier Defense Offense Committee (LPDOC):
UPDATE: From the Robideau family
From Starr Robideau
Good Day Everyone,
It has come to my attention of a couple of changes to the account set up for donations; the correct information is located below. Arrangements have been made to bring Robert back to the United States and plans are in the works in regard to services, we should know a definite date early next week, if not sooner. Friends and family of Bob are all welcome to attend the services, we will have TWO (2) services; the initial services are planned to take place in Portland, Oregon, some time within the next couple of weeks. Exact date and location will be announced soon. For those who cannot make it to Portland, there are plans for services to take place after Portland, in New Mexico, just outside of Albuquerque in Edgewood.
As with the passing of a loved one, an account has been set up to assist the family with the financial responsibilities of laying Bob to rest. If you would like to help, please send donations to:
In the benefit of Robert Robideau
US Bank 153662026936
*You can send it to any US Bank in the United States, via mail or transfer, or walk-in.
I truly apologize for any confusion, and of course your positive thoughts, prayers and assistance are greatly appreciated during this time.
On behalf of The Robideau Family, Thank you!
Starr Robideau
Celebration of Robideau's life, Albuquerque area
Please help us celebrate the life of a great Warrior.
We will be needing any information of any chapter of Aim, LPSG's, or individuals interested in attending. If possible please pass this on.
We will be having an honoring ceremony, a celebration of the life of Robert Robideau, co-defendant of Leonard Peltier, and an honoring feast in the Albuquerque area approximately the second week of March. Exact dates to follow soon.
There will be host homes, tenting places, and food for anyone that comes.Thank you for any and all assistance
Nantinki Rose and Badger, Bob's brother
Listen to Bob's last interview, Red Town Radio, hosted by Brenda Golden:
Photo: Bob with Tomas and Yukio on the Longest Walk 2 northern route, in southern Colorado, March 2008. Photo Morning Star Gali.

UN testimony: Canada discriminates against Aboriginal rights

UN CERD Submission Canada Racial Discriminates Against Aboriginal Proprietary Rights

Indigenous Network on Economies and Trade (INET)

(Geneva, Switzerland, February 19, 2009) Bertha Williams and Arthur Manuel were given opportunity to address the United Nations Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, (CERD) Working Group on Early Warning and Urgent Action, on a written submission they made to CERD. Bertha Williams is from the Tsawwassen Peoples and resident of the Tsawwassen Indian Reserve near Vancouver in British Columbia, Canada. Arthur Manuel is Secwepemc and spokesperson for the Indigenous Network on Economies and Trade (INET). Mr. Manuel is from the Neskonlith Indian Reserve in south central British Columbia near Kamloops, Canada.

Mr. Arthur Manuel stated "the document submitted to the UN CERD points out that Canada racially discriminates against Indigenous Peoples proprietary rights, by systemically not recognizing judicially recognized and constitutionally protected Aboriginal Title. This is causing irreparable damage and harm to Indigenous Peoples." He said "this is very contradictory to the way Canada should be behaving since Canada sits on the United Nations Human Rights Council. Canada should lead the way in terms of recognizing Indigenous proprietary rights since they are essential to our human rights. But Canada voted twice against the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. Canada is living in the dark ages when it comes to our human rights as Indigenous Peoples."

Bertha Williams told the UN CERD Working Group that she felt that her Aboriginal Title will be extinguished and she stated "This is my birthright handed to me by my parents and grandparents and ancestors. This is a legacy that I want to pass to my children and grandchildren. But, it will be severed come April 3, 2009 when the Tsawwassen Agreement comes into force."

Bertha Williams asked the UN CERD to "scrutinize – investigate the treaty vote process" and "delay the effective date – April 3, 2009".

Arthur Manuel provided the Working Group with a power point giving a brief background of how the Canadian government has been forcing all groups of Indigenous Peoples negotiating with the government to borrow money and comply with the federal and provincial policy to extinguish their Aboriginal Title under the Nisga'a modified rights model.

Arthur Manuel raised the Sun Peaks' expansion and the Xaxli'p and Lheidli T'enneh negative experience with the British Columbia Treaty Process.

Mr. Manuel raised Sun Peaks' expansion - business as usual - without any negotiations or consultation and accommodation. Mr. Manuel said "our land is being sold right from under our feet". Mr. Manuel asked "Sun Peaks expansion must stop until the Aboriginal Title is settled".

Mr. Manuel also pointed out how the federal and provincial government uses the poverty of Indigenous Peoples to loan money to Indigenous Peoples under the British Columbia Treaty Negotiation Loan Fund. In Mr. Manuel's power point presentation pointed out that the federal and provincial governments have given Indigenous Peoples $345.6 million dollars in treaty negotiation loans since 1993.

Mr. Manuel specifically raised the Xaxlip Peoples bad experience with these loans. Specifically pointing out that the Department of Indian Affairs wants "either our land or our money". In this particular situation the Department of Indian Affairs said that it is at their discretion to triple the "working capital ratio" unless the loan is paid off. The Department of Indian Affairs is asking that the $2.1 million dollar loan to Xaxli'p be paid over 5 year period at 4.2% which would result in $23 thousand dollars monthly payments.

The BC Treaty Loans are responsibility of all Band Members and are supposed to be taken off the top of any cash settlement funds after a Final Agreement is reached. Bertha Williams said in Tsawwassen Final Agreement, the loans were approximately $5 million dollars and the cash settlement is approximately $15 million dollars, which means their cash settlement would be only $10 million dollars.

Mr. Manuel also raised the issue of the Lheidli T'enneh who voted against their Final Agreement and how the Department of Indian Affairs used the working capital ratio and loan payments to threaten the Lheidli T'enneh elected Chief and Council to stay in the BC Treaty Process despite the fact the Lheidli T'enneh voted against the Final Agreement. The purpose of staying in the BC Treaty Process was to organize a revote on the Final Agreement.

Mr. Manuel asked the UN CERD Working Group to support the position that these loans not be repayable and that the whole treaty loan negotiation program be examined.

Mr. Patrick Thornberry, Chairman of the UN CERD Working Group on Early Warning and Urgent Action thanked Bertha Williams and Arthur Manuel for their oral and written submissions and advised them that a decision will follow after further investigation and that meetings will happen next week on this matter.

The attached "Executive Summary" and the "Request for Urgent Action under Early Warning Procedure to the Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination of the United Nations, by Bertha Williams of the Tsawwassen Peoples; Dexter Quaw, Hereditary Chief of the Lheidli T'enneh Peoples; Chief Darrell Bob, Xaxli'p Indian Band; and Skwelkwek'welt Protection Center, In Relation to Canada, February 9, 2009, Prepared with the Assistance of the Indigenous Network on Economies and Trade", more fully develop the racially discriminatory practices of Canada in regard to Aboriginal Title.
Arthur MANUEL or +41 022 734 74 64
Bertha WILLIAMS or +41 022 733 08 74
Arthur Manuel

Indigenous Peoples Global Summit on Climate Change

The Inuit Circumpolar Council is hosting April 20-24, 2009 in Anchorage, Alaska a Global Summit on Climate Change that will bring together indigenous delegates and observers.The purpose of the summit is to enable Indigenous peoples from all regions of the globe to exchange their knowledge and experience in adapting to the impacts of climate change, and to develop key messages and recommendations to be articulated to the world at the Conference of Parties (COP) to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change in Copenhagen, Denmark in December 2009. Info:

Earthcycles, north to Alaska

Earthcycles producer Govinda Dalton, and cohost Brenda Norrell of Censored News, hope to travel to Alaska to broadcast the climate summit. We hope to take two Native youth interns to train in radio broadcasting, audio production and online news coverage. If you are able to help as a financial sponsor, please contact
Listen to the five-month live broadcast of the Longest Walk at:
Photo Earthycles radio bus at US Capitol at end of Longest Walk/Brenda Norrell

February 19, 2009

Early photos, Bob Robideau, by Cornelia Vandenberg

Special thanks to Cornelia Vandenberg for sharing her early photos of Bob Robideau in 1993 with Censored News. Cornelia said the first photo was taken at the Roxy in Los Angeles. The second photo was taken at the Orange County Powwow in California, which she visited for the magazine that she published at the time. "I shared a booth with Bob and his brother Richard."
Sincere condolences from Cornelia Vandenberg and Brenda Norrell/Censored News, to Bob Robideau's family and friends. Bob, 62, passed away at his home in Barcelona, Spain, where he was a painter. Along with his lifetime of activism, Bob joined the Longest Walk 2 northern route in Colorado in 2008, photos at:

MNN: Global Nuclear Genocide of Indigenous -- government liquidation srategy?

Global Nuclear Genocide of Indigenous – government liquidation strategy? It won't work!

Mohawk Nation News

Feb. 19, 2009. A sickening picture is shaping up. The evidence continues to mount like a smelly compost heap, except it has no organic value and it’s a serious threat to the generations to come. Who doesn’t know that radiation is deadly? Government and the nuclear industry keep lying to us! They deny the grisly effects such as cancer, birth defects and many environmental illnesses caused by radioactive toxins in our air, land and water.

The nuclear industry seized on the “peak oil” and “global warming” crisis which they created and turned it to their advantage. They call nuclear a “green”, “clean”, “renewable” resource because they can reuse the deadly waste to make nuclear weapons. They lump it under with wind and solar. The theme of the Canadian Nuclear Association CNA convention and trade show from February 25 to 27 at the Westin in Ottawa is “the reality of renaissance”. [Is that crazy or what?] Yes, they rely on our ignorance and naivety. Their philosophy is, “There’s a sucker born every minute” and let’s melt them down!

These transnational corporate psychopaths are anti-life. They want to build dozens of nuclear reactors all over the world in Indigenous communities along and dump the nuclear waste for us to “manage”!! We live in remote areas far from any place they would want to even visit. If the radiation doesn’t kill us, they can make nuclear weapons to finish us off. We are in the way for their attempted reckless pillage and plunder of Mother Earth.

These multinational thugs are fomenting war in the volatile tribal areas between India and Pakistan. Both countries are already armed with nuclear weapons. To make money and depopulate Asia both sides are being armed by the same interests. Canada is one.

India doesn’t produce uranium. They lease it from Russia. The highly radioactive and toxic spent fuel is sent back to Russia. If Canada sells more CANDU reactors to India, they want to supply the uranium fuel and then bring back the nuclear waste to make nuclear weapons. (See endnotes for profiteers).

Meanwhile, Canada helps set up private organizations as government fronts like CNA (Canadian Nuclear Association), NWMO (Nuclear Waste Management Organization) and CAP (Congress of Aboriginal People) and OMAA (Ontario Metis and Aboriginal Association). The latter two are so-called “aboriginal” organizations. NWMO and CNA are funding the Assembly of First Nations, another government set up, and CAP to talk us into managing and storing nuclear fuel waste on our territories. Meetings have gone on for years to get Elders and “leaders” on side. Canada has even sent in Mother Joan Holmes to turn non-natives into “Indians” who can then sign away our inherent rights. Nuclear salesmen are courting “Aboriginal partners” to sign away our birthright and existence.

So-called 34-year old “aboriginal”, Patrick “Fabio-Wannabe” Brazeau, was recently appointed Senator by Canadian Prime Minister Stephen “Ford-Modelling-Agent” Harper. What was this all about? Brazeau’s rap sheet looks like the antithesis of anything anyone would want in the Senate. He was rewarded for fronting the phony CAP to try to destroy Indigenous nations and sovereignty.

CAP has arrangements with NRC (Natural Resources Canada) and NWMO to consider nuclear waste management on or near our communities. Brazeau proposed, “... the 633 native communities in Canada be reduced to between 60 and 80. The 10 Algonquin reserves in Quebec and Ontario, for example, would become one. Same for the Cree. The Mohawk. And so on”. The guy didn’t consult any of us or visit any of our communities. Now, if he has any sense, he’d be afraid to come. He wants to redirect the flow of nearly $10 billion in federal funding for “aboriginal” programs and services in Canada. He thinks we wont need it because we are going to liquidated. So he wants the money to go to the many “aboriginal” that he and Mother Jones have created.

NWMO wants to store nuclear waste in Indigenous communities in the Canadian Shield. Sites in NAN (Nishnaabe Aski Nation) in northern Ontario appear to be the most likely. Ben Cheechoo and other Indigenous started out defying the government and defending our people, culture and sovereignty. They were gradually worn down to accept this senseless destructive agenda that threatens all of the future generations on the whole earth. The FSC (Forestry Stewardship Council of Germany) was instrumental in Cheechoo’s conversion through agents like Russell Diabo and David Nahwehgabow. FSC is a private UN backed organization that is designed to issue permits allowing multinational companies to cut down old growth forests on Indigenous lands worldwide. It’s completely illegal!

A telling example of these “courtships” with the Indigenous is the recent attempted seduction of the Navaho. Areva, the French nuclear power company, took the council on a recent trip to Paris. Areva “owns” uranium mines in northern Saskatchewan. They want the Navaho to put a nuclear reactor and to do more uranium mining in their territory in the U.S. southwest.

The Navaho know about the devastation of uranium tailings. Most want nothing to do with nuclear development. The same is true of the Ojibwe, Cree and Metis who have been targeted in northern Canada. Nishnaabe are fully aware of and suffering from the ongoing poisoning at Blind River and the tons of nuclear waste at Elliot Lake.

Nuclear promoters like AECL (Atomic Energy Canada Ltd) and CNSC (Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission) will coo soothingly, in their brushed suits, carefully coiffed hair [if they have any] and manicured hands, “There’s no risk”. (See endnotes) They lie while people are slowly dying horrible deaths in communities like Chalk River and Port Hope near nuclear facilities.

How do we stop this madness? We all need the facts about these dirty deals and sinister schemes. We have to closely watch and loudly object to those people the government sets up to “represent” us.

We all have to drastically cut back on our materialistic lifestyle. Every household could be generating enough clean energy to power their own grid. We Indigenous understand this basic and practical way of taking only what we need and leaving little or no footprint.

The elders are concerned about the future based on our traditional knowledge. The youth are concerned with living with the legacy of nuclear waste disposal. Women are concerned with protecting the clean and safe water for all people and the environment as this is our traditional role. [See notes and links below].
Iakoha’ko:wa & MNN Staff Mohawk Nation News
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Notes, Sources and Contacts
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Re CNSC and AECL: MNN spoke with Marc Drolet. Why is it the leaking NRU reactor still going? Marc passed the buck to AECL. CNSC told Parliamentarians on Feb 5 that there was no risk. He called it "concentration". The levels permitted in Canada is 100 times that allowed in Europe. He disagreed. We emailed him the link for Ace Hoffman's book. Later he email: "I suggest you formulate more precise questions to receive comments from our scientists. You mention tritium; and its long-term impact on infants and export-control issues related to some states that may want to use nuclear technology to less than peaceful ends. He said, “Our experts provide answers in plain English”. Marc Drolet, Public Affairs and Media Relations, Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission, Ottawa, Canada K1P 5S9, 613-947-0442, Blackberry 613-808-3134, Fax 613-992-2915
Sean Cotnam of AECL said: the reactor was running today and had been shut down last week for regular maintenance. When would it be shut down permanently? "It won't be shut down for a long time, ma'am". He said the information from the Uof Toronto professor saying that Canada's tritium level is 100 times that of Europe was incorrect. He said it is only 70 times that of Europe and 10 times that of the US!!! He is completely safe living on the Ottawa River and was not worried about his young children.
India and Pakistan each have about 30 nuclear warheads and have reached the brink of nuclear war before. India is buying plenty of military hardware. Pakistan is the #1 top recipient of US military aid in the world, receiving about $3.6 billion [New American Century] since 2006. They also receive aid from the World Bank to build dams and other infrastructure.
US Predator UAV's armed with Hellfire missiles have killed dozens of people in cross border forays into Pakistan from Afghanistan.
Profiteers in the global nuclear industry include: WorleyParsons Canada Ltd. Nuclear Energy, (905) 940-4770 8133 Warden Avenue, Markham, ON L8G 1B3
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OTTAWA DOUCHE BAGS:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,;;;,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,;;;;;;