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Tribal Council Corruption – Thune Lawsuit

Navajo Nation Council Tables Water Rights Settlement

Wednesday, September 29, 2010
Contact: Ron Milford Email: Phone: 928-606-0787
Navajo Nation Council Tables Water Rights Settlement
Grassroots Dine’ (Navajo) Vow to Stand Against Oppression

By Dine' Water Rights Photos: Copyright Dine' Water Rights
More photos at:
WINDOW ROCK, Ariz. – Due to community pressure, the Navajo Nation Council decided to put off voting on the Northeastern Arizona Indian Water Rights Settlement Agreement (NAIWRSA) and gave one week for public review but did not specify what that would look like. The Council is set to consider the legislation again on Friday, October 8th but the date is subject to change. Legislation No. 0422-10, also known as NAIWRSA, sponsored by Council Delegate George Arthur has faced increasing community criticism in the last few weeks.

More than 160 concerned Dine’ (Navajo) marched, rallied and packed the council chambers to send the message for the council to “VOTE NO!” on th…

EVO MORALES: Nature, Forests and Indigenous Peoples are Not For Sale

President of the Plurinational State of Bolivia
Press Statement
Indigenous brothers of the world: I am deeply concerned because some pretend to use leaders and indigenous groups to promote the commoditization of nature and in particular of forest through the establishment of the REDD mechanism (Reduction Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation) and its versions REDD+ REED++.
Every day an extension of forests and rainforest equivalent to 36,000 football fields disappears in the world. Each year 13 million hectares of forest and rain forest are lost. At this rate, the forests will disappear by the end of the century.
The forests and rainforest are the largest source of biodiversity. If deforestation continues, thousands of species, animals and plants will be lost forever. More than three quarters of accessible fresh water zones come from uptake zones in forests, hence the worsening of water quality when the fore…

Chilean Troops Flown in to Suppress Rapanui -- On the Verge of Extinction

- September 29, 2010 Contact: Kihi Tuki-Hito 011 56 9 88190047
Levanate Araki 011 56 9 81506843
Santi Hitorangi 1 845 596 5402

This morning a C-47 military plane arrived on Rapanui (aka Easter Isalnd) with a contingency of SWAT teams to augment the already in-place armed forces set to remove indigenous Rapanui people from their ancestral lands.. Since July 31, the Rapanui have been non-violently re-occupied the land illegally taken from their grandparents and have been , asking for their legal title to be restored.

Tonight the Rapanui people are on high alert – expecting what may come in the wee hours of the morning.

This afternoon Marisol Hito, spokeswomen of the Hitorangi clan, presented the Rapanui case to the Human Rights Commission of the Chilean House of Representatives. The Commission unanimously voted to stay any order to harm or remove Rapanui people from their claims.

Marisol Hito stated that, “We have been ask…

American Indian Movement protests FBI raids

Debra White Plume on First Voices Indigenous Radio WBAI

Debra White Plume speaks out on uranium mining in

Lakota territory on WBAI New York

Photo: Debra White Plume delivering a symbolic blanket of smallpox to the Lewis and Clark Expedition/Photo Brenda Norrell
By Kent Lebsock

Debra White Plume of Owe Aku (Bring Back the Way) will be on Tiokasin Ghost Horse's First Voices Indigenous Radio on WBAI New York City this Thursday, September 30th, from 10 to 11 a.m. Debra is the Director of Owe Aku which is a traditional Lakota cultural preservation, human rights and environmental protection NGO operating from the banks of Wounded Knee Creek on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.
Debra will be updating the radio audience on Owe Aku's extensive work to protect sacred water in and around Lakota treaty territory against the unyielding drive by foreign and domestic corporations to destroy soil and water in order to rip uranium from deep in the Earth. Debra will be joined on the program by Owe Aku's coordinator from their International Justice …

TODAY: Dine' Water Rights March and Rally, Wed, Sept. 29, 2010

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Navajo statements on Navajo water rights giveaway
As a young person who values the land, the culture, and people I come
from, I am concerned about the Navajo people's right to water. I was
taught that water is sacred. I was taught that it should be respected
and used appropriately. I am also Tó'áhaní (Near the Water Clan).
Water and the people's access to it is a human right, and as the
indigenous people of this land we have aboriginal rights to water. Our
ancestors lived on this land, developed a relationship with the land
and understood the importance of land and water. Our ancestors
believed in the land so much that they fought and died for it.
It is because of their efforts and struggles that we the Diné are here
today. Our people need to remember who our ancestors were and
everything they did to get us here. Just like our ancestors, we too
need to fight for our land.
At this time, we especially need to fight for our water. We need to
question. We need to de…

Forgotten People: Bennett Freeze Development Act a disappointment


By Forgotten People

September 24, 2010
Photo: Unremediated abandoned uranium pit on Navajo Nation/Forgotten People

Forgotten People supports James W. Zion, Esq.’s comments on Kirkpatrick discussion draft of the former Bennett Freeze Area Development Act herein attached. We agree with James Zion that the draft is a disappointment. First, it is authorization legislation, not required by the Constitution, and all it would do is set up a new trust, to be funded from sources that are not likely, and authorize appropriations that will never come.
The Office of Navajo and Hopi Indian Relocation (ONHIR) and Housing and Urban Development (HUD) have never served the victims and survivors of the Bennett Freeze and Relocation. Forgotten People doesn’t know what the Navajo Hopi Land Commission (NHLC) and Rep. Kirkpatrick are doing because they are operating in secret. Read more:

UN: Bolivian Leader Proposes Alliance to Save Humankind

At UN, Bolivian leader proposes alliance to save humankind
President Evo Morales Ayma of Bolivia

UN News Service
24 September 2010 – Bolivian President Evo Morales proposed the creation of a new alliance to save humankind by guaranteeing human rights, saving the environment and promoting equality and social justice for all during his address to the General Assembly’s annual high-level segment.
The provision of water and other basic services, including energy and electricity, are human rights, he said, also urging the protection of migrants.

“Walls were built for cattle and sheep,” Mr. Morales told world leaders gathered at the Assembly yesterday, criticizing the erection of barriers in Mexico and the occupied Palestinian territory. “We cannot confuse human beings with animals.”

Commerce can circulate freely but people cannot, he said, calling for an end to embargoes such as the one against Cuba put in place by the United States.

The new alliance would also help to conserve the environment, t…

Newsy News: Reporter whistleblows on CNN censoring war crime

Multisource political news,world news, and entertainment news analysis by

Join the Caravan and Support Navajo Resisters at Black Mesa

Join the Caravan in Support of Indigenous Communities Resisting Massive Coal Mining Operations on Their Ancestral Homelands of Big Mountain & Black Mesa, Arizona
November 20-27, 2010
Photo Sierra Club: Black Mesa protesters
These Front-Line Resistance
Communities, in their Struggle for Life, Land, & Future Generations, Have Always Maintained That Their Struggle Is For Our Collective Survival.
May They Be Supported Now and Always!
Greetings from Black Mesa Indigenous Support,
We are excited to extend the invitation from Dineh resisters of the Black Mesa region to join BMIS's caravan to support their ongoing struggle. On behalf of their peoples, their sacred ancestral lands and future generations, the Dine' and also Hopi communities continue a 36 year long struggle against the US Governments forced relocation efforts, Peabody Coal's financial interests, and an unsustainable fossil fuel based economy. They continue trying to halt and repair the devastating impacts of colon…

Reflections of Injustice: Haudenosaunee Lacrosse

Reflections of Injustice
Artwork and comments by Mohawk artist Tracy Thomas
PHOTO: This is Everson Museum pic of my new mirror painting titled "Reflections of Injustice" my statement on what happened to the Iroquois Nationals this summer.This my statement on what happened to the Iroquois Nationals in July of 2010:
It was a sad feeling, that the team didn't get to go the World Lacrosse Games.
But to us they're heroes of what are ancestors fought for ... our survival, that
is why we are still here today. They instilled pride into our children, and that
they can never take away. Our sovereignty, meant more than a trophy, it was a great day for all indigenous peoples, that we showed the World, who we are, The Haudenosaunee-People of the Longhouse.

Also thanks to Mike Greenlar for letting me use his photograph, to make
this picture, for the exhibition. --Tracy Thomas

Native Voice TV: Defending Sacred Sites with Wounded Knee

NATIVE VOICE TV on the web: Cihuapilli Rose Amador talks with activist Wounded Knee De Ocampo and Native Voice TV, still photographer,Cipactzin David Romero about the desecration of sacred sites on Native lands around Turtle Island

ALL NATIVE VOICE TV SHOWS CAN NOW BE SEEN streaming live on SATURDAYS AT 4:00pm P.S.T. and MONDAYS at 8:00pm@

Steve Macias is one of the original founding members of the Santa Clara Vanguard Drum and Bugle Corps, a bass player, former jet dragster driver turned associate producer, director and editor for Native Voice TV in San Jose, California. We're trying to meet and help promote Indigenous people from the music, movie and entertainment industries as well as artists and craftsmen of Native art. We also keep the Native community up to date with local and national political issues that affect the Native community and interview guests who are active and involved with the issues of today.

Serious Risk: Navajo Nation Water Rights

Article and photo by Calvin Johnson, Navajo, Leupp, Arizona

For the past few years, The Navajo Nation Government has been working on the Arizona Water Settlement for the Little Colorado River and the Lower Basin of the main stem Colorado River .

Recently, Council Delegates and local leaders have been pushing for voters to approve resolutions in support of this settlement.

On September 17, 2010 Speaker Lawrence T. Morgan announced a Special Session, set for September 29, 2010 at the Navajo Nation Council Chambers. The session is to start at 10 a.m. (DST) with water rights settlement as an action item listed under new business. The agenda lists Council Delegate George Arthur (T'iistoh Bikaad/San Juan/Nenanezad), the current chairman of the Resources Committee, as the sponsor of Legislation No. 0422-10 “Northeastern Arizona Indian Water Rights Se…

Reporter: CNN Censored US War Crime in Iraq

Reporter: CNN Refused to Air Footage of US War Crime in Iraq
Democracy Now
A prominent Australian war correspondent has revealed the news giant CNN refused to air footage of an apparent war crime by US troops in Iraq. In an interview with the Australian network ABC, Michael Ware says he witnessed a US soldier fatally shooting an Iraqi teenager in the back of the head. The boy then lay dying for twenty minutes. Ware says CNN decided the footage was too graphic for broadcast. He’s been unable to release it because CNN owns the tapes.

Evo Morales and Palestinian Authorities in New York: The Right to Water

By Brenda Norrell
Censored News

Bolivian President Evo Morales and Palestinian Authorities will speak in New York on Wednesday, on "The Right to Water for Occupied Palestine," as President Morales presses the nations of the world to guarantee the right to water for humanity.

The right to water is one of the fundamental rights stated in the declarations produced by those attending the World Peoples' Conference on Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth in Cochabamba, Bolivia, in April. Of the 35,000 people attending, the majority were Indigenous Peoples.

President Morales has carried those concepts to the United Nations, as the governments of the world prepare to negotiate at the UN Climate Conference in Cancun, Nov. 29—Dec. 10.

President Morales announced today that he would join high-level Palestinian Authorities in New York to speak on the Right to Water, while in New York for the General Assembly of the United Nations.

Continuing to s…

Coopted by Homeland Security: Native Americans call for boycott of the University of Arizona

The University of Arizona in Tucson is funded and coopted by Homeland Security as abuse of Indigenous Peoples continues at the border

By Brenda Norrell
Censored News

TUCSON -- Native Americans are calling for a boycott of the University of Arizona for profiteering at the border, as the university continues to be funded and coopted by Homeland Security. The University of Arizona's most recent cash from the militarization of the border comes in the form of $500,000 to evaluate the effectiveness of Border Patrol checkpoints and their impact on nearby communities.
Native Americans say the US military, federal agents and US spy operations have no place on university campuses.
The University of Arizona's National Center for Border Security and Immigration opened in September of 2008 with funding from the Department of Homeland Security. The operation is co-led by the UA and the University of Texas-El Paso, which will also get $500,000 to study checkpoint…

Jack Storms Photos: John T. Williams March to Seattle City Hall

Photos copyright Jack Storms, published with permission. March to Seattle City Hall to demand justice in the shooting death of BC carver John T. Williams, shot to death by a Seattle police officer. Williams was deaf in one ear and carrying a carving knife.
News articles:

Tea Baggers in Indian Country

In the cloak of hate, the Tea Party sanitizes racism with deception
By Brenda Norrell
Censored News
It seems unlikely that the rightwing Tea Party would be seeking converts in Indian country, but that's what is happening in Montana and South Dakota. In Arizona, heavily-armed Tea Party style hunters are stalking human beings on the Arizona border.
This week, I posted this comment and question, "The Tea baggers, as they are called, are edging their way into Indian country. Any sightings?"
The first confirmation came by way of a link to Wanbli's Indigenous Rights Movement Blog Talk Radio show, about the 'Lakota Tea Party.'
As the questions rolled in about the Tea Party, I added this on Facebook, "The rhetoric is of course racist. Although many people are not happy with some, or many, of Obama's decisions, the Tea Party rhetoric of…

Secret negotiations released on Navajo water rights settlement

Secret negotiations released on Navajo water rights settlement

Navajos are urged to attend the Navajo Nation Council special session on Sept. 29, and persuade the council delegates to vote 'No' to this giveaway of Navajo water rights, which has been negotiated in secret.

Censored News
Photo by Calvin Johnson

Briefing on the Navajo Nation’s Proposed Little Colorado River Water Rights Settlement Agreement


The proposed Little Colorado River Water Rights Settlement Agreement gives away, waives, does not protect, and does not claim the Navajo People’s and Navajo Nation’s priority rights to all waters that fall on, run by or through, or are under the land surface between the Four Sacred Mountains. The proposed Settlement waives, gives away and does not claim --

· Navajo priority water rights -- “first in time, first in right”;
· Navajo water rights established by the Winter’s Supreme Court Doctrine to enough water to serve all purposes for which th…