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Longest Walk II, Alcatraz to DC in 2008

LONGEST WALK II, 30 Year Commemorative

Frequently Asked Questions:
What is the Longest Walk?

The Longest Walk II – 30 Year Commemorative will depart from Alcatraz Island February 11, 2008 arriving in Washington, D.C. on July 11, 2008. The Longest Walk Commemorative will travel 5 months through 11 states including California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia and Washington, D.C.
Why are you walking?
We take up this task to walk in a manner befitting our nations. We shall walk for the Seventh Generation, for peace, for justice, for healing of Mother Earth, for the healing of our people suffering from diabetes, heart conditions, alcoholism, drug addiction, and other diseases. We walk with the message: All Life is Sacred, Save Mother Earth.
Who can walk?
The Longest Walk is open to adults of all nations and cultures. We request (not require) that you fill out a Walker Registration and Waiver Form (a…

Michael Moore, making 'em squirm with Sicko

By Brenda Norrell

TUCSON -- Michael Moore's "Sicko" riveted moviegoers here, who applauded Moore's exposure of the broken health care system in the U.S. and the advantages of free health care in Canada, England, France and Cuba.
There were cheers for Moore for revealing how insurance denials for health care result in death. But in Sicko, the most provocative indictment of the U.S. health care system comes as Moore demonstrates, step by step, how alleged terrorists in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, are receiving better health care than the EMTs and those recovering human remains at the Towers in New York, after Sept. 11, 2001.
An entire second film could be made about the sinister lobbying of Congress and funding of presidential candidates by the pharmaceutical companies. The profiteering pushes up your cost for medicine and places you in danger because of favoritism.
In Tucson, nurses and health care providers came out by the dozens at El Con The…

Canada: Protests and blockades

Canada: National Day of Action, see breaking news on protests at Google:

JUNE 29 DAY OF PROTEST Mohawk Nation News

9:00 am. Discussions with Shawn Brant to open up Number 2 to Marysville. Little Mouselini Fantino said he has a present for Shawn Brant that he wants to give him within the hour. The OPP closed the TransCanada Highway 401. The CN CP rail were closed by the rail companies. They put up the blockades. Are they turning Indian? At any rate, now we know how to close down the colonial operation. We just have to say we’re g0ing to do it and they do it themselves. Shawn Brant said, “We have been pre-empted by CN”.

Maybe the situation isn’t so funny after all.

A Kanehsatake Mohawk saw an armed Canadian Naval Frigate docked in Montreal port as of Wednesday, June 28th. What a coincidence!
Or what? Good thing they didn’t see him. They might have shot him like Champlain shot the first Mohawks he saw.


Arizona border: In the shadow of the spy tower

By Brenda Norrell

My friends and I drove out to one of the new spy towers that isn't working along the U.S./Mexico border.
All along the border, people are outraged that their right to privacy has been violated, as new spy towers are up, with cameras ready to capture their every move.
Border residents are scrambling to look for a draft environmental impact statement, if one exists, and information on how the microwaves will damage their health. They want to know how the radar will harm bats and other creatures that pollinate the delicate ecosystem of the desert.
The Secure Border Initiative, Project 28, is turning into one of the U.S. government's grandest fiasco's. And there's lots of competition there.
Suddenly, without Arizona land owners having an opportunity to comment, these spy cameras are ready to view everyone in the privacy of their backyards and backseats.
The U.S. contractor, Boeing, was able to keep one fact a secret along the border. The firm that is working wi…

Waiting for the rains

By Brenda Norrell

TUCSON -- This is the worst time of year, the heat is insufferable. After 15 minutes of walking in this 107 degrees baking-oven, I run into an ice-cold cafe for an ice-cold green tea.
What makes it worse this year, is most people can't afford to run their air conditioners at home, or own a car with air conditioning.
This is the hardest time of year here, when there is no relief from the sun, the time before the monsoon rains.
Then, I remember all those people headed north from Mexico, Guatemala and the south. Their families are hungry or a wife or child is sick and there is no medicine. They walk in this torturous heat and risk dieing in the baking desert.
Many do not make it. Their bodies are found out there, beneath mesquite trees or on the dry-baked earth. Many have died of heat exposure or dehydration. Some have been shot, others have been raped and shot.
The heat, and those images, are difficult to convey in words.
Photographer Mi…

Authentic journalism, beyond money and even glory

By Brenda Norrell

There are a handful of heroes writing authentic journalism with courage and boldness, including Al Giordano at Narco News. Narco News exposes the fraudulent "war on drugs," while covering the Americas, including extensive coverage of the Zapatistas.

Giordano recently turned down an award from Project Censored, pointing out that the book publishing company would be making big bucks off the story. Giordano's work is a labor of love and passion. Like most authentic journalists, he works for little pay.

Other journalists, like myself, came kicking and screaming to the use of blogs to write authentic journalism. It was only after getting fired twice by a leading national Indian newspaper, where I served as a staff writer, that I realized that the only way to do it, is to do it myself. (I have no sponsors and receive no pay for this blog.)

When I saw an article I wrote today on the website of Indian Country Today -- the newspaper…

Boeing/Israeli spy towers aren't working at Arizona border

Israel's 'Apartheid Wall' model for Arizona/Mexico spy wall

By Brenda Norrell
U.N. OBSERVER & International Report

ARIVACA, Ariz. – The Israeli's "Apartheid Wall" is the model for the new spy towers at the U.S. Mexico border, which are not working. The U.S. border hysteria is resulting in billion-dollar contracts for Bush-friendly corporations violating human rights at the border.
The new spy towers built by Boeing and the Israeli’s Elbit System are now being called “Arizona’s Apartheid Spy Fence.” The startup of the spy network was delayed in June, because of radar problems.
Boeing is already the subject of an ACLU lawsuit for the torture flights to secret prisons of its subsidiary Jeppesen Dataplan. Now, Boeing is under scrutiny for joining the Israel company Elbit to build a border spy network here. Elbit is building the Apartheid Wall in occupied Palestine.
Southern Arizona residents are wondering if the new virtual spy fence’s radar problems are related to…

APARTHEID BORDER: Israeli/Boeing-built Arizona spy fence doesn't work


Call out the National Guard! Ruby bats on the prowl, might need a new billion-dollar 'bat contract' for bat mercenaries
This article is updated at:

Remembering Sunshine, murdered Lakota woman special spirit

PHOTOS: (Top) On Wednesday, June 20 at sunset, Lillian "Sunshine" Wright, Rosebud Sioux, was remembered by (L) Connie Laven of the Rosebud Sioux Nation and Sunshine's sister, Sylvia Konop, who flew here from Alaska. (Second photo) Preyin' Eagle drummers from Phoenix and Elliott Gover & Sons, Pumpkin Vine of the Pawnee Tribe, honored her with the drum and songs. (Third) Attorney Robert Lundquist tearfully remembers Sunshine. (Below) Attorney Robert Lundquist holds the sweetgrass she gave him as he calls out to her in Lakota. Photos by Brenda Norrell. (Below: Photo of Sunshine Wright by Primavera Foundation)

Remembering Sunshine, murdered Lakota woman special spirit
By Brenda Norrell TUCSON -- At the end of a scorching day, with a gentle breeze at sunset, the people of Tucson came from every walk of life to a downtown park to honor a special soul that touched the lives of so many in her life and death.
Lillian Ruth Wright, known as Suns…

Gila River: Victory to shut down hazardous waste facility

In an enormous victory for the Gila River Indian Community and the tribal member group Gila River Alliance for a Clean Environment, Greenaction for Health and Environmental Justice, Youth United for Community Action and other allies, the Gila River Tribal Council this morning voted unanimously 14-0 to reject the proposed US EPA permit for the Romic hazardous waste plant that had operated for decades without proper permits and with a reckless track record on tribal lands. Tribal members, with the support of Greenaction and YUCA, educated the tribal council and community and today the tribal council took a historic stand to protect tribal members, tribal lands and their neighbors. We will now demand US EPA immediately respect this decision, and the law, and deny Romic’s permit. Tribal members and Greenaction will then work to shut down any remaining parts of Romic’s operations at Gila River . Here is the first wire service story on the vote!
--Bradley Angel, Greenaction

Gila River votes …

Mohawks: Canada prepares to arrest Natives on June 29, 2007



By Kahentinetha Horn
Mohawk Nation News
Jun 20, 2007

Phil Fontaine is the hired Fascist who is doing what any “quisling” does. He works in cooperation with the occupying forces and leads them to kill or capture the resisters. Is there a coup in the works? The three largest police forces in Canada are working together. All three have been investigated recently for corruption and criminality – where heads rolled. They’re all looking for something to take public attention off their misdeeds. The new heads appear to be mostly handpicked by the oligarchy. Now they’re setting a trap to arrest the only people who dare to resist their goose stepping march toward totalitarianism, the Indigenous people. June 29th is being planned and financed by the Canadian government at the behest of their “masters”. This is a “set up” to create a situation to justify the declaring of m…

International coverage of O'odham graves dug up at border construction

O'odham: Ancestors' remains unlawfully excavated at border
U.N. OBSERVER & International Report

Mohawks: Red-X is a Wanted Man


By Kahentinetha Horn
Mohawk Nation News
June 19, 2007.

It’s really one of those open “John Doe” warrants for the “some-crime-has-to-fit-every-native” mentality that has always pervaded the colonial enterprise. Today Phil Fontaine of the AFN, the RCMP, OPP and SQ are setting a vicious “trap” for us Indigenous people who are challenging Canada Inc.’s lack of jurisdiction over us and our land. It’s set to spring on June 29th. The trap might spring back on them. You can be sure they won’t take their sights off us or stop scoping us with their high tech weapons.

The charge against the Red-X is “sageocity” and “infamocity”. It must be some sort of treason or something. He has certainly given out the most sageous messages ever yet seen in the universe, straight from the Third Dimension.

The “infamocity” is obvious. It comes from his pretentious demarginalization. He is accused of i…

Mohawks: Indigenous Sage Red-X

Mohawk Nation News
June 18, 2007.

When Red-X mounted his silver eagle to return to the West where the sun never sleeps, he stopped in the mountains for a moment and gave a sageous message to a Mohawk known as “Bro’Hawk”. After he dismounted, he gave this message from the “Third Dimension”.The Red-X stroked his chin under his black beaded hood once again. He pulled his glasses down just enough to see his eye lashes, but not his pupils. He said simply, “Do what your mind tells you has to be done”, referring to the day of protest on June 29th or July 1st ,or July 4th, or whatever.Red-X continued his sageosity and said, “In this world there are only two things we can do as a people. We can either rebel as warriors in righteous war against colonialism on our homelands, or we can repent as a conditioned colonized assimilated good Indian”.Bro’Hawk asked the Red-X what he himself would do on such a day. Red-X answered, “I will implicitly confer with the timetable of the prophecies and will cons…

Coyote Smoke: Sithe/Desert Rock twisting hearings

Sarah J. White, Diné CARE (505) 860-9877
Lori Goodman, Diné CARE (970) 759-1908
Anna Frazier, Diné CARE (928) 380-7697

Sithe/DPA changes Desert Rock DEIS hearings, misleads the Public

Sithe/DPA, in collusion with the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA), are intentionally misinforming the public on the Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) hearings after they widely publicized the June 18th-22nd DEIS hearings for a full month. Their announcements appeared in all local newspapers, Sithe Global’s website, and local radio stations. A little after midnight on June 15th, new dates about DEIS hearings were placed only on Sithe Global’s website without the knowledge of the general public. There is still no effort made on their behalf to correct the announcement of the June 18th-22nd Public Hearings. …

Native poets, dancing wordsmiths

Sherwin Bitsui, Laura Tohe and Joy Harjo were among the featured poets at the Native Voices Symposium at the University of Arizona. The leading Native poets in the Americas read from new and published works, laughed together and challenged the publishing industry. Watch for the series on the voices and issues in upcoming issues of Navajo Times, including poets Rex Lee Jim, Simon Ortiz and Ofelia Zepeda. (Photo Brenda Norrell)

O'odham: Ancestors' remains unlawfully excavated at border

Tohono O'odham said the graves of their ancestors were dug up and their remains removed by non-O'odham at border vehicle barrier construction site Margaret Garcia cried and asked, “Why do these non-O’odham continue to mistreat us? We are humans, we do not go to their [Anglo] graves and dig them up and put them in boxes.”

Statement from the Elders of Ali Jegk Community of the Tohono O’odham Nation

ALI JEGK, Ariz. -- We Demand the Return of Human Remains Unearthed During a Recent Desecration of a Sacred Burial Ground On May 17th and May 21st of 2007 the remains of at least three humans were unearthed during the construction of a border zone “Vehicle Barrier” wall.

These remains were found buried near the International Border, inside of Tohono O’odham Nation lands in Arizona. The unearthed people are the direct ancestors of five families living in the Ali Jegk community of the Tohono O’odham Nation.

The remains are currently in the possession of the tribal government’s cultural author…

Dakota Region: America's Secret Chernobyl

by Brenda Norrell

The pick of the most censored issues today comes by way of First Voices Indigenous Radio in New York. It is titled, "America's Secret Chernobyl." The Defenders of the Black Hills tell of uranium mining and nuclear pollution in North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming and Montana.

Uranium mining in South Dakota was one of the great concerns of the late Anna Mae Aquash before her death. Anna Mae's body was discovered in the Badlands, S.D., on Feb. 24, 1976.

Even in the past two years, the subject of uranium mining was censored in Indian country. The issue of uranium mining in South Dakota was deleted from an article I wrote after an interview with Cree singer and icon Buffy Sainte Marie.

The original article -- censored for 7 years -- included Buffy's comments on how she was blacklisted by President Johnson for her anti-war song, "Universal Soldier." Buffy's records and her livelihood temporarily vanished. Although much of the article written…

MOHAWKS: Ready for rail blockade on June 29



Mohawk Nation News
June 12, 2007

Ottawa is asking Phil Fontaine, the Walkie-Talkie Wizard of the AFN [Assembly of First Nations] to order us to stop expressing ourselves on June 29th and go back into our hole. The Red-X asked, “Is [Prime Minister] Steve Harper responsible for wiping every Canadian’s butt? Is George Bush at fault for every American’s stupidity?” Phil’s not our leader. He’s theirs. We don’t pay him. They do. This double talk is so annoying.The Red-X arrived on his silver eagle from the west where the sun never sleeps, to look over our vast great expanse of Indigenous territory, now scarred and polluted by centuries of cruel occupation. MNN was so lucky to catch him for this short interview. Here are a few of his words of wisdom.Red-X said, “What’s this ota [crap] about appointing “neutral” mediators on land claims? If…