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HAWAII: 28 Protectors Arrested Protecting Burial Grounds




'Climate Emergency: Shutting Down DC' Livestreams by Unicorn Riot


By Unicorn Riot Friday, Sept. 27, 2019 Censored News
TODAY: After Monday's #ShutDownDC protests that blocked traffic in the USA's capital, climate activists are again taking to the streets. A march during rush hour on Friday morning is targeting banks and institutions that support the fossil fuel companies causing climate change.…/climate-protesters-take-dc-str…/
BLACK SNAKE KILLAZ: One of the locked-down protesters at Monday's #ShutdownDC climate protests wore a Black Snake Killaz shirt. BSK is our documentary that explores actions taken by Water Protectors to stop the oncoming Dakota Access pipeline and highlights actions taken by law enforcement, military & corporate mercenaries to quell #NoDAPL occupation/protests.
Watch the full doc:
SHUTTING DOWN THE STREETS: On September 23, 2019, the #ShutDownDC day of action disrupted business in the nation's capitol, in solidarity with the youth clim…

TODAY! Illinois Strike to Halt Dakota Access Pipeline Doubling Sept. 27, 2019


Illinois Strike to Halt Dakota Access Pipeline Doubling
Come strike and march with us to demand that Governor Pritzker declare a climate emergency in Illinois, ban fracking in Illinois, and halt the doubling of the Dakota Access pipeline.

Appalachians Against Pipelines: Raging Granny Locks Down, Arrested

Appalachians Against Pipelines: Raging Granny Locks Down, Arrested

Appalachians Against Pipelines
Censored News

Duff Benjamin — a 75-year old grandmother, midwife, and self-identified “raging granny” — has been arrested after blocking Mountain Valley Pipeline work on Cove Hollow Rd for 5 hours this morning.

“The problem with pipelines is they always leak,” stated Duff. “What they leak are toxins into the land, water, and air.”

This site is just minutes down the road from the ongoing Yellow Finch tree sit blockade, where 2 tree sits have been standing strong in the path of the pipeline for 388 days and counting.

Best of Censored News: Provocative and Relentless Voices from the Ground

By Brenda Norrell
Censored News

As we begin our 14th year at Censored News, we share with you some of the most extraordinary news that has come our way. It is good to go through these old stories, because not only are the details often forgotten, but so is the perspective, a way of seeing the world. Here are a few highlights from Censored News.

Sihasin's 'Fight Like a Woman' nominated for five Native American Music Awards


Berta Benally
Tacoho Productions
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The multi-talented Navajo Rock/pop/world musical duo Sihasin has just been nominated for 5 catagories in the Native American Music Awards (NAMA.)

The Native American Music Awards Gala will be held November 2, 2019, at the Seneca Niagra Hotel Casino and Resort in Buffalo, New York. Sihasin is nominated for Group/Duo of the Year, Song of the year 'Shine,' Best Rock Album 'Fight Like A Woman,' Producer of the year, The Legendary Ed Stasium, and Best Music Video Narrative 'Strong Together.' Sihasin's sophomore album produced by Ed Stasium, 'Fight Like a Woman,' has already garnered 2 Global Music Awards for Best Album and Best Video for 'Strong Together.' Sihasin's premier album, “Never Surrender,” also won the Group Of the Year for the NAMA awards a…

Israeli Elbit Spy Towers Protested in Minnesota

Unicorn Riot reports from Minnesota, where the Israeli defense contractor Elbit Systems is being protested. Elbit currently has a contract to build spy towers, integrated fixed towers, in remote communities on the Tohono O'odham Nation, where O'odham women and elderly are already constantly threatened and harassed by the U.S. Border Patrol. Censored News exposed the first maps and secret meetings about these spy towers on the Tohono O'odham Nation. Gu Vo District continues to oppose these Israeli spy towers on O'odham land.

-- Censored News

Minnesotans Escalate Calls to Divest from “Virtual Border Wall” Company Elbit By Jenn Schreiter, Unicorn Riot
September 25, 2019

St. Paul, MN – Local organizers have accused the state of Minnesota of “funding the wall” between both the Mexico-USA border and further between Palestine and Israel. Anti-war and migrant justice activists turned up the pressure…

Mohawk Nation News: Dressing Up Like An 'Indian'

DRESSING UP LIKE AN “INDIAN”Posted on September 25, 2019

Please post and distribute. MNN. SEPT. 24, 2019. We natives dress ‘white’ because we can’t afford those beautiful expensive native ‘costumes’. When we do have one, we get invited to parties to pose for photos with politicians, at supermarket openings and with kids in daycares.   Read article at Mohawk Nation News:

Mauna Kea: A society of love, compassion and justice is worth protecting

Mauna Kea: A society of love, compassion and justice is worth protecting

'Science without ethics is our worst nightmare'

An article by one of our Mauna Healers Aunty Gwen Kim who is also one of the frontline Kia’i who sat in the Kupuna line on the day of the Kupuna arrests.

Kepakemapa 23, 2019

Mauna Medic Healers

By Gwen Kim

Seeing so many negative letters about Thirty Meter Telescope protectors, I felt moved to share my personal experience.

As a 76-year-old full-blooded kama‘aina Korean, I was among those frontline kupuna who on the first day volunteered to block the construction of TMT. As an ally and supporter, I have been wrapped with love respect and honor for our stand.

Mohawk Nation News 'Weather Wars'

WEATHER WARSPosted on September 23, 2019

MNN. SEPT. 23, 2019. Climate change is happening because the multinational corporations are deliberately destroying the world by poisoning the waters, trees and the people. The UN and global Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030 are drafted to eventually establish the taxing of every breath we take, disguised as a carbon tax. Read article at Mohawk Nation News

Support O'odham VOICE against the WALL

Sep 23 at 3:16 PM
Help Support the O'odham VOICE against the WALLO'odham VOICE Against The WALL has actively been working on O'odham Rights and Human Rights since 2003. We are a small group representing Elders and ceremony people.

September 2019: A New Critical Threat Has Occurred Impacting Sacred Places on O'odham Land in the US and Mexico.

We are in need of travel and food funds immediately. 

There are important meetings that must take place and we must ensure the community leaders are able to attend.  The safety of the Elders is a priority. Please know it is highly important that group representatives must travel across the border region.

Many of you have been involved with providing solidarity for over a decade. With your help, we stopped the toxic dump that was to be built near the O'odham sacred site of Quitovac in Sonora Mexico back in 2008.

Here are two links to remember that victory:
Temporary Victory:  Toxic Dump Haulted (For Now)Traditional O'odham and…

Arizona -- Big ugly Apartheid border wall destroys habitat of endangered species, violates all laws

There has been a lot of confusion in the media and on FB about which sections of the wall are being built and which sections are on hold. Please note: Wall construction is moving ahead on the south border of Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument (an International Biosphere Reserve) as this recent photo shows. It is big and it is ugly in every way possible. Please call your Representatives and ask that they stop wall construction immediately before any more irreparable damage is done. -- Arizona border resident

Thank you to the Arizona border residents who share their photos and comments with Censored News. Photos copyrighted by photographer.

Zapatistas: 'Second International Meeting of Women Who Fight' Dec. 26 -- 29, 2019



Spanish and translations

To women who fight around the world:

Sister, partner, woman who fights:

We greet you as women that we are, as indigenous and as Zapatistas.

You may remember that in the First Meeting we made an agreement that we have to be alive. But of course we see that it follows the killing and disappearance of women. Of all ages and all social conditions. They kill us and disappear because we are women. And, in addition, they still tell us that it is our fault, that why we dress as we dress, why we walk where we walk, why at such times in such places. And then, in the bad governments there is no lack who, man or woman, who goes out with stupidity that tells us that then we should no longer leave. According to that thought, then women should always be locked in their homes, they shouldn't go out, they shouldn't study, they shouldn't work,…

PARIS: Solidarity with Native Americans Events Oct. 2019


Federal Judge Blocks 'Riot Boosting' Laws in South Dakota

Federal judge halts unconstitutional new laws targeting pipeline protests against Keystone XL

When a federal judge blocked the unconstitutional 'riot boosting' laws in South Dakota, he said that "Martin Luther King Jr. would have been liable for 'riot boosting' under South Dakota's law for writing his 'Letter from Birmingham Jail," the ACLU of South Dakota said. Martin Luther King called for non-violent direct action in this letter. "The purpose of our direct-action program is to create a situation so crisis packed that it will inevitably open the door to negotiation," Martin Luther King wrote.
By Brenda Norrell
Censored News

A federal judge on Wednesday temporarily blocked enforcement of the "riot boosting" laws in South Dakota laws, unconstitutional laws designed to stop protests against the Keystone XL pipeline.
Rosebud Sioux Tribal President Rodney M. Bordeaux praised the decision handed down on Wednesday, pointing out that freedom…

Transfer of Public Lands for Border Wall is An Outrage, Unlawful

Wednesday, September 18, 2019
Contact: Courtney Bourgoin,

STATEMENT: Transfer of Public Lands for Border Wall is An Outrage, Unlawful

Washington, DC-- Today, Secretary of the Interior David Bernhardt announced the Trump administration will transfer over 560 acres of public lands to the Army to build roughly 70 miles of border barriers. The acreage includes public and desert lands in Arizona, California and New Mexico, including areas immediately south of Cabeza Prieta National Wildlife Refuge in Arizona and Otay Mountain Wilderness in California. 

The land transfer is a result of Trump’s national emergency declaration and waiving of virtually all environmental and cultural protection laws at the border for wall construction. Trump will use $3.6 billion of the military’s budget for these portions of the wall-- cutting over 125 projects that benefit military families and readiness. The Sierra Club, American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and Southern Border Co…

Best of Censored News 'Chasing off Lewis and Clark Pretenders'

The Lewis and Clark re-enactors offered an offensive tomahawk pipe to the group of resistors who refused to smoke it.  Strong words were made by tribal leaders Alex White Plume, Floyd Hand, Carter Camp, Alfred Bone Shirt, Russell Means and Vic Camp who advised the Lewis and Clark re-enactors that they were perpetuating the lies of American history.

Lewis and Clark opened the door to the holocaust of the West

By Brenda Norrell UN Observer and International Report

CHAMBERLAIN, S.D. (Sept. 18, 2004) -- The American lie of Lewis and