Indigenous Peoples and Human Rights

July 24, 2023

Donate to Censored News: Reader Supported News

Please Donate for Laptop and Audio Equipment
Censored News is reader-supported news, with no ads, salaries, or revenues, and depends on reader donations to keep going. We are in our 18th year, with more than 22 million page views. Currently, we are in need of a new laptop and audio equipment.
Thank you, Brenda

Censored News was created in 2006 after I was censored, and then terminated, as a longtime staff reporter for the newspaper Indian Country Today. Today, Censored News is a collective of writers, photographers, broadcasters and translators who work without pay.
We are independent and are not affiliated with Project Censored, or any website or non-profit.
Censored News was created to reveal what was being censored in Indian country.

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