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Saturday, September 25, 2021

Sami in Far North Welcome Zapatistas on 'Journey for Life'

Photo courtesy Colectivo Armadillo

Indigenous Sami women greet Zapatistas in Lapland, Sami ancestral territory occupied by Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia. They were welcomed on the Kola Peninsula. Twitter photo.

By Brenda Norrell
Censored News

Indigenous Sami women in the far north welcomed delegates from the Zapatistas Journey for Life, which arrived earlier in Vienna, Austria.

Colectivo Armadillo said, "The Sami coordination has been sharing experiences with the Zapatista delegation about the Sami way of life: Who the Sami people are and where they are heading as an indigenous group in northern Europe."

"They shared aspects about what kind of fish is used for human consumption traditionally. They also talked about the environmental impact on the rivers that have reduced the quantity and quality of fish."

Photo courtesy Colectivo Armadillo

"They have been facing the invasive species that were introduced in the Russian side in the 60's and 70's. Climate change has also allowed those species to reproduce more quickly affecting the endemic species provoking a drastic reduction in their population."

Photo courtesy Colectivo Armadillo

"There have been initially restrictions imposed to the Sami people about fishing, but nowadays it is forbidden, although more tourists are coming to the area to do fishing."

"They also shared an amazing landscape, talked about the local flora, while walking along the riverbanks, and making juice from berries collected during the day."

Photo courtesy Colectivo Armadillo

Sami women extending welcome and solidarity in August.

(Above) In August, Sami women extended their welcome and solidarity. "Solidarity greeting from the Sámi territory on August 13," said Aili Keskitalo (President of the Sámi Parliament) and Eva Maria Fjellheim (member of the Sámi co-ordination for the Journey for Life."

Sami women welcome Zapatistas in Lapland, their ancestral territory occupied by Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia. They were welcomed on the Kola Peninsula.
Listen to the song of support, welcoming the Zapatistas to the land of the Sami. Here's the greeting from Sápmi where the Zapatista delegation is visiting right now.

Zapatistas welcomed to far north Sami ancestral land.

Sami women joined Water Protectors defending the sacred water and land in Standing Rock in October of 2016.

Above -- Sami Women at Standing Rock, Oct. 2016. Watch video of the Sami women's song:

Colectivo Armadillo:

La coordinación Sami ha estado compartiendo experiencias con la delegación zapatista sobre el modo de vida Sami: quienes son y a donde se dirigen como grupo indígena del norte de Europa. Compartieron aspectos sobre la pesca tradicional y el tipo de peces que se consume. También se habló sobre el impacto ambiental de las granjas de peces que han traído al territorio Sápmi especies invasoras desde el lado ruso entre los años 60’s y 70’s. El cambio climático ha permitido a esas especies reproducirse más rápidamente afectando a las especies endémicas y una drástica reducción de sus poblaciones. Inicialmente hubieron restricciones de pesca, pero ahora la pesca está completamente prohibida, aunque más y más turistas llegan a la zona a practicar la pesca ilegal. También compartieron sus maravillosos paisajes, hablaron sobre la flora local, mientras caminaban a la margen de los ríos y hacían jugo de las bayas colectadas.

Friday, September 24, 2021

Mohawk Nation News 'Ground Hog Day!'


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Mohawk Nation News

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Listen to audio at MNN:

Sep. 24, 2021. The totally absurd election was the same meaningless exercise over and over again. If you missed it, it’ll come again in 4, 5 years or before. Nothing happened.  Canadien occupiers will try to maintain corporate power on turtle island. If native issues are ever discussed truthfully, it will end the whole corporate system.

Thursday, September 23, 2021

Censored News: Voicing Truth as Major Media Collapses into Deception and Public Relations Spin

Klee Benally, Dine'

Klee Benally speaks out as a truth teller. Meanwhile, secrets are exposed about non-profits in Indian country; virus relief spending on the Navajo Nation; and unanswered questions about Johns Hopkins medical researchers on the Navajo Nation. U.S. Thousands of U.S. Border Patrol agents test positive for coronavirus, fail to inform those exposed.

By Brenda Norrell
Censored News

On Native America Calling, Dine' Klee Benally talks about the 'trading post mentality' and appropriation. Klee shares the Zapatista way of being, "Everything for everyone," and anti-capitalism. Klee also remembers the Dine' elders lost during the pandemic, as libraries lost, and what is needed for all to become healers. Klee describes how we are all connected, and quotes his grandmother who resisted forced relocation, Roberta Blackgoat, who lived by the law of the land.

Zapatistas Support Resistance to Mega Highway in Austria

Zapatistas find and exchange with resistance to a mega highway project in Austria

Posted by: BERNARDO September 21, 2021 in Affected Environmental , Covergencia Free Media , International 

Vienna, September 21, 2021.

On the morning of Saturday, September 18, a Zapatista delegation had for the first time a public meeting with a resistance that, below and to the left, is facing the bad government in this Unruly Lands. It happened in a camp in Lobau, on the outskirts of Vienna, with an impressive infrastructure - with a kitchen, dining rooms, information points and some thirty tents - set up to protect a unique ecosystem in what is one of the great centers of the capitalist hydra that, in its desire for unbridled and infinite growth, swallows mountains, plains, rivers and swamps to replace them with metropolises, cement deserts, agro-industries, mines and a myriad of mega-projects that sow death where there was life before.