Monday, March 18, 2019

Bears Ears runners run with Longest Walk in Utah, photos by Bad Bear 2019

Photos by Western Shoshone Longwalker Carl Bad Bear Sampson.
Bad Bear said of the walkers and runners, "We did 40 miles today."
Longest Walk 2019 was in Scipio, Utah on Sunday, headed for Grand Junction and Pueblo, Colorado

.Below: Runners from the Bears Ears Prayer Run

Sunday, March 17, 2019

TAOS Buck Johnston descends drill rig in ceremony, arrested

Update Monday: Buck was released from jail.

Taos Water Guardian Buck Johnston descended from atop a drilling rig on Sunday and completed his Four Day Ceremony in Prayer. In handcuffs, Buck smoked the Sacred Pipe.
Buck's sister Lyla June Johnston describes how his courageous action was done with love. A crowd cheered as he came down the drilling rig, after he spent four days and nights strapped atop the rig in the cold.
Watch Lyla's video report which includes how Taos aquifers are now threatened:

Lyla writes:

Saturday, March 16, 2019

Taos Water Protector is On Top of Drilling Rig -- and He's Live!

Buck Johnston is on top of a drilling rig near Taos, New Mexico, in defense of the water. Buck is broadcasting live and plans to stay 4 days. Watch:
Update Friday morning -- Buck survived the blizzard Thursday night. His bro, a fellow Warrior, climbed up the drilling rig to bring him a phone charger.
"That's the kind of action I'm trying to inspire," Buck said, a top the drilling rig on ancestral Pueblo land, in the pristine region now known as Taos.
Update Saturday: Buck remains atop the rig, after they cut away his hammock in the cold. Buck remains strapped to the rig in a Four Day Ceremony. Listen to report:
Update Monday: Buck has been released from jail and is with his family.

Walking that lonely road in Utah -- Longest Walk 2019 Photos by Bad Bear

Longest Walk 2019 Photos by Western Shoshone Longwalker Carl Bad Bear Sampson

Please welcome walkers to Utah and Colorado, as they walk across this land for Indigenous rights.
Route schedule:

Mohawk Nation News 'Canada's Card Game'

Mohawk Nation News exposes Canada as fascist dictatorship run by criminal elite. Read article:

Friday, March 15, 2019

Taos Water Guardian Remains Atop Drill Rig

Defending Sacred Water, Protecting the Deep Aquifer

Article by Brenda Norrell
Censored News

Buck Johnston remained on top of a drilling rig near Taos, New Mexico, as a tipi went up on Friday in the prayer camp below him. A fellow Warrior climbed up the rig to bring Buck a cellphone charger and was arrested when he came down Friday.
The rig operator threatened to drop the rig with Buck on it and endanger his life. However, the women intervened and said they would rush the rig if this happened, and negotiated.
As of now, Friday night, Buck is continuing his commitment to remain until Sunday. Follow Buck's live broadcasts from on top the rig:

Photo by Gera Brown

Below: Buck's words

Buck Johnston screen capture Censored News
Top photos via Facebook.