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Protesting Dirty Coal Power Plant Outside Navajo Nation Council Chambers

Protesting dirty coal power plant, Navajo Generating Station, outside Navajo Nation Council Chambers.
The Navajo Nation government wants to keep this dirty coal power plant operating with coal from Peabody Coal mined on Black Mesa. Both drain precious water to produce electricity for Southern Arizona and poison Navajos and everyone in the Grand Canyon region. -- Censored News


Water Protector Dion Ortiz Faces Up To 3 Years in Prison with Plea Agreement

Dion Ortiz Reaches Non-Cooperating Plea Agreement, 1 Charge Dropped –Recommendation of Up to 3 Years
Posted on July 17, 2018l

By Water Protector Legal Collective
Censored News

MANDAN, North Dakota -- Dion Ortiz appeared in federal court in Bismarck on July 17 for a change of plea hearing as per the terms of a non-cooperating agreement with prosecutors.
Water Protector Dion Ortiz (in tie) with attorney and family prior to his change of please hearing in Bismarck on July 17, 2018
Dion had been charged with Civil Disorder and Use of Fire to Commit a Federal Felony Offense, arising from events of October 27, 2016. Under this plea agreement, the second charge – which carries a mandatory minimum sentence of 10 years and the possibility of up to 15 years in prison – will be dropped entirely, and Ortiz will take responsibility for committing civil disorder.
Presiding Judge Daniel L. Hovland accepted the plea agreement by prosecutors and the defense. At the time of sentencing, the prosecutors have agreed to recommend up to three years, while the defense is free to argue for any sentence they wish. The judge has the authority to go as high as five years. This is a non-cooperating agreement relating only to Dion's own actions and does not require any testimony or information about anyone else.
Dion and his legal team were facing monumental challenges including the prospect of trial with a hostile jury pool and the risk of a draconian 10-year prison sentence because of minimum sentencing.
In December of 2016, WPLC brought in an expert to poll the potential jurors to determine the extent of local bias against Water Protectors. The findings were clear: 77% of potential jurors in Morton County and 85% in Burleigh County had already decided that defendants were guilty and many potential jurors have close connections to law enforcement or the oil industry.
Dion is a member of the San Felipe Pueblo in New Mexico; he went to Standing Rock in September 2016 to participate in the prayer camp.
Dion's parents and siblings traveled to Bismarck to be in attendance at today's hearing, which was also attended by LaDonna Brave Bull Allard of the Standing Rock reservation and congregants from the local Unitarian Universalist church who came as "moral witnesses."
At the conclusion of the hearing three U.S. marshals took Dion from the courtroom in Bismarck to the Burleigh-Morton Detention Center to await sentencing. The family gathered with supporters to express their love and support for Dion.
"My son is always helping out people in need; he just puts the sunshine on a cloudy day," said his mother. "He will always be there to help out with anything that is asked of him, he has a big heart and puts others first," his dad added. Dion's sister said that Dion was known in the family "for always making jokes and bringing a smile to their faces," and his little brother described Dion as "a caring person who wants to make everybody happy and warm their hearts."
Information on how to support him during this difficult time is available on his Facebook support page: Justice4Dion.
He is represented by attorneys Robin V. Waters and Thomas Anthony Durkin of the Durkin & Roberts law firm in Chicago, and its pro bono arm, The Rerum Novarum Human and Civil Rights Center of Chicago, who will return to Bismarck for his sentencing hearing, currently scheduled for October 22.
"We think this was a fair resolution under the circumstances, especially in light of the 10-year minimum sentence that would have been imposed if Dion had been convicted of the second charge," Durkin said. "We look forward to being able to present an enormous amount of mitigation at the time of his sentencing hearing."
This agreement comes shortly after the sentencing of another Water Protector with federal charges: Red Fawn Fallis was sentenced to 57 months, to be followed by three years of federal supervision. Rattler (Michael Markus) will be sentenced on September 27. Water Protector Legal Collective is also currently handling 22 state cases that are still open and proceeding to trial, and another six cases being appealed.

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Dine' to Protest Wall Street 'Vulture Capitalists' and Dirty Coal Power Plant -- July 18, 2018

The Navajo Nation government wants to keep this dirty coal fired power plant on the Navajo Nation, the Navajo Generating Station, operating. It has been one of the dirtiest coal fired power plants in the world over the past decade. NGS provides electricity for southern Arizona, while many Navajos go without electricity. NGS uses coal from the nearby Peabody Coal Mine, the primary reason for relocation. Both Peabody Coal and NGS drain the precious aquifer water. -- Censored News

   Dine' to Protest Wall Street 'Vulture Capitalists' and Dirty Coal Power Plant
Wednesday, July 18, 2018

By Lori Goodman, Diné CARE', Carol Davis, Diné CARE', and Percy Deal, Big Mountain Resident
Censored News

Navajo community members gather outside Navajo Council summer session to protest negotiations with Wall Street “vulture capitalists” on NGS

WHAT:    As the Navajo Nation Tribal Council convenes for its summer legislative session, members of the Navajo advocacy group Diné CARE and others will gather outside council chambers in Window Rock to voice their concerns about negotiations between Wall Street hedge fund traders and the Navajo government over continued operation of Navajo Generating Station past its scheduled December 2019 closure date. Navajo community members will “air the dirty laundry” of what will happen if Avenue Capital follows through to buy the plant, which is losing hundreds of millions of dollars annually.

WHY: The closure of NGS in less than two years is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the Navajo Nation to move beyond 50 years of forced economic dependence on coal and toward a sustainable clean energy future. The purchase of the plant by Wall Street speculators – led by tycoon Marc Lasry – threatens to block that path. Lasry’s firm, Avenue Capital, specializes in scooping up “distressed” assets and squeezing profits from them for short-term gains. Navajo communities and leaders need to understand the significant losses that will befall the tribe if a predatory Wall Street hedge fund takes over at NGS.

WHO:  Members of Diné CARE and Navajo communities impacted by almost five decades of colonized dependence on coal

WHEN:  Wednesday, July 18, 2018, from 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Navajo Time (MDT)

WHERE: Outside the east entrance of Navajo Nation Council Chambers in Window Rock

VISUALS: Advocates will air the “dirty laundry” of NGS, with posters on topics such as: the harm the power plant and Kayenta coal mine have done to Navajo air, land and water; the hundreds of millions of dollars in assets from current owners that the tribe will lose if NGS is sold to new owners; the financial risks to workers and tribal revenue of a sale.

Monday, July 16, 2018

LOUISIANA -- Tree Sitters Occupying Sites on Bayou Bridge Pipeline Easement

LOUISIANA -- Tree Sitters Occupying Sites on Pipeline Easement

Deep in the Atchafalaya Basin, one of the largest swamps in North America, aerial blockades have been established directly on the path of the Bayou Bridge Pipeline.
Water protectors are currently occupying multiple tree-sits on the pipeline easement.
We have petitioned, filed lawsuits and demonstrated. We have carried our nearly 50 worksite actions. But despite these efforts, construction of the Bayou Bridge Pipeline has continued. We are left with no other choice but to put our bodies, and our lives on the line to stop this pipeline.
The tree-sitters and their support team are living in inhospitable conditions, with limited resources and under close watch of Energy Transfer Partners. THEY NEED YOUR SUPPORT.
Show your solidarity for those fighting on the frontlines, organize a solidarity action during the #RiseTogether Weeks of Action which kicks off today:
During these Weeks of Action we are asking folks to target these banks which finance Energy Transfer Partners and other major pipeline companies:
Bank of America
Citi Bank
JP Morgan Chase
Wells Fargo
Bank of Tokyo
Credit Suisse
Royal Bank of Canada

Zapatistas 'CompARTE for Life and Freedom' August 6 -- 9, 2018

Sup Galeano (Marcos) in Sonora Photo by Brenda Norrell

Zapatistas 'CompARTE for Life and Freedom' August 6 -- 9, 2018
CIG Support Network Gathering Aug. 2-- 5, 2018
Caracol of Morelia

Convocation to a Gathering of Support Networks for the Indigenous Governing Council; to CompARTE 2018, “For Life and Freedom”; and to the Fifteenth Anniversary Event of the Zapatista Caracoles entitled, “Píntale Caracolitos a los malos gobiernos pasados, presentes y futuros”
Convocation to a Gathering of Support Networks for the Indigenous Governing Council; to CompARTE[i]  2018, “For Life and Freedom”; and to the Fifteenth Anniversary Event of the Zapatista Caracoles entitled, “Píntale Caracolitos a los malos gobiernos pasados, presentes y futuros” [ii]

July, 2018.
To the individuals, groups, collectives and organizations of the Support Networks for the Indigenous Governing Council:
To the National and International Sixth:
First and last point:
The Grand Finale.
You arrive at the grand stadium. “Monumental,” “colossal,” “an architectonic marvel,” “the concrete giant”—these and similar descriptors roll off the lips of TV broadcasters who, despite the different realities that they describe, all highlight the enormously proud structure.
To get to the magnificent building, you’ve had to wade through rubble, cadavers, and filth. Older folks say that it wasn’t always like this, that it used to be that homes, neighborhoods, businesses, and buildings were erected around the great sporting hub. Rivers of people would rush all the way up to the gigantic entrance, which only opened once in a while and on whose threshold was inscribed, “Welcome [Bienvenido] to the Supreme Game.” Yes, “bienvenido” in the masculine, as if what occurred inside was exclusively a men’s affair, as used to be the case with public bathrooms, bars, the machinery and tools sections of hardware stores…and, of course, soccer.


Leonard Peltier's Unit out of Lockdown

Leonard Peltier's Unit out of Lockdown
International Leonard Peltier Defense Committee
Censored News
Greetings Friends, Family and supporters
We were hoping to share some good news about our visit with Leonard this week but that was short lived. Even though the Elder’s Unit where Leonard is housed is no longer locked down, Coleman 1 is in a lock down status thus preventing visits. However, the prison stated there may be visits next week-end, we’ll see! We are still actively pushing to get a special legal visit! In fact, we had to speak to the Bureau of Prison’s Regional office in order to have the legal department in Coleman respond to our attorney. If this denial of a Legal Visit continues, we will pursue the matter in court! Leonard’s freedom depends on his ability to work closely with his legal team. While we have been building up a legal fund, filing a brief can be very, very costly, so we need your continued support. You can help by purchasing merchandise from the website shop or check out the new paintings on Peltier Art.
We were able to speak with Leonard over this last week. He was extremely pleased to hear so many folks called the office requesting post cards to send to President Trump. We have a new front image on the post cards and have successfully distributed over 3,500 cards. We still have post cards in stock, so please e-mail us your physical mailing address, the number of cards you are requesting and we will put them in the mail for you.
Trump post card jpg
Leonard is optimistic that reaching out to President Trump at this time may garner his freedom. He encourages those of you that enjoy writing to take some time to write a letter to President Trump. He suggests discussing the FBI lies and government misconduct that has been used to keep him in prison for 44 years. On our website is an example letter with information on these subjects.
For our wonderful Oklahoma supporters, we have a booth at the Woodie Guthrie Festival this week end. On July 27-29th we will also have a booth at the 68th Indian Hills Powwow and August 10-12th at the Tulsa Powwow of Champions. So please stop by and say hello to our board member, Mark Maxey.
We recently installed a landline in the National Office, please make note of our new telephone number; it is 813-488-7851. We are always thinking of new ways to reach out to Leonard’s supporters to make it easier for you to receive the most current information about Leonard, our campaigns, fundraisers and events.
Thank you again for your support.
The ILPDC National Office and Board

Bad Bear's Photos -- Dennis Banks Memorial Walk Reaches Journey's End

Dennis Banks Memorial Walk Reaches Journey's End
Photos by Western Shoshone Photojournalist and Long Walker Carl Bad Bear Sampson
Censored News

Bad Bear said, "In the circle I spoke up, Carl Bad Bear Sampson Representing Reno AIM/ NORTHERN NEVADA CHAPTER The Great Basin / Brenda Norrell Censored News showing Love and Support to the Bank's family."
(Photo below Waabooz Banks and Bad Bear) "This is Waabooz Banks. Mr. Banks is my grandpa. I wanna say I not only walked for my grandfather, but for all the people, because my grandpa helped and did work for the people. It's an honor to be his grandson and to help my people."


Western Shoshone Ian Zabarte Speaking at Briefing on Decommissioning Nuclear Power Plants

Western Shoshone Ian Zabarte
Western Shoshone Ian Zabarte Speaking at Briefing on Decommissioning Nuclear Power Plants

SECWEPEMC 'Arrest of Tiny House Warrior is Declaration of War'

Arrest of Tiny House Warrior is Declaration of War
Free Secwepemc Political Prisoner Kanahus Manuel
Censored News
French translation by Christine Prat at:
Update: Kanahus Manuel was released from custody late Saturday

Saturday July 14, 2018 - The Secwepemc Women's Warrior Society is outraged at the arrest of Kanahus Manuel. This morning Kanahus Manuel was arrested by the RCMP, an occupying force that has been criminalizing Indigenous peoples on our own lands and forcing us onto reservations since contact.
Last week the Tiny House Warriors reclaimed an ancestral village to block the planned route of the Trans Mountain Expansion pipeline. We are currently building solarized Tiny Houses on our land to block Kinder Morgan. By doing this, we are providing housing to Secwepemc families, re-establishing our village sites, and asserting our Secwepemc responsibility to our lands and waters.
As Secwepemc women, we will resist construction on the North Thompson line of the Trans Mountain Expansion pipeline, which is expected to begin by the fall. We are re-establishing a permanent village on our land that the pipeline is trespassing without our consent. We have never provided and will never provide our collective free, prior and informed consent - the minimal international standard - to the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain Pipeline Project or the Man Camps. We are taking a stand against the destructive, genocidal, and assimilative forces that have been visited upon us by colonial Canadian governments since first contact.
We have faced intimidation by the white supremacist RCMP and Park ranger goons of the Canadian state who want us removed from our own lands. We are on Secwepemc lands that neither the federal government nor provincial government has any jurisdiction on. While there is much talk by the federal government about respecting Indigenous rights and reconciliation, the Trans Mountain buy-out expansion and arrest of Secwepemc woman warrior Kanahus Manuel is a declaration of war.
We are Secwepemc women. We are still here. We are unafraid. We carry the waters of our lands within us. We are guided by the warrior spirit of our ancestors. We will defend our lands and lives by any means necessary!
Saturday July 14, 2018
Unsurrendered Secwepemc territories

Update: Sunday, July 15, 2018
Yesterday was a beautiful day in our Secwepemc homelands. After being forcibly removed and arrested by the RCMP and state agencies, our Tiny House Warriors village was forcibly displaced to the side of hwy 5, 3 km south of the Secwepemc village site where assertion of title to our ancestral village site took place through 7-days of ceremony.
The RCMP and BC park rangers guarded the gate so no one could return. This is so reminiscent of the days when Canada displaced us from our Secwepemc villages the first time, into modern day concentration camps, the Indian Reserves of Canada, forcing us into 0.2% of our traditional homelands. As we gathered on the a small strip, the shoulder of the road, we laughed, we drummed and sang songs and we planned to move north. Is this what Canada has done to us, has made our Secwepemc village site not accessible to me, forcing me to sign under duress conditions that are just like the racist laws in the deep south, "whites ONLY", the conditions to not go back to my Village, my home, our land is our home, can't seperate them. We have made it to our new home and we are here to address Canada we are here to address Trudeau, you have never responded to my Father Arthur Manuel letter to you, he told and I have told you, you do not have consent from our collective Secwepemc Nation. Tiny House Warriors are now in Blue River at the site of the proposed Blue River Man Camp, in which BC oil and gas commission eagerly issued this illegal permit to construct this man camp to house 1000 transient industry men. These man camps have been documented to increase the violence against women, including rapes. Communities around the man camps in North Dakota have increased rapes per year drastic increase from 20 rapes to 200+ rapes per year. The increase of violence against women with the threat of Kinder Morgan man camps is imminent, and it is imperative that we stand up and stop these Trans Mountain pipeline man camps. We will defend our women and girls, over 5000+ concerned Women, Indigenous Peoples, organizations and Canadians have signed onto the Women's Declaration Against Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain man camps. Please join the call to take action against these man camps that threatens increased violence against women and our unceded lands.
Canada's Trans Mountain Kinder Morgan man camp locations:
Blue River
Please join us, you can find us at the proposed Trans Mountain Kinder Morgan man camp location @ Blue River
52°06'59.4"N 119°18'32.7"W

Mohawk Nation News 'Tribute to Men,Women, Children, Friends and Allies'


Mohawk Nation News
MNN. JULY 14, 2018. Yes, in 1990 we unwrapped the corporate ropes from our necks! “On July 11th 1990, the Surete du Quebec [Quebec Provincial Police] opened fire with automatic guns and tear gas on kahnienkehaka [Mohawk] men, women and children. The Mohawks had been protesting the town of Oka’s plans to expand a golf course over a burial ground and common native land called The Pines kanehsaktake. Nearby Mohawks of kahnawake responded very quickly to fellow Mohawks of kanehsatake by blocking the Mercier Bridge, which connects the southshore to the island of Montreal. 
Read article at Mohawk Nation News

Friday, July 13, 2018

Karnes Detention Center Lied to Attorneys for Migrants Today

PHOENIX -- Transporter of Stolen Migrant Children was 'Black Contract' Operator in Iraq and Afghanistan

(Top photo) MVM's secret black contracts in Iraq and Afghanistan were exposed when MVM was sued by an employee. Now in Phoenix, MVM was caught on video stashing migrant children in an abandoned office building. (Photos 2 and 3) MVM advertised for youth care workers in Phoenix in June. In the photos, Native youths can be seen taking young migrant children into the black site in midtown Phoenix, including one under three years old.

Security contractor manned 'black site' prisons in Iraq and Afghanistan, protecting the torturers, and now has U.S. contracts to transport migrant children

By Brenda Norrell
Censored News

PHOENIX -- The security contractor MVM was caught on video stashing children stolen from their migrant parents in a midtown Phoenix office building in June. MVM was a secret "black contract" operator in Iraq and Afghanistan, according to the Wall Street Journal.
MVM's secret contracts protecting the CIA and NSA, and manning secret black site prisons, became public in 2004 when MVM was sued in Colorado for sloppy work by an employee.
Today, MVM holds U.S. government contracts for the transport of migrant children.
MVM was caught on video in June stashing migrant children, as young as toddlers, at 2030 E. Osborn St. in Phoenix. MVM had just leased the office building and it was not licensed to hold children for days and weeks.
A neighbor's cellphone captured the video of the children being taken from white vans to inside the building, where neighbors said dozens of children were held up to 3 weeks.
A Phoenix police report reveals that one of the children, a 17-year-old boy, escaped and ran away.
Meanwhile, an ad in San Antonio reveals MVM is also hiring the staff at Southwest Key, where migrant children stolen from their parents at the borders are jailed, according to the directives of the Trump administration.
Southwest Key is now incarcerating migrant children throughout the Southwest.
After Trump began his "zero tolerance" plan, migrant children were photographed being held in cages in detention facilities. Lawsuits now expose extensive sexual and physical abuse of migrant children, and extensive neglect of babies, stolen by the U.S. government from their parents at the borders.
MVM currently has an $8 million U.S. contract to transport migrant children, and another $162 million U.S. contract to transport unaccompanied minors.

Read the article in the Wall Street Journal on MVM's black contracts, and the lawsuit against MVM:

View video of MVM taking migrant children inside an abandoned office building in Phoenix:

Article copyright Brenda Norrell, Censored News

Bad Bear's Photos: Cass Lake -- Dennis Banks Memorial Walk

Photos by Western Shoshone Carl Bad Bear Sampson
Dennis Banks Memorial Walk



Medical Supplies Urgently
Needed in  Gaza
 In the past 15 weeks, more than 130 Palestinians in Gaza have been executed by Israeli snipers, more than 4,000 have been wounded and 15,000 injured with tear gas. At least 43 people have had their legs amputated due to the types of bullets the Israeli Occupation Forces are using and hundreds more will have long-term debilitating injuries from these bullets. The medical system in Gaza is overwhelmed and urgently needs medical supplies.
    Although the Freedom Flotilla Coalition continues to see our mission's goal as political solidarity rather than charity or aid, the need for medical supplies in Gaza is too urgent to ignore. As a result, our Right to a Just Future for Palestine flotilla that is on its way to Gaza will carry as many medical supplies as our four boats can safely hold. These are medical supplies that have been specifically requested by Palestinian medical authorities in Gaza--all of them are in short supply due to the blockade.
    We demand that the Israeli government not interfere with our boats as they approach, dock and unload in Gaza in order to deliver the medical supplies directly to hospitals in Gaza City, less than one 1.6 km from the Gaza City harbor. Whatever happens to our boats, we hold the Israeli government accountable for the safe delivery of these life-saving supplies to Palestinian medical authorities in Gaza.
    As an occupying state that has placed a land, air and sea blockade on Gaza, Israel is required by international law to allow medical supplies into Gaza. The Freedom Flotilla Coalition and its worldwide allies, including those in Israel, will keep the international community and governments informed of any delays in delivering these critical medical supplies to Gaza.
    People anywhere who wish to contribute towards the cost of these medical supplies can make donations through any one of our 
We will use your donations to purchase non-perishable medical supplies, such as gauze and sutures, close to our last ports of call, Naples and Palermo, before heading to Gaza. (Please do not send us actual medical supplies, as we do not have the capacity to move additional items to our departure point.) Together, we can help end the illegal blockade of Gaza.

 Follow the Flotilla at sea: