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Mohawk Nation News 'Dog Eat Dog'


By Mohawk Nation News

MNN.  30 Nov. 2011.  European rulers train their people to be obedient, and can order them to attack or pull back. They need an enemy or they will attack each other. 

Laws keep them in line so they don’t brutalize one another unless told to do so.  Their leashes were lengthened for WWI and WWII. 

European rulers think they are entitled to control the world.  They set up a psychopathic hierarchical system enforced by the military to do this. 

Europe has long been a dead land with no resources.  Manufacturing and labor are sourced out.  Their money has no backing.

Europeans feed off of other peoples’ labor and resources to exist.   

The rulers create banking systems and money out of thin air to pay for this.

The European monster with its once long tentacles can’t grab or control anything.  Resources are moving “further” out of their grasp.  A new way to rip us Indigenous off is being developed.

Capitalism is a captive-b…

Third Veteran Hospitalized after Police Abuse at Protests

Tohono O'odham Veteran remains hospitalized after being pepper sprayed by police at ALEC

By Brenda Norrell
Censored News

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. -- Tohono O'odham Veteran David Ortega remained hospitalized Wednesday night after being pepper sprayed at the protest of the American Legislative Exchange Council, ALEC. Doctors are undertaking tests to see if Ortega had a heart attack or stroke after police repeatedly fired pepper spray on the peaceful protesters.

"It was like a cloud of pepper spray," Ortega said Wednesday night recovering in a Scottsdale hospital. "I was carrying the Veterans for Peace flag when another person was hit directly in the face with pepper spray. I rushed to the front to help him, like I always do as a Peacemaker."

Ortega said the pepper spray was fired at them several times. Ortega began experiencing shortness of breath and chest pains and was hospitalized. Ortega has been serving as a Peacemaker at Occupy Tu…

O'odham Pepper Sprayed in Phoenix ALEC Protest

O'odham Pepper Sprayed at ALEC Protest! By Brenda Norrell Censored News
David Ortega, Tohono O'odham, was hospitalized after being pepper sprayed by police on Wednesday.

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. -- Tohono O'odham David Ortega, veteran and elder, suffered a stroke today after being pepper sprayed by police at the ALEC protest.
Ortega was peacefully protesting when police pepper sprayed a delegation of O'odham. He was taken to a nearby hospital.
Alex Soto, O'odham youth, was also pepper sprayed in the face.
Tohono O'odham protesters at the ALEC protest in Scottsdale, Ariz., in the Phoenix Valley, were peaceful and apparently singled out because police viewed them as key to the protest.
Ofelia Rivas, Tohono O'odham and founder of O'odham VOICE against the Wall, said, "There is a lot of unnecessary police brutality."
O'odham from Tohono O'odham, Salt River and Gila River have joined Navajos resisting relo…

LIVE: ALEC Protest Phoenix

Censored New Photos 2 by Dixie. Photo 4 arrest Occupy Phoenix. Photos 1, 3 and 5 photo screen captures Censored News.
Watch live streaming video from theuptake2 at

Screen capture riot police in gas masks and protesters in Scottsdale.

COP 17: Indigenous Target Shell at Climate Summit

By Indigenous Environmental Network
Posted at Censored News

DURBAN, South Africa -- In Durban, Canada and the United Kingdom, Indigenous activists and their supporters targeted Shell today for violating agreements made with Indigenous communities in Canada. In Durban, site of the ongoing UN climate talks, activists from Canada joined activists from Africa to denounce Shell and their repeated violations of human rights and environmental regulations. Appearing outside a Shell refinery, a number of Indigenous activists joined with youth from Canada and Africa to support the community of Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation (ACFN), who recently announced their lawsuit against Shell.

"Shell has left a trail of broken promises and ravaged eco-systems.  They have been pushing their dirty fossil fuels plans on every country they can bully. It's time to stand up and say get the Shell out of there, we don't want your broken promises anymore," declared Eriel Deranger, a community …

Police Evicting Occupy LA and Philly

Police Evicting Occupy LA and Philly Censored News Riot Police Storm Occupy LA
WED. Nov. 30, 2011 1 am
Hundreds of police stormed Occupy Los Angeles from the street and inside City Hall. Tents were torn down by police in Hazmat suits. Hundreds of riot police surrounded occupiers. Occupiers reported people being beaten by police. Occupy Livestream:
Oakland's OakFoSho live in LA:
More livestream:
MEDIA WATCH CBS News: CBS sounds like a press service for LA police. Cheerleading is not journalism:
LAPD booking and processing station at Dodger Stadium, 900 police reported Police are limiting the press, restrictive pool
VIDEO: Police on horses charge Occupy Philly

Occupy LA Police points gun at Livestreamer OakFoSho

About this video:
Sorry for the video issues from around 2:13 onwards. I was going to remove it but figur…

North American Indigenous join Africans to target Shell at COP 17

Media Alert  
COP17: Indigenous activists from North America join African activists to target Shell
Nov. 30, 2011
Indigenous activists from the Indigenous Environmental Network (including Tom Goldtooth, director) and youth from the Canadian Youth Climate Coalition (Daniel T'seleie, from an impacted Indigenous community) join activist Bobby Peek (winner of Goldman Environmental Prize) from groundWork in Durban and Nnimmo Bassey (winner of the Alternative Nobel Prize) from Environmental Rights Action in Nigeria.

The group of activists will hold a brief demonstration outside of the Shell co-owned refinery in South Durban, with banners and visuals. 

Meanwhile in Alberta, Canada, Indigenous leaders will rally at Shell's Canadian headquarters, and activists in the United Kingdom will hold a rally and press conference at Shell's UK headquarters. T

his is done in conjunction with a court action to sue Shell in Canada for violations of human rights to Indigen…

Twitter champion for human rights

By Brenda Norrell
Censored News

Twitter has become a champion for human rights, with its real time alerts on abuses around the world and exposures of censored news articles. This is where Twitter excels, making Facebook now seem archaic, like an ancestor's chest of old clothes.

Facebook's random freezing of accounts and deletion of data is increasing. Facebook also supplies law enforcement with tracking data, since IP addresses are saved every time a user logs in. In fact, Facebook saves everything, even what you have deleted. Further, Facebook increasingly has trolls who want to persuade, disrupt and confuse.

Twitter, however, has become the medium for a global audience who doesn't want to read too much. Internet readers these days want a few sentences and photos. They want it quickly and clearly. Most of all, they want it now.

When Egypt opened fire on protesters with real bullets, those chilling words came across on Twitter. When Berkel…

Occupy Tucson: Occupiers climb trees, avoid arrests

By Alex Maldonado
Censored News

TUCSON -- In a rare direct action/resistance by Occupy Tucson, not seen across the nation thus far, occupiers climbed the trees of Veinte de Agosto Park before the 10:30pm citation time.
At approximately 11pm, the Tucson Police Department notified Occupy Tucson stating that there would be no enforcement, nor citations for staying in the park after hours for the night.
Several writers and two local television news stations were present to document the action, and reaction of TPD.
Could this be the move that could bring both the City of Tucson and Occupy Tucson to the negotiating table or is this a sign of a possible moratorium on citations?
Alex Maldonado (Peacekeeper & Veteran For Peace)
Photo courtesy of Alex Maldonado.

Climate Justice: Indigenous featured at COP 17 South Africa

Censored News
DURBAN, South Africa – Indigenous Peoples from the US and Canada join Pablo Solon Romero of Bolivia as featured speakers on climate justice for media interviews at the UN Climate Summit COP 17 in Durban.

The Global Justice Ecology Project announced American Indians and First Nation climate activists join leaders in the social justice movements from around the world, including the Indigenous Environmental Network and La Via Campesina. The speakers include:

Former Ambassador to the United Nations for the Plurinational State of Bolivia. Before becoming Ambassador to the United Nations, Pablo Solón Romero worked as an activist for many years with different social organizations, indigenous movements, workers’ unions, student associations, human rights and cultural organizations in Bolivia.  As Ambassador to the UN, Solón spearheaded successful resolutions on the Human Right to Water, International Mother Earth Day, Harmony with Nature, and the Ri…

Anonymous: OpOhHai targets firms going after Wikileaks and Occupy Wall Street

Statement online
On several occassions, the wide-ranging constituency of activists that comprise Anonymous, Wikileaks, Occupy Wall Street, and other efforts have come under dishonest and well-financed attacks by lobbying syndicates, law firms, intelligence contractors, and other entities. Often, such groups have numerous ties to branches of the U.S. government; in the case of the Team Themis conspiracy, it was actually the Justice Department itself that recommended Bank of America go to the powerful Hunton & Williams firm in order to go after Wikileaks using clandestine and amoral methedology. Although several of these efforts have been exposed and prevented, none have resulted in any significant consequences for anyone involved in the wrongdoing concerned.
That being the case, these parties have had little reason to refrain from pursuing the growing market for information-based sabotage against civic and activist groups. Meanwhile, the effective…

White House: Obama not expected at White House sessions with Native Americans

President Obama not expected at White House meetings Wednesday and Thursday for Native American leaders

By Brenda Norrell, copyright
Censored News

The White House told Censored News that President Obama is not expected to meet with Native American leaders at the White House during sessions on Wednesday and Thursday, in advance of Friday's White House Tribal Nations Conference at the Interior building.
In response to questions by Censored News, the White House said, "In addition to the Tribal Nations Conference itself, each federally recognized tribe has been invited to attend a briefing and listening session with Senior Administration Officials at the White House. These sessions have been arranged by region and are closed press. The President is not expected to participate."
All 565 federally-recognized Indian Nations have been invited to send one representative to the conference on Friday, Dec. 2, 2011, at the Interior building.
Three years ago, when President Obama announced…

De-Occupy O'odham Lands: Tucson Dec. 10, 2011

Dry River Radical Resource Center hosts speakers for O'odham VOICE Against the Wall

By Dry River Collective
Censored News

Media Inquiries: Dan Todd, 520-982-1835, Ofelia Rivas, 520-395-7910, Additional Information:;

TUCSON -- Noted Writers and Academics to Speak at Benefit For Traditional O’odham Resistance and Anarchist Collective Activist and scholar Ward Churchill, writer and speaker John Zerzan, and Professor of Religious Studies/Classics at the University of Arizona Dr. Julian Kunnie will speak at the Dry River Radical Resource Center on December 10, 2011 at 7:00 p.m. to benefit O’odham VOICE Against the WALL, which since 2003 has organized and advocated for the traditional O’odham leaders and O’odham communities, and the Dry River Collective, a center for anarchist organizing in Tucson for almost seven years.

The event, “De-Oc…

Audio: Quanah Parker Brightman on Alcatraz

Listen to internet radio with Brenda Norrell on Blog Talk Radio CENSORED NEWS BLOGTALK RADIO

ALCATRAZ -- Listen to Quanah Parker Brightman honor his father Lehman Brightman, who is hospitalized following a stroke. Lehman is the founder of United Native Americans. Quanah also describes the struggle for DQ University and the real warriors who occupied Alcatraz. Quanah's words are followed by the drum on Alcatraz. Then, the Buffalo and Eagle songs by Red Shadow Singers, in honor of Lehman's struggle for Indigenous rights. (15 minutes. Alcatraz recording by KPFA Radio Free Alcatraz.)

Tucson occupier chains himself, four arrested

By Alex Maldonado
Censored News

TUCSON -- (Nov. 27, 2011) From 10:40pm, Saturday night to 12:10am, Sunday morning, Tucson Police Department cited and released demonstrators of Occupy Tucson for staying in the park after hours, except for four who were taken into custody.
Michael (Mike) Migliore was taken into custody after chaining himself onto one of the poles at Veinte de Agosto Park in making a stance for his First Amendment right.  Tucson police handcuffed Migliore and then proceeded to cut the chains, and escorted him to a police cruiser, where he was led away.
Mary DeCamp was taken into custody for the second time in three nights as she refused her citation.  DeCamp was walked from her tent to a general area, where occupiers were being cited.  DeCamp was then taken to another police cruiser where she was handcuffed, seated and then led away.
William (Billy) Lolos, who also refused his citation, was also taken into custody as he was handcuffed before taken to the general area.  …

Bookshelf: A California Chumash Woman

By Brenda Norrell
 Censored News

The ways of living life in balance with the earth, along with the 1978 occupation of Point Conception in California and a chapter on Nuclear Energy in Native America, are shared in a new book, Earth Wisdom, A California Chumash Woman, by Yolanda Broyles-Gonzalez and Pilulaw Khus.

Now, as Indigenous Peoples around the world gather in Durban, South Africa, at the UN climate summit COP 17, the book offers insights into the struggles of the Chumash occupations, while sharing the guiding wisdom which is at the foundation of the global movement to protect Mother Earth and live lives in harmony with the earth.

"We are all spirit beings masquerading as physical beings right now," says Khus, Chumash activist, in the chapter on Chumash Resurgence, which documents the struggles in the 1970s to save sacred lands and burial places.

Located north of Santa Barbara, Chumash call Point Conception, "The Western Gate." I…

Obama's nearly-secret meeting with Native American reps this week

By Brenda Norrell
Censored News

Update: Monday:
The White House said Obama
is not expected to attend Wed. and Thurs.
listening sessions at the White House. Obama
will make "remarks" on Friday at the Interior
Building,  the White House said.
See update at Censored News;

The White House Tribal Nations Conference is on Friday, Dec. 2, at the Interior building. The big question is why the secrecy about which Native American leaders will be attending the regional meetings, actually held at the White House, and who those leaders will be meeting with, on Wednesday and Thursday.

Those regional Native American leaders will meet at the White House prior to the meeting over at the Interior building on Friday, Dec. 2. Native American leaders from all 565 federally-recognized Indian Nations have been invited to attend the Friday session.

The White House announced those invita…