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Thursday, March 31, 2022

TigerSwan spy documents at Standing Rock: What Energy Transfer doesn't want you to know

Photo copyright Ryan Vizzions, Standing Rock 2016.

TigerSwan spy documents at Standing Rock: What Energy Transfer doesn't want you to know

By Brenda Norrell
Censored News

Energy Transfer was back in court on Thursday, attempting to keep secret 16,000 documents of TigerSwan at Standing Rock. The Intercept is pursuing this expensive court battle in the North Dakota Supreme Court for the release of the documents in accordance with the Open Records Act. A North Dakota District Court has already ruled are public documents.

What exactly was TigerSwan doing at Standing Rock? The owners of the Dakota Access Pipeline don't want you to know.

On Thursday, arguments were held before the North Dakota Supreme Court regarding the release of 16,000 documents that were given to the North Dakota regulatory board.

Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Mohawk Nation News 'Mohawk Mothers Begin Bigger Better Court Action'

Sunday, March 27, 2022

Great Sioux Nation Leaders Issue Trespass Notice to Rapid City Hotel After Hotel's Racist Threats

Great Sioux Nation Leaders Issue Trespass Notice to Rapid City Hotel After Hotel's Racist Threats

March and Rally from Roosevelt Park to Gateway Hotel in Rapid City on Saturday.

Saturday, March 26, 2022

Friday, March 25, 2022

California Genocide and Resilience with Corrina Gould -- by Bioneers

California Genocide and Resilience with Corrina Gould

By Bioneers

California Indians have survived some of the most extreme acts of genocide committed against Native Americans. Prior to the ongoing genocide under Spanish and American colonizations, California Indians were the most linguistically diverse and population-dense First Peoples in the United States.  We discuss this brutal history and survivance with Corrina Gould, Co-Founder and Co-Director of the Sogorea Te’ Land Trust. She is from the Lisjan/Ohlone tribe of Northern California. We talk about the importance of addressing that historical trauma, which caused deep wounds that still affect Indigenous Peoples today.  

Content warning: Some of the material in this podcast may be triggering, especially for those that have experienced trauma and/or intergenerational trauma due to colonialism.

Audio and Transcript at Bioneers

Wednesday, March 23, 2022

North Dakota Environmental Rights Film Festival 2022: Films from Standing Rock and Beyond

North Dakota Environmental Rights Film Festival 2022: Films from Standing Rock and Beyond

The North Dakota Environmental Rights Film Festival in April features powerful films about Water Protectors, including Oyate, Warrior Women, and We Are Water Protectors.

Indigenous protecting the land, water and air are featured in films from the north, south and South Pacific, from Colombia, Mexico, Canada and New Zealand. Watch at Fargo April 21 -- 23, and online April 23 -- May 1. 

Prayer Horse Ride to Thacker Pass Welcomed at Pyramid Lake: In Honor of Myron Dewey


Prayer Horse Ride to Thacker Pass: In Honor of Paiute Shoshone Journalist Myron Dewey

By Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribal Chairwoman Janet Davis
March 22, 2022
Censored News

We are thankful the Prayer Riders made it to Pyramid Lake. It was a good evening of visiting, song and prayer. Thanks to all that came to greet them, brought food. Thanks to Dean Barlese for the prayer and song. Thanks to Billie Jean Guerrero and the Museum for being gracious hosts. Thanks to Charlene Dressler for coordinating. They will be here until they leave on Wednesday morning. #PrayerRide2022

Mohawk Nation News 'Mohawk Mothers Drop Lawsuit Against McGill, Royal VIC, Montreal and Stantec Inc.'


Mohawk Nation News


MNN. Mar. 23, 2022. The Federal Court of Canada FCC lawsuit has been dropped. The kahnistensera Mohawk Mothers sent a request on March 18, 2022: “to drop the case without costs and conditions”. They all instantly agreed.

Monday, March 21, 2022

A Visit To Peltier -- Peltier Survived COVID in Deplorable Prison Conditions

A Visit To Peltier -- Peltier Survived COVID in Deplorable Prison Conditions

By Co-directors Jean Roach and Carol Gokee
International Leonard Peltier Defense Committee
Published with permission at Censored News
March 21, 2022

Yesterday our prison visit with Leonard Peltier was monumental and very uplifting and sad at the same time!
Leonard came out with a smile and he looked good after surviving COVID-19! Like most prisoners, he was left to fend for himself as he battled the sickness! He was left without water for 4 days! The water out of the fountain is not drinkable and orange in color! Leonard was not put inside a medical unit even though he has several “health risks” and is an elder! We are so thankful he survived Covid! The Covid aftereffects are unknown and we pray for Leonard's  Health!

Sunday, March 20, 2022

Zapatistas 'Stop the Wars: Echoes of Sunday March 13'

Stop the Capitalists Wars: Echoes of Sunday March 13

Stop the War photos in Yajalon, The Daisies, Ocosingo, Palenque, Altamiran, and San Cristobal, Chiapas

Friday, March 18, 2022

Acoma Pueblo: 'Protecting Our Beloved Waasrpashaak'a' From New Oil and Gas Drilling

Greater Chaco Relay Run March 24 -- 26, 2022: Protecting the Homelands from New Drilling


Greater Chaco Relay Run, March 24 -- 26, 2022

Dedicated runners and participants will have the opportunity to listen to Diné and Pueblo relatives speak to the cultural and spiritual significance of the ground covered. They will also learn and share information about the recent proposed withdrawal of public lands from new mineral leases in the region.

Thursday, March 10, 2022

COLORADO -- Colorado Springs Cops Attempt to Entrap Activists: Denver Spy Files Revealed Police Spying for a Decade

Russell Means, Colorado Capitol, Columbus Day Protest Denver

Columbus Day Protest Denver

Censored News is republishing our coverage of the Denver spy files, which spanned a decade, following the current exposure that an undercover cop in Colorado Springs attempted to entrap activists.

Undercover cop attempts to entrap activists in Colorado Springs with illegal firearm purchases: March 2022

An undercover, pink-haired undercover cop in Colorado Springs, attempted to create crimes, and ensnare activists in illegal firearms purchases. Even a mutual aid group was targeted. This current case in Colorado is a reminder of how Denver cops spied on everyone who supported Big Mountain, Peltier and AIM, in the 1990s. Even a grandmother with a Peltier bumper sticker and their attorneys were followed. The documents came out during discovery during a court case. The current Colorado Springs covert operation reveals how undercover cops target organizers, and attempt to entrap them, including those in Black Lives Matter, and shows that COINTELPRO continues.

Related: Standing Rock: Targeting of Denver AIM, by The Intercept

The targeting of Denver AIM continued at Standing Rock in 2016, when FBI operative Heath Harmon of Fort Berthold set up Red Fawn, resulting in her long prison sentence.

Related: 'In the Beginning, There was the Denver Spy Files' by Censored News

American Indian Movement, Big Mountain Support Group, Sen. Abourezk -- targeted in Denver Police Spy Files, which spanned a decade

By Brenda Norrell
Published in 2002

DENVER, Colo. – The “Denver Spy Files,” given the name by the ACLU in a federal lawsuit, reveals that the Denver Police Department Intelligence Bureau kept secret files on American Indian leaders and their allies, including Wilma Mankiller, John Echohawk, and former South Dakota Sen. James Abourezk.

“I didn’t like it and I think there should be a law against it. It should be stopped,” said Abourezk, an attorney in Sioux Falls.

Tuesday, March 8, 2022

The Truth about War: The War Machine and Censorship in Indian Country

Buffy Sainte-Marie performs during Hardly Strictly Bluegrass at Golden Gate Park in Oct. 2016 in San Francisco.Scott Dudelson/Getty Images

The Truth about War: The War Machine and Censorship in Indian Country

By Brenda Norrell

Censored News

The War Racket.' Buffy's strong words for the corporate war profiteers: The Parasites.

 At Dine' College, Buffy said she was blacklisted out of the music industry in the U.S. by President Lyndon Johnson, because of her stance against the Vietnam War and her song, 'Universal Soldier." Her words to us, backstage at Dine' College in 1999, were censored by Indian County Today, where I was a staff reporter, and is one of the reasons Censored News was created.

Buffy Sainte Marie, and Louise Benally of Big Mountain, were both censored by Indian Country Today. As the U.S. bombed Baghdad, Louise compared the war in Iraq to the genocidal Longest Walk that her ancestors were forced on to Fort Sumner, Bosque Redondo.

Zapatistas: 'Stop the Repression Against the Indigenous Peoples in Mexico'

Throughout Mexico, the corporations and cartels, aided by the Mexican military, bolstered by U.S. dollars and weapons, seek to seize the land and water of Indigenous People, the guardians of the land.

Members of the Indigenous Council destroy the statue of Fray Antonio de San Miguel after it was pulled down as they said it was promoting racism and discrimination during a protest in Morelia, Mexico, on Feb. 14, 2022.Calli Alejandra / Reuters

The Pueblos Unidos group, which is made up of 20 communities from the Cholulteca region of the state of Puebla, took over the facilities of the Bonafont company, since March 2021, accusing it of looting the water from the wells in the area of ​​the Juan C. Bonilla municipality.

The Mexican National Guard and other security forces guard the entrance to the plant that had been run by Indigenous people on February 15, 2022, in Puebla, Mexico.TAMARA PEARSON Article

In honor of Francisco Vázquez Domínguez, our struggle is for life over profit. (2022)


Ελληνική μετάφραση (Greek)
Deutsch Übersetzung (German)
Traduzione Italiano (Italian)
English Translation (English)
Traduction en Français (French)
Original in Espanol

To the people of Mexico,

To the peoples of the world,

To the Sixth National and International,

to the media

We denounce that on February 15 at around 1:20 a.m., the repressive forces of the bad government, made up of members of the National Guard, the state police of Puebla and the municipal police of Juan C. Bonilla, invaded and dismantled the spaces of resistance and organization of the Casa de los Pueblos Altepelmecalli, an autonomous cultural and political space that until March 22, 2021 was the physical plant of the Bonafont company, a transnational company that has stolen and overexploited the aquifers of the Cholulteca region for years.

Sunday, March 6, 2022

Zapatistas: 'After the battle, no landscape will remain. (On the Russian army’s invasion of Ukraine)'

After the battle, no landscape will remain. (On the Russian army’s invasion of Ukraine)

Zapatista Sixth Commission

After the battle, no landscape will remain
(On the Russian army’s invasion of Ukraine)

Original in Espanol
Deutsch Übersetzung (German)
Traduzione Italiano (Italian)
فارسی (Farsi)
Tradução Em Portugês (Portuguese)
ελληνική μετάφραση (Greek)
Перевод на Русский язык (Russian)
Slovenski Prevod (Slovenian)
Tłumaczenie Polskie (Polish)
Translation in Français (French)
March 2, 2022

To those who signed the Declaration for Life:
To the Sixth in Mexico and abroad:
Compañer@s, brothers and sisters:

These are our words and thoughts about what is occurring now in the geography called Europe:

First: There is an aggressor: the Russian army. Big capital’s interests are at play on both sides. It is the peoples of Russia and Ukraine (and soon, perhaps, the peoples of other geographies near or far) who are suffering because of the crazed delusions of some and the cunning economic calculations of others. As Zapatistas, we do not support either state but rather those who are struggling for life against the system.

Yucca Mountain Nuclear Dump on Shoshone Land: U.S. Racism and Genocide

Photo by Gregor Gable

This is a response to the Department of Energy Request for Additional Information on consent-based siting of nuclear waste facilities. My comments are provided as Secretary of the Native Community Action Council and as an appointee in 2017 to the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission Licensing Support Network Advisory Review Panel. The Native Community Action Council is a party with standing in Yucca Mountain Licensing as a deep geologic repository with the only contention of ownership of Yucca Mountain in NRC Docket 63-001. The Native Community Action Council has provided input in 2015 and 2017 and believes the current approach by DOE is fatally flawed and should immediately stop. 

Ian Zabarte, Secretary
Native Community Action Council
Censored News
March 6, 2022

Area 1: Consent-Based Siting Process

1. How should the Department build considerations of social equity and environmental justice into a consent-based siting process?

Consultation is not consent but when done, should be according to the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People with free, prior informed consent of Indigenous people affected--a right of self-determination, and in the planning and implementation of projects on our lands defined by treaty, or other constructive agreements with states. The law needs to be enforced and resources directed to indigenous communities for clean-up efforts and proper enforcement.  

Wednesday, March 2, 2022

Mohawks Being Recruited to Fight in Ukraine: Mohawk Mothers Say No to Mercenary Army

We have only three things to say: the good message, the power and the peace [kaianerekowa, the great peace].

By Kahnistersera, Mohawk Mothers

Peter the Great of Russia accepted our wampum belt in 1710. They are our ancient ally. In regards to war, you are right to come to women as we decide whether to go to war or break the peace when our sons go to war. We do not take it lightly.

According to the kaianerekowa, the great peace, our main duty is to maintain and spread the peace to the entire world and to bury all weapons of war. Any Mohawk contingent sent to Ukraine would be to dig a big hole, put all the weapons of war in it and plant a white pine tree of peace.

The good message is that on this planet all living things have the same mother. She is the earth. We all have the source energy our father, creation. That makes us all brothers and sisters. We shall survive and co-exist. 

There can be no mercenary army of Mohawks as we will have nothing to do with war. Especially when it is not in our lands. The peace starts within each individual.

Russia is our ancient ally and we will respect that, particularly in their internal affairs.  

kahnistersera, mohawk mothers


Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Location of 28 Mass Graves at Residential Schools in Canada: Published in 2008

Residential Schools in Canada

Mass Graves at former Indian Residential Schools and Hospitals across Canada

By Hidden from History 
Published at Atlantic Free Press
Contributed by Brenda Norrell
April 15, 2008
Updated on Censored News March 4, 2022

Trigger warning for content. This list of 28 mass graves of Native children who died of starvation, disease, torture, and murder, at residential schools in Canada was published in 2008. 
The information was published by Hidden from History from historical data and survivor and eyewitness accounts. The children were stolen from their families by churches and government Indian agents. Parents who hid their children were to be imprisoned, by Canadian law.
Instead of being schools, these were militarized prison facilities where children were incarcerated and subjected routinely to beatings and abuse. -- Censored News.

Children to be asked in ceremony for permission to search for graves. Sept. 2021

Harriet Nahanee, an eyewitness to the murder of Maise Shaw on Dec. 24, 1946, at the Alberni School (1995.) Harriet, one of the first to speak out publicly, died of pneumonia and lung cancer after being jailed for activism to protect the environment in 2007.

A. British Columbia

1. Port Alberni:

Presbyterian-United Church school (1895-1973), now occupied by the
Nuu-Chah-Nulth Tribal Council (NTC) office, Kitskuksis Road . Gravesite is a series of sinkhole rows in hills 100 metres due west of the NTC building, in thick foliage, past an unused water pipeline. Children also interred at Tseshaht reserve cemetery, and in wooded gully east of Catholic cemetery on River Road.

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