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O'odham VOICE against the Wall: US Border Patrol violates O'odham rights

By O’odham VOICE against the WALL
Ofelia Rivas
Censored News
The O’odham are Indigenous people, members of the Tohono O’odham Nation, a federally-recognized Indian reservation in Pima and Maricopa County of Southwestern Arizona, having continually since time immemorial conducted and practiced the Him’dag, the O’odham Way of Life, hereby declare that the United States Government Department of Homeland Security, Border Patrol Forces with malicious intent and with armed aggression have:
1.Violated O’odham Rights to Life;
by continuous monitoring and surveillance in communities on the entirety of O’odham lands, restricting free movement within communities and entire lands, armed abuse and violent attacks on O’odham members, and driving through yards and fenced-in areas at high speeds endangering lives of O’odham.
2.Violated O’odham Cultural Rights;
by interference and disruption of ceremonial hunts by their presence in hunting areas (even …

Zapatistas Marcos 'Votan II L@s Guardian@s"

INICIO / COMUNICADO jul302013 VOTÁN II. L@S GUARDIAN@S VOTÁN II. L@S GUARDIAN@S  Julio del 2013. Bueno, ahora sí sigue explicarles ya cómo va a estar esto de la escuelita (la lista de útiles escolares, la metodología, l@s maestr@s, el temario, los horarios, etc.), así que lo primero es… Lo que necesita. Lo único que objetivamente necesita usted para asistir a la escuelita zapatista (además de ser invitad@, claro, y sus cien pesotes para el paquete de libros-dvd) es disposición para escuchar. Entonces no tiene por qué atender a los consejos y recomendaciones de esas personas, por muy bien intencionadas que sean, que le dicen que traiga tal o cual equipo, presumiendo que ell@s “sí han estado en comunidad”.

Yankton: Protect the Sacred, Oppose Keystone Tarsands Aug 16 -- 17, 2013

CONFERENCE TO EDUCATE ON PROPOSED PIPELINE’S MAN CAMPS IN OCETI SAKOWIN TERRITORY AUGUST 16 AND 17PICKSTOWN, SD – A conference is planned for August 16 & 17, 2013 at the Fort Randall Casino on the Yankton Sioux Reservation to promote awareness of the man camps that are part of the proposed TransCanada Corp oil pipeline that will run from Canada, North Dakota, eastern South Dakota, and Nebraska to go to refineries in Illinois and Oklahoma.  The Conference is the Protect the Sacred II Campaign to oppose the KXL development in treaty territories.  A previous successful gathering in January of 2013, resulted in a historic International Treaty to Protect the Sacred against KXL and Tar Sands Development.
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Bolivia: Capitalizing on Green Economy isn't Harmony with Mother Earth


LUNES, 29 DE JULIO/2013DEAR FRIENDS: (ESTIMADOS AMIGOS) This document is an introduction to the proposal of Living Well in harmony 
and balance with Mother Earth, based in Bolivia's position in the international 
negotiations of the United Nations. This paper highlights the difference between 
the proposal of the green economy and the strengthening the economy of Mother 
Earth developed by the Plurinational State of Bolivia.
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Este documento es una introducción a la propuesta del Vivir Bien en armonía y
 equilibrio con la Madre Tierra, basada en la posición boliviana en las negociaciones
 internacionales de Naciones Unidas. En este documento se destaca la 
diferenciación entre la propuesta de la economía verde y la del fortalecimiento
 de la economía de la Madre Tierra por parte del Estado Plurinacional de Bolivia.
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Terrance Nelson: Canadian courts seek to bankrupt rail blockaders

"You have decided that the government need not do anything, after 142 years, the Government of Canada can continue to do nothing on its legal obligations and CN and the immigrants to our lands are free to continue to take everything from the indigenous people and pay nothing." -- Terrance Nelson

By Terrance Nelson First Nation Roseau River Anishinabe Censored News
James Edmond, I have received a letter from F.A. Lee Senior Master regarding costs for CN on the court case. Master Lee writes on July 16, 2013, "I invite the defendant Terrance Nelson as well as the plaintiff Canadian National Railway Company and the Attorney General of Manitoba to make their written submission as to costs in this matter. Written submissions should be addressed to my attention and submitted to the court no later than July 29, 2013."

Mohawk Nation News 'Straight Up'

STRAIGHT UPPosted on July 29, 2013
Mohawk Nation News
MNN. JULY 29, 2013. What would you do if an old man sent pictures of his erect penis to your adolescent daughter, along with suggestive sexual invitations to have sex? It’s like suggesting a father rape his daughter. Former Congressman, Anthony Weiner, a wealthy politician running for mayor of New York City is setting this example. Former NYS Governor Eliot Spitzer, another old man, was caught soliciting a 22-year old. He resigned and became a media star. Both committed crimes against women.

Long Walk 4 update July 30, 2013

By Longest Walk 4 Return to Alcatraz
Censored News
July 30, 2013

The Walk is leaving Wheeling today and heading west on 40 and some back roads where 40 runs into Interstate 70. We would like to thank the Soup Kitchen of Greater Wheeling, Becky and her husband, Carmelita, Tommy, and Willy Underbaggage for their support. The truck will be on the road again in the next day or two as the parts have been ordered. Thank you to all those that have thought of us.

Moccasins on the Ground: Non-violent tarsands resistance Montana Aug 2013

Elrae Potts - Co-Organizer from Montana Community Sponsoring Moccasins Greetings relatives. The collaborative planning team has been working to make sure Moccasins on the Ground Montana is memorable and comfortable. We look forward to seeing you all soon. We are soliciting donated food & supplies including organic fruits & vegetables. Our meals will be all natural and includes natural buffalo. We are catering to our Vegetarian & Vegan relatives as well. Thanks to some of our planning team members for securing organic food from local farms. We are still accepting organic food donations so if you can or know somebody who can we would appreciate all contributions. We are asking folks to ride share as well if possible. If you have room and know your coming please post here on the event page a ride share opportunity. Thank you all so much for supporting this training. It is very important training. Have a good day!
Kent LebsockOwe Aku International Justice Project Advocate for La…

Longest Walk 4 Return to Alcatraz Day 12

By Longest Walk 4 Return to Alcatraz Day 12: We have made it to Ruffs Dale and will be in Washington tomorrow and Wheeling on Sunday night. It has been difficult due to the ongoing problem of getting the truck fixed, which is more a question of time to get into a shop. Some supporters in Wheeling are currently helping us with this and we anticipate it to be fixed this weekend. In the meantime, we will be running the staff to Washington, PA and walk to Wheeling from there. For those that have never been on a Walk like this, this is how we do things. We start the Sovereignty Staff and the Women’s Staff with a prayer from where we left off the day before and we usually walk four rounds of five miles. From there, a decision is made to run the staff, and sometimes if there is no shoulder or is otherwise unsafe we will run the staff through that part. At the end of the day we have a Ceremony and the place is marked for the next day. The Sovereignty Staff is going every step of the way to Pie…

Doo'go'osliid: Colonizers and the desecration of the sacred mountain

Photos and words by NaBahe KeediniihiiKatenayPublished with permission at Censored News

Once there was an awesome lush vibrant snowy mountain called, Doo'go'osliid, then the first colonizers came and named it San Francisco. Four hundred years after new Immigrants came to "better civilize" these pristine forests by killing all the ancient ponderosa pines and expanding the real estates with suburbia. Civilization and manifest destiny they called it which was to put these untouched lands to better use. By 2010, nearly half this sacred mountain is burnt and now the mud flows. The Indians are gone along with their mountain rituals.

Calvin Johnson 'Navajo Warriors Needed to Defend our Water'

Navajo Nation gives away water to dirty coal, leaves Navajos in need
By Calvin Johnson, Dine' Leupp, Navajo Nation Censored News English/French

Our Navajo Democratic Government is not so Democratic after all. Last week, Navajo Nation Council rescinded CAP-21-13 and approved Legislation No. 0177-13 which basically extends the terms of the Navajo Generating Station (NGS) Lease Effective from December 23, 1969.
I say our nation is not democratic because currently the Navajo Nation Council Delegates have a mindset that they have been elected by the people. Title 2 of the Navajo Nation Code states that they, Navajo Nation Council, shall be the governing body of the Navajo Nation. So the delegates choose to make a decision that does not benefit you (Navajo Generations) -- only the corporations benefit by waiving $1 with a fishing pole.
Since the reduction of the Navajo Tribal Council from 88 to 24 members, our Dine’ were optimistic of better warriors with transparency, accountability and leade…