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Paris Protest Auction of Sacred May 2016

Protest by Committee in Solidarity with Indians of Americas and Idle No More France Copyright Photos Monday during auction Thank you for sharing with Censored News Article in French by Christine Prat With letter from Acoma Pueblo to people of France

Mohawk Nation News 'Indian Ring'

INDIAN RINGPosted on May 31, 2016
Please post & distribute. MNN. May 30, 2016. The INDIAN Ring meticulously planned the genocide of onkwe’hon:weh in North and South America and now the world over. They schemed how to extinct us. “Hey, where are all those starving, unarmed men, women and children?” Thomas Tibbles wrote this historical book, HIDDEN POWER. A SECRET HISTORY OF THE INDIAN RING, based on events in the early 1800s. [p. 282] He said, “this Indian system is the most cunningly devised scheme for permitting robbery and tyranny that the mind of man ever devised.” Everybody is under “the control of a ring of robbers, murderers and speculators”. It is “…a government of a band of white thieves”. The criminals are politicians, churches, army officers, agents, traders, inspectors, scouts, lawyers, judges, missionaries, contractors, business people, bureaucrats, settlers and INDIAN sell-outs. [p. 283] “The only force that can be brought to bear on them is that of the army, …which i…

Hoopa Valley Tribe Slams San Luis Settlement Agreement

Photo of Trinity River below Lewiston Dam by Dan Bacher.
Hoopa Valley Tribe: San Luis Settlement Agreement Will 'Condemn Tribe to Poverty' 

by Dan Bacher
Censored News

On May 24, the Hoopa Valley Tribe from Northern California filed its objection to two bills proposed in the House of Representatives to implement the controversial San Luis Settlement Agreement, saying the agreement would "forever condemn the Tribe to poverty."

The Tribe filed its complaint prior to a hearing on the two bills, H.R. 4366 (Rep. David Valadao) and H.R. 5217 (Rep. Jim Costa, D-CA), held by the U.S. House of Representative Natural Resources Committee Subcommittee on Water, Power and Oceans. The video is posted now at:

"Our Tribe is an indispensable party to this settlement," said Chairman Ryan Jackson, in a press release. "We notified Congress and the Bush and Obama Administrations on numerous occasions…

Clemency for Leonard Peltier Petition

Thank you Yvonne Swan for sharing this petition for clemency for Leonard Peltier!

Granting freedom to a Native American Indian--a Lakota/Ojibwa--after he has done forty (40) years hard time in federal prison for crimes he did not commit will at last show the world community there is compassion and humaneness in the United States of America.

Benjamin Nuvamsa: Grassroots Hopi and Tewa Senom Defense of Water Rights

"The Hopi Tribal Council is not informing the Hopi and Tewa Senom of what it is doing ... Sens. John McCain and Jeff Flake, Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey and others are determined to take our water rights away. Former Sen. Jon Kyl tried hard before he retired." -- Former Hopi Chairman Benjamin Nuvamsa

By Benjamin Nuvamsa Censored News
To the editor, June 15, 2012 was a historic day for the Hopi Tribe. On this day, the Hopi and Tewa Senom stood in solidarity as “One Nation: One Voice” to oppose the proposed Senate Bill 2109, the Navajo and Hopi Little Colorado River Water Rights Act of 2012. The Hopi Tribal Council passed Resolution No. H-072-2012 to formally oppose the bill. Resolution H-072-2012 provides that further and separate negotiations shall not continue without full and open consultation with the Hopi and Tewa Villages, Hopi Senom and the Hopi Tribal Council. Sadly, however, the Hopi Tribal Council, in a unilateral action, purported to “repeal” the resolution June 21, 2012 by p…

Vernon Masayesva 'Hopi and Tewa Demand Halt to Water Negotiations'

Vernon Masayesva, the former chairman of the Hopi tribe and founder and director of the Black Mesa Trust. Photograph: Sam A Minkler
A No Is A NO! "Hopi Tribal Council and Chairman without consulting with villages have agreed to resume settlement negotiation against the will of the village they represent. We, the Hopi and Tewa people, demand and have a right to know why council decided to resume negotiations. Until a meeting is held, ALL settlement negotiations must end." -- Vernon Masayesva

By Vernon Masayesva Censored News Letter to the Editor Former Chairmen: Ben Nuvamsa, Ivan Sidney, and Former Vice Chairmen: Phillip Quotshytewa Sr., Clifford Quotsakwahu, Caleb Johnson others wrote a letter to the Hopi Tribal Council on November 12, 2012 rejecting the Senate Bill 2109 sponsored by Former Senator Jon Kyle. Copies of the letter were sent to Arizona congressional delegation, DOI Secretary Ken Salazar and Assistant Secretary of Indian Affairs, Kevin Washburn. Subsequently leader…

Acoma Pueblo Gov. to France: Return Sacred Items to Homeland

Pueblo of Acoma Gov. Kurt Riley, center, accompanied by Pueblo of Acoma Traditional Leader Conroy Chino,  contests sale of sacred items. (Andrew Harnik / Associated Press)

North America Nakba Tour: Exiled Palestinians, Berkeley 2016

NORTH AMERICA NAKBA TOUR: THE EXILED PALESTINIANS– DIRECT FROM THE REFUGEE CAMPS –Jewish Voice for Peace-East Bay, South Alameda County Peace & Justice Committee, Ecumenical Peace Institute, Friends of Sabeel North America,
in cooperation with the Free Palestine Movement, International Solidarity Movement-Northern California and al-Awda Palestine Right to Return Coalition
invite you to
North America Nakba Tour The Exiled Palestinians Stateless Palestinians from the Camps in Lebanon
Mariam Fathalla interview (9-min. version)
Mariam lFathalla interview (2-min. version) On May 14, 1948, as Zionist leader David Ben Gurion was proclaiming a Jewish state in Palestine, his troops drove out the inhabitants of the ancient Palestinian town of al-Zeeb. 18-year-old Mariam Fathalla was one of them. She and her young husband fled to Lebanon. By year's end the 4,000-year-old community had been leveled. More than half of a…

US Media and Indian Country Media: Billionaires and Fraud at Core of News

Billionaires take control of mainstream news, while big money, fraud and plagiarism infect Indian country news

By Brenda Norrell
Censored News

The New York Times reveals how billionaires have taken control of much of the US media -- billionaires tied to politicians, casinos, the Mormon Church, sports teams, and more.
The New York Times article does not cover how the national Indian country media is now controlled by casino dollars and relies primarily on stay-at-home plagiarizers.
Jacqueline Keeler, Native reporter recently fired by Indian Country Today, reveals how Indian Country Today is now controlled by a non-Indian editor that previously worked as an editor at Playboy.
Censored News was created 10 years ago, after I was censored and then terminated, after working as a longtime staff reporter for Indian Country Today.
Integrity does matter, especially at the foundation of journalism and the pursuit of truth.
The New York Times does not identify one of the billionaire owners of the news me…

Sacred Stone Camp: Human Shield Blocking Access to Dakota Access Pipeline

Human Shield of Prayer Moves in Front of Dakota Access Pipeline Construction!Posted on May 24, 2016 May 24, 2016 – Camp of the Sacred Stones, Cannon Ball, North Dakota Indigenous Rising
Today, in opposition to the Dakota Access pipeline and the illegal start of  its construction in North Dakota, a human shield of prayer has moved in front of the construction site northeast of Cannon Ball, ND on the east bank of the Missouri River. The human shield of prayer is on United States Army Corp of Engineer property. [The Dakota Access Pipeline is a proposed 1,168-mile, 30-inch diameter pipeline that will connect the Bakken and Three Forks production areas in North Dakota to Patoka, Illinois, transporting over 450,000 barrels of oil per day.] These land defenders plan to stay at the construction site in an display of non-violent prayerful action as long as possible. Oceti Sakowin water protectors…