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May 31, 2016

Paris Protest Auction of Sacred May 2016

Protest by Committee in Solidarity with Indians of Americas
and Idle No More France
Photos Monday during auction
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Article in French by Christine Prat
With letter from Acoma Pueblo to people of France

Mohawk Nation News 'Indian Ring'



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MNN. May 30, 2016. The INDIAN Ring meticulously planned the genocide of onkwe’hon:weh in North and South America and now the world over. They schemed how to extinct us.
Custer: "Hey, where are all those starving, unarmed men, women and children?"
“Hey, where are all those starving, unarmed men, women and children?”
Thomas Tibbles wrote this historical book, HIDDEN POWER. A SECRET HISTORY OF THE INDIAN RING, based on events in the early 1800s. [p. 282] He said, “this Indian system is the most cunningly devised scheme for permitting robbery and tyranny that the mind of man ever devised.” Everybody is under “the control of a ring of robbers, murderers and speculators”. It is “…a government of a band of white thieves”.
The criminals are politicians, churches, army officers, agents, traders, inspectors, scouts, lawyers, judges, missionaries, contractors, business people, bureaucrats, settlers and INDIAN sell-outs. [p. 283] “The only force that can be brought to bear on them is that of the army, …which is headed by the INDIAN Ring in Washington.”
They want war to kill us and to steal our land. We refuse to give them war. [p. 136] The Government admitted, “This country is yours, and the Government can’t take it away from you without your consent, if you are at peace; but if you are at war it can take it by conquest”. All treaties are illegal agreements made under threat. wolf pack
The INDIAN Ring is a secret council of criminals. They ‘arranged’ the treaties, set up the internment camps, designed ways to totally demoralize us, break our spirit and annihilate us.
Like today 90% of our appropriations were stolen by the INDIAN Ring. The company stores forced them to buy their own necessities with their own money that is owed to them.
The INDIAN Ring tried to provoke wars, while we were defending ourselves, and justified it to the public. They had to put lipstick on the pig!heal
Read: HIDDEN POWER. A Secret History of The Indian Ring, its operations, intrigues and machinations. Revealing the manner in which it controls three important departments of the United States Government. A Defence of the U.S. Army, and a SOLUTION OF THE INDIAN PROBLEM. By T.H. Thibbles. Copyright 1881. New York: G.W. Carleton & Co., Publishers. London: S. Low, Son & Company. Book online: HIDDEN POWER. Secret of the Indian Ring.
That’s why we are controlled by the military. [p. 60] Only Congress can declare war. [p. 62] “expeditions carried on under any other authority are not war. They are wholly illegal, and every life taken under such circumstances is murder”. INDIAN Ring is US strategy for theft, conquest or genocide.
The INDIAN Ring incited the whites to help them kill us. [p. 102] “There was not a human being in a radius of 150 miles who was not directly interested In that Indian war. …the hatred of the Indian race was fed, until it became second nature”. Town meetings were set to create militias and to give authority to murder the INDIANS.
[p.105] “but this infernal Indian system of ours is a mass of contradictions. It isn’t war. It’s a “murdering, marauding, banditti affair, in which every man can take a hand to suit himself”.
The bagmen for the INDIAN Ring set up the illegal treaties. [p. 180] “cession of all right, title and interest in any or all lands held by the Indians to the United States. …a full and entire relinquishment and quit-claim of all their interest in it forever.” It’s a complete fraud!
"Indian Ring"!
“Indian Ring”!
[p.296] When anyone questioned, they called in “three of the departments of the government – the War Department, the Interior Department and the Department of Justice which control all avenues of information and thus public opinion”, to this day [Kanesatake/Oka 1990 and others].
INDIAN policy to exterminate all onkwe’hon:weh was to “Make a whole community responsible for the act of one man, and shoot down all men, women and children.”
[p. 323] When chiefs refused to sign papers, they were deposed and replaced by willing betrayers, like today’s puppet band and tribal councils. [eg. Brazil]. [p. 330] 90% of Indian funds for necessities went to the INDIAN Ring. [p. 338] “the Indians will first be half starved and then we will be sent to kill them, because they are so impudent and rebellious that they won’t stay and die peaceably and without grumbling”. baggage cartoon
In Canada, the INDIAN Ring is operated by the Canadian military, Indian Affairs and Department of Justice. As Chief Red Iron said when asked what he was doing, he said plainly, “Waiting for the White Father to civilize me.”
INDIAN Ring, you can’t break our spirit.
Politicians who formed US Indian Policy: Tombstone Epitaph:
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Alberta Oilsands pictures:
Minister of Indian Affairs, Carolyn Bennett,
Indian Affairs Toronto, 25 St. Clair Avenue East, 8th floor
Tel.: 1-800-567-9604
Fax: 1-866-817-3977
TTY: 1-866-553-0554
Minister of National Defence, 1-866-236-4445
U.S. President Barak Obama,
All Media, Pope Benedictum XVI, St. Peter’s Sq., Vatican City, Rome Italy; Canadian Center for Foreign Policy Development, Forum on Africa);
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau
Six Nations of Grande River 519-445-2201

May 30, 2016

Hoopa Valley Tribe Slams San Luis Settlement Agreement

Photo of Trinity River below Lewiston Dam by Dan Bacher.
Hoopa Valley Tribe: San Luis Settlement Agreement Will 'Condemn Tribe to Poverty' 

by Dan Bacher
Censored News

On May 24, the Hoopa Valley Tribe from Northern California filed its objection to two bills proposed in the House of Representatives to implement the controversial San Luis Settlement Agreement, saying the agreement would "forever condemn the Tribe to poverty."

The Tribe filed its complaint prior to a hearing on the two bills, H.R. 4366 (Rep. David Valadao) and H.R. 5217 (Rep. Jim Costa, D-CA), held by the U.S. House of Representative Natural Resources Committee Subcommittee on Water, Power and Oceans. The video is posted now at:

"Our Tribe is an indispensable party to this settlement," said Chairman Ryan Jackson, in a press release. "We notified Congress and the Bush and Obama Administrations on numerous occasions over the past several years of our concerns. Though we have been mostly ignored, rest assured, this legislation will not advance in absence of protection of our interests."

Clemency for Leonard Peltier Petition

Thank you Yvonne Swan for sharing this petition for clemency for Leonard Peltier!

Granting freedom to a Native American Indian--a Lakota/Ojibwa--after he has done forty (40) years hard time in federal prison for crimes he did not commit will at last show the world community there is compassion and humaneness in the United States of America.

May 28, 2016

Benjamin Nuvamsa: Grassroots Hopi and Tewa Senom Defense of Water Rights

"The Hopi Tribal Council is not informing the Hopi and Tewa Senom of what it is doing ... Sens. John McCain and Jeff Flake, Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey and others are determined to take our water rights away. Former Sen. Jon Kyl tried hard before he retired." -- Former Hopi Chairman Benjamin Nuvamsa

By Benjamin Nuvamsa
Censored News

To the editor,
June 15, 2012 was a historic day for the Hopi Tribe. On this day, the Hopi and Tewa Senom stood in solidarity as “One Nation: One Voice” to oppose the proposed Senate Bill 2109, the Navajo and Hopi Little Colorado River Water Rights Act of 2012. The Hopi Tribal Council passed Resolution No. H-072-2012 to formally oppose the bill.
Resolution H-072-2012 provides that further and separate negotiations shall not continue without full and open consultation with the Hopi and Tewa Villages, Hopi Senom and the Hopi Tribal Council.
Sadly, however, the Hopi Tribal Council, in a unilateral action, purported to “repeal” the resolution June 21, 2012 by passing Resolution H-073-2012. This resolution provided support for Senate Bill 2109. It was sponsored by George Mase, former Sipaulovi representative and chairman of the Water & Energy Team, and was endorsed by former tribal Chairman LeRoy Shingoitewa.
Then on Dec. 18, 2012, the Hopi Tribal Council voted to repeal Resolution H-073-2012.
Today, we see press releases and news articles with pictures of tribal Chairman Herman Honanie and members of the Water & Energy Team touting collaboration with other parties in negotiating our Little Colorado River water rights. But as noted in Resolution H-072-2012, Honanie and the Hopi Water & Energy Team are in direct violation of the mandates of the Hopi and Tewa Senom. Yes, Resolution H- 072-2012 is still in effect because the Hopi and Tewa Senom, village governments, traditional leaders and former tribal chairmen and vice chairmen were not consulted and did not authorize the tribal council to repeal their resolution.
This means the Hopi Tribal Council does not have the authority to continue current negotiations and to spend the tribe’s money on attorneys. It means the Hopi Tribal Council must provide full and open consultation with the Hopi and Tewa Senom, village governments and traditional leaders. It means members of the Hopi Tribe must vote in a referendum on any offer to settle the water rights. This further means the Hopi Tribal Council does not have authority to accept or reject any proposed settlement.
Our villages are the rightful owners of water rights since time immemorial. Water right is a sacred right. It is a property right of the villages and any wrongful taking of this right without just compensation is a violation under federal and tribal laws.
The Hopi Tribal Council is not informing the Hopi and Tewa Senom of what it is doing. The tribal council is not consulting with village governments, village leaders and Hopi tribal members on matters important to the tribe. In this respect, the tribal council is in violation of the Hopi tribal constitution.
Sens. John McCain and Jeff Flake, Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey and others are determined to take our water rights away. Former Sen. Jon Kyl tried hard before he retired.
As Hopi and Tewa Senom, we must protect the future of our people and make sure the tribal council does not enter into any settlement that will impair our future and compromise our village aboriginal and sovereign water rights.
Benjamin H. Nuvamsa
Former Hopi Tribal Chairman Village of Shungopavi

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Vernon Masayesva: "Hopi and Tewa Demand Halt to Water Negotiations'

Former Sen. Kyl's planned theft of water rights: This leaked doc in 2012 to Censored News shows how former Arizona Sen. Jon Kyl planned to steal Navajo and Hopi water rights by pushing legislation through a lame duck Congress. Interior Sec. Salazar was part of the planned theft of water rights, and Salazar resigned soon after.

Vernon Masayesva 'Hopi and Tewa Demand Halt to Water Negotiations'

Vernon Masayesva, the former chairman of the Hopi tribe and founder and director of the Black Mesa Trust. Photograph: Sam A Minkler

A No Is A NO!
"Hopi Tribal Council and Chairman without consulting with villages have agreed to resume settlement negotiation against the will of the village they represent. We, the Hopi and Tewa people, demand and have a right to know why council decided to resume negotiations. Until a meeting is held, ALL settlement negotiations must end." -- Vernon Masayesva

By Vernon Masayesva
Censored News
Letter to the Editor
Former Chairmen: Ben Nuvamsa, Ivan Sidney, and Former Vice Chairmen: Phillip Quotshytewa Sr., Clifford Quotsakwahu, Caleb Johnson others wrote a letter to the Hopi Tribal Council on November 12, 2012 rejecting the Senate Bill 2109 sponsored by Former Senator Jon Kyle. Copies of the letter were sent to Arizona congressional delegation, DOI Secretary Ken Salazar and Assistant Secretary of Indian Affairs, Kevin Washburn.
Subsequently leaders of Shungopavi, Hotevilla, Lower Moencopi, Bacavi, Kykotsmovi, Walpi, First Mesa Consolidated Villages and Mishongnovi adopted resolutions to reject Kyle Bill S 2109.ku
Then on June 15, 2012 at a Council meeting held at Hotevilla the Council voted to reject Kyle Bill SB 2109. Voting to kill Kyle Bill were; Herman Honanie, David Pecusa, Gayver Puhuyesva, Nada Talaqyuimptewa, Carlene Quotskuyva, Rebekah Masayesva, Danny Honanie, Bruce Fredericks, Leroy Sumatskuku, Wayne Kuwanhoyouma, and Danny Humetewa. Voted for the Kyle Bill were Alph Secakuku, Cedric Kuwaninvaya and George Mase with Chairman Leroy Shingoitewa presiding and not voting.
The Kyle Little Colorado Rights Water Settlement Bill, which if it had passed, would have allowed all non-water users to keep using the water they presently now use. What is left over will go to Navajo Nation, and not one drop will go to Hopi.
Hopi Tribal Council and Chairman without consulting with villages have agreed to resume settlement negotiation against the will of the village they represent.
We, the Hopi and Tewa people, demand and have a right to know why council decided to resume negotiations. Until a meeting is held, ALL settlement negotiations must end.
Vernon Masayesva
Cc: Hopi Tribal Council
Hopi Village Community Offices

Also see:
Benjamin Nuvamsa 'Grassroots Hopi and Tewa Senom Defense of Water Rights'

Former Sen. Kyl's planned theft of water rights: This leaked doc in 2012 to Censored News shows how former Arizona Sen. Jon Kyl planned to steal Navajo and Hopi water rights by pushing legislation through a lame duck Congress. Interior Sec. Salazar was part of the planned theft of water rights, and Salazar resigned soon after.

Vernon Masayesva

Executive Director
Executive Director
Vernon Masayesva
Vernon Masayesva is the Executive Director of Black Mesa Trust, a Hopi Leader of the Coyote Clan and a former Chairman of the Hopi Tribal Council from the village of Hotevilla, one of the oldest continuously inhabited human settlement in the Americas in Arizona.
Masayesva received his B.A. degree from Arizona State University in Political Science and a Masters of Arts from Central Michigan University in 1970. He returned to Black Mesa of the Hotevilla Bacavi Community School, the first Indian controlled school on Hopi as the lead educator of the school systems. In 1984, he was elected to the Hopi Tribal Council and then served as Chairman from 1989. He immersed himself in the tangled intricacies of the mining on Black Mesa and the Hopi – Navajo land dispute, and is widely respected on and off the reservation.
In 1998, he founded the Black Mesa Trust and currently serves as its Executive Director. Vernon is an international speaker on the subject of Water and is honored among many scientists, physicists and water researchers including renown author and water researcher Dr. Masaru Emoto from Japan.  Among other things, he is beginning a serious study of Hopi symbols and metaphors to understand who he is and what he can do to help his people lay a vision of a future Hopi society. As a result of his commitment to preserving our water, former President William Clinton honored him as an “Environmental Hero.” Charles Wilkinson, a distinguished Professor of Law at the University of Colorado said, “You will gain a strong sense of history, of millennia, from listening to Vernon, but my guess is you will also see something else-the future-for Vernon embodies personal qualities and philosophical attitudes that can serve our whole society well in the challenging years that lie ahead.”
To learn more about Black Mesa Trust visit

Acoma Pueblo Gov. to France: Return Sacred Items to Homeland

Pueblo of Acoma Gov. Kurt Riley, center, accompanied by Pueblo of Acoma Traditional Leader Conroy Chino,  contests sale of sacred items. (Andrew Harnik / Associated Press)

North America Nakba Tour: Exiled Palestinians, Berkeley 2016



Jewish Voice for Peace-East Bay, South Alameda County Peace & Justice Committee, Ecumenical Peace Institute, Friends of Sabeel North America,
in cooperation with the Free Palestine Movement, International Solidarity Movement-Northern California and al-Awda Palestine Right to Return Coalition
invite you to
North America Nakba Tour
The Exiled Palestinians
Stateless Palestinians from the Camps in Lebanon
Mariam Fathalla interview (9-min. version)
Mariam lFathalla interview (2-min. version)
On May 14, 1948, as Zionist leader David Ben Gurion was proclaiming a Jewish state in Palestine, his troops drove out the inhabitants of the ancient Palestinian town of al-Zeeb. 18-year-old Mariam Fathalla was one of them. She and her young husband fled to Lebanon. By year's end the 4,000-year-old community had been leveled. More than half of all Palestinians were killed or expelled and more than half the cities, towns and villages disappeared, a crime that Palestinians call al-Nakba (the Catastrophe).

May 27, 2016

US Media and Indian Country Media: Billionaires and Fraud at Core of News

Billionaires take control of mainstream news, while big money, fraud and plagiarism infect Indian country news

By Brenda Norrell
Censored News

The New York Times reveals how billionaires have taken control of much of the US media -- billionaires tied to politicians, casinos, the Mormon Church, sports teams, and more.
The New York Times article does not cover how the national Indian country media is now controlled by casino dollars and relies primarily on stay-at-home plagiarizers.
Jacqueline Keeler, Native reporter recently fired by Indian Country Today, reveals how Indian Country Today is now controlled by a non-Indian editor that previously worked as an editor at Playboy.
Censored News was created 10 years ago, after I was censored and then terminated, after working as a longtime staff reporter for Indian Country Today.
Integrity does matter, especially at the foundation of journalism and the pursuit of truth.
The New York Times does not identify one of the billionaire owners of the news media. It is Indian Country Today, owned by the Oneida Indian Nation in New York, which operates a billion dollar casino industry.
The collapse of the national news in the United States, and particularly in Indian country, can also be seen as part of the death of the old system. The current journalism is taking its last gulps, using Internet fraud, plagiarism and deception, particularly on Facebook, to confuse, distract and misinform with stolen news, and fake news. 
Meanwhile, in the mainstream news, each day the bloated old news media and its new billionaire owners want to influence you, shape your opinions, and shape the US and the world with fraud.

Read more:

New York Times: \

Facebook is full of clickbait. These fraudulent websites steal the hard work of real reporters, and post it for advertising or ad word revenues. Each time you click on the link, these frauds make money. Read more about clickbait:

Brenda Norrell, publisher of Censored News, has been a news reporter in Indian country for 34 years. During the 18 years that she lived on the Navajo Nation, she worked as a reporter for Navajo Times, and a stringer for AP and USA Today. She served as a staff reporter for Indian Country Today for most of the years between 1995 and 2006. After being censored, then terminated, by Indian Country Today, she created Censored News as a service to grassroots Indigenous Peoples and human rights struggles.
During the past decade, she has traveled with the Zapatistas, reported from the Mother Earth Conference in Bolivia, and reported live for five months, with Govinda at Earthcycles grassroots radio, on the Longest Walk 2 northern route in 2008.
The live coverage over the past decade included the Peltier and Boarding School Tribunals in Green Bay, Wisconsin, and Native American summits across the West.

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