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Haskell students walk to save wetlands: Trail of Broken Promises

Haskell students walking to Washington DC to save wetlands

By Brenda Norrell
Censored News

The Trail of Broken Promises began on May 13 to save the Wakarusa Wetlands. Haskell Indian Nations University students and advocates for cultural rights began a two-month journey to Washington, DC, to save the Wakarusa Wetlands. Lawrence’s only remaining indigenous wetland prairie is now under threat of becoming the South Lawrence Trafficway in Kansas.
 The Trail of Broken Promises is primarily an on-foot trek through fifty towns from Kansas to Washington, DC. Walkers plan to arrive in Washington on July 9.
On their journey, the Trail of Broken Promises addresses the difficulty of preserving sacred places within Indian Country.
"Prompted by the proposed highway construction through the wetland behind Haskell campus, the students travel on the Potawatomi Trail of Death route in reverse, stopping by each marker to honor the sacred place and show appreciation …

US Human Rights Activists: US participated in Moskito Massacre Honduras May 2012

U.S. Human rights activists document US participation in massacre of Moskito people
"Following the massacre at least one helicopter landed and at least ten, tall, light-skinned English speakers with limited Spanish proficiency wearing military type uniforms exited the helicopters to collect cocaine from a boat near the massacre site."
Tegucigalpa, Honduras May 27, 2012                              By Karen Spring and Annie Bird
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On May 22 and 23 a delegation of human rights activists from the United States organized by Rights Action and Alliance for Global Justice visited the community of Ahuás in the Moskitia region of Honduras. The delegation witnessed an atmosphere of terror being generated amongst dire poverty in an area where the indigenous people are now losing control of natural resources which are key to the development of their economy.
The group inquired into the May 11, 2012 massacre of indigenous Miskito people by…

Australian Aboriginal speaks out for Wikileaks Julian Assange

Wikileaks exposed attacks on Indigenous Peoples
By Brenda Norrell
Censored News
May 31, 2012 Breaking news, check back for updates

In Melbourne, Australia, Aboriginal elder Robbie Thorpe, Krautungalung of the Gunnai Nation, rallied in support of Wikileaks Julian Assange, who continues to battle for his freedom. Wikileaks has exposed how the US and Canada targeted Indigenous Peoples.
Thorpe, longtime activist for aboriginal land rights and human rights, referred to Assange as "my brother."
"I'm prepared to go to jail for Julian, we need to rise up! Get up!"
"Assange is exposing the truth. Secrecy is a weapon of mass destruction in Australia," Thorpe said in Melbourne on May 31, during one of the global rallies in support of Assange.
The US diplomatic cables exposed by Wikileaks revealed how US ambassadors spied on Indigenous Peoples and promoted mining in their homelands. The m…

Protecting Sacred Places, Oakland, Calif.

Thursday, May 31-- Friday, June 1, 2012
Protecting Sacred Places
Oakland, Calif.

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A unique opportunity to learn about current struggles of Native peoples to protect sacred land in Northern California and ways that you can lend support.
Two separate events in Oakland.
Caleen Sisk (Winnemem Wintu)
Speaking about current Winnemem struggles
 Jim Brown III (Elem Pomo)
Speaking about Rattlesnake Island
Corrina Gould (Chochenyo/Karkin Ohlone)
Speaking about Brushy Peak
Wounded Knee DeOcampo (Tuolumne Miwok)
Speaking about Sogorea Te/ Glen Cove
Only at Friday June 1st event:
Morning Star Gali (Achumawi Pit River)
Speaking about Medicine Lake
523 International Boulevard, Oakland, CA
Friday, June 1st
7:00 pm @ THE HOLD-OUT
2313 San Pablo Ave, Oakland, CA
Admission $5-$20 * No one turned away for lack of funds
A program…

New at Censored News May 29, 2012

New at Censored News

May 29, 2012

Chief Arvol Looking Horse: Prayers for energy shift for healing, prayers at Rio 20 Brazil on June 21:

VIDEO: O'odham Ofelia Rivas 'Erase the Border' 2012
Photos and videos: Winnemem Wintu shut down McCloud River during War Dance

Censored News Series:
Rights of Mother Earth Gathering
at Haskell Indian Nations University, April 2012:

Haskell: Disappearance and renewal in the wetlands
Rights of Mother Earth Haskell continues efforts of Bolivia President Evo Morales
Anishinabe Renee Gurneau: Mother earth, memory and being

Roberto Rodriguez: Demonizing Mexican-American studies is unjust

Demonizing Mexican-American studies is unjust

by Roberto Rodriguez - May. 28, 2012
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I pick up the phone at my office at the University of Arizona and learn that I have three recorded messages waiting for me. The first one begins with the caller claiming to be half White and half Native American, addressing me as an "(expletive) Mexican" and a "Raza (expletive)." This while injecting a .357 Magnum into his rant.
The second and third calls are similar. The vitriol is inexplicable and virtually incomprehensible, except for the threats of extreme violence.
As a lifelong writer, receiving vicious hate mail is not new to me, including receiving a registered letter to my house from the Ku Klux Klan. But receiving death threats as a professor -- this is new.
Just the week before those calls, a video was placed on YouTube by right-wing elements, accusing me of being the ringleader of the movement to defend Mexican-America…

Photos videos: Protecting Winnemem Wintu ceremony 2012

Photos by Klamath Media. Thank you from Censored News!
Censored News

These photos and video are from this weekend's War Dance and actions that were held to protect the Winnemem Wintu's coming of age ceremony on Shasta Lake later this month. Below is also a link to the press release. Day three was the day that volunteers on boats put up a "River Closed" banner across the water and closed it to speed boat traffic for a few hours.
After many of the supporters had already left the river, what was described as an "armada of thunder-engined powerboats" came through to make a disturbance. (See video 4.)
The presence of any fishing boats or curious vacationers that were not associated with the ceremony or support crews had been disruptive in previous days, but this event was obviously planned with malicious intent based on testimony of the people who were down on the river
when the boat…

VIDEO: O'odham Ofelia Rivas 'Erase the Border' 2012

Erase the Border is an art project with the O'odham youth from Ali Jegk community on O'odham lands divided by the United States/Mexico border. A Project by Boston artist Catherine D'Ignazio and O'odham VOICE Against the WALL founder Ofelia Rivas.

By Ofelia Rivas, O'odham
Censored News
May 28, 2012

Hello Friends,

We recently had a art project "Erase the Border"  with O'odham youth from  Ali Jegk (Little Clearing) community on the Tohono O'odham Nation adjacent to the US/MX International border.
This is a project of artist Catherine D'Ignazio from the Boston of Institute of Infinitely Small Things group and Ofelia Rivas of O'odham VOICE Against the WALL.
This is our first YouTube video.
It was a crazy windy day on May 24, 2012. We put crepe paper flowers with colorful streamers on the fence, brought tables and chairs, art paper and pigments. The children painted …

Chief Arvol Looking Horse: Unite for energy shift for healing June 21, 2012

By Chief Arvol Looking Horse
19th generation Keeper of the Sacred White Buffalo Calf Pipe
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Once again I am sending my voice to all Nations upon Mother Earth, those who can hear my sincerity with their hearts – - unite together at our Sacred Sites creating an energy shift of a great healing on this June 21st. We need to see and listen to the wamakas'ka (the animals) who are more than ever now showing their sacred color of white, there are so many. This color represents the direction of when physical life now goes into the spirit journey. They are trying to warn us to pay attention to our responsibilities as a Global Nation. In order to protect the remaining sacredness that is trying to survive upon Mother Earth, which includes even our own children, we now have no choice but to unify and make positive decisions together.
To honor the birthplace of World Peace and Prayer Day/Honoring …

Help Indigenous youth filmmakers get to Seattle

Please help Indigenous youth filmmakers get to Seattle
Thank you to Outta Your Backpack Media for sharing your breaking news articles, photos and videos with Censored News

By Outta Your Backpack Media
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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Outta Your Backpack Media (OYBM) needs your support to get folks to the 7th Annual SuperFly Filmmaking Experience in Seattle, WA!
OYBM collective members and workshop participants (a total of seven people!) have been invited to participate in this years SuperFly workshop. Shelby Ray, OYBM collective member/volunteer, will also be mentoring at SuperFly.
Unfortunately Longhouse Media, an organizer of the workshop, is unable to come up with full travel funds for OYBM participants so they have asked us to step up and figure it out (they have committed to pay for gas which definitely helps). As many of you already know, OYBM is very resourceful and co…

Protectors ready to defend Winnemem Wintu ceremony May 25, 2012

War Dance underway: Protectors ready to defend Winnemem Wintu Coming of Age Ceremony

Update: Photos and videos: Winnemem Wintu close McCloud River during War Dance:
By Brenda Norrell
Censored News

H’up Chonas (War Dance)
Thursday afternoon, May 24 – Sunday May 27, 2012

McCloud Bridge Campground on the McCloud River, Shasta-Trinity National Forest north of Redding, Calif.

The Winnemem Wintu H'up Chonas (War Dance) is underway and the protectors are present, ready to defend the right of the Winnemem Wintu to hold their Coming of Age Ceremony.
Winnemem Wintu said they are holding the War Dance, H’up Chonas "to protect our ceremony in the traditional way and to show we are willing to die to protect our women from harassment."
On the scene Friday night, Govinda of Earthcycles, said, "Every five hours or so they do …

Mohawk John Kane on sovereignty and the UN agenda: 'We aren't jilted lovers'

 John Kane, Mohawk, on sovereignty: "This isn't about a broken promise. We aren't jilted lovers."
By Brenda Norrell
Censored News

Amnesty International slammed the United Nations in its 2012 report for its failures, saying it ignores human rights when issues stand in the way of profit. The report comes after criticisms from Native Americans who say the recent UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Peoples focused on rhetoric and academia, while ignoring issues which threaten their survival.

Amnesty International said the UN is failing its purpose. “The language of human rights is adopted when it serves political or corporate agendas, and shelved when inconvenient or standing in the way of profit.”

During recent sessions for testimony to the UN Rapporteur on Indigenous Peoples in the US, Native Peoples said the process of testifying was so formal and expensive that it excluded most grassroots Nativ…

Rising Tide and Indigenous: Shell harbinger of death

Rising Tide, First Nations and Inupiat confront Shell at annual general meeting at The Hague and in London: Halt poisoning Native people and the earth

By Rising Tide London
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 LONDON -- At the Shell annual general meeting link at the Barbican the suits on the Shell board were given a 3 hour grilling, with questioners focusing attention on its environmental and human rights crimes around the world. Spread throughout the auditorium, hooded London Rising Tide and friends grim Shell reapers stood silently awaiting direction from the board toward their next appointment with Shell induced death and environmental destruction.
The grim figures stood motionless for almost an hour while Messrs Ollila and Vosser, Chairman and CEO, attempted to defend Shell's ravenous pursuit of profit above all else at the expense of:
-- The pristine Arctic, where drilling and probably spilling will begin in the…

Native protesters shut down Enbridge hearing in Ontario

Led by Six Nations community members, Enbridge Line 9 hearings disrupted, shut down for half a day

Press statement
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May 23, 2012

LONDON, Ontario -- Dozens of environmental justice activists led by Indigenous activists from Haudenosaunee successfully “mic checked” a stop to Enbridge Line 9 hearings in London early Wednesday morning. Members of the National Energy Board had travelled to London to hear presentations from major oil conglomerates as well as environmental NGOs. After successfully disrupting meeting, Haudenosaunee representatives explained that they had not been consulted about the pipeline plans, which would negatively impact their lands.

“We are not only fighting for our rights but yours too,” said grandmother and long time Indigenous activist Ruby Montour, after members of the board and lawyers from the oil companies left the presentation room. “They need to be fair with our …