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Long Walker Danny Wyatt passes to Spirit World

Long walkers mourn the passing of their good hearted friend Danny Wyatt, Washoe from Gardnerville, Nevada. Danny was battling leukemia. During the Long Walk 2 northern route, Danny made friends fast with his good heartedness and laughter. Danny celebrated his 27th birthday in August. Shown here with Long Walkers Edmund and Daniel, Miwok, on the left, Danny was a friend to everyone, who also made the walkers happy by making fry bread for them.
Sincere condolescenses to his family and friends.
Long Walker Marek in Poland took the photo of Danny in Haskell, Kansas, the second photo.
Marek writes, "It’s very sad to hear that we miss another walker from the Longest Walk 2. I have met Danny only briefly a few times when the Northern and Southern Routes got together in 2008 but I remember him as a kind, open, and good hearted person, and a strong walker. There’s no justice in losing such good and young people so fast." Peace and prayers to you and all around, Marek Nowocien, Longest Wa…

Day 5 Texas tarsands blockade: Tree sitters remain as bulldozers destroy heartland

Tar Sands Blockade Day 5:

This is the true face of Keystone XL. This pictures says it all. This horrific scar is at the doorstep of our tree blockade and is slated to cut 110-feet wide for 1,700 miles through America’s heartland. Millions of homes and trees are being plowed to make way for this toxic pipeline. Right now heavy machinery is a mere 60 feet from our nine brave blockaders in the trees. Follow it here:

First Nation Terrance Nelson alleges vote buying, delegation heads to Iran

Terrance Nelson, former Roseau River chief in Manitoba, made allegations today of vote buying in an e-mail to the Prime Minister.

Further,Nelson said a First Nation delegation leaves for Iran on Oct. 8 and will ask for the lives of three Canadians on death row. In his previous statement, Nelson said the delegation will also show photos of the massacre of Wounded Knee.

Nelson’s morning e-mail has brought a dramatic reaction already.
Among the allegations, Nelson questioned if there was a payment of $25,000 for a chief to distance himself from Nelson.

Updates from APTN on Oct. 1, 2012
Allegations bring threats to Terrance Nelson and others

Save Lehman Brightman's home from foreclosure

Message from Quanah Parker Brightman Posted at Censored News
 Go Fund Me for Lehman Brightman:

Dear Relatives,

This letter is written on behalf of Lehman Brightman, a Sioux/Creek Indian who in the Lakota term is an icke wicasa, or common man, and lives by the principles of that term, in that he does not put himself above others, works as a warrior for his people, and lives his life in a good way, with respect and caring for the people. In this life there are times to be active, times to b
e rest and be healed, times to stand strong, times to be cared for. Lee needs us now, and I am reaching out to ask you to support this man in his waning years. Please let me tell you about who this man is and what he needs from the community.

There are roles and cycles in life that we are all bound by. The cycles come to us in the duration of our lives, while the roles we have in life are chosen. In that regards Lee is an exceptional ikce wicasa, for he never takes t…

AIM West Film Fest and November Conference Flyer

AIM West Film Festival Schedule
3rd Annual International American Indian Movement Film Festival Hosted by AIM West Brava Theater, 2781 24th Street San Francisco, CA Friday, October 12, 2012 11:30 a.m. Opening Prayer Drumming 12:00 p.m. “Indian Summer in Geneva” (52 min.) 1977 Documentary Producer: Volkmar Ziegler 12:52 p.m.: Q& A and intro to next films 1:00 p.m. “Guatemala Vive” (30 min.) 2012 Documentary by AIM West Productions Director: Adrian Carrasco 1:30 p.m. Q &A- Discussion 1:45 p.m. “My Adopted Daughter from Nicaragua” (30 min.) 2012 Documentary Director: Morten Bruus 2:15 p.m. Q & A- Discussion 2:30 p.m. “Behind the Blue Veil” (Tuareg People) (9.5 min) 2012 Documentary “Imazighen Lybia” (8 min.) Documentary 2:50 p.m. Q&A- Discussion 3:00 p.m. “The People and the Olive” (Palestine) (60min.) 2012 Documentary Director: Aaron Dennis 4:00 p.m. Q&A- Discussion 4:15 p.m. “Wild Horses & Renegades”(79 m…

Mohawk Nation News 'Mohawks v. the Queen. Kanekota.'

October 1, 2012. Re: Kanekota
MNN. Sep. 27, 2012. The hearing is on Monday October 1 at 10 AM, 180 Queen Street West. Toronto. Thahoketoteh will be arguing Rule of Law with the Attorney General on the issue of Kanekota. All welcome.

Kanekota, “where the water comes from the earth”, is a 525 sq. mi. tract in the northern portion of the Haldimand Tract. The Royal Proclamation of 1783 provides that Canada has the responsibility to protect the Mohawks forever and that there shall never be any encroachment.

Thahoketoteh states, “I would be pleased if you could come to the courtroom as a witness. The argument will be chronological, starting at 1701 with the introduction of the Gushwenta, up to the present”.

The Gushwenta is the formula whereby the settlers agreed to become of one mind and live with us in peace. It was ratified in 1710 when ou…

Crownpoint Navajos march against uranium mining Sept 27, 2012


TransCanada worker attempts to drop tree on peaceful blockader Day 4

VIDEO: TransCanada Worker Attempts to Drop Tree on Peaceful Blockader (Day 4)

TransCanada has only continued to jeopardize the safety of our friends as we move forward on the fourth day of our sustained tree-sit. A worker operating a feller buncher, a heavy machinery used for clear-cutting forests, attempted to drop a felled tree on a peaceful blockader late Tuesday. After Tuesday’s incident in which blockader’s witnessed TransCanada supervisors actively encouraging the torture of two peaceful blockaders, they immediately turned their heavy machinery back on and continued to plow toward nine people in a tree blockade. Before they could get close enough to the 80-foot-high tree village, a team of four nonviolent blockaders intent on protecting the safety of their friends, and stopping TransCanada’s reckless clear-cutting machinery intercepted them.
When approached in plain sight by t…

Democracy Now! Has US designated Wikileaks Assange 'enemy of the state'

By Democracy Now!

 In the wake of a speech given by Julian Assange addressed to the United Nations, documents obtained under the Freedom of Information Act show Wikileaks founder Julian Assange may have been designated an "enemy of the state" by the United States. For more on the new developments Democracy Now! has Assange's speech as well as an interview with the president emeritus of the CCR and legal advisor to Julian Assange, Michael Ratner. watch:

Michael Ratner was on Democracy Now! this morning! to talk about the U.S. Air Force counter-intelligence documents that show military personnel who contact WikiLeaks or its supporters may be at risk of being charged with "communicating with the enemy" - a military crime that carries a maximum sentence of death. The designation is the same legal category as al-Qaeda and the Taliban. In this interview Ratner discusses the implications of the newly found documents and the current state of…

Censored News celebrates six years of publishing the warriors!

Celebrating six years of publishing the warriors, revolutaries and truth tellers!
By Brenda Norrell, publisher
Censored News

Censored News bolts into its seventh year of publishing in October 2012. It has been a bumpy ride to keep it going. But always there are those who have no other place to post their news for a global audience. The worst offenders, like the US Border Patrol, Canadian mining corporations, the US government, and other human rights abusers are able to either co-op, or silence, most of the media.
The news reporters that can not be squelched are bought off. Then, too, some news reporters have simply just given up. The fight for truth has been too long and too exhausting for them. Others never really started the fight, relying instead on plagiarism and rewriting others hard work.
Well, that’s the bad news.
The good news is that it is a thrill to look online and see all the good hearts that are still out there doin…

TransCanada encouraged torture of peaceful protestors Day 3 Texas

TransCanada Actively Encouraged Torture Tactics to be Used on Peaceful Protestors (Day 3) yesterday two Texans, Shannon Bebe and Benjamin Franklin, were subjected to torture tactics at the hands of police under the active encouragement of TransCanada senior supervisors. Bebe and Franklin were exercising their constitutional rights to nonviolent protest when they locked themselves to Keystone XL construction machinery outside Winnsboro, Texas and delayed construction for most of the day. Police began using aggressive pain compliance tactics when a senior TransCanada supervisor named John arrived and actively encouraged it. Torture tactics included; sustained chokeholds, violent arm-twisting, pepper spray, and multiple uses of Tasers, all while blockaders where in handcuffs. Immediately following TransCanada’s consultation, law enforcement handcuffed the protesters’ free hands to the heavy machinery in stress positions and then…

SOA Watch: Two human rights lawyers assassinated in Honduras

Two human rights lawyers assassinated in Honduras: take action!

This past Sunday and Monday, two human rights lawyers, Antonio Trejo and Eduardo Diaz, were brutally murdered in Honduras, bringing to over 60 the number of victims caught in the struggle for life and land in the Bajo Aguan in Honduras. The debate over the production of food for families versus bio-fuels for corporations has reached a high note

After the 2009 coup that was led by SOA graduates, massive privatization has become the order of the day for Honduras, with almost everything, from land to entire cities, on the docket for privatization.

Lawyer Antonio Trejo had the valor to take a stand against this. He was defending the right of the MARCA peasant collective to the restoration of their lands in the Lower Aguan valley. These lands were seized 18 years earlier by Honduras’ wealthiest man: Miguel Facussé. Facusse’s Dinant Corporation was using this land to produce African palms, a source of bio fuel .

Trejo’s ef…

Texans lockdown again to halt Keystone tarsands pipeline

BREAKING: Day 2–Two People Lock Themselves to Keystone XL Machinery to Defend Eight People in Tree Village Day Two: Blockaders Stop All Work At Keystone XL Construction Site
All work has been halted at a Keystone XL construction site outside Winnsboro, Texas. Two Texas-born blockaders have locked themselves to construction machinery, effectively halting all construction until further notice.

By Global Justice Ecology Project Climate Connections
Two Texas-born Tar Sands Blockaders have locked themselves to a critical piece of machinery for Keystone XL construction in order to protect a tree village occupied by eight people in the tar sands pipeline’s path of devastation outside Winnsboro,Texas.
The two landowner advocates and climate justice organizers are risking arrest to delay deforesting work along the Keystone XL pipeline’s path, whic…

AIM West International Film Fest Oct. 12, 2012

AIM-WEST host American Indian Movement International Film Festival
Friday October 12, 2012

More information
Posted at Censored News

AIM-WEST proudly presents the American Indian Movement International Film Festival, to be held at the Brava Women’s Theater, located at 2781 24th Street, in San Francisco’s Mission District! The program begins at 12 noon until 10 pm with traditional dance, drumming and songs prior to the opening. The M.C. is nationally known AIM leader, Mr. Bill Means.
The films selected for this year’s festival, found in our website, exemplifies the legacy and spiritual movement of resistance, and the fight for self-determination found among indigenous peoples throughout the globe. Held each year on Indigenous Peoples Day (Columbus), the film festival offers an important educational alternative to the stories typically associated with the national celebration of Columbus Day in the USA, and what it means to Indig…

San Francisco: Retire Columbus Day

Retire Columbus Day By United Native Americans Censored News

INDIGENOUS DAY OF RESISTANCE INDIGENOUS RIGHTS RALLY & MARCH to Decolonize the World on the Truth of Christoper Columbus and his Insidious Hate Crimes he Committed Against the Indigenous Peoples of The Americas Known as Turtle Island.

Our Peaceful March will begin from foot of Jefferson and Stockton Streets located near Fisherman's Wharf to Coit Tower Rally in Front of the Columbus Statue
Sunday, October 7th, 2012
From 10:00 am -1:00 pm
Press Conference from Noon to 1:00pm at Coit Tower in Front of the Columbus Statue

Fisherman's Wharf
Foot of Jefferson and Stockton
to Coit Tower, Telegraph Hill, San Francisco, CA

We as United Native Americans, Founded in 1968 in the San Francisco Bay Area Call for an Educational Rally to Decolonize the World on R…