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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Worst Companies in the World, 2009

Corporations must face trial for crimes against Indigenous Peoples; Bush and Cheney must go on trial for torture

By Brenda Norrell
Censored News

Corporations exploiting the water, land and resources of Indigenous Peoples, using displacement, rape, torture and assassination, must be charged in an international court. The corporations and the individuals must be charged for crimes against humanity.
While Canada leads the world in the number of gold and uranium mining corporations carrying out criminal acts, the United States leads the world in corporations of torture and war manufacturing.
The US and Israel lead the world in the production of Apartheid spy and border technology aimed at control and profiteering. The US and Israel also lead the world in misinformation technology, including misinformation-based television and print media.
This is only the beginning of the list of the Worst Corporations in the World 2009, now being updated:

BARRICK GOLD (Canada) is coring out sacred mountains, including the Western Shoshone's sacred Mount Tenabo. In New Guinea, Barrick has carried out rapes and murders as it seizes Indigenous lands. In Australia, protests by the Save Lake Cowal campaign are ongoing at the Barrick Gold open pit mine at Lake Cowal, New South Wales, Australia. Lake Cowal is home to many migratory water birds and sacred sites of the Wiradjuri people.
Barrick leads the list of the worst companies in the world, for its mining in Papua New Guinea, the United States, Canada, Dominican Republic, Australia, Peru, Chile, Russia, South Africa, Pakistan, Argentina and Tanzania.
Read about Barrick's global crimes against Indigenous Peoples:
DENISON MINES/International Uranium Corporation (Canada) also leads in crimes against Indigenous Peoples for its uranium mines. Denison is now threatening to reopen a uranium mine in the Grand Canyon, which could destroy sacred land of Havasupai, endanger tourists and contaminate Southwest water supplies. Denison is already poisoning the land and water of Utes and Navajos in Utah and Natives in Saskatchewan, Canada. Read more:
DESERT ROCK/NAVAJO NATION is planning the third coal fired power plant on Navajoland in the Four Corners area, already saturated with radioactive tailings from uranium mines, two other power plants and hundreds of oil and gas wells. These are already desecrating the Navajos most sacred place of origin in this region, Dinetah. The financing to the local Dine' Power comes from Sithe Global, primarily owned by the Blackstone Group, whose cofounder Stephen Schwarzman is a member of Skull and Bones. Skull and Bones is the secret society at Yale, whose power mongers include the Bush family, who robbed the grave of Geronimo, then attempted to silence the San Carlos Apaches about this.
The electricity from Navajo Nation coal and power plants goes primarily to non-Navajos in the Southwest while many Navajos still live without electricity and with the respiratory diseases and cancers from pollution and toxins. The revenues from polluting industries are the primary source of salaries and lavish expense spending for elected Navajo Nation officials.
GOLDCORP (Canada) In Guatemala, Indigenous are fighting Goldcorp which brings in 200 tons of cyanide a year for gold extraction. While poisoning the water and land, Goldcorp continues to displace and make homeless Indigenous Peoples. In 2005, one Mayan protester was killed at the Canadian owned Goldcorp mine, operating under Montana Exploradora at the Marlin mine.
DOW CHEMICAL/UNION CARBIDE killed 18,000 people in the Bhopal disaster in India. The Yes Men, activists and filmmakers, are making sure no one forgets. Who will care for those left ill and disabled?
Dow has a long history of poisoning and killing people, from the cancer alley of the Louisiana coast to Vietnam.
Wikipedia says, "During the Vietnam War, Dow became the sole supplier of napalm to the United States military who used napalm in their efforts during the war.
Agent Orange, a chemical defoliant containing dioxin, was also manufactured by Dow in New Plymouth, New Zealand and in America for use by the U.S. military during the Vietnam War. In 2005, a lawsuit was filed by Vietnamese victims of Agent Orange against Dow and Monsanto Company, which also supplied Agent Orange to the military. The lawsuit was dismissed.[14]
Read more about how Dow Chemical and Union Carbide have poisoned the world and killed people:
MONSANTO is killing people slowly with mutant seeds.
VEDANTA RESOURCES (England) preys on the people of India: "According to the tribesmen and others supporting them, the mining of the Niyamgiri hills will lead to massive deforestation, affect water resources, destroy the local ecosystem and endanger wild animals commonly found in the area like tigers, leopards and elephants."
Once again, in the Southern Amazon, Canada's mining death squads strike. The biggest projects belong to Vancouver-based Corriente Resources and Toronto's Kinross Gold.
CAMECO, another Canadian company, is planning to mine uranium in Lakota territory and Lakotas are now battling this corporation. The US secretly transported 500 tons of yellowcake from Iraq to Montreal for the private company Cameco in Canada in 2008.
Profiteering from Apartheid at borders, from Palestine to Arizona and around the world are Boeing, the Israeli Defense contractor Elbit Systems and Wackenhut Transportation (owned by G4S in England/Denmark.)
Profiteering from the imprisonment of migrants and people of color in the US are GEO (formerly Wackenhut) and Corrections Corporation of America (CCA.)
The war profit manufacturers that keep youths dying in foreign lands, and politicians lying about the reasons for those wars, include General Dynamics, Raytheon, Lockhead Martin, DynCorp, Blackwater and a long list of weapons suppliers, drone manufacturers, killers for hire and "intelligence" corporations.
Chiquita International Brands admitted in court that the company hired assassins to kill farmers and activists in Colombia.
For overcharging at the gas pumps, all qualify as the worst corporations in the world: Exxon Mobile, Chevron, Shell and all the others.
Just as corporations must be held responsible before an international court, Bush and Cheney must be placed on trial for torture, kidnapping and murder.
The Obama administration is backing an anti-terrorism policy of Bush, urging a federal appeals court to throw out a lawsuit that accuses Boeing's Jeppesen Dataplan of helping the CIA fly suspects overseas to be tortured.
In a poll by Censored News, readers voted the United States "the worst corporation in the world."
In domestic and international terrorism, the torture trainers at the US School of Americas (now the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation), Army intelligence officers at Fort Huachuca, Ariz., and the US Border Patrol top the list. Border Patrol agents continue their murders, rapes, assaults and drug smuggling.
The US courts, filling prisons with people of color, and violating federal laws designed to protect Native Americans and the environment, follows. Then there is FEMA, which watched people die after Hurricane Katrina, and continues to distribute toxic trailer houses to desperate people across America. At its core, is toxic racism.
Waving its flag as a peace loving country ensuring human rights, the United States leads the world in deceptive war profiteering, spilling the blood of its youths to water the economy.
Obama has not ended the war, he has only changed the location from Iraq to Afghanistan, ensuring corporate war profiteering, the deaths of American youths and the murder of innocent mothers, children and elderly in their homelands.
Finally, unless Obama makes public the evidence of torture and ensures Bush and Cheney are held responsible for torture in violation of the Geneva Conventions, Obama will have failed as president.
Obama's silence is complicity in this crime.

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