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July 15, 2010

The Winners: Iroquois Nationals Lacrosse Team

'The insistence by the US, Canada and now the UK that we must declare either US or Canadian citizenship to travel, in some instances within our own community, is not just assimilation but genocide.' --John Kane, Mohawk

By Brenda Norrell
Censored News

The sovereignty of the Haudenosaunee will not disappear with the refusal of Britain to recognize the Iroquois Lacrosse Nationals Lacrosse Team passports.
Neither the U.S. nor Britain acted in good faith. The US State Department's last minute, one-time waiver, is no solution.
Britain's last minute, turn-about refusal to honor the US waiver and the Haudenosaunee sovereign passport is inexcusable.
All the Iroquois Nationals Lacrosse Team players wanted to do was to play lacrosse, the game invented by the Iroquois, and honor their identity.
The words "American Indian sovereignty" are often used in the media, but seldom is it manifest with such power and conviction as by these young Haudenosaunee men.
The Iroquois Nationals Lacrosse Team members are truly the winners.
Barbara Low, Mi'kmaq Nation, said she is "so grateful to the Iroquois National Lacrosse team, for choosing principle over expediency."
"They have already won something that is far more valuable then a trophy. They are true role models, worthy of our utmost respect, and humble admiration. By standing ground, they are drawing the world's attention to the very real struggle of Indigenous Sovereignty," Low said, adding that she stands in solidarity with all other Indigenous Nations who seek to remove the mantle of Colonialism.
John Kane, Mohawk, said this issue exposes more than assimilation, it exposes genocide.
"I am glad we have an entity like the Iroquois Nationals to bring this issue out to the public, but international travel and simple border crossing issues are something our people deal with every day. The insistence by the US, Canada and now the UK that we must declare either US or Canadian citizenship to travel, in some instances within our own community, is not just assimilation but genocide."
Kane publishes the Native Pride blog and is an editor and writer for Making A Visible Impact Magazine.

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sandra beasley Unenrolled Cherokee african American White said...

osiyo hello in cherokee to brenda and to everyone reading this . First as always wa'do brenda for all your hard work and dedication for telling the truth on your wonderful web site, and to all the people that help with this web site. I am so so proud of the Iroquois Nations Lacrosse team! I was sad to hear the news they would not go to England for the Lacrossee Champioships. I heard about it on today July 16 edtion of Democaracy Now! with Amy Good man and Juan Gonzales from Pacifica. Yet after reading this article I am so Proud of them that they did not cow down ,that they did not surrender, that they refuse to accept that the only way the could go to England was through a US or Canadian Passport. And the fact that the former first lady,the former US senator from the State of New York,whose state includes not only the Six Nations yet to other tribal and Indgenious Nations as well by giving them a one time pass to go to England is disgusting and totally racist! They are the Six Nations, they are not backing down or surrendering to anybody, not th the US, Not to Canada and Not to the House of Mica aka the UN!they know who they are so together.Mr Low wrote so brilliantly that they are role models not only to their tribal nations yet to me as well. By being humble , by doing it peacefully, by being proud of being Cherokee or what ever Tribal nation you are. And most importanly to never assimilate under any circumstaces because it never ever works.Plus this is going to expose the Obama Biden adminstration and the Prime Minister David Cammeron Conserative adminstration for who they really are.People who talk the talk yet can not walk the walk! And with President Obama up for relection in 2012 let us not forget this story let us expose the truth so we can show the Obama Biden adminstation and the Prime Minster David Cammeron and the Conserative Party for who they really are. Congrats to the Iroqouis Nation Lacrosse team , their families , Oren Lyons, and the whole Six Nations. You are the true winners all way here to stay!