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Friday, January 7, 2011

This week's top stories: Censored News Jan 7, 2011

By Brenda Norrell
Censored News
Photo: Native filmmakers at Amiens Film Festival in France by Arlene Bowman.
This week's top story at Censored News is on Leadhorse Choctaw returning to court in Virginia, after a Native film crew was attacked by racist police in Virginia. The cameras kept rolling and documented the "Mississippi Burning" style screaming racist police officer. On Wednesday, Leadhorse Choctaw was ordered to spend 10 days in jail. He is now in jail and scheduled to be released on Jan. 14. The court set $7,500 as bail to appeal. Mohawks and Native youths were in Virginia to promote Indigenous Games to be held in Akwesasne. Special thanks to the film crew for sharing this video. Watch it at:
The second most popular article this week is "Wikileaks on White Privilege," examining the cable releases on Indigenous Peoples in Bolivia and Chile, and the haughtiness of the US diplomats:
The third top story this week is a list of some of the top issues censored in 2010:
Navajo filmmaker Arlene Bowman's reflections on her recent trip to the French Film Festival Amiens is the fourth most read story. Bowman, who was born on the Navajo Nation and grew up in Phoenix, now lives in Vancouver, BC, where she filmed her new short, 'Graffiti,' which focuses on racism.
"Halt Grand Canyon Mining," is the fifth most popular article this week. Havasupai and other Native Americans continue to fight the planned uranium mining in the Grand Canyon that could poison a vital water source in the Southwest, and desecrate the place where Supai pray for the wellbeing of the world:
Censored News publishes original content, from authors, photographers and videographers, primarily by Indigenous Peoples. It is advertising free. The largest number of readers are in the US, Germany, Canada, Russia and the United Kingdom.