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Friday, January 21, 2011

Censored Radio: Leadhorse Choctaw: Virginia to Pine Ridge

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Leadhorse Choctaw describes his arrest and imprisonment by racist Virginia State Police. Live from Pine Ridge, where Leadhorse is today delivering blankets and clothing donated at Akwesasne.

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Leadhorse Choctaw, while serving 10 days in Virginia jail, following racist attack on Akwesasne film crew:
"Five guys came in," when Leadhorse said he wouldn't give police the names of his friends. "They took me to the shower room, they stripped all my clothes off, and they sprayed me with some sort of chemical."
Watch video of the racist attack by Virginia State Police on the Akwesasne film crew:
To support the efforts at Pine Ridge, go to the Billy Mills website, Running Strong for American Indian Youths:
or call 703-317-9881, Mariah at ext. 110

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