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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Danny Glover 'The Black Power Mixtape'

DEMOCRACY NOW: "The Black Power Mixtape"–Danny Glover Discusses New Doc Featuring Rare Archival Footage of Angela Davis, Huey P. Newton, Stokely Carmichael
We broadcast from Park City, Utah, home of the Sundance Film Festival, the nation’s largest festival for independent cinema. One of this year’s selections that is creating a lot of buzz is a documentary called The Black Power Mixtape. The film features rare archival footage shot between 1967 and 1975 by two Swedish journalists and was discovered in the basement of Swedish public television 30 years later. We speak with renowned actor and activist Danny Glover, who co-produced The Black Power Mixtape.

O'odham Unity Run Benefit

O'odham Unity Run Benefit
Feb. 26, 2011, 10 am to 5 pm; Live show at 6 pm
Location Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community Multi-Purpose Building, 1880 N. Longmore Rd., (NW corner of McDowell and Longmore) Salt River, Arizona
By Alex Soto, Thomas Breeze Marcus
Come help raise funds and food donations for our O'odham runners from Salt River, Gila River, Ak-Chin, Tohono O'odham and O'odham in Mexico as they make their journey from the Salt River Indian Community to Posa Verde, Mexico.
We, members of all O'odham communities, will be hosting this benefit to help raise donations.
Featuring Music performers DJ Element (Salt River,) Blackfire (Flagstaff,) Definition Rare (Albuquerque, NM,) Shining Soul & Darrell D (Phoenix and Tohono O'odham,) Cozmobrown & DJ Lingos (Tucson) and DJentrification (Phoenix.)
Live Art By: Brez, Dumperfoo, Tha Nox (Tohono O'odham)
B-Boy Showcase (info soon to come)
Skate Expo + Live Art 10am-5pm
Live Show Begins At 6pm, $5 DONATION OR $3 W/food donations [prefered:rice, beans, flour, water, gatorade]
If you like to donate, help with food, table, media or help in general, contact us.
This year will be the 16th Annual O'odham Unity Run. The run will be March 14-20th, 2010
Brief History of Unity Run:
The Akimel O'odham, Hia-Ced O'odham and the Tohono O'odham have long been known for their expertise in long distance running in the desert regions of what is now southwestern United States and Mexico. For over 150 years the O'odham Nations have dealt with separation by the U.S./Mexico Borders. We do not acknowledge this separation within our culture; we encourage our unity to continue.
The Unity Run was founded in 1995, by a small group of grassroots people from both sides of Mexico and the United States, consisting of Tohono O'odham and Akimel O'odham. The group's main goal is to bring awareness to the youth and adults the legacy that our ancestors gave to us centuries ago. The coordinators are actively working to perpetuate that which we inherited and for this to continue for the generations yet to come. Reinstating the tradition of running and the spirituality that comes with running is a challenge to help unite, preserve, heal and respect our history, language and culture. The Unity Run is highly recognized as a drug free, alcohol free and gang free cultural event.

US Diplomats in Wikileaks, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

US Diplomats in Wikileaks, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels
By Brenda Norrell
Censored News
There's some very important new information leaked in the Wikileaks diplomatic cables. There's also another category of ravings based on the US diplomats tainted view of the world and their imagined truths. These involve a great deal of insults to world leaders in Bolivia, Venezuela, Libya and elsewhere.
There's still another category and these are lies, based on gossip, misinformation and US imperialism. Rigoberta Menchu responded to one of these cables and called the president of Guatemala a "liar." According to the US Ambassador, the Guatemalan president called her a "fabrication" and blamed her for a death, based on her resistance while defending the land. The cables have to be read carefully, and compared to other valid information, to discover what is truth and what is truth for a US diplomatic who may be suffering from isolation, visions of grandeur, paranoia, loneliness, white privilege or racism.
Some of the cables are obviously the truth, like when the US Ambassador in Iceland says that Iceland's support of the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, is an "impediment" to US/Iceland relations at the United Nations.
On the other hand, it is difficult to discern the truth of other cables, including the one where the US attempts to deny that the Zetas, the most notorious murderers in Mexico's drug trafficking, were trained by US Special Forces. After being trained by the US as killing machines, they defected and became rogue security for narco traffickers. Although the US Ambassador in Mexico attempts to deny this, it is doubtful that the US actually checked the records of US Special Forces training of Guatemalans and Colombians, in the jungles of South America. But even the US Ambassador admits there's a lack of paper on such training, and that one Mexican special ops trained at Fort Bragg, N.C., was "forcibly" recruited into a life of crime with the Zetas.
"Critics of U.S. military training and conspiracy theorists have long speculated that members of the notoriously violent cartel Los ZETAS once received U.S.-funded special forces training. Since we cannot know the name of every Mexican soldier who has joined Los ZETAS, we cannot irrefutably reject this possibility," said John Feeley, deputy chief at Mexico's Embassy.
Finally, there is a great deal of new information in Wikileaks. Consider this: The US Embassy in Indonesia asked for $100,000 to advertise on Facebook and promote Obama's visit to Indonesia. So, were do such funds, to advertise on Facebook for an elected official, actually come from? The US Embassy asked "R" for those funds.
Along with the new information, there are important details, like how the US trains police in Chile. Chilean police brutally attacked Rapa Nui on Easter Island in December, including women and children. Rapa Nui said the billionaire president of Chile and a German hotel owner on Easter Island are responsible for these attacks on the aboriginal inhabitants of Easter Island.
The Ambassador in Chile pointed to the Easter Islanders. A cable, describing Mapuche activists in Sept. 2009, reveals the US was watching the Easter Islanders: "Meanwhile, another indigenous group -- Easter Islanders -- seem to have been inspired by Mapuche activism, recently occupying the island's only airport for 24 hours in a successful effort to gain government attention to their demands."
And when it comes to the profiteering from war and weapons sales, there's plenty of new info, like how Peru is concerned over US arms sales to Chile.
What Wikileaks has given us in the diplomatic cables is an inside look into the dark recesses of the minds of US diplomats. It is not always a pretty place to be, or an honest one.
There's also plenty of smut there, along with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's now famous command: Get DNA, e-mail passwords, credit card accounts and frequent flyer numbers, on world leaders.
ZETAS CABLE released by Wikileaks on Wed., Jan. 26, 2011:


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