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January 2, 2024

Lithium in America Land and Waters –The Director's Cut

Lithium in America Land and Waters –The Director's Cut

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Jan 2, 2024

Director's Cut. Directed by Robert Lundahl.

Lithium in America tells the not unfamiliar story of industry and government pushing huge energy projects forward with market-driven exuberance despite local opposition and failure to consult with tribes. The film shines a light on these questionable practices as we interview leaders and members from 5 tribes with respect to 4 major projects in 3 states that are bellwethers of policy today, and which represent a common mindset and set of practices, however misguided.

-Dorece Sam (Pai-Sho) -Josephine Dick (Pai-Sho) -Will Falk, Attorney -Max Wilbert, Author -Preston Arrow-weed (Quechan) -Faron Owl (Quechan) -Luis Olmedo (Comite Civico Del Valle) -Pat Gonzales Rogers, Yale School of the Environment -Secretary of the Interior, Deb Haaland -Naelyn Pike (Apache) -Matthew Leivas, Sr. (Chemehuevi) -Sean Milanovich (Cahuilla) Narration by Robert Lundahl Written and Directed by Robert Lundahl Produced by Robert Lundahl and Tracker Ginamarie Rangel Quinone (Apache) With Bradley Angel, Greenaction and Preston Arrow-weed (Quechan)

According to Popular Mechanics Magazine, "This high concentration (of lithium) is found primarily at Thacker Pass in Nevada, and is already a controversial mining location. The area, also known as Peehee Mu'huh, is the homeland of many indigenous tribes and played an important role in its historical clash with U.S. soldiers. 

An indigenous organization dedicated to protecting the site even called potential mining operations a form of “green colonialism,” and is also engaged in stopping a mining site on the Oregon side of the caldera as well. Apart from its cultural impact, any mining project in the area could also affect groundwater levels for local farmers and ranchers, not to mention its disruption to local fauna, such as pronghorn antelope, golden eagles, and sage grouse. Right now, the McDermitt Caldera is a 40 million metric ton lithium conundrum with no clear answer." #McDermittCaldera #paiute #lithiumextraction #openpit #goldmining #OakFlat #apache #Coppermining #lithiummining #nationalmonuments #climate #nationalmonument #Chemehueevi #cahuilla #ThackerPass #greencolonization #colonisation #decolonisation #nevada #arizona #california #greenenergy #lithiumbatteries #evs #electricvehicles #electricvehiclestocks #greennenergystocks #investments #greenenergyinvestments #greencolonialism #topaz #topazlabs #ai

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