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June 12, 2024

American Indian Genocide Museum is Honoree of Center for Healing of Racism

"Sanitizing history was at the heart of residential boarding schools," said Steve Melendez, Paiute, President of the American Indian Genocide Museum. "The brainwashing that was encompassed in the motto, 'kill the Indian, save the man,'  ripped the children from the arms of their mothers, killed the pride self-esteem, and the very spirit of an entire generation of our people." Photo South by Southwest Expo in Austin, Texas, March 2023, Courtesy Photo AIGM, Censored News.

Congratulations to the American Indian Genocide Museum, Attorney Benny Agosto, Jr., Journalist Chris Tomlinson, and Nikkei Progressives, Rights Activists

By Don Vasicek, American Indian Genocide Museum, Censored News

HOUSTON -- Steven Melendez, Northern Paiute from Nevada, and Cheryl Melendez, Cree from Manitoba, representing The American Indian Genocide Museum, will be honored on June 15, 2024 for an exhibit documenting historic events and policies to memorialize the victims of ethnic cleansing at the Center for Healing Racism at the Juneteenth Ally Award Luncheon in Houston, Texas.

Having been an active board member of the museum for 20 years now, I am thrilled that the Melendez's are being honored. They have worked tirelessly to bring the indigenous peoples' stories to everyone so that they can learn about them and the horrors they have gone through to live decent, normal lives.

Racism is like cancer. Once someone is infected with it, it turns to hate and violence, Racism is a direct threat to each one of us in our daily lives. We should continually be aware of it and how to defeat it so that we can live in peace. The American Indian Genocide Museum continues its fight against racism and you can be a part of it. You can donate to the museum at

Thanks so much for your continuing interest and support. We are deeply appreciative of it.

"We serve as a memorial to the victims of ethnic cleansing."

In Memory, American Indian Genocide Museum Board Members Carrie Dann and Russell Means

American Indian Genocide Museum board members Jacqueline Battise, Alabama-Coushatta, Carrie Dann, Western Shoshone, Cheryl Melendez, Cree, and Western Shoshone defense attorney Julie Fishel. Courtesy photo American Indian Genocide Museum, Censored News.

Russell Means. Photo American Indian Genocide Museum, Censored News.

The American Indian Genocide Museum

Best Regards,
Don Vasicek
American Indian Genocide Museum Board Member

Don Vasicek is director of the film, 'Sand Creek Massacre'

Juneteenth Ally Award

Join us as we celebrate 35 years of the Center for the Healing of Racism with our 31st annual Juneteenth Ally Award Luncheon on June 15, 2024. We are proud to announce the following honorees:

American Indian Genocide Museum – an exhibit documenting historical events and policies to memorialize the victims of ethnic cleansing.

Benny Agosto, Jr, Attorney – for his generous donation, enabling the building of the Diversity Center at South Texas College of Law.

Chris Tomlinson, journalist – for his commitment to reporting on worldwide racism and genocide, and his open examination of his own family’s heritage as enslavers.

Nikkei Progressives, Rights Activists – for their active advocacy for reparations for descendants of enslaved African Americans.
31st Annual Juneteenth Ally Award Luncheon
Sat Jun 15th 2024, 11:00 am - 2:00 pm CDT

Tickets at Center for Healing Racism:

American Indian Genocide Museum

American Indian Genocide Museum. Courtesy photo AIGM, Censored News.

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