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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Yankton hog farm, construction speeded up, police out of control

Video: Hog farm construction speeded up. Tonight, Wednesday night, broadcasting live from Yankton Resistance.

By Brenda Norrell

Forty people have been arrested in two waves of arrests, with a buildup of 50 to 70 police cars during the arrests. One woman thrown against a vehcile during the arrest, one woman handcuffed with bailing string. Police sharpshooters were on the roof, aimed at women and children. The Yankton were unarmed.

The land is being torn apart in the heart of Yankton land, one-half mile from the Headstart. The Yankton Indian Nation was never consulted about the polluting, disease producing hog farm. The hog farm is being quickly constructed now, with more than a dozen concrete trucks rolling in and out quickly tonight. The earth is being torn apart. Yankton call for support!

Dennis Banks came today to support Yankton defending their sovereign land.

We were live tonight and will be live again here at the site on Thursday:

Longest Walk Talk Radio:

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