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Saturday, April 5, 2008

Longest Walk, reunited after 27 years

On the Longest Walk Northern Route, near Sand Creek, Paul Owns the Sabre and his mother, Thelma Franks of Denver, are reunited after 27 years in Eads, Colorado. Lee Plenty Wolf Drum Group sang an honor song and a birthday song for all the birthdays they had missed. (Click on arrow to watch brief video.) Video by Brenda Norrell.


Anonymous said...

This was awesome Brenda!
It was so nice to have you all here in Eads. I pray the Kansas wind will be at your backs! We are following along!
xo, Betsy Miller
wife of
Superintendent Alden Miller
Sand Creek NHS

Anonymous said...

Kudos to that old war horse (Paul Owns The Sabre). Vicki said here's your cup of coffee.