Protecting Mato Paha: Corporation linked to mercenaries

Protecting Mato Paha, Bear Butte: Strong arm corporation linked to mercenaries

By A. Gay Kingman
Executive Director
Great Plains Tribal Chairmans Association

The GPTCA passed this attached resolution to Protect Mato Paha (Bear Butte) on July 10, 2008. Help is needed to protect our Sacred Sites and Mato Paha! Mato Paha is a State Park not Federal and the development and encroachment to the Sacred Site is increasing. The Rosebud Sioux Tribe and Northern Cheyenne have land at the base of Mato Paha, but there is still land not owned by American Indian Tribes and the price of the land has increased tremendously so our Tribes cannot afford to purchase what should be our Land in the first place according to our Treaties.
The Sturgis Rally is starting up in Aug. for two weeks. While many Bikers are respectful, the bars create problems. Drunkenness, lewdness and other disrespectful actions will be happening in the bars which are developing closer and closer to Mato Paha. The County has granted alcohol license to the Bars in spite of the Protests of American Indian People and other supporters. Recently, a corporation has purchased majority ownership in the closest Bar to Mato Paha and they are going to have helicopter rides over the Butte. We are informed this Corporation is affiliated or are former Blackwater high clearance mercenaries and have already strong armed some American Indians who were on public land taking pictures.
The Contact person for supporters of Mato Paha is or you may contact me regarding the Resolution and the Great Plains Tribal Chairman's Association.
In Spirit,
A. Gay Kingman, Executive Director
Great Plains Tribal Chairman's Association
1926 Stirling St.Rapid City, SD 57702
Cell: 605-484-3036 Fax: 605-343-3074

Resolution No. 52-07-10-08
This Resolution is set forth to ensure the ongoing protection of our Sacred Mato Paha (Bear Butte), from the deleterious impacts of commercial development and the increased presence of bars, concert venues and recent attempts to provide helicopter rides in and around Mato Paha and other Sacred Sites within the 1851 and 1868 Treaty Area.
WHEREAS, the Great Plains Tribal Chairman’s Association (hereafter “GPTCA”)
is composed of the elected Chairs and Presidents of the federally
recognized sovereign Indian Tribes and Nations within the Great Plains
Region of the Bureau of Indian Affairs;
WHEREAS, the GPTCA was established to promote the common interests of the sovereign Indian Tribes and Nations who are members of the GPTCA; and
WHEREAS, the United States has obligated itself both through Treaties entered into with the sovereign Tribes and Nations of the Great Plains Region and through its own federal statutes, the Snyder Act of 1921 as amended, the Indian Self-Determination Act of 1976 as amended, and the Indian Health Care Improvement Act of 1976 as amended; and
WHEREAS, the GPTCA seeks to protect all places of ancestral worship within the 1851 and 1868 Treaty areas, including Mato Paha. Fort Laramie 1851 Treaty, 11 Stat. 749. signed September 17, 1851; Fort Laramie 1868 Treaty, 15 Stat. 635, signed April 29, 1868, ratified Feb. 16, 1869, proclaimed, Feb. 24, 1869; and
WHEREAS, because the GPTCA recognizes its responsibility to act to preserve and protect sacred sites within the 1851 and 1868 Treaty Areas, the GPTCA seeks through this Resolution to protect Mato Paha and other sacred sites by condemning in the strongest possible terms the ongoing encroachment of bars and other commercial venues in and around Mato Paha and our other sacred sites; now,
THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the GPTCA respectfully requests that the Meade County Commission, the South Dakota Game, Fish and Wildlife Department and South Dakota Governor Rounds work cooperatively with the GPTCA as it fulfills its responsibility to preserve and protect sacred sites within the 1851 and 1868 Treaty areas, especially Mato Paha; and
BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, The GPTCA opposes the issuance of liquor and other commercial licenses near and/or adjacent to the said sacred sites; and
BE IT FINALLY RESOLVED, the GPTCA requests that the citizens of South Dakota and the citizens of other areas near and/or adjacent to the said sacred sites respect the indigenous spiritual use of those areas the way that members of the GPTCA respect churches and cemeteries used by the said citizens.
RESOLUTION: 52-07-10-08
This resolution was enacted at a duly called meeting of the Great Plains Tribal Chairman’s Association held at Rapid City, SD on July 10, 2008 at which a quorum was present, with 11 members voting in favor, 0 members opposed, 0 members not abstaining, and 5 members not present.
Dated this 10th day of July, 2008.
Ron His Horse Is Thunder, Chairman,
Standing Rock Sioux Tribe
Great Plains Tribal Chairman’s Association
Target Logistics Corporation and Blackwater's David Shoe
By Tamra
The second issue was the new liquor license application filed by David Shoe, General Manager for the new investors Target Logistics, Broken Spoke Campground LLC.
Target Logistics has paid off all of Jay Allen's outstanding debts for Broken Spoke Campground, LLC with the exception of one that is currently in litigation. They have dumped hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not more, into this place already. Jim Seward attorney for Target Logistics also stated that Jay Allen still owns 30% of the stock, which contradicts everything that they have testified to previously, which was that Jay Allen is no longer involved. These people change their story at every hearing.
Target Logistics Corporation showed up at the hearing with 12-15 suits, including the CEO, various attorneys and military personnel. They spent a hour of the hearing testifying about military issues, and praising David Shoe, since he was previously involved in Blackwater, had been in Afganstitan and Iraq and apparently has secret service clearance, even today. They actually brought previous military personnel here to testify on behalf of David Shoe's character, for a liquor license at a bar located at Bear Butte.
They used the war, they used the military service to gain sympathy and support from the Meade County Commissioners, to acquire the license.
Does anyone see the irony here? Can someone please explain what the military has to do with a bar, at a sacred site and what they are doing here?
The supporters for the Bear Butte issue were sitting listening to this testimony, wondering what any of this had to do, with Meade County and a bar at Bear Butte?
Several people stood up and questioned these statements and motives.
Jack Doyle, a local Meade County resident continually testifies against our side, and always includes disgusting and racist comments, stated "Indians do not own Bear Butte mountain, they are their as guests, if its not suitable for them they can go somewhere else."
In peace & solidarity,


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