Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Sheep Dog Nation: The Oppressor's Politics

By Sheep Dog Nation Rocks

BIG MOUNTAIN, Navajo Nation -- It is that season again for societies to commences to its every fourth-year ritual of being caught up in the politics of the ruling class and eventually, after being caught up into this false mindset, they will go out to cast their votes for the best, assumed candidate....
If you wish, read more about the thoughts/land-based aboriginal perspective from a non-U.S. Citizen thinking and indigenous activist at
And by the way, A Happy DINEH New Year to all.
(October Moon Phase was the time when the old ancient Dineh observed the New Year.)
(Excerpt) "Do my traditional elders know about the U.S. politics? They certainly do, and when one is being oppressed by a foreign government, they will know more about the oppressor’s politics because that targeted society or community would have experienced the brunt of harsh policies. Currently, the Big Mountain matriarchs made up of traditional Dineh (Navajo) elders are still defying relocation and land-partitioning policies that were passed by the U.S. Congress in 1974. This executive order, Public Law 93-531 and which has been amended several times since, has reduced the indigenous population from 20,000 to about 400 within an area of 900,000 acres. The only reason behind this 1974 Act and that which has been proven also was for the purpose of coal and profit. There were no evidences found to support the U.S. government and Peabody Coal Company’s claim that there was a “range war” taking place between the Dineh and the Hopi tribes." Read article ...

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