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March 21, 2009

MNN: 'Dumb George Bush Woos Numb Canadians in Calgary'


Splitting the Sky jailed for trying to “citizen arrest” this war criminal!

Mohawk Nation News
You Tube: Splitting the Sky Arrested

Mar. 18, 2009. Former U.S. President, George W. Bush, was in Calgary with “cowboy” hat in hand on March 17 to seek the affection of the men and women attending the Canadian Energy Pipeline Association meeting CEPA. It was sponsored by the Calgary Chamber of Commerce and law firms Ernst and Young and Bennett Jones. 1,300 corporate business types paid $400 a plate. One Bush fan cooed, “He must be intelligent to be so witty”. Doesn’t he know that a team of speech writers carefully crafted every word he said?

Bush came to “Texas North”, as Calgary is called, to help his international andAmerican cohorts scoop out more Indigenous resources such as water, gas and oil. He wants the corporations to stay in private hands so they can grab 6 trillion cu. ft. of natural gas; 950 million barrels of liquid hydrocarbons; lay 100,000 km. of pipe over our territory; and pocket $67 billion from exports of our resources while polluting all our territories and waters.

His topic appeared to be “Listen to George Bush on how to destroy and bankrupt countries, businesses and the people”. The enthralled audience heaped praise on this braggart who demolished countries through brutal wars, killing millions, doing away with civil liberties, breaking international laws, circumventing the Geneva accords and tearing down the global economy. He and his friends know how to take the cream when the economy melts down and the taxpayers are left holding the bag.

Gale Davidson of Lawyers Against the War of Vancouver crafted a legal position that under Canadian law Bush could be arrested for being a suspected war criminal.

Over 700 protesters stood outside the Telus Convention Center. 75 heavily armed, especially bulky, RCMP and private “Blackwater-type” security were there to guard Bush. They pointed guns at the crowd. Who knows how many others were in the crowd, on the rooftops, maybe even behind cameras and in the sky? Splitting the Sky, a Mohawk from Six Nations, evoked international law by asking the RCMP to arrest Bush. They refused. He told them, “I am serving you notice that you are protecting a war criminal and an international terrorist. You can be tried, convicted and executed as a collaborator before a Nuremberg-type tribunal”.

At the same time he tried to deliver a letter from Ramsay Clark, the former U.S. attorney general, who supports the broad coalition of peace, human rights, labor, law, environmental and other organizations that are seeking U.S. prosecution for Bush’s crimes. The U.S. people are responsible for Bush’s crimes against peace and humanity by failing to stop him. There is universal jurisdiction over such crimes, mentioning especially the crimes of aggression in Afghanistan and Iraq. [Bush’s Calgary rally to business interests will continue the usurpation of our resources and the environment.] Bush proclaimed himself to be the “decider” by seizing dictatorial powers. He deceitfully declared that national security was threatened and signed into law many unconstitutional Acts of Congress. He enriched favored corrupt predators by giving to them contracts for security services, war relief and reconstruction. At home mortgage lenders, banks, insurance companies and corporate executives exploited Bush policies to enrich the rich. He radically increased the national war debt and military spending which led to the collapse of the global economy. Corrupt Bush appointees committed crimes in various Executive Departments, including the Bureau of Indian Affairs in the Department of the Interior.

Splitting the Sky broke through the police line and advanced alone to arrest George Bush. He got 2 to 3 feet into the Center. He pushed his way through the police line with his hands over his head yelling, “I am not touching anyone”. They surrounded and pounced on him. He was brutalized, arrested and beaten over and over again in the police van and jail cell. He was kept for 24 hours and released on $500 bail. He sustained serious bodily injuries, including a partial concussion and a massive hernia.

Splitting the Sky is charged with three counts of assault and obstruction of justice. He must return to Calgary court on March 25th at 9:30 a.m. He plans to launch a legal campaign to indict the RCMP, Mayor of Calgary and others for complicity in war crimes for allowing Bush to enter without arresting him. These “banksters” better remember that all these resources they plan to steal and destroy are going to be defended by the Indigenous caretakers and our supporters. [Contact or; Lawyers Against the war law@portal.caCalgary Defence Tavis Ford 403-606-7034].

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Calgary/Alberta [Bound] Douche Bags: Kim “Environmental-War-Criminal-Beneath-Contempt” McCuaig, CEO, Canadian Energy Pipeline Assn.,, 403-221-8770; Calgary Cop Shop, 403-266-1234 has an online report system; RCMP; Alberta Premier Ed “Devastator-of-Athabaska-Basin-and-the-homeless” Stalmach, 780-427-2251 Fax 780-427-1349;; Mayor of Calgary Dave ”Frozen-between-the-ears” Bronconnier the 403-268-5622 Fax 403-268-8130. Calgary Chamber of Commerce, 403-750-0400; Prime Minister Stephen “Whose-father-worked-for-Imperial-Oil-in-Calgary” Harper;

Clients of Bennett Jones law firm are Husky Oil, Petro Canada and the Trans Canada Pipeline, which is owned by the Texas-based Terasen Gas, which owns B.C. Hydro, which has a pipeline from B.C. to southern Alberta and a vested interest in the Tarsands with Ormat, an Israeli oil firm.

Bennett Jones, Calgary 403-298-3100; BC Hydro 604-224-9376; Petro Canada 403-296-8000; Trans Canada Pipelines Ltd., Calgary 1-800-661-3805; Terasen Gas 604-576-7000; Ormat Industries Ltd, 1Szydlowski Rd., Yvavne, Israel 972-8-9433-777; Husky Oil, Calgary 403-298-6111/7464; Ernst & Young Global Ltd. [Toronto] 416-864-1234


Anonymous said...

As a signatory nation (via Britain) to the Geneva Conventions, all of Britain's law enforcement "agencies", including Canada's colonial "law enforcement" agencies, even local, do have an explicit duty to detain and arrest anyone directly responsible for "grave breaches" of the Geneva Convention. I remember reading the primary GC treaties and protocols in full a few years back, and it was rather clear about this. This is not "new" law, like International War Crimes Tribunals and the International Criminal Court; this is actually long established international law. Furthermore, British common law, and by extension Canada, have a recognized concept of "citizen arrest", and hence individuals can be validly and directly empowered under the Geneva Conventions to do this.

There are of course far more limited stipulations and situations in the Geneva Conventions for where what is defined as "grave breaches" can occur than the IWCT process and ICC offers, and most are tied to specific military activity, but I believe it can be fully demonstrated that Bush and subordinates do fully meet even this rather more restrictive definition, and this is especially clear with breaches at Guantanamo and other secret prisons. Hence, I personally believe this Gale Davidson's legal position is likely very valid under Canadian colonial law, and he is quite correct that the failure of those responsible to act (the mayor of Calgery, the RCMP) are at least potentially complicit through inaction. The original Geneva Conventions themselves do not address this specific issue at all from what I recall, but other aspects specific to Canadian and British law may.

Anonymous said...

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