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March 26, 2009

Lipan Apache Chairman: Halt Border Chemical Spraying

From Lipan Apache Chairman Daniel Castro Romero
Margo & Supporters,

As the traditional Chief of the Lipan Apache Band of Texas, Inc. (Cúelcahén Ndé) I demand that the spraying of our sacred sites be stopped. For the record the descendants of the Lipan Apache Band of Texas stand ready to stop this spraying. Historically, we the Lipan Apache have always protected the Rio Grande's gifts, such as the Carrizo. In fact some of our traditional stories originate from this place.

Historical ties to Laredo are well documented and two such events include the Alcaldes de las Villas de la Provincia Laredo Treaty signed by Cuelgas de Castro on August 17, 1822. Years later, on May 29, 1835, the Mayor of Laredo, Francisco V. Fernandez granted the lineal descendants of the Lipan Apache Band of Texas the Spanish Land Grant named the “Garcia Land Grant” on May 29, 1835, in the City of Laredo, Texas.

Ironically, now both Lipan Apache sites are being slated for spraying that will kill off the Carrizo that continues to be a food staple, home building material, and traditional medicinal plant for our people.

Would the Department of Homeland Security spray this chemical on the lawn of the Lincoln Memorial? So why spray on the Lipan Apache version of the Lincoln Memorial?


Daniel Castro Romero, Jr., M.S.W.
General Council Chairman
Lipan Apache Band of Texas
888 Bethel Avenue, Apt. 232
Sanger, California 93657- 2775
Phone:(559) 430-4003

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