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Monday, April 5, 2010

Corporate Polluter Mouthpiece Disguised as News Reporter

Corporate Polluter Mouthpiece Disguised as News Reporter
By Brenda Norrell
Censored News
Photo: Navajos protesting the power plant at Dooda (NO) Desert Rock, Navajoland
Corporate polluter mouthpiece Felicia Fonseca is once again pumping PR in the guise of news articles to promote the Desert Rock power plant on Navajoland. This time the writer is at Business Week:
Fonseca, how much time have you spent on the Navajo Nation talking with the Navajo people? How much time have you spent on the phone being wooed by corporate polluters?
The article doesn't even mention the longstanding protest of Dooda (NO) Desert Rock, Navajos living on the land, to halt the power plant. It would be the third power plant in this area of Navajoland.
Shame on Business Week for entering the red light district with Fonseca. Shame on Indian Country Today for posting this article without probing Fonseca's history of pumping PR for corporate criminals.
UPDATE: Corporate Polluter Mouthpiece Disguised as News Reporter

By Calvin Johnson, Navajo from Leupp, Ariz.
Felicia Fonseca does a lot of reporting on Navajo Nation issues and it’s not a surprise she is only doing reports for a select few, including the Navajo Nation’s Office of the President's Press officer.

On March 3, 2010 news broke that the Twin Arrows Casino on Navajo Nation was continuing despite the direct impact of a local family objecting. Local Newspapers like Arizona Daily Sun Cindy Cole and other outlets published the story without naming the authors and obtaining the other side’s opinion.

On March 11, 2010 and with knowledge that Navajo issues are usually published by Felicia Fonseca, I sent a news release to her and the Associated Press for publication. To this day, not a mention of the article or posting has been mentioned of the news release, by either the Associated Press, Felicia Fonseca or the Arizona Daily Sun.

This just shows how the media censurers directly impact local residents voices.

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