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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Mohawk Men's Council: Border Patrol attacks, one Mohawk paralyzed

For Immediate Release
April 13, 2010

Last evening, in the final daylight hours, members of the Men's Council for the Kanienkehaka Kaianerehkowa Kanonhsesne were called to the scene of an incident where a couple of young Mohawk men were attacked on Mohawk waters.

Upon the questioning of eye-witnesses and conversations with the victims, the following was determined: The act of aggression was committed by a group effort consisting of RCMP, the US Coast Guard and the US Border Patrol using the vessels under their control.

It is presently unclear which agency actually rammed the small craft operated by the young men, but the RCMP and Coast Guard immediately fled the scene after the assault, leaving the Border Patrol to fish the injured men out of the river and see to their injuries.

Both men are hospitalized with back injuries with one of them currently suffering paralysis. Neither has been c charged but the damaged boat which lost its motor in the collision has been confiscated. The US Border Patrol denied committing the assault on the young men.

The Men's Council of the Kanienkehaka Kaianerehkowa Kanonhsesne condemn this act of aggression and demand that those responsible for this criminal act be held accountable. The parties involved in this action have no right to interfere with our use of our water ways and, in fact, have from time to time forced our people to use the river as our only means to access areas of our community.

The US and Canada use Our land to connect their people and commercial interests and then attempt to dictate to Our people on what terms we can access Our communities. The constant high level of tension between the Kanienkehaka and our oppressive neighbors has now been ratcheted up once more. This Council will consult with the People and take steps to aggressively confront this action and any future acts of violence against our people.

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PinoyApache said...

I condemn this act in the strongest possible term. That waterway is of the Mohawk ancestral domain and it is through their goodwill that both the U.S. and Canada can use it for their commerce. The Mohawk people demands justice.

Unknown said...

Very sad to hear about this latest act of aggression against your people. Best wishes to the young men injured... THE WHOLE WORD IS WATCHING

Aotearoa / New Zealand

White Star Eagle 1 said...

We need to tell them NO more! You cannot use the waterway you have NO right! We are the keepers of this Sacred Mother Earth...AUG 18th 2010 is coming soon!!! All Nations will RISE!!! Hit us up on fb!/runningelkwoman?ref=profile

csuspect said...

It is obvious they knew they were in the wrong if the RCMP and Coast Guard fled the scene. They need to be charged criminally in Canadian/US court as well as in Mohawk Nation Court.

Unknown said...

Trespassing on Mohawk Waterways! RCMP & Coast Guard "Fled the Scene" Now isn't that just typical behavior of Invading Wasichu??? ( Steals the Fat) aka White Racist Buggers!
RCMP & Coast Guard had NO Business there at ALL. Can't Condemn the cops actions Strongly enough here.
Why don't they go & catch Drug Dealers, Rapists and Explosive Smugglers???? And FIND Native Girls and Women ( and Boys & Men too) That seem to just Dissapear without the RCMP or Local cops doing a single Thing about it?????
Sarah Johns!! Dual Citizen of US & Canada!