Thursday, December 23, 2010

Censored News: Thank you readers and supporters!

Thank you to Censored News readers
Photo by Robert Free Galvan: Huicholes at Cancun climate summit 2010

Dear Censored Readers,
Thank you for all your support during 2010. Thanks to readers and supporters, Censored News was able to provide original coverage of the climate summits in both Cochabamba, Bolivia, and Cancun, Mexico, this year. This included the efforts of Bolivian President Evo Morales and the Indigenous Peoples who gathered from around the world.
Censored News was also able to locate sponsors to Cochabamba for Yaqui ceremonial leader Jose Matus, Navajo youth Michelle Cook arriving from New Zealand, Navajo director of Dooda Desert Rock Elouise Brown, and Mohawk youth Chibon Everstz of Canada. A scholarship was also located for Ofelia Rivas, O'odham, for the Cancun climate summit.
Thanks to a sponsor, Censored News provided special coverage in Cancun of the Huicholes in Mexico and Gwich'in in Alaska, and their struggle to protect sacred lands, and the constant events of the grassroots movement La Via Campesina!
Thank you to each and every sponsor and contributor to Censored News in 2010.
A special thank you to Jose Matus and the Indigenous Alliance without Borders for making it possible for Censored News and Earthcycles to provide online video coverage of the Southern Border Indigenous Roundtable.
A very special thank you to each author, photographer and videographer who provided articles, photos and videos to Censored News in 2010.
Thank you to Native youth photographers Ben Powless, Mohawk, and Michelle Cook, Navajo, and photographer Brita Brookes for sharing so many photos.
Thank you to our regular contributors of columns, Kahentinetha Horn of Mohawk Nation News, Ofelia Rivas, O'odham on the border, the American Indian Movement, AIM-West, Western Shoshone Defense Project and other Shoshones, Lakotas' Owe Aku: Bring Back the Way, Navajos on Black Mesa, Dooda Desert Rock, Navajos Forgotten People and other Navajos, Lakotah Republic, Save the Peaks, Roberto Rodriguez, and all the others. Thank you to Leadhorse Choctaw, and Mohawk film crew, for the video of your 'Mississippi Burning' style arrest in Virginia. Thanks to Lakotas for their coverage of chasing away the US helicopter at Wounded Knee, S.D.
Thank you to Victor Rocha of Pechanga Net, the only news source to consistently publish Censored News articles. Thank you to the Indigenous Environmental Network for tireless struggle for Mother Earth.
Thanks to those who resist at Big Mountain on Black Mesa and elsewhere, to expose and halt the corporate beasts, including coal-fired power plants, oil and gas drilling, uranium mining and mineral extraction.
In remembrance, we express gratitude for the Indigenous Peoples who were assassinated and assaulted as they opposed mining and destruction, and stood up for autonomy and dignity, in Chiapas, Guatemala, Easter Island, South America, Australia, Africa, and elsewhere.
Most of all, thank you to all of our readers around the world, from activists in Italy to the families of stolen children in Australia; from Arctic Circle Gwich'in struggling to save the caribou birthing grounds and Indigenous struggling to save the Amazon rainforest, to families of the disappeared children in Argentina and Canada.
Thank you to the Mohawk Warrior Society, Zapatistas, the Nahautl of Guerrero, and all others who act with selfless courage for autonomy, dignity and self-governance.
Thank you to those who fight and expose the profiteering behind war, the civilian deaths from drones, US torture in violation of the Geneva Conventions, US covert drug running, US assassinations, US torture training by the military, and those of you who go to prison to expose these.
Thank you to each of you who sacrifice your time, your energy, your talents and your well-being for the good of mankind.
Wikileaks has given us an idea of how much is really being censored, manipulated and distorted by the mainstream media, who have been bought out and coopted by self-interest, corrupt politicians and decaying governments.
In the pursuit of the individual investigation of truth, Censored News looks forward to another year, our fifth year, of sharing your truths.
Brenda Norrell, publisher
Censored News


TwoHawksH said...

And Thank You! you and the Censored News Staff for your dedication and hard work.

TwoHawksH said...

And THANK YOU! back... to you and your staff for your dedication and hard work and bringing us information.

Alessandro Profeti said...

Happy New Year Brenda, Thank You!