Thursday, December 9, 2010

Photo: Indigenous prepare for Climate Hero President Evo Morales

At La Via Campesina, Indigenous from Bolivia, help prepare the welcome for President Evo Morales, who will speak here at 3 pm. Photo and video copyrights Brenda Norrell.
Bolivian says climate talks may commit 'ecocide'
(AP) – 10 am Central time, Thursday
CANCUN, Mexico (AP) — Bolivia's President Evo Morales says the Cancun climate conference will be committing "ecocide" if it fails to take decisive action to halt global warming.
The Bolivian leader spoke Thursday on the next-to-last day of an annual two-week U.N. negotiating session that will fail once again to achieve a sweeping, mandatory pact to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
In a passionate, 20-minute speech, Morales cited families deprived of water because of warming and drought, and islanders facing the loss of homes from seas rising from global warming. He said if governments move away from strong emissions reductions, "then we will be responsible for 'ecocide,' which is equivalent to genocide because this would be an affront to mankind as a whole."
Video at La Via Campesina, preparing for President Evo Morales' arrival: