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October 27, 2016

Standing Rock Medics Attacked by Police and Arrested

Medic treats victim of police attack at Standing Rock on Oct. 27, 2016. Photo by Rob Wilson.
Victim of police attack.

UPDATE -- NEW VIDEO BELOW: Evidence on attack of medics. 


Morton County Sheriff and the Violent Gang of Police Targeted and Arrested Medics while they were Treating Patients

By Brenda Norrell
Censored News
Oct. 27, 2016
Espanol aqui Dr. Villanueva

CANNON BALL, North Dakota -- One of the Standing Rock medics described how police targeted medics, and violently arrested medics, while they were treating people during the violent police attack on Standing Rock water protectors on Thursday, Oct. 27, 2016 at Treaty Camp, directly on the path of Dakota Access Pipeline.
The medic could see silencers on police weapons.
"If they are here for peace, then why do their weapons have silencers on them?"
As the medics struggled to treat those who were victims of the police attack, they became victims and were violently arrested.
"The vehicle we were in had red crosses on it."
"They knew we were medics."
"They sprayed me head to toe."
"They pointed shotguns at my back while I was treating patients."

Video published on Oct 27, 2016
Update: Law enforcement are targeting medics. We had two medics arrested and nearly two more arrested.

Medics were at the frontline trying to move their car out as police advanced. Two medics were sitting on the trunk. Police approached and hit them both with batons, knocking them both to the ground. Water Protectors helped those medics before law enforcement could grab them.

In the meantime, police surrounded the CLEARLY LABELED car (big Red Cross in the hood as well as on all medic personnel) and grabbed the driver (one medic) while the car was in motion. The other medic was in front of the car and nearly hit by the car as the police took out the driver medic. This is a clear safety risk that the police caused. Both of those medics were arrested.

We are asking for more help here. Things are more escalated than before. We need you to stand with us, and we need your help financially as we have lost medical supplies and infrastructure in today's raid.

Please come volunteer with us:

This is the real thing folks, and we need your help and prayers. 

Stay in prayer and peace.


HzsKfl said...

Thank you Medic Healer Council for being at the front lines to help the wounded. As you know violent scare tactics. Yes, why do they have silencers on their guns?!!

Anonymous said...

The silencers are so the media cant record the shots.

Peace Waits said...

Thank you for your sacrifice for all of us.

Anonymous said...

The politicians, police, profiteers keep showing how low they will sink to get money. Beating and abusing everyday people, people just like you and me. Young women, daughters, mothers, older women, somebody's aunt, grandmother. A teenage boy, an old man, shot at, beaten, poison sprayed on him.
A lady punched in the stomach with a bat, a group of beefed up police men on one small framed woman attacking, beating, poisoning, jeering at her as she holds onto her sacred prayer bahos.
America would be outraged if a Catholic priest was being beaten in public, or a minister had chemical poisons sprayed in his face.
How less so are Americans not totally sickened by what is being done to the First people, Native American Indians, the beautiful, loving, joyful, caring, giving people, camped on the banks and land by the Missouri River to pray for water to live?
America, we need you to want to live too, with clean and safe water for all our relations.
Americans, be brave enough to Stand with Standing Rock, this is how America can be great: be great at caring for Mother earth and each other.
The profiteers don't seem to realise that the water protectors will Never give up.
Water is Life.

Anonymous said...

!!We love you Water Protectors!!

Running Wolf said...

They are trying so hard to create another wounded knee. Please pray that the protectors of the water do not fall into the trap. White Corporate America has to be stopped. Keep praying please

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a beautiful reply!! I agree whole heartedly with every word you wrote!! ❤❤❤����

I WISH... said...


Unknown said...

Keep fighting the good fight! Wish I could be there with you!

Unknown said...

Keep fighting the good fight! Wish I could be there with you!

Unknown said...

... this is outrageous. Everybody should be hitting up on everyone one pilitition site presidents and prime minster everywhere . Here in canada were sick of alot of stuff and this in the states in Grose .we need help . This world our land my generations land n futures will be stains n won't be clean anymore our air is polluted our grounds are broken and hurt with pipes pulling outs earth lube it's very own grinding wheels . I feel like this will cause alot of upset more then befor . Everyone needs to turn around on the goverment .

Katt said...

Wounded Knee 1973 all over again. The Standing Rock siege will certainly stand along side other violent confrontations of militarized government goons against Human Beings desperately trying to protect not only their way of life, but their right to live.

TaxiManSteve said...

The facade slipped from our Frontier Republic mentality again...

Anonymous said...

An eye for an eye. Snipe the useless pricks that shot the medics they deserve nothing less.. and will receive so much more soon.

Anonymous said...

I keep wondering if President Obama or Michelle Obama know what is going on,on to the native Indians & the environmental impact?

Censored News, publisher Brenda Norrell said...

As for whether Obama knows. Yes, Cheyenne River Lakota Chairman Harold Frazier met with him in Los Angeles this week and asked him to intervene. Obama did nothing. The video is on Censored News of Frazier describing his meeting. Also, eariler, Obama gave DAPL owners, Energy Transfer Partners in Texas, a permit in May to cross the border into Mexico with their fracked gas. They tore up ancient Indian sites in Big Bend with their bulldozers. Why is Obama silent? It is obvious. The article is on Censored News. Brenda Norrell, publisher

Anonymous said...

They know. This just isn't about their peoples so they aren't concerned enough to make a difference. A young black criminal made the news and made a difference all around this country with the Obamas cursing white America ways. But native Americans are fighting this alone, again, bc it's not in their greedy interests. I'm sorry i can't be there to help and I'm thankful my Cherokee grandmother does not see this happening and is ignorant to it bc of her illnesses. It would break her heart and kill her to know this is happening.

Anonymous said...

These violations of the treaty should be considered and prosecuted as War Crimes.

Anonymous said...

President Obummer! and his wife don't care about the indigenous peoples. If they did this black snake would be stopped permanently

Unknown said...

Words are so supported brother and sisters..this injustice is such a traumatic negative painful hurtful disrespect toward our Native America.. when will the world wake up & take up the same call for this message to aide our defending for our Mother Earth Father Sky and all living matter..for our wellness health homes lands our history ancestors sacred sights are valued just as any human being in their origins clans nationality customs.. why is humanity subjected to these brural attacks all for MONEY.. MONEY WILL NOT BUY THE WORLD OR LOVED ONE BACK if lost destroyed damaged by the oil..gas..industrial powered by greed..
Aho to you strong words here.. thank you..may we continue to pray..survive..thrive..stay alive..

One Son said...

So the pigs are shooting medics?

Arroyoribera said...

Capitalism - and in this case the two-party ruling class consensus that maintains it (in the 56 years since John Kennedy was elected the Democratic and Republicsn wings of the two-party dictatorship have each ruled 28 years) - exists for profit based on the exploitation of resources and of the labor of working people. Profit. Period. Profit. Not respect for indigenous rights. Not adherence to treaties. Not respect for medical personel. Not protection of water. Not the survival of humanity on an endangered plnet. No. None of this. Profit. Period. Capitalism.

Susannii said...

I am praying for you all !

Louise said...

I am so with you all at standing rock!! I am calling all our angels and protectors. This mistreatment of innocent people needs to stop! I thank all of you who are there standing up for the protection of land and lives! These corporate monsters need to back off and find another way but not here and not this way!!

Anonymous said...

I am packing right now will load the car and be there by mid week I am old and 1/8 Yaqui which doesn't mean anything but I am 100 % human and THAT DOES MEAN SOMETHING.... hold on and try to be safe

Anonymous said...

I think that the is the most horrible thing I have heard of. The Government is money hungry. I wonder whose pocket this money will go to? Obama? The Governor? The man pitting the pipe line in? This list could go on and on. I will say one thing when it is ok to beat old women with a stick and shoot her with rubber bullets, which hurts like hell , this has gone to far. I am ashamed to be an American citizen. People go to church and say they are Christian and pray to God to be forgiven. Come on ,no Christian acts like that. You better hope this does not cause then end of the world because what I saw in the videos, God could really be mad. What is a little piece of land. Buy the land somewhere else. Don't take away from the Indians. We have committed Genocide already with them. Are we doing this again?God is only going to take so much and he is going to say "Enough".I hope the sheriff feels good about himself. I don't think the rest of the world will think so. He a scared little man that has to bring in the military to help? Police are to trained to protect and defend. Military are trained to kill. There is a big difference. Little Chicken Shit. In everyone's eyes this is what they are saying. Nothing has ever happened in his little world before so this is what it takes to feel big?God help us, I wonder when he is going to attack the nursing home. Big Man. You cannot treat people this way. They are han beings and deserves to live there life in peace. No more Genocide Please. I understand there were live ammo there too. I certainly don't want to be the people pulling the strings on this, because he'll is not were I want to go. Leave them along. We have enough from the already. I am a peaceful person and don't bother anyone, but this really made me mad. I saw Muslims in the streets having a ball because Obama let them in. They brought out a huge picture and unveiled it, want to guess who the picture was? It was Jesus head cut off and they were laughing and throwing blood on it. This is your Saviour. Think about for a while. If I was God, they would have been struck down. This world is so bad.Amen

Anonymous said...

Obviously not the way to go, BUT thought the exact same thing!

Unknown said...

Thank you water protectors. You are brave and strong. God sees what is happening

Anonymous said...

Yes, Thank you medics and other healers that are helping the people. Sounds like a military assault situation where the Medics would be taken out because then they would not be able to help the water protectors.

Gawehiyosta said...

I strongly believe that this whole issue goes beyond government and stems from an illuminate view. In corporate america its ultimate focus is the dollar. The government its self, is matter of factly the puppet! Therefore all actions taken thus far demonstrates a corrupted systematic process of brain washing to creating a frenizified state of mind nearing and becoming, militant mob mentality.
There will be a way to overcome such a tactic and that is to go to the core of your being and indeed light it Strong with the purity of your Truth! That, No one will be able to touch!
Be careful out there! I send my prayers for unified Life Guidance to help walk you through this, as tough as it seems. My Energy is sent through my Prayers to help you to stand strong and Protect Our Babies Yet To Arrive.

Anonymous said...

The nations were angry; and your wrath has come. The time has come for for judging the dead, and for and for rewarding your servants the prophets and your saints and those who reverence your name,both small and great---and for destroying those who destroy those who destroy the earth. Revelation 11:18

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
The nations were angry; and your wrath has come. The time has come for for judging the dead, and for and for rewarding your servants the prophets and your saints and those who reverence your name,both small and great---and for destroying those who destroy the earth. Revelation 11:18

turtle said...

Please say corporate america and keep race out of it.That is just one more division.It has worked often for corporate America.Race is not issue it is money,for a few..

WhisperingWillow said...

Things are getting more out of hand by the day! Thank you, brave people at Standing Rock, for giving up your time, your resources, your energy and your safety for this important cause. I am white, my husband is Native, and we wish we could be there with you. We have donated, but would physically be with you if I weren't going through cancer treatment right now. Shame on politicians and corporations for whom money is the only stimulant, for whom profit is the only motivation. Shame on our Government and our justice department, for not deciding once and for all that desecrating Native American lands, that harming Mother Earth, that risking our life blood and polluting our water supplies for generations to come are federal crimes and should be punishable by law. The shortsightedness of these people is beyond understanding. I thought America was beyond abusing unarmed protesters. I was wrong. Please do not make this about race, don't blame Obama. It is too easy to sit behind our computers and feel righteous. This is about all of us standing up for what's right. It is up to all of us to help the people at Standing Rock by donating money or food. It is up to all of us to phone and write our local leaders, to sit on the doorsteps of our state legislators, to hound our local news channels with demands for coverage. This is about all of us coming together and saying NO MORE!

Anonymous said...

This is SO upsetting an unacceptable. Sending a LEGION of Angels that live and work in the white Christ light. !

Unknown said...

Shame on those who hurt peaceful protesters! Where is the media coverage of all of this violence? Get out there with your cameras! America needs to be aware that our nation is again at war with the Native Americans, breaking more treaties as if they did not exist!

Anonymous said...

Someone back among the comments said give it back to the cops. These militarized robots know only one thing: follow orders. That's the problem all over the world with military cadres: they follow orders. SOLUTION #1, you do NOT follow orders, you subjugate the so-called "superior" who gave the order. SOLUTION #2, you don't concern yourself with the "subjugation" part, you just shoot the person issuing the order if they don't stand down. The police/military institutionalization of so-called law "enforcement" is a deep flaw in the organization of society. Quakers can focus on inner peace, but in the real world, before disarmament can take place, the "law & order" structure has to be dismantled. Swat the damned fleas!!

view from bahB said...

Yes, it has NOTHING to do with Race, and is certainly not "White" in any way. Most of the people I know are Caucasian and hate this as much as the Red and Brown and Yellow people. It is pure Greed, nothing but bullies trying to steal your lunch money.
Stay focused on the Earth. That is what MY Ancestrs prayed to and with, untill the Romans came to comit genocide.

Unknown said...

Thank you peaceful protesters. This is another Wounded Knee except due to our superior communication and instant news (if it's shown) we, the people, see what is happening. Call your state senators and representatives, get them to call the White House and object to treating Americans like war criminals. Stop the pipeline, no matter where it proposes to be put. Call NOW! Let's not have anyone killed!

Anonymous said...

Calling on all Canadians to boycott all American products until this situation is resolved in a peaceful manner!!!!!

Annalisa Rush said...

funding and/or involved with DAPL + MORE that don't fit here (reply to get remainder)
Wells Fargo*
Corporate Office:
Wells Fargo
BNP Paribas*Paris, France
Atlanta, GA 30308
The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ*
Tokyo, Japan New York, NY 10020-1104
Mizuho Bank* Tokyo 100-8176, Japan
New York, NY 10020
Citibank (CitiGroup)*
New York, NY 10013
TD Securities* Toronto, Ontario
New York, NY 10019-6101
Credit Agricole*
Montrouge, France 92545
U.S. Office:
1301 Avenue of the Americas,
New York, NY 10019
Intesa SanPaolo*
10121 Torino, Italy
Corporate Social Responsibility Unit:
ING Bank*The Netherlands
New York, NY 10019
Natixis* Paris Cedex 13, France
Boston, MA
80333 Munich & New York City, NY 10022
BBVA Securities* Madrid, Spain
DNB First Bank*
Downingtown, PA 19335
ICBC London*
London EC2V 7JE, United Kingdom &
New York, NY 10022
SMBC Nikko Securities*
Tokyo 100-8325, Japan
Societe General*
Paris, France & NY
The following banks are involved in funding for the entire Bakken pipeline: (reply for list)

Annalisa Rush said...

Link to complete contact info of all banks and companies involved with DAPL :

Uncle Tom said...

Don't blame Obama??? If he cared, he could stop this with a phone call!
He didn't, so he cares not for us. May he rot in hell with all the other offenders.

K9Mom2252 said...

This is heart-wrenching. The Native Americans don't demand restitution for the wrongs that white men have committed against them. All they want is to be left alone in peace and govern the little bit of land the white men gave them. We can't even leave them alone. This government doesn't respect or uphold any past treaties. Our government just takes what it wants. Something needs to be done about this government and the greedy politicians who cater to the big oil companies. This is the kind of injustice that could trigger a civil war. They don't deserve this.

Unknown said...

Cars and cheap clothing are nice, but you CAN'T drink oil! We can learn to do without oil, but water is sacred and necessary!

Unknown said...

This America is not White. It is not Black. Or Brown. Or Yellow.

IT IS GREEN. It's skin is cotton rag and in its veins run ink not blood.

It's god is gold and silver. Bronze and copper. Oil and gas.

Its prayers bring death. It worships nothing but blood.

The First Peoples of the world were here before "civilization" rose and their children will be here long after it falls.

May Mother Earth and Father Sky forgive us.

Anonymous said...

Please don't blame America! Certainly we have let a few of us rule uncontrolled! Asleep in our own issues...the State is the driver of this smack down, but the Feds won't intervene due to politics and money! We need a paradigm shift away from capitalistic greed, towards proper stewardship of all our great lands and resources! It will take the majority of all Americans to stop big Government! Change should be demanded by all!

Anonymous said...

It is about race. Treaties are the supreme law of the land. The United States does not enforce the law because the Doctrine of Discovery (Johnson v. M'Intosh) says that when the white man "discovered" the Americas, he owns everything. What you are seeing at the Dakota Access Pipeline protest is white supremacist colonial law perpetrated in the twenty first century. It is racist because there is liberty and justice for all except the Indians. Treaties are international contracts and the way contracts work is that if you break a contract, the property reverts back to the original owner. How does a racist government deal with broken contracts? They say, since we discovered it centuries ago, WE have given YOU the right to occupy it but in our magnanimous benevolence, we want to pay you what it was worth when we discovered it or finally got around to taking it---one dollar an acre!!! But look, with interest, it has grown to over a billion dollars. Why that's a thousand dollars apiece OR ten thousand apiece if you don't count the kids!!! This Satanic government was founded on the breaking of God's commandment, "Do not remove your neighbor's boundary stone set up by your predecessors in the inheritance you receive in the land the Lord your God has given you to possess." Deuteronomy 19:14 Also in Proverbs 23:10 God says, "Do not remove an ancient boundary stone or encroach on the fields of the fatherless."

Getitright said...

Can someone tell me which police department it is at the protest?

Unknown said...

This make me want to throw up. I've reached out to a few of my local politicians and spoke to them, some of which I know personally. All of them said the same thing... They said it sickens them too, but there's nothing they can do on their level.
This is Bullshit! 1 was a Congressman and another a Senator. Shame on them.

Unknown said...

I swear instead of moving forward and negotiate with the Native American peacefully.
The government is resorting to tactics used way back in the day when they killed Native Americans and stole there land for corporate greed.
Is this what our government is all about???������
I bet if a company wanted to go through your land you would want to fight right??
If not then I bet you would be the one to be bought out and not give a shit what impact it would have for your family and your neighbors because of your selfishness $$$$$
������ you fail to see why Native American are protesting.
They are not doing this to be selfish THIS PROTEST IS TO PROTECT YOU!!!
YES YOU!!���� if the pipeline breaks YOUR water supply will become contaminated, your farms will be using that water for there crops, and for there livestock
YOU WILL BUY these commodities in forms of fruits and vegetables and meat That you will be feeding your family with.
Are we going to allow them to steal from us and THE NATIVE AMERICANS AGAIN???
Please share this it need to be heard

Fish said...

I stand with the people of standing rock.

Conscious Breather said...

A lot of support for Standing Rock here in the UK/Europe. We cannot be there in person but we are promoting the updates on our pages and putting our financial donations to the funding pages. Most of all - you are in our hearts and in our prayers, we love and honor you and the beautiful Mother Earth whom we al owe our lives to... do not lose hope - you are not alone - you are not forgotten. <3

Unknown said...

Isn't it time yet? Like anonymous has said or else.... Well do we wait while women and children ate in danger of police brutality?
My question here is every we know ready to make a stronger stand on and for standing rock? I'll make it short but sweet....for us in the woods.....I will say me myself and where I stand ....protecting yourself is not aggressive behavior is called protecting your rights by constitutional rights.... I don't know ....I'm not advocating violence but one not to stand down to bullying and this is governmental bullying at its finest and its at worst with obvious bigotry.... SAS I pray for all of you over there