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August 31, 2012

Cheam Band of Pilalt, BC, create new grassroots radio

Photo: Elizabeth Bernard recording children's stories
for this weekend's broadcast.
Thanks for the wonderful weekend broadcast, Sept. 1 --2, 2012 of the new Pilalt FM in BC. The Cheam Band borrowed radio equipment for their weekend broadcast, which was a fundraiser so they can buy their own broadcast equipment.

It was a great show, with wonderful local Native hosts, children's stories, conversations and a variety of music and live songs. It was inspiring to hear people bringing in food, stopping by to talk, and passing by and blowing their horns in support. Thanks also to Govinda at Earthcycles for providing the technical support.
Pilalt FM will be back on the air when they raise enough funds to buy their own radio equipment.

Support grassroots First Nation radio!

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